Leadership: A Global Perspective

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This fall, I embarked on a worldwide quest to gain insights and perspectives on global leadership in the 21st century. Opening your mind to global perspectives can inspire you to improve yourself and the people around you too.

Are You Planning for When the Storm Passes?

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The pace of change has been breathtaking and all-encompassing, and the impact on people, businesses, and our national and global economies immense. Then, I have a few who see this as a passing storm, which requires clear thinking and planning for when their company emerges from that storm. However, the early signs are that we will be in a recession, maybe a global recession, such has been the impact of the pandemic. The post Are You Planning for When the Storm Passes?


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There’s More To Goal Setting Than Making Them SMART

Tanveer Naseer

When I talk to clients about effective goal setting someone invariably mentions that good goals are SMART goals – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound. I agree these are critically important to strengthening goals. They don’t tell you how an individual or team arrived at the goal. Great, but how did you arrive at that goal? When goals aren’t thoughtfully defined, people don’t feel invested in them. Are the goals time bound?

Goal 186

Moved by Moon Day: Reflections on Motivation and Goal Setting

Lead Change Blog

This often overlooked celebration, which is celebrated annually on July 20, teaches us about far more than outer space, however, as it also reinforces the ideal that anything can be achieved with planning, determination and a keen sense of motivation. It is also a celebration that has merit throughout the calendar year, especially as you strive to achieve challenging goals and grow as an individual. Follow the Goldilocks Rule and set challenging, but attainable, goals.

28 Leadership Development Recommendations for your Individual Development Plan

Great Leadership By Dan

For this month’s edition, I asked an all-star cadre of leadership development bloggers, authors, and consultants to submit an answer to the following question: “We all know that individual development plans (IDPs) need to be tailored for each leader. Chris Edmonds , from Driving Results Through Culture , says that every leader needs to have " Serve my employees " as their #1 target in their individual development plan.

Building A Friendly Digital Marketing Plan For 2021

Strategy Driven

The gates have opened and we can work globally and now more easily than before. A long-term strategy is a necessity for the business, but the recent period has shown us how important it is to be prepared even with short-term goals and objectives for quick wins.

Succession Planning | Passing The Torch And Avoid The Talent Crisis

Chart Your Course

A recent global SHRM survey on succession planning showed only 50% of organizations have adequate bench strength to assume critical leadership roles. Succession planning is needed to keep an organization strong and prepared for the future. A successful succession planning strategy identifies which of today’s employees will become tomorrow’s leaders within the organization. Development plans include preparing individuals for their future promotions.

Crisis 122

How to Achieve Better Gender Balance through Succession Planning and Development

Great Leadership By Dan

However, according to 20-First’s 3rd Annual Global Gender Scorecard , 90% of Executive Committee positions are still filled by men, with only 10% by women. Companies often will implement separate, often competing or conflicting strategies and goals. There’s a “Diversity” strategy driven from one office, and a succession planning and development strategy driven by another. Establish metrics and goals. Tying succession goals into pay isn’t enough.

Powerful Questions for Your Business Strategy for 2021

Lead Change Blog

I typically reflect on the year to date in December and begin to plan for the following year. In the past, I used Michael Hyatt’s full focus planner , but as I am only planning from January to March 2021, I have amended my process this time. How the pandemic disrupted our lives globally. Firstly, I was struck by how much the pandemic disrupted our way of life globally, and how businesses responded, some faster than others. What are your goals for 2021?

Disappointing US Job report likely to derail plans to scale back stimulus package

HR Digest

There are concerns that this will force the Federal Reserve to postpone plans to scale back its stimulus help for the pandemic affected. The post Disappointing US Job report likely to derail plans to scale back stimulus package appeared first on The HR Digest. The U.S.

The 1 Thing Leaders Agree is Critically Important for Success, Yet Few Have a Plan to Achieve It

Leading with Trust

You would guess the vast majority of leaders would have a plan in place to deal with such a widely accepted, high-priority business issue, right? The number of leaders who have a defined plan to address this issue? Photo by Gerd Altmann on Pexels.com.

Planning Doesn’t Have to Be the Enemy of Agile

Harvard Business

Planning has long been one of the cornerstones of management. Early in the twentieth century Henri Fayol identified the job of managers as to plan, organize, command, coordinate, and control. The capacity and willingness of managers to plan developed throughout the century. The future could be planned. This was the capitalist equivalent of the Communist system’s five-year plans. Later, MBO evolved into strategic planning. Jon Feingersh/Getty Images.

Fayol 44

Does Your Company Have What It Takes to Go Global?

Harvard Business

Ask managers responsible for global business development how they determined their companies’ growth potential when they entered new international markets, and most will cite an array of positive factors external to their organizations, things such as favorable country-specific economic and market trends, rising GDP, a growing middle class, increasing incomes, and strong demand for high-quality goods and services. Publicly reinforcing stated goals. laura schneider FOR HBR.

Cities Are the Front Line in the Global Diabetes Epidemic

Harvard Business

This effort has grown into a global partnership of nine major cities, home to over 75 million people, and over 100 expert partners united in the fight against urban diabetes. This can be used at a global, country, or city level to help see what it will take to bend the curve on diabetes and to set goals. Copenhagen, for example, has used learnings from the vulnerability assessment in developing the Copenhagen Diabetes Action Plan. Urban planning.

Does Your Team Have a #1 Priority?

Great Leadership By Dan

And nothing brings a team together more than one shared, most important goal. Patrick Lencioni refers to this top priority as a “Thematic Goal” in his books Silos, Politics and Turf Wars and The Advantage, and in practice, often refers to it as a “rallying cry” for a team or organization.

Team 220

Don't Let Internal Communications Get Lost in Translation


Working with global clients who need to communicate with employees around the world, I’ve been hearing a lot lately about the challenges of translation. This issue is not likely to go away any time soon as more companies see opportunities and set goals to grow their international business. Internal Communication Leadership Effectiveness & Planning

When Leadership, Ingenuity and Humanity Won the Day

Next Level Blog

They don’t feel well supported in dealing with the long-term effects of their trauma and the surreal experience of suddenly becoming global celebrities for a brief moment in time. That feels like a good goal for all of us in leadership roles in the months and years to come.

4 Steps To Move Past Setbacks And Drive Success

Tanveer Naseer

In today’s faster-paced, interconnected global environment, there’s no question that there are greater demands on leaders in terms of what they need to deliver. And those demands become more apparent when an organization suffers a setback in achieving its long-term goals. In leadership circles, there’s also a need to protect our sense of authority ; that despite the fact that things haven’t turned out the way we planned, we do know what we’re doing.

4 Trailblazing Problem-Solving Tips From Fitness

Lead Change Blog

Many of these roads will lead you to your goal if you follow them. Start with goals that you have the confidence you can hit–the next step should be a simple one. If you want a run a marathon, but have never run, start with making a habit of running; perhaps even start by walking and then build up to a run When you’ve mastered a 20 minute morning run, set a goal for a 5k, then a 10k, and so on. When you find the fitness plan that works for you, it won’t be hard.

Tips 194

Shape Your Company’s Future

Skip Prichard

Is your team engaged in the creation of your plan? Whether you are a CEO or a new team leader, Max provides helpful tools and checklists to improve your strategic plan. One of your chapters is titled “Reacting is as Important as Planning.” Create the Best Possible Future.

The ”New Normal” For The C-Suite – Learning Agile Leaders

Tanveer Naseer

Growth Leaders – The CEO of a multi-billion dollar industrial products company boldly sets an ambitious growth goal of growing revenue by 40% over a three-year period. He has a Board-approved strategy, a solid operating plan with targets, and a newly developed business unit organization structure to implement it. Champions of the Greater Good – The CEO of a large, global educational services company is reorganizing to increase its impact in the company’s areas of focus.

A Springtime Leadership Lesson From The Birds

Tanveer Naseer

Like the Canada geese, this will help your team to become more fluid and capable of responding to whatever challenges or opportunities they might come across in their pursuit of their shared goals. In most organizations, there’s still a tendency to lean on organizational goals/direction as being something that’s shared on a ‘need to know’ basis.

How Leaders Promote Collaborative Environment

Tanveer Naseer

When it comes to thriving in today’s fast-changing, interconnected global economy, one of the attributes of organizational success that often comes up is ensuring that we promote greater collaboration among the various teams and departments within our workplace. However, if we want to promote collaboration within our organization, we can’t come into these initiatives with a full game plan in hand.

How the Best Global Employers Convince Workers to Join and Stay

Harvard Business

With this in mind, my firm Universum recently conducted a survey to determine what the best global employers are doing to convince workers to join and stay with them. L’Oreal, for example, uses the homepage of its global careers website to clarify the characteristics the brand looks for in ideal candidates for every position. They don’t pay as much attention to processes like performance management reviews and career planning.

Brand 34

The Big Picture of Business – Ethics… Good for Business

Strategy Driven

Ethics and profits are not conflicting goals. The enlightened company must be structured, plan and benchmark according to all seven categories on my trademarked Business Tree : core business, running the business, financial, people, business development, Body of Knowledge (interaction of each part to the other and to the whole) and The Big Picture (who the organization really is, where it is going and how it will successfully get there).

12 Strategic Thinking Questions That Yield Big Results. The Bonus Question Is The Punch Line.

The Empowered Buisness

For 3-4 days, I spend time by the ocean simply reflecting, letting go of any goals, plans or expectations. Vision, Goals and Strategies. As you envision where you want your company to be in 10 years, what BHAGs (big hairy audacious goals) do you see your company achieving? How are you staying on top of changing global, competitive, market, economic and technology trends to uncover hidden opportunities?

BHAG 164

Clout as Strategy and Why Companies Won't Admit It | In the CEO.

In the CEO Afterlife

Strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a defined goal. So are goals. Delight Global Snacks Consumers. Shell, on the other hand, muddies the strategic scope – “global exploration, focused acquisitions, accelerating resources to value, cost efficiency, integrated gas leadership, technology + partnerships, portfolio concentration, selective growth.” In the CEO Afterlife. Main menu Home. Leadership. Branding.

Take Control of Your Global Development

Harvard Business Review

In China, both multinational and Chinese companies are finding their dramatic growth goals constrained by the challenges of finding capable leaders at both the senior and middle management levels. Similar dynamics can be found in India, Brazil , and other emerging markets, with the growing need for global business acumen just as acute in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Certainly, there are opportunities within organizations to expand global skills.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Tanveer Naseer

It’s little surprise, then, that soon after the start of this upcoming new year, many of us will be left feeling as if those plans and goals we set for ourselves to achieve were simply an adult version of calling out “do-over!”, Instead, what was needed here was discovering what’s required to transform their division into an even stronger member of their global family.

Goal 151

Be a Better Global Collaborator

Harvard Business Review

In today's globalized world, it is essential to know how to collaborate with people from different cultures. But exactly how does one learn to become a better global collaborator? Global leadership is much more complicated than leading people like you," says Mansour Javidan, the Director of the Global Mindset Institute at Thunderbird School of Global Management and author of " Making It Overseas." Managers of global teams often end up building a hybrid culture.

Kicking Leadership Clichés

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Georg Vielmetter and Yvonne Sell: In “ Leadership 2030: The six megatrends you need to understand to lead your company into the future ,” we outline the repercussions of the convergence of globalization 2.0, Further, an era of simultaneous global expansion and company consolidation is necessitating that leaders work alongside competitors, not against them. future leaders globalization Hay group megatrends

4 Leadership Lessons We Can Learn From The Olympics

Tanveer Naseer

However, they never allow these changes to alter or drastically impact their overall plan of how to win the race. That ability to change your approach while still being able to stick to what you’ve trained or planned for as the best approach to achieving your goals serves as an important lesson for leaders everywhere.

Sports 146

Global Entrepreneurs Need New Funding Models

Harvard Business Review

Entrepreneurship seems to have become the silver bullet for a job-scarce, unemployment-saddled global economy still struggling to shake off recession. and] a serious constraint on efforts to promote strong and sustainable global recovery.". The goal is "to develop sustainable banking products which are more accessible for qualified candidates and women in general." The personal micro-lending site even plans to begin crowdsourcing SME loans in the range of $50,000 this spring.

Are Your Actions Setting Up Your Employees To Succeed?

Tanveer Naseer

As frustrating as this whole situation has been, the experience brought to mind the following four questions leaders should ask themselves to help shed light on how their employees view their roles within their organization, and the part leaders play in fostering the kind of behaviours necessary for organizations to succeed in today’s increasingly transparent and global market.

The Big Picture of Business – Diversity is Important for Business

Strategy Driven

Several years ago, we realized that specialized positioning and communications are necessary for social harmony and a global economy. By taking stock and planning creatively, then we can and will embody diversity. Realistically attainable goals. This year is the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. I was on the committee that wrote that legislation. Diversity is most important for business, the economy and quality of life.

Learning To Connect To Boost Employee Engagement

Tanveer Naseer

Over the last few years, there have been numerous studies which have repeatedly shown that employee engagement levels continue to stagnate at the low end of the scale, impacting not only overall productivity, but also an organization’s ability to innovate and adapt in response to changes in the global economy. business communication leadership Recent Posts employee engagement goals mindfulness morale neuroscience perception productivity shared purpose

Morale 191

The Big Picture of Business – Quality is Important for Business: Real Quality vs. Arbitrary Metrics

Strategy Driven

Setting goals that are too low. Lack of attentiveness to quality has cost the United States its global marketplace dominance. The 1970′s brought the first wave of strategic planning. The quality audit by objective outside communications counsel can also examine the production, marketing and strategic planning functions. Access to global markets. They will conduct communications audits and strategic planning. There’s this thing that websites do.

The Big Picture of Business – Doing Your Best Work on Deadlines: Mobilizing the Energy for Best Business Success

Strategy Driven

The Beatles topped that by composing “All You Need is Love” while they performed it on a global telecast. I’m a big advocate of Strategic Planning and Visioning. I know from experience that planning while going through the ‘alligators’ is the most effective way to conduct the process. By seeing the daily changes resulting from the planning, companies are poised to rise above the current daily crises.

The Making of Legends

Strategy Driven

Many a Strategic Plan was written by piecing together song fragments, nostalgic remembrances and movie scenarios, then were aptly converted into contemporary corporate nomenclature. Conceptualize your own personal goals. Understand conflicting societal goals. Mistakes, niche orientation and lack of planning lead businesses to failure. I developed the concept of integrating Pop Culture Wisdom with management training and business planning over the last 40 years.

5 Key Steps To Cultivating Success In Your Organization

Tanveer Naseer

Whether your organization is looking to address the challenges being brought forth by today’s global economy or simply to make some changes to keep on course with your objectives, the following five steps should prove fruitful in helping to drive your employees’ efforts towards your shared goals. I realized that the best way to get her onboard with my plan was to first move the current plants to their new location in our garden.

8 Things Collaborative Leaders Know

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

In their 2012 global workforce study, Towers Watson found 46% of workers are not engaged. Through involvement, people develop deeper understanding of the issues and goals and become more committed to implementing decisions. Taking time to plan right in the beginning will speed up your implementation. Are you a collaborative leader? Collaborative leaders understand that organizations are networks of relationships and that relationships are the glue that holds them together.

When Did Work Become A Bad Word?

Tanveer Naseer

No doubt this is why so many insurance and retirement planning companies rely on images of retired couples lounging on a boat off some tropical island, or taking up salsa dancing lessons before enjoying a night on the town. but only after we’ve committed to giving the best part of our lives today to doing work that might not be what we had planned or should be doing.

The Most Common Mistakes Companies Make with Global Marketing

Harvard Business Review

Marketers often find themselves at the forefront of a company’s global expansion. The marketing team is usually responsible for carrying out the market research that will determine where a company should expand, and it’s usually charged with creating a plan for attracting customers. Developing a global market entry strategy requires more complex and specialized market research. Not thinking through the global logistics.