Simple Physical Routines for Successful Stress Management

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Recognizing my own stress levels rising, I’ve been asking the groups in my sessions to use the chat function to describe how they’re feeling. 2020 has been a year of unprecedented stress for all of us and it’s only June. Manage Yourself business health leadership stress well-being

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5 Tips for Managing Professional Stress

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But although it’s important to be driven, motivated, and to have the right level of work ethic in order to thrive and excel at your career of choice, excessive stress is potentially deeply damaging, both in a personal and professional context.

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The Six Core Programs of Your Personal Manager Operating System

Art Petty

Yet, when I explore the stress points with struggling managers and ask some questions, I often discover they are attempting to execute their role without the benefit of what I describe as a Manager Operating System.

Americans Struggling with Stress and Loneliness

Michael Lee Stallard

Stress is increasing today as the world economy becomes more competitive and the explosion of information overwhelms individuals. Human connection in the form of conversation and relational support provides psychological resources to cope with stress. When Admiral Clark became the Chief of Naval Operations in 2000, the Navy was not meeting its first term enlisted sailor reenlistment goal. The master chiefs weren’t used to meeting with the Chief of Naval Operations.

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3 Stress-Free Ways To Keep Your Startup Costs Low

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Starting a business can be a stressful experience. How To Keep Your Startup Costs Low: 3 Stress-Free Options. As well as standard supplies, you’ll need equipment to get your business started, with this including anything essential to your operations.

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Learning & Development’s Role in Operational Efficiencies in 2022

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Operations Before Experiences. It’s about handling operational inefficiencies across people, processes, and technology to produce better outcomes. . Remote work has increased the stresses of managing work-life balance.

How To Take The Stress Out Of Running A Business

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However, while stress is often unavoidable, you shouldn’t be feeling this way all of the time. After all, prolonged stress can impact your health , while significantly incapacitating your business and ability to succeed. Find a way to automate certain operations.

Running a Smooth Operation: Tips for a More Organized Warehouse

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Of course, having a small amount of safety stock is always sensible, but you should reduce this to the bare minimum if you want to run a really smooth operation. It doesn’t matter how organized and efficient your warehouse is, you are always going to experience errors in picking and packing now and again, and if you want your operation to be as smooth as it can be, monitoring your error rates can give you the insights you need to implement better strategies for error reduction.

Managerial Leadership Training Tool: Using DTC Operator Innovation Planning

Mike Cardus

Stress, Illness leading to increased number of sick days and health problems for Mangers and front-line staff. Dimension Time Cost Operator. Dimension Time Cost Operator (DTC) – is a tool for for seeing problems differently exploring ideas of extremes in size and cost. The DTC Operator can work to release Psychological Inertia. Generally the DTC Operator is used in solving more tangible, mechanistic problems. The DTC Operator Algorithm.

4 Small Business Tips To Save You Stress

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Operating a small business is no easy feat and certainly not for the faint of heart. With so many different elements of your company to consider on a daily basis, it can be easy to get lost in the stress of it all and be consumed by those worries. How great would it be if you could take some of that stress off your plate and save the headaches?

Role-Relationships Make Teams Successful and Managers Less Stressed.

Mike Cardus

The role-components below descend in authority over others, and they all operate without the team-members being accountable for the output of the other only the direct manager is accountable for the output of subordinate team-members. People on work teams don’t have to like each other, but they must be expected to help each other with respect to the work being done. What is often seen as ‘personality conflicts’ is really a symptom of poorly defined roles within the work.

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How to Create a Stress-Free Work Environment

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Being stressed at work can come with many disadvantages, but some of the main ones include lack of productivity, constant pressure between employees, lack of professional growth and development, long and inflexible work hours, job insecurity and many more. Is stress generated because the office is too cluttered? The human brain needs a break so that it can recharge after performing different tiring operations.

How to Be Creative When You’re Feeling Stressed

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You’re burned out, and the cumulative stress makes it hard to decide what to eat for dinner, let alone come up with innovative ideas. If you’re already struggling with stress, threatening yourself can further trigger the fight-or-flight mode. This causes you to operate out of the primal, least creative part of your brain. When your brain operates at full capacity, you may have the ability to come up with creative thoughts on the fly.

How Leaders Can Push Employees Without Stressing Them Out

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One of the most interesting findings of a recent HBR article on team chemistry is that the types of people who become leaders within organizations are about 30% less likely than their coworkers to feel stressed out. Both my husband and my second-in-command at the office would suggest, only half-jokingly, that I am miraculously unencumbered because I am so skilled at off-loading my stress onto them. Stress. Turning Stress into an Asset.

Pressure Doesn’t Have to Turn into Stress

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Doctors operated and told me to hope for the best. Derek became my mentor, and over the past 10 years we have trained thousands of leaders to overcome their stress. The process starts with understanding that stress is caused not by other people or external events, but by your reactions to them. But peers who face the same challenges do so without stress. Derek and I often meet executives who have high levels of pressure but low levels of stress, and vice versa.

Getting an Intricate Operation Back in Sync

Harvard Business

Facing interconnected operational issues, members of the eight-person senior leadership team were turning against one another. The head of operations chimed in: His five most recent checkouts had complained about breakfast, and the cost of compensating guests for disappointing experiences was getting out of control. Essentially it is a fresh start, and it can begin any time we have an operational breakdown, to remind people of the need for change and continual improvement.

Critical Incident Stress Management of Western NY…Team Building Day

Mike Cardus

Recently I had the honor of facilitating a Team Building program with the Western New York Stress Reduction Program. They do amazing work; The Western New York Stress Reduction Program was formed in 1987 in an effort to meet the needs of the emergency services providers in Erie, Niagara and Wyoming counties. It was developed to minimize stress related injury to fire, police, emergency medical services, disaster and hospital emergency department personnel – Critical Incident Stress.

How to Keep Your Head Clear in the Weeks to Come

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It’s no secret that most of us – no matter which candidate we’re voting for – are feeling a lot of anxiety and stress around what might happen this week. When people are that scared and stressed, they’re in fight or flight hyper-drive. Manage Yourself leadership stress well-bein

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How To Change The Habit Of Stress

The Idolbuster

Habits are mediated by a primitive part of the brain called the basal ganglia which operates independently of rational, cognitive thought. In David’s case, the work stress became a self fulfilling prophecy. <<Previous Next>> Busting Your Corporate Idol Chapter 7: Secure Your Identity Featured chapter 7 charles duhigg david habit identity idolatry people-first values stress the power of habit work life balanceThe Habit Loop.

Leadership and Gratitude – Interview with Kerry Wekelo

Let's Grow Leaders

Gratitude—real gratitude, not the saccharine “too blessed to be stressed” meme mantra—has the power to revolutionize your leadership and your influence.

How Your Sense of Purpose Is Going to Get You Through This

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For instance, as I write this post it’s Monday morning and it feels like it was only a day or two ago that I was writing last week’s post – also on a Monday morning – on the connection between strong relationships and managing your stress.

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Making the Best of the Worst Part of Your Day

Tony Mayo

‘Mindful’ commuters say deep breaths, clear mind keep them calm under stress Nancy Kaplan, chief operating officer at a management consulting firm in downtown D.C., For Executives Meditation Stress said she pays attention to her breathing and relaxes when her jaw tightens or her fingers clench the steering wheel during her hour-plus commute. She said practicing mindfulness […].

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A Guide to Preventing Your Online Business From Losing Money

Strategy Driven

Increase Operational Efficiency. Therefore, you should do all that you can to increase the operational efficiency of your business , including employing the use of metrics, technology, and particular actions that can increase employee motivation.

3 Top Tips For Beating Stress Once And For All!

My Own Coach

Being a leader can be stressful. So how can you manage your stress levels? Here are 3 top tips for beating stress once and for all: Be Organised. If you are leaving tasks open ended or failing to follow through this will have a massive impact upon your stress levels. Mental stress is caused by an overuse or misuse of the mind. I''ve been there, done it and my hair turned grey over it!

New Technology Won’t Automatically Improve Your Operations

Harvard Business Review

Advanced tools for creating and testing new products and the operations that will make them are all around us. They are not only changing the economics of innovation and operations, they are also pushing the frontier of what’s possible. Complex architectural structures undergo virtual stress tests before concrete is poured. Similarly, companies can’t unlock the full potential of new tools unless they find new ways to operate. The Future of Operations.

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Stress Is Not Your Enemy

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I know that sounds a little nutty, but here's why I ask: Subjecting yourself to stress is the only way to systematically get stronger — physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We live by the myth that stress is the enemy in our lives. The real enemy is our failure to balance stress with intermittent rest. Push the body too hard for too long — chronic stress — and the result will indeed be burnout and breakdown. Managing yourself Stress

Don’t Leave a Dead Bird on your Doorstep!

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She described how the business worked to every employee, stressing the importance of little things like keeping the sidewalk clean so they saw the business with her eyes and made good decisions in her absence. Leadership Operations & Strategy Personal Branding Talent Management Brian Layer competitive advantage General Brian Layer Leadership and influence leading a large organization leading a team By Brian Layer , Chair, Organizational Development, N2growth.

10 Tough-Times Strategies for Consulting Firms

David A Fields

You’re swimming in a vast sea of stressful news and, given today’s reality, you’re well within your rights to feel anxious, nervous and uncertain about how your consulting firm should proceed.

Help Your Team Manage Stress, Anxiety, and Burnout

Harvard Business Review

It can be tough enough to manage your own stress. But how can you, as a manager, help the members of your team handle their feelings of stress, burnout, or disengagement? Worker stress levels are rising, with over half of the global workforce (53%) reporting that they are closer to burnout than they were just five years ago, according to a Regus Group survey of over 22,000 business people across 100 countries. Leading teams Stress Organizational culture Article

How to Drama-Proof Your Workplace

Skip Prichard

Why is positivity diminishing and hostility, stress, and depression increasing? You spend some time talking about connectedness and how it’s nature’s antidote to stress. Or, “We all agree, everyone is operations is ancient and smells like moth balls.”.

Leading a More Resourceful Team

Let's Grow Leaders

During times of stress and change, when you most need a resourceful team, it’s easy to clampdown, insist on the old ways of doing things, and slow your team down.

3 Tips for More Effective Email

Skip Prichard

Manage the Volume, Reduce the Stress , Love the Results. Even the most important customer transactions, internal operations, and supplier partnerships transpire through email. Books & Authors Leadership better better email Communication communications dianna booher e-mail email faster fewer less email reduce email StressEmail has become the essential communication tool that many professionals love to hate.

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Why Burnout Should Alarm Executive Leaders

Great Leadership By Dan

With the pressures of the job mounting and the digital stress of computers, phones, and blackberries; it’s just getting worse. Work stress cost businesses $300 billion per year in absenteeism, loss of talented employees, health costs, and programs to reduce stress. If they’re leaving work resentful, it can make it difficult for you to sleep at night knowing that your employees are likely taking home the stress with them. stress burnout leadership wellness Ben Fanning

Stress Can Be a Good Thing If You Know How to Use It

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With all the media and medical attention on stress and its negative health impacts, it is easy to reach the conclusion that stress is irredeemably bad—something to be avoided as much as possible. We believe that pursuing a “stress-free” life often causes more stress down the line—problems compound, and by failing to face our most intense challenges we never overcome them. Stress has many wonderful attributes.

4 Ways To Reduce Workplace Negativity By Increasing Consistency

Tanveer Naseer

Let policy be the bad guy Privately owned or family owned companies often put policies and standard operating procedures on the back burner for many reasons. The only way to be fair is to make sure everyone operates from the same rule book and that everyone understands the expectations and consequences of not abiding by the rules. business communication Guest Posts leadership Recent Posts change fear goals purpose stress teamwork trust vision

To Reduce Stress, Embrace Your Inner Type-B

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Overtly, most of us say we dislike stress. Stress and I have had a long, complicated relationship. Early in my career, it often felt like my naturally lower-stress, quiet management style was an impediment to advancement. When it comes to talent assessment, it seems we tend to make decisions with blinders on, defaulting to an expected model of high-stress, high-intensity leadership. Stress. Stress isn’t.

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Are Summer Vacations Becoming A Thing Of The Past?

Tanveer Naseer

A vacation is also a great way to allow your employees to better manage the stresses they put on themselves in the pursuit of a “work-life” balance. Vacations are not a luxury but a part of your employees’ remuneration As mentioned above, there’s a growing perception that taking vacations is more of a luxury, no doubt in large part due to the increasing financial stresses most families are experiencing as a result of the current economic climate.

Are Summer Vacations Becoming A Thing Of The Past?

Tanveer Naseer

A vacation is also a great way to allow your employees to better manage the stresses they put on themselves in the pursuit of a “work-life” balance. Vacations are not a luxury but a part of your employees’ remuneration As mentioned above, there’s a growing perception that taking vacations is more of a luxury, no doubt in large part due to the increasing financial stresses most families are experiencing as a result of the current economic climate.

5 Steps To A Running A Better Business

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Being a business owner is a great career to have, but the position can also be stressful and overwhelming at times. The five steps below will give you more insight into what you can be doing on a regular basis to improve your office environment and run a smoother operation overall. Managing Your Business business management business operations Business Owner strategydriven

Stress Isn’t a Threat, It’s a Signal to Change

Harvard Business Review

Is stress impairing your performance at work and compromising your relationships? Changing the way you think about stress can help you turn stress into an ally and use it to improve mental agility and work performance; a report in the Journal of Experimental Psychology showed that physiological and cognitive benefits result from thinking of stress as “functional and adaptive” rather than a signifier of “threat.”. Turning stress to your advantage is no easy task.

Work Smarter Not Harder: How To Reach Peak Efficiency With A Virtual Assistant

CEO Insider

Operational efficiency leads to improved customer experiences, the erosion of employee stress, and most importantly, enhanced revenue potential. A well-run business is prepared for growth.

The Mood Elevator

Lead Change Blog

Larry Senn, father of corporate culture and author of The Mood Elevator , provides an operating manual to keep you out of the emotional basement. Want to have more success with less stress, healthier relationships, greater personal productivity, and a better quality of life?

When Leaders Cannot Meet Their Team: 6 Tips for Stepping Into a New Role Without a Handshake – Guest Blogger Julie Freeman


The Board President and President-elect were looking to me to keep the 130-member staff engaged and calm until the new CEO came on board, ensuring that valued society programs continued to operate effectively.

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