Innovation Creates Uncertainty

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We want innovation. But innovation creates uncertainty. So while we say we want creativity and innovation we often reject it because it is new, different and risky. The irony is that while we say we like innovation we develop a deep bias against it.

The Global Innovation 1000 (2011): Why Culture is Key

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In a recent email update, he asks several intriguing questions: Are there CEOs anywhere in the world who want their companies to become less innovative? Bob's blog entries 3M Apple Booz & Company Buddy Media EBITDA Fscebook Google Harvard Business Review Intellectual Capital: The New Wealth of Organizations The Global Innovation 1000 (2011): Why Culture is Key Tom Stewart Wealth of Knowledge: Intellectual Capital and the Twenty-first Century Organization

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The November 2011 Leadership Development Carnival

Great Leadership By Dan

Welcome to the November 6, 2011 edition of leadership development carnival! Rebecca Kearley presents This assault on workers rights will kill innovation | Professional Manager posted at Professional Manager.

Top 10 Servant Leadership Tweeters in 2011

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He also possesses an especially innovative mind with an eye toward business. Part of my mission is to spread servant leadership awareness. Therefore, I greatly appreciate folks on Twitter who spread servant leadership content.

Small Business Resolutions for 2011

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by Alexander Hiam, author of Business Innovations for Dummies. The key to improved results is innovative actions that, while they stick within the limits of your budget, also take you in exciting new directions. Be proactive in 2011. . Become a seasoned innovator. .

Paradox of Innovation & Intellectual Property

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Yesterday was the 3rd Open Innovation Summit at BW's Center for Innovation & Growth: Practical Challenges of Global Open Innovation featuring P&G. Kelly started out as a chemist, giving her a unique non-traditional-lawyer perspective of invention and innovation. [.]. Too much happened for one post so I'm going to do one on each panelist's story and discussion, starting with Kelly McDow, Associate General Counsel for P&G's Connect+Develop.

Wise words: Einstein on innovation

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Innovation” is a major buzzword right now. But is your team stretching itself to achieve true innovation? If not, you aren’t innovating. Wise Words Albert Einstein Creativity innovation quotes

Innovations Best Kept Secret

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By Mike Myatt, Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth Those of you who frequent this blog know that I’m not a huge fan of either/or propositions. In most, if not all cases, decisions that are made on this basis simply constitute a lack of depth and understanding. This particularly holds true as it applies to the topic

Design Thinking for Social Innovation

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Here is an excerpt from a brilliant article co-authored by Tim Brown and Jocelyn Wyatt for Stanford Social Innovation Review (Winter 2010). To read the complete article, check out other valuable resources, obtain subscription information, and sign up for a free newsletter, please click here. * * * Designers have traditionally focused on enhancing the [.].

8 Assumptions and 8 Questions about Innovation

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Even the staid British publication The Economist recently claimed, “Innovation is now recognized as the single most important ingredient in any modern economy.” (Tom Kelley: The Ten Faces of Innovation) —— For the SMU Cox School of Business – Business Leadership Center, I recently presented my new session on innovation: Adaptation, Exaptation, Innovation: Processes and [.].

November 2011 Edition - Strategy Execution Newsletter - On Managing Processes

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Business Process Management articles (BPM Institute) (Oct 2011). RESULTS FROM LAST MONTH'S QUICKSTUDY SURVEY : Process Innovation. Download the QuickStudy Survey Results - On Process Innovation and Transformation. Welcome to the November issue of the Strategy Execution Newsletter from Six Disciplines. In this month's issue, we're focusing on managing processes. Do You Have The "Master Process" In Your Organization?

Do You Support Innovation?


My fingers clutched the only two stones protruding from the dry and dusty escarpment. A ninety-degree drop immediately to my right, a stone wall to my left, and no sight above my head of where the climb might end, I decided to go back down.

Apollo 13: INNOVATION through CHAOS

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It is the unfamiliar and unwanted that at times becomes the needed chaos to force you through innovation. You may also like the following: Being Innovative often means “Changing the Game&# By sharing… you are losing nothing Do you have an Original Thought? Anarchy Business Impact Human Resources Innovation Leadership Apollo 13 ChaosAll of us have had to face a problem that has forced us to look at a situation, the problem and the process in a different way.

This Baffles Me: So Much Emphasis On Innovation, and Leadership – So Little Actual Innovation and Leadership

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Randy's blog entries 30 Days to a More Organized Life C G Grey Chris Lowney Heroic Leadership: Best Practices from a 450-Year-Old Company That Changed the World innovation Jacob Weisberg knowing-doing gap Leadership Nathan Myhrvold

This Baffles Me: So Much Emphasis On Innovation, and Leadership – So Little Actual Innovation and Leadership

First Friday Book Synopsis

Randy's blog entries 30 Days to a More Organized Life C G Grey Chris Lowney Heroic Leadership: Best Practices from a 450-Year-Old Company That Changed the World innovation Jacob Weisberg knowing-doing gap Leadership Nathan Myhrvold

Smart Leadership: Delegating Bravely Leads to $50 Million Innovation

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When we do this well, the results are increased productivity, morale, innovation, and agility. What our team created was a genuine innovation unlike any I’ve ever had the pleasure to work on since.

Want Innovative Thinking? Hire from the Humanities

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Here is an excerpt from an article written by Tony Golsby-Smith for the Harvard Business Review‘s “The Conversation&# series. To read the complete article, check out other articles and resources, and/or sign up for a free subscription to Harvard Business Review’s Daily Alerts, please click here. * * * How many people in your organization are [.].

Living Well via Open Innovation

Mills Scofield

(This post continues the summary of fabulous stories and interactions at the 3rd Open Innovation Summit at BW's Center for Innovation & Growth: Practical Challenges of Global Open Innovation featuring P&G on April 21st.) Craig Vogel, President of Live Well Collaborative (LWC), talked about being an Open Innovation partner of P&G, focusing on the over 50 population. Dean of Research & Innovation at the University of Cincinn [.].

Breaking Away - Innovation

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I read a great book yesterday by Jane Stevenson and Bilal Kaafarani called Breaking Away - How Great Leaders Create Innovation That Drives Sustainable Growth - And Why Others Fail. I loved the title (although perhaps not the part about failing) since I think a large part of leadership is fostering innovation. I am, of course, a great believer in innovation. I think one of my strong points is high creativity (not in the artistic sense but in the business innovation sense).

Open Innovation and Crowd Sourcing

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I am sure my blog readership mostly reads this for my gardening tips (or will now) + I read a great book - A Guide to Open Innovation and Crowd Sourcing. The blog with me at World Innovation Forum. Not surprising they would write articles on innovation. First we need to define Crowdsourcing (even though the book defined open innovation first which is the flow of ideas in and out of the organization as opposed to just within it).

First Look: Leadership Books for November 2011

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Creative People Must Be Stopped : 6 Ways We Kill Innovation (Without Even Trying) by David A Owens. Here's a look at some of the best leadership books to be released in November. Lead with Purpose : Giving Your Organization a Reason to Believe in Itself by John Baldoni. Everyone Leads : Building Leadership from the Community Up by Paul Schmitz. People Follow You : The Real Secret to What Matters Most in Leadership by Jeb Blount.

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Favorites of 2011: Photos of Teams

Create Learning

With the end of the year approaching, this week is a great to share some of my favorites of 2011. Favorite Photos of 2011. In no particular order – to see all my 2011 favorites click here. From a workshop on TRIZ Innovation that I led for Syracuse University.

Team 22

Innovation High-Five

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By Tim Kippley: Jeff Bezos, one of the planet’s greatest innovators, once said that: “You need a culture that high-fives small and innovative ideas and senior executives [that] encourage ideas.” ” The Value of Innovation at Geneca.

Google's Greatest Innovation May Be Its Management Practice | Fast Company []

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Interesting post by Bruce Nussbaum on what he calls bi-generational leadership. leadership ceo roles responsibility succession GenY Boomers

LeadershipNow 140: March 2011 Compilation

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Here are a selection of tweets from March 2011: To lead by example is difficult when you're a follower of fear. Jack Myers Curated List of Recommended TED Talks from TED 2011. HarvardBiz: Three Questions that Will Kill Innovation Try asking "What are you learning?"

Staying Ahead of Innovation Challenges

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Here is an excerpt from an article written by Adam Richardson for the Harvard Business Review blog (March 7, 2011). Bob's blog entries Adam Richardson Challenge 1: Commoditization Challenge 2: Simplicity Challenge 3: Risk frog design Global Executive MBA program Harvard Business Review blog Harvard Business Review’s Daily Alerts IESE Business School in Barcelona Innovation X: Why a Company's Toughest Problems are its Greatest Advantage. Staying Ahead of Innovation Challenges

Invention without Commercialization = Extinction, not Innovation

Mills Scofield

Solar Patents Mobile Invention Innovation Commercialization Cell Phone Bell LabsMy job at Bell Labs was to invent and create. We dreamed up all sorts of wonderful solutions to problems that did and didn't exist. But how did we learn about these problems? Some we just thought up. Some came from AT&T corporate product management & marketing. But few came from seeing customers firsthand, so we ended up using ourselves as ‘examples’ – not good.

Understanding the Language of Innovation

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To read the complete article, check out the wealth of free resources, and sign up for a subscription to HBR email alerts, please click here. * * * We all know innovation has its own language conventions, [.]. Here is an excerpt from an article written by H. James Wilson for the Harvard Business Review blog.

For Innovation, Best Practice is a Verb not a Noun!

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Smartfailing Scientific Method Return On Failure Prototype Management Innovation Strategy Innovation Culture Innovation Failure Analysis Failure Fail Fast Fail Cheap Experiment Disruptive Innovation Culture Best Practice 21st Century

Is Innovation now Status Quo?

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I’m just starting to wonder if some StatusQuo-itis isn’t seeping into innovation discussions. One of the very freeing things about innovation is that it’s a continuous experiment; what works today may or may not work tomorrow (if you have kids, you know this well).

The Rainmaker 'Fab Five' Blog Picks of the Week - A Look Ahead at 2011

Maximizing Possibility

 Today I would like to shift gears and take a look ahead at what the HR, talent management, and leadership development blogging community sees in store for us in 2011.  Below is a great collection of posts containing predictions, resolutions, trends, and thoughts for 2011.

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Joe’s Journal: Innovation Without Borders

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Here’s a treat: A special edition of Joe’s Journal, featuring a talk that Joe Maciariello, the Drucker Institute’s academic and research director, delivered at the inaugural TEDxOrangeCoast event, “Innovation Without Borders,” on May 19 in Costa Mesa, Calif.

Gap’s Chief Innovation Officer Recognizes Connection Required to Innovate

Michael Lee Stallard

Here’s a video of Polly LaBarre at MIX interviewing Ivy Ross, Gap’s Chief Innovation Officer , about the need for connection to innovate. I’m encouraged to see more leaders recognize that individuals and organizations need connection to thrive.

Use Scarcity to Spur Innovation

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Bob's blog entries devise new ways of operating make better use of limited assets Management Tip of the Day Harvard Business Review Necessity is the mother of invention The Number One Key to Innovation: Scarcity" by Uri Neren. Here is another valuable Management Tip of the Day from Harvard Business Review. To sign up for a free subscription, to any/all HBR newsletters, please click here. * * * Necessity is the mother of invention.

World Innovation Forum - Clay Christensen

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Today I am blogging live at World Innovation Forum (#WIF11). Attending and listening to speakers helps plant the seeds of innovation in my mind. Of course he spoke about disruptive innovation. Disruptive innovation often happens at the low end of the market. I have blogged before at this event. I love the stimulation I get from going to seminars like this. First speaker is one of my favorites - Clay Christensen. He is a young guy but recently suffered from a stroke.

Innovating The Brick-and-Mortar Injustice Infrastructure

Mills Scofield

This week''s post is by Andy Posner , Co-Founder & Executive Director of Capital Good Fund ( CGF ), a non-profit microfinance organization targeting the root causes of poverty through innovative micro-loans and personal financial coaching.

Fascinating Numbers: Eight Ways to Increase Innovation

Management is a Journey

A 2009 report by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)* identifies eight ways to increase innovation that remain relevant in 2011. This 32 page report assessed the state of innovation at US companies [.]. Innovation Business Trends leadership management organizational productivity strategic thinking

Innovation Architects and more on Innovation

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Innovation Architect - A person who creates a space in which innovation can take place." My perspective is there is no shortage of ideas and innovation. This can be done by looking back" "The best way to innovate is to frame the problem" Greg Hall was a mining supply company. #WIF11 continues. Jordan Cohen spoke about "getting rid of busy work so you can get to work". This is a huge challenge for us all. "40%

LeadershipNow 140: October 2011 Compilation

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Here are a selection of tweets from October 2011 that you might have missed: @mikemyatt: The biggest leadership blind-spot and what to do about it: Leadership & The Expectation Gap. We would be well advised to focus on genuine innovation & job creation.

Leadership & Curiosity

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Among many other things, curiosity helps frame vision, advances learning, fuels passion, and drives innovation. If your ego is messaging you have all the answers, and that your way is the only way, then why would anyone ever be inspired to pursue change and innovation?