4 Ways to Leverage Social Media to Enhance Your Career

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Although many companies caution workers about using social media, utilizing sites like Twitter and LinkedIn can go a long way in positioning you within your own company and as a leader in your industry. Obviously you need to be smart about how you use social media.

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How to Design a Conference Introverts will Love

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As an introvert, I know the excitement of attending a conference is often tempered by the anxiety of knowing I will likely be out of my comfort zone on more than one occasion. One of the reasons I love the SOBCon Conference is Founders Liz Strauss and Terry St.

5 Ways Social Media Can Accelerate Your Old School Sales Strategy

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“Oh, I don’t need any of that social media crap. You know, like building relationships, having a real conversation, solving problems…” I laughed, “Sounds like the perfect way to use social media to me!”

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Ten Serious Career Networking Myths & Mistakes

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It’s impossible to have a successful business and career without the help and support of your coworkers, clients and community. You just finished reading Ten Serious Career Networking Myths & Mistakes !

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The 3 Secrets All Leaders Know.

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Encourage and finance increased education at all levels and most of all, make conferences, books, magazines, etc. After 20+ years in corporate management positions and coaching high-performing executives, I’ve seen it all.

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How to find your next job using social media – two case studies

Krishna De

As September approaches, do your thoughts turn to your career and perhaps you start to think about exploring new opportunities? Perhaps you have even considered enhancing your online visibility using social media to help you stand out from the crowd?

Launching Our Podcast!

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Make sure you join local/national organizations and hit the events/conferences every year. Social Media Overwhelm & Angst. Exploding Your Presence In Social Media. Get out and attend industry organization meetings, events, & conferences.

How To Be More Productive When You Work From Home.

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You have to be on emergency conference calls. Get your client, your vendor or your staff together and all get on a conference call to get a status, charm the client or direct a vendor. I live in Connecticut and this season has to be the hottest on record.

Using Social Media Without Jeopardizing Your Career

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While most people see your updates one at a time, the moments when they really count—like when a prospective employer or client is checking you out—will be moments when someone is looking at your social media presence as a whole.

Articles, Media on Leadership, the Science of Connection, and Taking a Creative Risk

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” I will never ever forget those words coming from a leader who lived them out over her long and storied career. Here are a couple updates on some things I’m doing and what I’ve noticed of interest in the media. On May 6-9, I hope to see old friends and make new friends at this year’s American Society for Training and Development’s International Conference where 8,500 training professionals will gather in Denver.

Grow Your Position In Three Small Steps.

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Examples - Join a committee, start an organization, hold a learning lunch, advertise to your team and visit a conference, start a blood drive, etc. Sometimes we feel trapped at work. Doing the same thing day after day.

TED Talk: Amy Cuddy – Physical Dominance.

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This talk was presented at an official TED conference. Blog Business Coaching C-Level Career Coaching Tip Life Coaching Media Piece Videos Ways & Tips Amy Cuddy Confidence Dominance Physical Dominance Power Dynamics TED Verbal Dominance Body language affects how others see us, but it may also change how we see ourselves.

How To Take Charge Of Your Job Search.

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Do you feel you’ve fallen behind in your career? Go to events, meetings, conferences, charity events — meet people, shake hands, learn about what they do. I’ve worked with hundreds of job-seekers and presented to thousands about searching for a job.

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‘Barrier Breakers’ for Women in Corporate America

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In taking on a more dominant role in Corporate America as more women confidently climb their career ladders and step into important roles and leadership positions, the experience in Corporate America is shifting and tilting the power balance in their direction.

Three Powerful Ways Michael Port Can Transform Your Small Business

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And did I mention how excited I am to know I’ll have the honor of meeting Michael in person at the SOBCon conference in a few weeks? hire me for Visionary Leadership programs , Marketing Strategy work or for the Social Media Concierge program, email me at Lisa@CLevelStrategies.com.

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Using Social Media to Build Professional Skills

Harvard Business Review

If you think of social media as the sole province of vacation selfies and muffin recipes, the idea of using it for genuine professional development may seem absurd. To get real learning value out of social media, ask yourself these three questions: What do I want to learn?

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How To Build Your Online Presence – Women Love To Connect!

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With the help of social media more women entrepreneurs are emerging than ever before, building new online businesses and growing existing ones. You can connect with other entrepreneurs, set up individual meetings on Skype, do conference calls online, and you can create opportunities for your audience to meet you in person if you wish. Depending on your business, you may want to offer certain services like conference calls online, or in person conferences.

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Is a Corporate Board Seat in Your Future? :: Women on Business

Women on Business

By Bonnie Marcus This past week I had the opportunity to not only attend the MA Conference for Women, but also to participate in a leadership panel about women and corporate board positions. In summary, a seat at the table can help you in your own career efforts.

When the Media Covers Gender Inequality, the C-Suite Listens

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And we found that this is due in large part to the media. Although no single factor can ensure gender equality at senior executive levels, the media — by which we mean both traditional and social — stands out as having the potential to help push the door open for women.

Your Career Needs Many Mentors, Not Just One

Harvard Business Review

She launched an award-winning side career as a mystery author after being inspired by a former intern of hers who had penned a novel. Once, when I was giving a talk on mentorship at a prominent law firm, a partner shared that early in her career, her secretary was her mentor, because the secretary, who had been at the firm for decades, understood the firm’s office politics and taught her to stand up for herself. Networking Career planning Managing yourself Digital Article

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What CEOs Can Learn From the Goddess of Vision

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About Lisa Petrilli Twitter, LinkedIN, EMAIL Lisa Speaking Hire Lisa RSS What CEOs Can Learn From the Goddess of Vision 14 May I recently attended a conference at which a number of CEOs and marketing executives were present. I know you’ve got big things ahead for you in your career!

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What CEOs Can Learn From the Goddess of Vision

C-Level Strategies

About Lisa Petrilli Twitter, LinkedIN, EMAIL Lisa Speaking Hire Lisa RSS What CEOs Can Learn From the Goddess of Vision 14 May I recently attended a conference at which a number of CEOs and marketing executives were present. I know you’ve got big things ahead for you in your career!

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Personal Branding

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You can’t attend a conference without hitting a breakout session helmed by some Personal Brand high priest or priestess. It eats up the 45-minutes before the gravy-laden conference lunch, but is it productive? Career Development

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More Leadership Lessons They Don’t Teach in School

Roundtable Talk

Instead we had Anne-Marie Renaud (VP Operations for Pepsico Foods Canada); Simon Jennings (President, Olive Media) and Jerome Dwight (former President & CEO of BNY Trust Company of Canada, a subsidiary of BNY Mellon).

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Smart Social Media Helps Jobs Find You

Harvard Business Review

The answer these days is likely to involve networking and brand-building on social media's "fun" sites — even the ones best known for their tweets, pokes and cat videos. LinkedIn's commitment to this market is underscored by the 150 million career bios on its site — and the more than $260 million in revenue last year from businesses wanting extra ways of connecting with potential new hires. Collecting business cards at conferences and mixers is arduous.

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What CEOs Can Learn From the Goddess of Vision

C-Level Strategies

About Lisa Petrilli Twitter, LinkedIN, EMAIL Lisa Speaking Hire Lisa RSS What CEOs Can Learn From the Goddess of Vision 14 May I recently attended a conference at which a number of CEOs and marketing executives were present. I know you’ve got big things ahead for you in your career!

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Thriving During an Economic Downturn :: Women on Business

Women on Business

WPO 2010 Annual Conference: Thriving in the New Economy The 13th annual Women Presidents’ Organization conference will host.

Get Featured in a New Board Candidate Reference E-Publication

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Tracy provides some details about the evolution of the board candidate reference publication saying: “A comparable resource was produced recently for participants who attended the Moving the Needle Conference 2012.

10 Things Successful People Do to Become Experts

Lead from Within

A great way to be acknowledged as an expert is to apply to a conference and get booked to speak. Be active on all social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Lead From Within Business Career Experts Inc. Many business owners, entrepreneurs and thought leaders want to position themselves as experts. They want to be known as key influencers in their particular field, but getting to a point of confidence in their expertise is more difficult.

Strategies for Certified Public Accountants to Grow Their Business

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Attend networking events and conferences where you can meet new faces and share information about your business and services. This is a great opportunity to improve your skills and increase your knowledge on topics that will help you advance in your career and grow your business.

How to Have Board-Level Conversations on LinkedIn

Women on Business

For more tips, see Becoming a Public Company Director: Social Media Strategies. Contribute some of the substantive thoughts, what you learned, what surprised you from a conference or webinar you attended.

Three Ways to Overcome Career Anxiety

Harvard Business Review

In the course of writing Passion & Purpose , I was fortunate enough to meet and interview hundreds of young leaders, many of them "rockstar" twenty-somethings who command high six-figure salaries, are in stable relationships, and have all the career options in the world. Many of those I interviewed echoed her sense of hollowness, a sense that seemed to be largely career- and situation-agnostic. Gone are the days where working for LargeCo meant a career for life.

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How Introverts Can Succeed in Business and Leadership

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I learned very early in my career that the way I led was different from my extraverted colleagues. Master the art of networking… Learn how to network successfully, and comfortably, within organizations as well as at conferences and events.

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What Great Social Media Campaigns Get Right

Harvard Business Review

While its social media KPI’s soared, its business suffered. After a successful career as a corporate consultant, he became the Director of Economic Development for Rhode Island, a cabinet level position, where he saw the opportunity to put his ideas into action and create innovation at scale. BIF’s annual conference serves as its focal point.


How to Launch a Blog that Surpasses Your Wildest Imagination

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After the MarketingProfs conference, I decided to make a much more concerted effort to attend regularly and to try to jump in and participate where I could. I also knew that I am at a point in my career where I am ready for the risks—and the sheer thrill of the journey.

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The Secret Engine Behind Empowered Visions

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About Lisa Petrilli Twitter, LinkedIN, EMAIL Lisa Speaking Hire Lisa RSS The Secret Engine Behind Empowered Visions 03 Jan By Lisa Petrilli You’ve created your vision for your business, career, and other aspects of your life in 2011 and can clearly see it playing out in your mind.

Are You Ready for the Changing Workplace?

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How are you incorporating social media into your workplace? Is career development fostering engagement ? As conference leader, I’ll be opening and closing the Conference while connecting the critical leadership dots throughout the day.

Put Your Dreams On Paper….and Watch What Happens

Terry Starbucker

Home About Me About This Blog Starbucker’s Amazon Store TerryStarbucker.com Ramblings From a Glass Half Full Put Your Dreams On Paper… and Watch What Happens by Starbucker on May 27, 2010 17 years ago, I was sitting at my desk, wondering what became of my career. A great example to me is what I see every year at SOBCon , the conference I co-host with Liz Strauss.

How Not to Waste Time at Meetings

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My colleagues and I would sit around a very large conference table, shaking the sleep out of our heads, inhaling excessive amounts of coffee and chatting about, well, whatever. Announces Social Media, Branding & Diversity Strategies" by @ bizshrink.

Leadership and Loyalty: Why It Must Start Within You

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A year ago this week my Leadership Chat Co-Founder/Co-Host Steve Woodruff and I met at the SOBCon conference here in Chicago. When someone launches a new program or initiative there is unparalleled support from the conference alums that I’ve simply never seen anywhere else.