Wed.Jul 20, 2011

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Bad Culture Eats Good Vision

Ron Edmondson

Bad culture eats good vision… I don’t know who said it first. I’ve heard it several times. Repeating Your Vision Often.

The Rise Of Organizational Agnosticism

The Leadership Advisor

I used to spend hours upon hours chatting with my grandmother. One of the fondest memories I have of my youth actually. Leadership drives culture.

Brand 68

One Secret to Me Accomplishing Much

Ron Edmondson

People ask all the time…How do you do everything you do? Be honest, do you need to exercise more regularly? Encouragement Life Plan

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Information Overload and What You Can Do About It

Leading Blog

Knowledge workers think for a living to varying extents, depending on the job and situation, but there is little time for thought and reflection in the course of a typical day. Consider this: A 30-second interruption can result in as much as 5 minutes of recovery time. Even as dry as information tends to be, this is an absorbing book. or “Great!”

Be a Daniel Radcliffe not a Macaulay Culkin

Bud to Boss

As I watched the final installment of the Harry Potter saga last weekend, I was in awe. Think about it. Push yourself. In an interview with GQ U.K.

Film 34

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Leaders: Take Your Business Back!

Linked 2 Leadership

I often hear from managers that employees have more power than their bosses. Studies have shown that the majority of workers in North America do not want to move into a management role. The trend toward servant leadership and participative management has created a lot of very good results, but in many cases it has also created chaos, [.].

Five Lessons You Can Learn From the World’s Most Admired Companies

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an excerpt from an article written by Mel Stark and Mark Royal for Talent Management magazine (5/10/2011). To check out all the resources and sign up for a free subscription to the TM and Chief Learning Officer magazines published by MedfiaTec, please click here. * * * Experts from Hay Group, which partnered with [.].

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Leading Change (Step 7) – Consolidate Gains and Implement More Change

Management is a Journey

Have you ever taken a long trip and passed some unfortunate traveler on the side of the road with a gas can in his hand, a non-responsive vehicle, and unhappy family members in the car? This scene is an accurate description of the state of some organizational change efforts. Like this family trip, many organizational [.].

Sachin Tendulkar and lessons for succession planning

Chartered Management Institute

The Indian cricket team begin their test match series against England tomorrow (weather permitting). The match is interesting for any number of reasons. The series pits the number one team in the world (India), against the number three team (England), so is a fine barometer for the progress made by the England side in recent years.

Team 13

How to Reinvent Yourself


You’re out of a job. You’ve quit or you were fired. Perhaps you were downsized. Whatever the case, what was yesterday is nothing like today. Now what?

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Making the transition from technician to management

Chartered Management Institute

CMI has made regular claims in the past few years regarding the damage that can be done to organisations by accidental managers , ie people that do well in their technical discipline and are then promoted to management on the back of this ability, without having any kind of training in management.

Sky Bottle Commander: Team Building Activity

Create Learning

This is from a book I have been working on…”Building on the Bottle”. Currently I am gathering photos and making final adjustments. What was easy?

How to improve the effectiveness of your online advertising with a focused landing page

Krishna De

You could be using Google advertising, Facebook Advertising, YouTube Advertising, or as I am going to reference today, targeted Ads on LinkedIn.

The Art Of Connection - 2: How To Finish A Presentation

Chartered Management Institute

This article contains practical insights to help you construct more impactful conclusions to your presentations. It also marks the second in a series of expert thought pieces for the CMI Blog on 'The Art Of Connection' - helping you forge a stronger connection with the people who matter. You are not watching this post, click to start watching.

Why Borders Failed While Barnes & Noble Survived

First Friday Book Synopsis

For decades, I have been a diehard supporter of NPR, PBS, and its local affiliates wherever I have lived. When I win a lottery, my first philanthropic contributions will be to them…and will be generous. Here is an NPR article written by Yuki Noguchi and featuredby online (July 19, 2011). Click here to • Listen [.].

What We Need To Be

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development We cannot become what we need to be by remaining who we are. ~ Max De Pree Max De Pree is the former CEO and Chairman of Herman Miller Furniture What We Need To Be. Leadership Development Change Max De Pree self-leadership


Deep Dive: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Deep Dive: The Proven Method for Building Strategy, Focusing Your Resources, and Taking Smart Action Rich Horwath Greenleaf Book Group Press (2009) Attitude and preparation determine altitude…and also depth There are business situations in which the goal is to ascend (e.g.

Are Sustainable Businesses Ethical?

Leading in Context

Are All Sustainable Businesses Ethical? Are all sustainable businesses ethical? Not necessarily. There are ways that sustainable businesses can operate unethically, including pretending to be more sustainable than they really are, or making decisions that are dishonest or cause harm.

The Asterisk on The Secret of Life (The Perils Of Being A Mile Wide And An Inch Deep)

Terry Starbucker

A few years back I wrote that the “Real Secret of Life&# was never growing up. Indeed it can. Because it recently happened to me. I must grab it.

The Rainmaker 'Fab Five' Blog Picks of the Week

Maximizing Possibility

Happy Wednesday! This week I am featuring five posts from the HR, talent management, and leadership development blogosphere that I found to be particularly good reading. Here are my picks from the week of July 13th-20th, 2011. Hope you enjoy! Kevin refers to this routine as "maintenance mode."

Book Review: Tell to Win

Chartered Management Institute

Tell to Win argues that the key to success is the ability to craft, deliver and own a story that is capable of turning others into passionate advocates for your goals. Review by Professor Bruce Lloyd, London South Bank University. You are not watching this post, click to start watching

The Third Ring: Enhanced Service That Delights Customers

The Practical Leader

Fourth in a four part series on The Three Rings of Perceived Value. Years ago author and speaker on organizational excellence, Tom Peters, declared, “we can no longer afford to merely satisfy the customer. To win today, you have to delight and astound your customers — with products and services that far exceed their expectations.&#

Fight for your right to flexi

Chartered Management Institute

Moves to extend flexible working legislation to all employees are commendable and will help shape a modern, family-friendly society, says CMI policy and research director Louise Brooker-Carey. You are not watching this post, click to start watching

When to Take My Name off the Door ? by Guest Blogger Leo Burnett.

In the CEO Afterlife

John Bell  As 1967 came to a close, Leo Burnett was almost out the door of the agency he founded.

New e-learning programme in Thailand

Talent Technologies

Talent Technologies introduces The Leadership Challenge E-learning in Thailand! Encourage the Heart - in your company! Contact us now for more details.

Recruitment Strategy

Strategy Driven

Many companies do not understand how to approach developing a recruitment strategy. RecruiterGuy’s Guide to Finding a Job by Bill Humbert.

The Rigg


Let's get our priorities in order: Today is the birthday of Diana Rigg. Break out the champagne


Change Initiatives Directly Affect Employee Engagement, Productivity

Six Disciplines

According to a global study by Right Management , 94% of employees who report that change was not handled well in their organizations - are disengaged. Best-performing organizations manage change nearly four times more effectively. Less than half (43%) of employees are confident in their organization's change process.

STEP What?

From the Principal's Pen

One for my memoirs… We were minutes away from the school bell ringing when a substitute teacher called and said she was running a few minutes late. Rather than pull someone else in for that brief period, I decided to welcome the students and stay in the kindergarten classroom until the substitute arrived. One For My Memoirs


The Other Kind of Vacation


Cultural Offering has an announcement: I am on vacation. Not one of those vacations where you spend three or four days packing five children up, forwarding mail, stopping the paper, climbing into the car at 0:dark-thirty and driving twelve hours to a large water supply. Read the rest here


More People are Getting Raises in 2011—Are You?

Women on Business

As reported by Kimberly Weisul in BNET, salaries are on the increase, back up to the levels before the great recession, according to a WorldatWork study. There are some reasons for reserved optimism. Weisul bills herself as an optimist. And it’s tough to be a small business writer and an optimist at the same time these days.) this year. in 2012.

Creativity Break: The Making of "Lawrence of Arabia"


Steven Spielberg speaking about David Lean's extraordinary film

The Problem With Not Getting Out of Safety Zone

Self Help Zen

…and always living in the comfort zone is that it keeps you away from being excellent at what you do. Safety becomes a paradigm that holds you back from taking necessary risks that help you go to the next level. The prototype of safety is a lot misunderstood. For most of us, it simply means not leaving the known.

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