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T HE INEVITABLE CONSEQUENCE of leading in an increasingly complex world is that we will have developmental gaps in our leadership. The solution is to scale our leadership. Leadership must learn to scale itself, but not any kind of leadership will do.

The Leadership Power of Grace

Skip Prichard

Leadership of Grace. . John Baldoni is one of the world’s prominent experts on leadership. He is one of the most generous, kind, and intelligent leadership coaches and teachers that I have met. Leadership and grace are not always thought of together.

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Responsive Leadership: Needed Now More Than Ever

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T HE leadership question is top of mind for many people here in the United States and throughout the world. Responsive Leadership can be an antidote to failing leadership and the foundation for building and sustaining organizational trust and confidence. Leadership Development

Craft a Remarkable Personal Brand Statement! 29 Steps & Examples

Miles Anthony Smith

Uncover Effective, Expert Personal Brand Statement Examples​ What do Rand Fishkin, Charlie Puth, and Martha Stewart all have in common? They are all killer personal brand examples. Great leaders often align their leadership values with personal beliefs and ethics of their own.

Is Social Accountability Changing Leadership?

Lead Change Blog

A number of recent surveys from McKinsey research have identified three traits that are becoming leadership imperatives to respond to this growing demand for social accountability. Ben & Jerry’s and Patagonia are two such companies that have shifted to becoming B-corps in a bid to be more transparent and socially responsible in how they operate. The post Is Social Accountability Changing Leadership?

How To Build a Leadership Credo

Let's Grow Leaders

Every year, I take time out to work on my leadership credo. How to Build a Leadership Credo. This exercise pairs well with a discussion on leadership authenticity. Each credo should include the following components: Core leadership values (e.g. Operating principles (e.g.

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4 Steps to Clarify Your Leadership Intent

Lead Change Blog

If this predicament is familiar, you have the opportunity to clarify your leadership intent for the year. What is a ‘leadership intent’? It provides clear direction and the boundaries of operation for the troops to carry out the commander’s intent. Regardless of the type of organization you lead—military unit, business, non-profit—a clear leadership intent sets the course for getting all your team members on the same page for achieving the outcomes you desire.

The Key to Effective Leadership: Mindsets

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But here is what is interesting, through a personal assessment I have done with over two thousand leaders and individuals, only 5% consistently operate like Leader B. The answer to this question is the foundation of effective leadership: leaders’ mindsets. Positive Leadership

Leadership and Knowledge Management

N2Growth Blog

Leaders who don’t understand the value of distributable and actionable knowledge not only limit opportunities, but they’re also building huge contingent operating liabilities. By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth.

Five Leadership Lessons: Think Like Amazon

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He writes, “Jeff Bezos and Amazon have a remarkably consistent way to approaching and meeting challenges, operating their business and technology, and thinking about new ideas, markets, and growth.” Example: Amazon Kindle Fire’s Mayday feature.

28 Leadership Development Recommendations for your Individual Development Plan

Great Leadership By Dan

Welcome to the September edition of the Leadership Development Carnival ! I recommend it for others but whether it belongs in an IDP would depend on if the organization committing to the type of Leadership presented in the book.

Mastering Leadership

Lead Change Blog

Is your leadership a competitive advantage—or is it costing you? Today, escalating global complexity puts leadership effectiveness at a premium. The post Mastering Leadership appeared first on Lead Change. How do you know?

30 Leadership Lessons

Skip Prichard

Oleg is a thought leader, author, business educator and consultant with over 25 years of experience operating businesses and consulting Fortune 500. Thirty Lessons I Learned About Leadership. Leadership is a lifelong journey through different experiences every day.

LEARN to be that Somebody

General Leadership

But what I found in studying this fascinating five-century old “corporation” was an inspiring example of a group of people who have committed their lives to becoming the best human beings they can possibly be. The post LEARN to be that Somebody appeared first on General Leadership.

Is it Time to Refresh the Roots of Change Leadership?

Lead Change Blog

What do you think characterises modern-day change leadership practice? How not to do change leadership! However, despite its many flaws and an ever-growing number of detractors, the command and control culture is still very much alive and thriving around the world, despite some significant advances in leadership thinking and modelling, and is probably happening right now in an organisation near you. At the heart of my view lies a need to refresh our leadership roots.

How Strong is Your Leadership Pyramid?

Next Level Blog

For example, a study conducted by the Center for Creative Leadership shows that 40 percent of new executives fail within eighteen months of being named to their positions. That’s when the scope of the job becomes too big to continue to operate as the hero or heroine.

Leadership and Memorial Day

N2Growth Blog

As a veteran and lifelong student of leadership I have always found Memorial Day weekend to be one of the most meaningful and significant of all holidays. In the text below I’ll share why I believe all business executives can learn valuable leadership lessons from those in uniform.

Leading Spaghetti – Using Your Noodle to Get Your Pasta to Cooperate

RapidStart Leadership

I like to think of leadership as influencing others in a direction. That’s how noodles work – one end of the noodle leads, and the rest follows its example. Use The Fork, Luke… The fork provides some backbone and structure to the whole operation.

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Leadership in Action


It is a great example of leadership and it will make you smile from ear to ear. Gary Cohen grew the company from two people to 2,200 employees Currently, he is Managing Partner of CO2 Partners, LCC, operating as an executive coach and consultant.

Why We Fail At Leadership

Tanveer Naseer

When it comes to studying leadership, the natural tendency is to focus on those leaders whose successes and achievements continue to inspire us and drive so many to emulate them in the hopes of replicating their accomplishments. Are You Creating Value Through Your Leadership?

The Leadership Difference Between Being Accessible and Available

Next Level Blog

They do in the dictionary, but they don’t in the realm of leadership. There’s a big difference between the two and the example of the leader who has an open-door policy but is never around to answer it explains the difference. The benefits of operating from these “best of” lists for accessibility and availability are pretty clear. Leverage Your Team Engagement leadership performance results teamEver had a manager who told you they had an “open-door policy?”

7 Leadership Pitfalls That Sabotage Company Growth

The Empowered Buisness

However, success often creates cognitive or psychological leadership blind spots. Below are 2 examples how. Crashing into the Leadership Glass Ceiling. As a company scales, leadership roles also scale and change dramatically at each growth level.

The Joy of Leadership

Terry Starbucker

A More Human Short Story – My Path To Leadership Joy . As SVP of Operations, I approached my first visit to the field after his death with a great deal of trepidation. He had a style of leadership that I would classify as undeniably human, and personal. Leadership

The Elements of Transformational Leadership

Skip Prichard

Transformational leadership. One of the popular frameworks of leadership is that of transforming leadership. Bass set out to unpick just what it was about leadership that inspired extraordinary achievement, and large contributions of discretionary effort.

7 Ways to Improve Operations Without Sacrificing Worker Safety

Harvard Business Review

One example of this sticks in my mind. These kinds of statements speak to a leader’s choice of values, and a failure to understand the relationships between a safe work environment and operational performance. The reality is that virtually all workplace injuries are preventable, and safety management and operational excellence are intimately linked. Improved operational performance will result in fewer injuries.

Leadership at the Symphony

Great Leadership By Dan

While enjoying a live performance, it became obvious to me that, in addition to hearing great music or watching talented dancers, I was also seeing examples of good leadership. What an example of leadership and followership in action. That’s leadership! Leadership and harmony lead to great things—not just in music but in the marketplace. Barbara Mitchell leadership management

The Impact of the Digital Revolution on Leadership

Lead Change Blog

Today, workplaces are undergoing a digital revolution which is helping to transform entire industries and forcing companies to change the way they operate. This will have an effect not only on existing leaders, but on future leadership development as well.

Your Leadership Power is Contagious

Skip Prichard

Leadership is Contagious. How you interact with others, how you show up, how you operate all impact others around you. So come back to this one – connect with people in terms of your service, leadership, and purpose, AND connect with people in service of YOU.

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Leadership Interview – James Hotaling

N2Growth Blog

There are simply no words that can do justice to the example of servant leadership epitomized by Command Chief Master Sergeant James Hotaling. Jim’s answers to my questions are nothing short of a leadership manifesto. James Hotaling : Over management and under leadership.

Is Leadership Development the Answer to Low Employee Engagement? (Yes.)

N2Growth Blog

This White Paper is excerpted and adapted from Ultra Leadership: Go Beyond Usual and Ordinary to Engage Others and Lead Real Change (Giuliano, Lioncrest, 2016). The problem is leadership on autopilot. In such an underperforming state, without leadership that can drive real change, organizations are trapped in a vicious cycle. The problem is leadership on autopilot. What is expected of leadership today? Rethinking Leadership.

Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Finding Dory

Joseph Lalonde

But, the big question is: Does Finding Dory have leadership lessons? Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Piper. Before we get to the leadership lessons found in Finding Dory, Pixar delighted the theater audience with a short film called Piper. We need to be the example.

5 Leadership Signals that Turn Culture into Advantage

Skip Prichard

” Those words are printed on the back cover of Five Frequencies: Leadership Signals that Turn Culture into Competitive Advantage. I followed up with the authors to learn more about their leadership philosophy. There’s nothing wrong with operating out of self-interest.

Problems with leadership development processes…


After 23 years in the leadership development business, we are just realizing the impact of some of the issues. To the total health of you and your team, Ed Oakley and the Enlightened Leadership team TRANSCRIPTION Hi it’s Ed Oakley. Start developing your leadership skills today!

Pfizer’s Straight Talk on Culture

Michael Lee Stallard

Leaders encourage taking responsibility, holding each other accountable, raising concerns and asking questions, “saying no when it is the right thing to do, regardless of the business impact,” and “maintaining Pfizer’s high standards in everything we do and everywhere we operate.”

Chief Leadership Officer: Disrupting the CEO Status Quo

Lead Change Blog

Unfortunately, her title is a strategic, operational, financial, and cultural derailing eventuality to the intended track of her purpose, vision and values. For example, Gallup reports that less than one-third of U.S. Enter the Chief Leadership Officer.

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Will People Follow You? 5 Questions to Ask

N2Growth Blog

By John Baldoni , Chair, Leadership Development, N2growth. The answer to that question lies in your example. Leadership Operations & Strategy getting people to follow your lead John Baldoni leadership videos leading better leading well N2growth top leadership videos

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5 Leadership Books To Read This Winter

Eric Jacobson

AMA Business Boot Camp -- Management and Leadership Fundamentals That Will See You Successfully Through Your Career. Reilly, this is the book for brushing up on your leadership skills, or learning what to do in your new leadership role.

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Closing Your Company’s “Leadership Gap”

Michael Lee Stallard

In effect, these organizations experienced a leadership gap. Because they didn’t address these leadership gaps, cynicism and disengagement developed among the people they were responsible for leading and it eventually sabotaged performance.

The Leadership Legacy Of A Childhood Hero

Tanveer Naseer

Some of the best examples of this can be seen in the efforts he made on behalf of some of his cast mates on Star Trek. For example, when Nimoy heard that Nichelle Nichols, who played Lt. Through his example we can appreciate that leadership is not about being powerful.

Is Your Leadership Based On Influence Or Authority?

Tanveer Naseer

With a complex endeavour such as leadership, it’s only natural that there be different schools of thought and perspectives on what would be the best way to lead your team and organization forward. Now compare Irene’s example to Helen, another nurse who worked at this clinic.

The Seven Signs of Great Leadership

Great Leadership By Dan

Fortunately, in my career, I was provided with examples of what this meant, not just from Matt, but from working with a number of strong leaders. From this leadership, we developed a culture of fact-based decision making. But inspirational leadership goes deeper.

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What is Great Leadership?

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Ted Bagley: All organizations worry about leadership, from the mom and pop community businesses to the giant global entities both domestic and international. Good leadership is defined as proper training, rewarding, assisting, coaching and respecting those who “carry the load”. Good leadership begins with identifying key resources with competencies that meets the demands of a business’s vision and strategy. Is there leading by example?

5 Reasons Why Leadership Development Should Be More Practical

Lead Change Blog

Every year, businesses spend a combined total of more than $20 billion on leadership development, according to figures published by Forbes, as they continue to try and plug the leadership gap. Leadership Development Leadership