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Digital Office Security: 4 Ways to Protect Your Documents

Strategy Driven

Nearly every office has gone digital, but many still live in the dark ages when it comes to protecting their documents. Here are the top tricks to protect your digital documents: 1. Outsource Technology Management. While you may be a pro at problem-solving or managing a team, computers may not be your specialty.

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Strategic Planning with Biel’s Document Management

Mike Cardus

For the 3rd year in a row I had the pleasure of facilitating Biel’s Document Management Strategic Plan. We provide innovative document management solutions using digital and microfilm technology. We provide software that streamlines business processes, hardware for in-house document scanning, and any solution in between.


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Navigating Employee Leave and Absence Management

HR Digest

Employee leave and absence management can be a complex and challenging process for many organizations. Managing workplace leave and absences can have significant impacts on productivity , staffing, and overall business operations. Why is managing employee leave and absence important?

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Performance management of remote teams: A matter of trust?

Chartered Management Institute

Advice: Performance management of remote teams: A matter of trust? The business uses project management and productivity platform ClickUp and time tracking software Clockify, as well as internal templates and documents. The post Performance management of remote teams: A matter of trust? appeared first on CMI.

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Managing Your Business’ Finances Properly

Joseph Lalonde

A significant area of responsibility you’ll find yourself taking on board when running a business is managing its finances. Manage Your Books. You should understand how much tax you need to pay and when it needs to be paid, with which supporting documentation. Here are some key steps you’re going to need to take to do this well!

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Using Management Software to Improve Customer Experiences and Optimize Salon Operations

Strategy Driven

The Benefits of Salon Management Software Integrating management software in a salon environment brings a landslide of operational benefits. Salon owners leveraging these digital solutions find they can more accurately manage bookkeeping, streamline appointment schedules, and keep a vigilant eye on stock levels.

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Understanding the Role of Time-Lapse Cameras in Project Management

Strategy Driven

Project management can be a demanding and complex field that requires effective tools and strategies to ensure the successful completion of projects. Thankfully, in recent years, time-lapse cameras have emerged as a valuable asset in the project management toolkit. This can be useful for making reports and presentations.

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