Pathways, Means and Travelers

Rajesh Setty

An extreme focus on pathways and means might take your focus on your most important asset – you, the traveler. The web is filled with answers that are related to the Pathways (what road to take) and Means (what vehicle to drive) and very few of them will focus on you, the traveler. Business Travel Memories

Execupundit Commentary by Michael Wade on Leadership, Ethics, Management, and Life Saturday, February 12, 2011 Business Travel Memories Driving out of the Oakland airport through early morning fog and listening to the eerie beginning of "Nixon in China."

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Corporate Travel and HR Conferences on @DriveThruHR

ReThink HR

This week I begin some more travel for work which will take me to Atlanta. Since I will be traveling so much in the next few months that is the subject we mainly discussed. This week I begin some more travel for work which will take me to Atlanta.

8 Business-Travel Tips

Marshall Goldsmith

While some components of air travel have gotten worse, others have improved. In my thirty years of being a "road warrior", I have only missed on client meeting because of travel issues (a blizzard in Chicago). To participate in the 2011 Thinkers 50, visit [link]. Q: I read that you have flown millions of miles. I don't see how you do it. Do you have any suggestions for making air transportation less painful? A: In my work, I spend a lot of time on the road.

From Shitmydadsays - Real Wisdom about Space Travel

Building Personal Strength

Thursday, February 3, 2011 From Shitmydadsays - Real Wisdom about Space Travel "Aliens exist, I just dont think they came millions of light years just to see earth. Not worth it to humans, either, to travel through space to visit them.

A Worthy Goal for 2011 and Beyond


Home Go to Guest Posts Disclaimer A Worthy Goal for 2011 and Beyond New year brings with it new predictions, agendas, resolutions and trends. From Seth Godin’s post “ What is Excellence ” at Tom Peters website So, seeking/delivering excellence in everything you do is a goal worth chasing in 2011 (and beyond). On that note, wish you an “excellent” 2011! - - - - - Stay tuned to QAspire Blog: Subscribe via RSS or Email, Connect via Facebook or Follow us on Twitter.

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The Secret Engine Behind Empowered Visions

C-Level Strategies

About Lisa Petrilli Twitter, LinkedIN, EMAIL Lisa Speaking Hire Lisa RSS The Secret Engine Behind Empowered Visions 03 Jan By Lisa Petrilli You’ve created your vision for your business, career, and other aspects of your life in 2011 and can clearly see it playing out in your mind.

Creativity Exercise: Time Traveling


Knowing what you know, if you were to travel back in time to the Forties, Fifties or Sixties, what knowledge - aside from which stocks to buy - would you be able to use? Clearly there are opinions on major issues that could be conveyed, but just on a personal, day-to-day life level, what would you do differently that people back there might have done but did not? Now leap ahead, then back.

The January Leadership Development Carnival: Best of 2011 Edition

Great Leadership By Dan

This month's edition is a special "Best of 2011" collection of leadership development blog posts from many of our regular Carnival contributors. Reason: "This was our most read piece of original content published in 2011".

Seven Simple Ways to Subtly Influence Others

Kevin Eikenberry

It had been a long day of work and travel, and it was going to get longer. Due to weather issues around the country, flights across the eastern half of the U.S. were delayed and canceled. It was snowing heavily in Denver, where I had just landed to find my connecting flight canceled. I quickly [.]. Influence Leadership Learning Communication influence others focus

How to Discover Your True Path in Life

C-Level Strategies

Discovering your True Path involves accepting and loving everything about your True Self, including the body through which you travel your path. They haven’t closed the door on their old mindset in order to open a new door to the new path they are traveling.

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Building Leadership Development From Scratch and Early Morning Sessions?

ReThink HR

You may also like the following: Corporate Travel and HR Conferences on @DriveThruHR The Core of Leadership Reprint: The Wheel of Innovation Are your Leaders lazy? Business Impact Leadership Management Travel Build Leadership Development From Scratch Conferences How To HR Conferences

How Will You Use the Most Productive Week of the Year

Kevin Eikenberry

As I travel around the world all year long, leaders and achievers — people just like you — tell me the same things over and over. “I’m I’m so busy, my plate is so full.” “I I can’t seem to get anything done.” There is too much email and too many interruptions.” If you have said, thought, [.]. Achievement Leadership Learning

Mastery is Beautiful

Chris Brady

Music Sports TravelThere is nothing like watching excellence in motion. I am always inspired by greatness in life, by someone who has mastered his or her craft, by professionals at the top of their game. In this. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

How to Begin a Daily Quiet Time in 5 Easy Steps

Ron Edmondson

Obviously if you travel frequently this is more difficult, but the more routine you can make this the better. I often encounter people who want to begin a daily quiet time, but they aren’t sure how. It really isn’t as complicated as we often make it out to be.

How Great Leaders Support Work Life Balance

C-Level Strategies

When he wasn’t traveling, he made being home with his family for dinner a priority, and he mentioned this in his communications to us. Last week on Leadership Chat we focused on how we, as leaders, can affect a move from Work Family Conflict to Work Life Balance.

It Takes a Team

The Recovering Engineer

We have the Kevin Eikenberry Group team that supports us as we travel for training and speaking engagements. We have our families who have tolerated the long-hours of travel, phone calls, blog posts, article writing, meetings, and website development it takes to get a book written, published, and sold.

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International Travel as Education, Adventure and Service

Chris Brady

I had been bitten by the travel bug. I soon thereafter began traveling for for my job, and went out west to visit friends when I got time off work. Finally, I began traveling abroad on vacations, more to study and learn than as a holiday. Live purposely and travel light.

SUCCESS: Are you willing to ask for what you want?

Jason Womack

TravelOn my birthday this year, Jodi and I flew from Los Angeles to New York JFK to Bermuda. Ok, we didn't fly the plane, but check this out: We got to sit on the flight deck when we landed in JFK for 10 minutes or so! I often think about what would happen if we all stepped it up a little bit.

Speechless - Let's Ride Motorcycles!

Chris Brady

LLR Daily Application Travel[[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Leadership Lessons from Heroes, the Bravest of Men

C-Level Strategies

I’ve traveled to 76 countries and dived on every shore. I had the great honor of hearing two recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor speak on Friday at a public event in my small, suburban Chicago community. It was a tremendously moving, probably once-in-a-lifetime experience.

What Leadership Chat Has Meant to Me

C-Level Strategies

” So thrilled you are traveling down this path with me, sharing your light and wisdom! Steve Woodruff and I launched Leadership Chat on Twitter a year ago this week, on Tuesday the 12th of October.

Can Forgiveness in Leadership Be Empowering for All?

C-Level Strategies

I wondered if we could genuinely do this from a place of empowerment that prevents us from being victims of circumstance , but enables us all to travel our True Paths more powerfully.

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How My Company Hires for Culture First, Skills Second

First Friday Book Synopsis

Bob's blog entries Alan Lewis Harvard Business Review's "The Conversation" series alignment with my company's culture and values counts far more than do skills or experience Be crystal clear about your culture and values candidates act out scenarios that show us whether or not they exhibit our core values Don't combine skills interviews with values interviews Driving With No Brakes: How a Bunch of Hooligans Built the Best Travel Company in the World.

The Book That Will Change Your Travel Life


An interview with Nicholas Kralev, author of Decoding Air Travel: A Guide to Saving on Airfare and Flying in Luxury. About the Author: Nicholas Kralev is a writer, educator, and speaker on global travel, diplomacy, and international affairs. Describe what it means to Decode Air Travel?

7 Suggestions for a Pastor or Pastor’s Spouse to Find True Friends

Ron Edmondson

This is valuable enough to Cheryl and me that we’ve been willing to invest in traveling to visit with friends who live in other cities, but chances are good for most pastors they won’t have to travel that far.

5 Keys to Effectively Communicating Appreciation in the Workplace

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post by Paul White: As I travel around the country to consult for businesses and organizations, I hear the same message over and over—both from leaders and from their employees: “People are getting burned out.

Michael Lewis: The Financial Crisis is a Moral Crisis

First Friday Book Synopsis

Randy's blog entries Boomerang: Travels in the New Third World Fareed Zakaria Michael Lewis Moneyball The Big Short The New New ThingIceland; Ireland; Greece; California. They are all in trouble – deep, serious trouble. The debts are massive. The way out looks… well, there doesn’t seem to be a very workable way out. And the financial situation in other corners of the globe have ripple effects in every corner of the globe like never before. What [.].

12 Tips for Making Marriage Fun Again (Revised)

Ron Edmondson

My wife and I love to travel. I previously posted this several years ago, before we were empty-nesters. I believe more in it today than I did then.

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Who Do You Learn From?


Those who live out of the box, are different from us, way ahead of us, following the road less travelled, societal outcasts and those who live and work quietly – all are fair game to learn from. All leaders should make an effort to surround themselves with people who stretch their thinking. Ironically, those who have

How Leadership Stereotypes Are Bad for Men Too

C-Level Strategies

Phillips’s “ Lincoln on Leadership ,&# he traveled outside of the White House upwards of 18 days a month visiting the troops and families who had lost loved ones in the war. I came across an article this weekend about a recent study done at Northwestern, one of my alma maters, that suggests “ Leadership remains a man’s world.&#. The leadership study examined the extent to which stereotypes of leaders are culturally masculine.

Art, History, and Michael Jackson

Chris Brady

Politics TravelBelow is another excerpt from my upcoming ITALY book (chapter 19). One of the ways I’d sold this whole month of Italy concept to Terri was by emphasizing its educational aspects. Partly due to our. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Francis of Assisi was no Sissy

Chris Brady

Books Religion TravelHere is a chapter (33) from my upcoming book (working title) A Month of Italy: Rediscovering the Art of Vacation. I hope you like it. Preach Christ with all your might, and if you must, use words.”. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Alain De Botton and The Art of Travel

Bird's Eye View

  This book is not so much about where people travel or what they should or would see in various locations.    Instead it is a discourse on why we travel, what it is we seek when we leave home for far-flung places and why we are often disappointed. 

No Sacrifice. No Leadership.

The Leadership Advisor

The interstate system was built during this decade which opened the door for easier transport of goods and allowed ease of travel for the average person. The 1950s was an amazing time of economic prosperity. This was facilitated by a number of factors.

Getting Comfortable With Discomfort: the Art of Transformation

C-Level Strategies

Here’s wishing you all a transformative 2011! Craig Juengling January 27, 2011 at 7:49 am Lisa, thank you for this post. Reply @mckra1g January 27, 2011 at 8:19 am I posted on @cspenn ‘s “Palin Post&# that last year’s word for me was “focus.&#

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Leaders are Service Revolvers

Chris Brady

and a Winner Announced » January 31, 2011 Leaders as Service Revolvers A farmer ambled along the lonely country road heading to his humble farm one dusk evening when he dozed and ran off the road.

Leadership and Loyalty: Why It Must Start Within You

C-Level Strategies

Committing time each day to listening to ourselves – I’ve discovered over the past few months that it’s in the quiet moments I reserve for myself that answers to questions of magnitude finally emerge in my brain…having traveled straight from my heart.

The Most Used, And Least Successful, Leadership Technique Of All Time (Unless You’re A Vulcan)

Terry Starbucker

I traveled many thousands of miles to test our knowledge absorption. “We’re in the dark here&#. “Nobody knows what’s going on&#.

Expect to Earn It

Chris Brady

Main | There Will Always Be "Others" » January 11, 2011 Expect to Earn It Children and adults alike fantasize about becoming big successes. God Bless Posted by: Tom Abbott | January 11, 2011 at 04:00 PM Chris, What a great video.