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Intellect…an Asset or Liability? | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt, Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth My question is this: Is your intellect an asset or liability? All one has to do is watch a very bright person

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People Are Not Just Resources

Modern Servant Leader

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Strong for Leadership - The Story Behind the Ebook

Building Personal Strength

If you've caught my tweets on Twitter, you know I share a lot of quotes! There's a reason for this. I've been collecting quotes since graduate school over 35 years ago. I suppose because of my military background, I preferred quotes that relate to leadership and being a high-achiever.

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Limiting Beliefs Cause Us to Think “Small”

Your Voice of Encouragement

Have you ever said, “I could never do that” when someone suggested you try something totally different? I have. Many times in my life. More times than I'd like to admit, actually. I've come to the conclusion that most of us play “small

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Drinking the Talent Kool-Aid | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt, Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth Those of you familiar with my work know how much I detest politically correct sound-bites. Even worse is when

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Influencers Can Help Implement Change and Make It Stick


Liz Wiseman and Greg McKeown @Google


Liz Wiseman and Greg McKeown visit Google to discuss their book “ Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter.” ” We spoke to Liz earlier this month on the LDRLB Podcast. This video goes even more into depth about the concept behind Multipliers.

Vision: A Story and a Fortune Cookie

Building Personal Strength

I first learned about 360-degree feedback in 1987. It was a new technology at the time, used primarily to give bosses what was called "upward" feedback about their leadership and management.

Stunning Leadership


We are familiar with the concept of practice to get better at something in the performing arts. Even though we don't think of leadership having an element of practice in it, in reality we have the opportunity to practice and get better

The Rise of the Millennials (Generation Y)

Management is a Journey

Haydn Shaw, the author of Working Across Generations, provides some interesting insights on the new generation entering the workplace. They are known as: the Millennials (or Generation Y). Born between 1980 and 2000, Millennials will

Friday High-Five: Posts I Loved Reading Last Week


Friday again - time to share some of the most profound posts that I loved reading last week. These brilliant posts left me a lot better than what I was before I read them. A big high-five to these amazing folks

Skills vs. Strengths - You Gotta Do the Work

Building Personal Strength

On this blog, I write a lot about people skills and personal strengths. My work is about helping people improve their skills and strengths, to more effectively deal with the challenges of life and work. But are "skills" and "strengths" two words that signify the same thing?

Are They Stepping on Your Toes? Grow Bigger Feet.

Next Level Blog

One of the common things that keeps managers from becoming leaders is spending too much time and attention protecting their turf. Over time, their attention gets really internally focused on. Please click the headline to read the

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Weekly Leader

It's mid to late August and things are heating up. It's one reason I love being on a college campus – the energy. Another school year is on the horizon and I am excited to get back in the classroom. As someone who spends a lot of time

How to Create Your Ideal? (Part 1 of 2)

Leading Strategies

Here is a way to create something better. In my coaching, I call it “going out and coming back.” Not very original or creative but it works. The idea is to move into the future, define as much as possible out there and then come back to

I Earn Huge Self-Esteem Points When My Toyota Dies

Building Personal Strength

On Tuesday my beloved 2000 Toyota Camry died. One of the pistons threw a rod and it penetrated the oil pan. The good news is, this happened on the way to getting an oil change. So I was standing next to a mechanic when I learned about the problem.

Can We Provide Hope After a Morning of Despair?

C-Level Strategies

Today it's about the “Awakenings” more so than the “C-Level Strategies.” You see, yesterday afternoon I received an email from the Principal of our High School. He was informing the community that a high school boy – a senior – had

Weekly Leader Podcast Episode 63 | John A. Byrne, Poets & Quants.

Weekly Leader

Part 2 of Pam's conversation with John A. Byrne, former editor at BusinessWeek and Fast Company, about leadership and his latest project Poet & Quants. Plus Leadership in the News, Wally Bock's best of the independent business blogs

Thought-full Thursday: Your Winning Strategy


Every Thursday, we provide you with a thoughtful way to coach yourself – something all leaders need to do. So take five, enjoy the inspirational quotes and reflect on the questions that follow. “A A Winning Strategy is a lifelong

I Fought for You - Gratitude for the Sacrifice of Veterans

Building Personal Strength

The other day, Kathleen and I tried a new wine bar downtown. The bartender was a clean-cut young man, a veteran who is earning his way through college. He was a combat medic in Iraq, and now he's studying to be a nurse. We chatted, and as we left, I thanked him for his service. And he thanked me for mine. I have thanked quite a few veterans in recent years, even though I have mixed feelings about our involvement in the Middle East. And many have thanked me for my service in Vietnam.

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How to Perform When the Room Doesn't Work

Next Level Blog

Not to get all prophetic or Inception on you, but today's post is inspired by a dream I had last night. Don't worry, it's nothing really weird or creepy.) So, I'm downtown somewhere and Kiss is. Please click the headline to read the

Scott J. Allen, Ph.D. joins the Weekly Leader Team

Weekly Leader

A couple of years ago I had the great fortune of meeting Scott Allen while attending Harvard Kennedy School's The Art and Practice of Leadership Development. The program was very intense so it was comforting to meet and strike a

Two New Management Courses

Talent Technologies

Two new Management Courses for Q3 We're delighted to announce that Talent Technologies has introduced two new management courses in Thailand. Here's a brief intro to these courses. [[ This is a content summary only

The Pursuit of Getting It “First Time Right” (FTR)


Building quality involves cost. You spend efforts and energy on preventing the errors (prevention cost) and then checking your work (appraisal cost). These are positive costs, or rather investments that ensure that you get it right the

World Cup Predictions Contest

Chris Brady

Well, I was going to leave this one to the side, but so many of you have been writing and asking who won the World Cup contest that you've left me no choice. And the winner is. Go back and look through the comments

3 "Easy" Steps to Having the Midas Touch | C-Level Strategies.

C-Level Strategies

I strongly believe these three easy steps (insights) to having the Midas Touch apply to each of us as individuals, and to our businesses as well

Leadership and the Ground Zero Mosque

Next Level Blog

It looks like an emerging campaign issue this Fall will be President Obama's position on building a mosque close to Ground Zero. At a Ramadan dinner at the White House last week, Obama said that. Please click the headline to read the

Leadership Q&A: An Organic Foundation | Weekly Leader

Weekly Leader

Organic leadership is emerging as the kind that will characterize the 21st century. The 20th century was marked by what William H. Whyte termed in the

THIS company with unlimited holidays just made new highs…

Talent Technologies

Setting up your company for success Winston Churchill once said that 'If you have ten thousand regulations you destroy all respect for the law.' It's interesting to see more and. [[ This is a content summary only

Is There Hope for Leaders?


Yet another Fortune CEO has fallen due to ethics violations. Hewlett-Packard, a company that started out as an example of moral leadership with “The HP Way” in 1939, has proven itself vulnerable to an unscrupulous CEO when Mark Hurd

10 Pointers to Build Comfort Within The Team


It pains to see teams where people work on a common goal but don't get along well with each other. We work in teams and knowing how to get along well with others is extremely crucial. So how do you get along well with others and

What is Your Word Worth?

Leading Strategies

Here is a way to stand out in any crowd: keep your word. Seriously. Do not make the smallest, implied commitment without intentionally remembering and following through. Write it down … on your forehead if necessary

Corporate Culture Thailand | Thai Culture | Talent Technologies

Talent Technologies

Setting up your company for success. Winston Churchill once said that 'If you have ten thousand regulations you destroy all respect for the law.' It's interesting to see more and more companies heeding this advice and streamlining their

Want Your Employees To Display Positive Emotions?


If your business relies on delivering high quality service to customers, I hope you recognize that the answer to this question is “yes.” Studies have shown that employees’ display of positive emotions toward both customers and coworkers enhances service delivery.