The Industrial Pipe Market

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This has most notably been displayed when it comes to industrial use. All you need to do is look at the statistics regarding the massive increase in the level of plastic pipe production in industrial areas; showing an approximate rise of one million tonnes over a ten year period in the likes of Europe and the USA. There are various reasons attributed to the fact that plastic pipework systems are reigning the industrial markets.

The Pistol Maker Who Saved American Industry

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He improved on the process that would become the factory operation approach for all industries. With the advent of railroads and the availability of labor, especially immigrant workers, America quickly became the industrial capital of the world, exporting goods cheaply due to efficiencies gained by mass production. Sam Colt was a marketing genius. Every adult on the planet who has watched a Western movie knows about the Colt pistol.

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Strategies for Overcoming Crisis in The Hospitality Industry

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The Covid-19 pandemic is one obvious example of an uncontrollable crisis affecting almost every industry in one way or another. Below we discuss other uncontrollable factors the hospitality industry faces, as well as the strategies businesses can implement to overcome them.

Role Of Marketing Professionals In Healthcare Systems

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Much like every other business, a healthcare facility also comprises functions that support its operations. These may include finance, administration, marketing, etc. However, that said, we may wonder what role can marketing professionals perform in a healthcare facility?

4 Types of Insurance for Cannabis Companies: Do You Know the Hidden Traps of the Industry?

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The marijuana industry is coming of age. There are four types of insurance necessary to protect the hefty investment in cannabis operations when problems crop up. However, the industry is rapidly growing.

3 Proven Ways Call Centers Can Better Streamline Operations

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In particular, when it comes to improving the customer service experience and streamlining operations, today’s call center agents now have a wide array of tech solutions to resolve these matters. Here are three proven ways today’s call centers can better streamline operations and achieve greater success. But those times are now in the rear-view mirror, and the customer service call center industry has been transformed exponentially.

How To Operate When Consumer Confidence Is Low

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They are fully aware that Covid-19 has caused industries to go through tough times, and they may also be going through them. Important marketing ideas that float to the top, or the attentiveness it takes for them to deal with a support request in the best way never comes out of a vacuum. Invest In Marketing. Investing in marketing is also a valuable measure. This extra ‘shunting’ action helps the engine to tick over and ultimately resume its operation.

The Difference Between Transformational and Operational Strategies

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According to the McKinsey article " Brilliant Strategy, But Can You Execute? ", there were two basic kinds of strategies: transformational and operational. A strategy is transformational when the company using it faces significant uncertainty, aims to change the game in the industry, and must address substantial customer, channel, or competitive challenges.

Improving Your Industrial Business Climate By Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

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Whether you are running a business that uses a lot of electricity all the way through to something that makes a bigger carbon footprint, like an industrial business. Every aspect of your equipment in an industrial framework is a potentially dangerous item of machinery that has a big impact on your carbon footprint as a whole. From the products to the processes, and everything in between, it’s time to put your thinking cap on if you’re working on building an industrial company.

44 Content Marketing Agencies Defined by 65 Marketers

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65 Content Marketers List the 44 Content Marketing Agencies Crushing It (Plus 70 Tips & 78 Myths Dispelled) ​Digital marketing is becoming harder to ignore as we now live in a world of internet ubiquity. While we won’t soon fully bid our goodbyes to some traditional marketing techniques like print ads, flyers, and print magazines, the landscape is shifting even more towards a reliance on digital. ​ What are the Benefits of Content Marketing?

Garage-Industry: Manufacturing Your Own Products From Start To Finish

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This makes most of the operation free, as you’re already having to pay most of the bills. The very first step to taking a product to market is the design. A lot of modern business have turned their focus away from factories overseas, opting to make their products closer to home. Of course, this is a great selling point for a business. And, it’s one that a lot of businesses use to get customers interested in their goods.

Automation: A Potential Game Changer for Mining and Maritime Industry

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The use of automation technology is rapidly changing the landscape of various industries, mostly in the labor-intensive sectors. Robotic loaders and remotely-controlled trucks are significantly reducing operational costs in the mining sector. Automation in Maritime industry is turning crew members into system managers. Mining automation market will reach $3.29 Mining companies are increasingly moving to the latest automation technology to modernize their operations.

Why Your Business Needs Offline Marketing and Promotion in the Digital Age

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Nowadays, many businesses focus their marketing and promotional budgets on digital marketing methods. This is entirely understandable given how much time the average person spends online each day , but that doesn’t mean that offline marketing should be relegated to the past. It is common for pay per click advertising, email, and social media campaigns to dominate the marketing plans of companies. Marketing & Sales

Since when was marketing not human-centric?

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This constantly moving frontier of knowledge has a powerful impact on marketing and ensures that we can never consider it mastered. This means that, to succeed in your marketing strategies, you can not just differentiate your product or service from your competitors. Having the right Influencers beside you in your marketing campaign will make everything more effective and help your message reach as many people as possible.

Greg Gaskey Named StrategyDriven Enterprises Chief Operations Officer

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Executive leader brings hands-on management and operational experience to StrategyDriven’s Power & Utilities focused advisory services. To help utility leaders meet these challenges while improving operational safety and reliability, StrategyDriven Enterprises LLC announces the election of Greg Gaskey as the firm’s new Chief Operations Officer. You just finished reading Greg Gaskey Named StrategyDriven Enterprises Chief Operations Officer !

Getting an Intricate Operation Back in Sync

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Facing interconnected operational issues, members of the eight-person senior leadership team were turning against one another. The sales and marketing director said he was receiving complaints about sloppy service. The head of operations chimed in: His five most recent checkouts had complained about breakfast, and the cost of compensating guests for disappointing experiences was getting out of control. Operations in a Connected World.

Women Ignoring a Growing Job Market

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For a seemingly multitude of reasons women have failed to gain a foothold in the growing industries of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, or more commonly known as STEM jobs. This number hardly improves when the job market is looked at where less than a third of all computer science jobs are held by women. STEM jobs are only going to increase as technologies are improved upon and the industries grow, so how do women break into industries dominated by men?

Startups Could Fundamentally Change the Way Big Investors Operate

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Innovation has the potential to transform the investment industry. This disconnect is a major problem for the continuing development of efficient capital markets. Given their size and appetite for diversification, these gigantic investors are a significant source of financing for many companies and governments in the developed world, and their investment activities can and do move markets. Financial markets Digital Article

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Business Review To Help Your Business Thrive

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When you’re still new in the business arena, you have to carefully think about what to offer to your customers and promote them in marketing mediums which are convenient for them. Most often than not, your competitors already operated in the industry for years before you even started your business. No matter who your target audience is or what kind of products you’re offering, you need money so the business can operate every day.

StrategyDriven Enterprises Partners with Xen Wireless to Form StrategyDriven Analytics, a Utility Industry Asset Management Blind Benchmarking Service

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StrategyDriven Enterprises LLC and Xen Wireless form StrategyDriven Analytics to provide utility industry executives and managers with asset management program benchmarking data supporting operational and investment decisions and fleet and individual plant performance assessments. StrategyDriven Analytics combines StrategyDriven’s industry leading asset management and data analytics experience with Xen Wireless’s information technology and delivery expertise.

Garage-Industry: Manufacturing Your Own Products From Start To Finish

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This makes most of the operation free, as you’re already having to pay most of the bills. The very first step to taking a product to market is the design. You just finished reading Garage-Industry: Manufacturing Your Own Products From Start To Finish ! The post Garage-Industry: Manufacturing Your Own Products From Start To Finish appeared first on StrategyDriven. Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

The Dirty Little Secret About Digitally Transforming Operations

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Earlier this year, we walked the halls of the Hannover Messe, one of Europe’s largest events for industrial manufacturers. The newest robots, 3-D printing systems, and data-mining hardware and services were all there along with a host of people hyping Industry 4.0, Operations in a Connected World. the Internet of Things (IoT), Digital Manufacturing, and big data and advanced analytics.

How To Grow Your Business In A Competitive Industry

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Even if you are the most successful brand in your industry, you can be sure that the competition will be looking for innovative ways to grow and knock you off of your perch. This can be stressful as it means that the work never stops yet it is also exciting and a great way to refine your business, earn more money and dominate the industry. This can be particularly effective if you are scaling into areas with less competition as it can be much easier to dominate the local market.

How Industrial Firms Invest in Renewable Energy, Affordably

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It sounds like an easy win-win, but industrial companies have had a harder time making it all work for two key reasons: costs and accounting. First, due in large part to the scale and consistency of their energy purchasing, industrials already pay the lowest rates for power. Manufacturers like Dow and Owens Corning are showing it can work for industrials as well. They had framing conversations with the CEO and CFO early on to discuss any financial or operational challenges.

Understanding Industry: Where We’ve Been And Where We’re Going

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Four leading industrial moments are worth your consideration. Late Eighteenth – Early 19th Century saw the first industrial revolution. When people speak industrial revolution, this is most often what they’re referring to. Here, industry was born. Instead of small-scale operations, factories took charge of the market. 1870 brought with it the next remarkable changes in the industry. Always look for better ways to operate.

5 Email Missteps Every Online Marketer MUST Know

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Email is by far one of the best digital marketing solutions to have in your toolbox. However, with this approach there is plenty of room for error amid an industry rife with regulations; delivery, filtering and other technology concerns and a glut of ever-evolving best practices. While email marketing is definitely not rocket science, there IS a certain degree of skill and artistry involved in crafting a winning email campaign. Savvy marketers understand this.

Smart Marketing for Small Businesses

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You probably didn’t answer, “How to implement effective marketing.” ” Marketing can sometimes slip through the cracks given the constant and pressing demands of sales, client service, and internal operations. However, under-investing in marketing is short-sighted, and this article will explain how “smart marketing” can be a key driver of business growth. Why is marketing important for your business?

Integrated Marketing and Social Networks

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The way something is sold influences the way it is made, and the book industry has always been about bookstores,” said business book writer Seth Godin. We think every industry is going to be rebuilt around social engagement," Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said. So far, Facebook's key battleground has been in online marketing. market, which reached $8.88 Email and search are two of the most used and most effective marketing tactics.

What’s Driving Superstar Companies, Industries, and Cities

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We focus on economic profit rather than revenue size, market share, or productivity growth because these other metrics risk including firms that are simply large and may not create economic value. Some superstar firms benefit from being in “superstar” sectors of activity, particularly those in which value-added gains go to gross operating surplus (an economic measure that represents the income earned by capital). Apexphotos/Getty Images.

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The Big Picture of Business – Community Relations and Cause Related Marketing Are Business Strategies, Not Sales Promotions: Determining the Right Kind of Tie-In Causes.

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Trees with thicker bases and deeper roots will sprout greener (be profitable), shed less often (fewer corporate flaws) and live longer (dominate its industry). I support cause related marketing and have advised many corporations on setting up such programs. I say it is not, and I’m an expert on cause-related marketing. He was simply rationalizing a corporate marketing initiative. Do not run your “foundation” out of a corporate marketing department.

How Smart Speakers Are Poised to Reinvent the Travel Industry

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How companies are using artificial intelligence in their business operations. Below, we examine three strategies that should not only keep traditional travel companies connected with customers, but also may lead to a healthier industry and a better travel experience overall — partnering with Amazon and Google, leveraging loyalty programs, and adapting content while protecting branded search. HBR Staff/Victor Cardoner/Getty Images.

Blockchain Could Make the Insurance Industry Much More Transparent

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While Edward Lloyd is largely credited with commercializing the insurance industry, with the creation of his namesake firm, Lloyd’s, over 330 years ago, the original concept of spreading risk (or “mutualizing”) goes back even further. Both then and in 1686, when Lloyd’s was born in a London coffee house, the global insurance industry was a business of utmost good faith , as it remains today.

Why Are We Still Classifying Companies by Industry?

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For more than 60 years, investors, analysts, business leaders, and even governments, have classified companies based on industries. First there were Standard Industry Classification codes, which were introduced in 1937, then the North American Industry Classification System, and now we have Standard and Poor’s Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS). Industry walls are disintegrating at a rapid pace. It’s not an industry in itself.

What Creativity in Marketing Looks Like Today

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What makes marketing creative? Is a creative marketer more artist or entrepreneur? Historically, the term “marketing creative” has been associated with the words and pictures that go into ad campaigns. But marketing, like other corporate functions, has become more complex and rigorous. Marketers need to master data analytics, customer experience, and product design. Do these changing roles require a new way of thinking about creativity in marketing?

7 Strategies for Building an Industrial Laundry Business

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Thinking of starting an industrial laundry business? If you are looking for the best industrial laundry equipment, make sure to check out what Continental Girbau has to offer. Take Your Marketing Online. We are living in a digital era, and hence, online marketing strategies are promising. Utilize a variety of online tools available, including social media and email marketing. To get closer to your target market, find ways to build a strong network.

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Can Anyone Stop Amazon from Winning the Industrial Internet?

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Just the announcement that Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, and Jaime Dimon will be entering the health care space has sent shock waves for industry incumbents such as CVS, Cigna, and UnitedHealth. It also puts a fundamental question back on the agendas of CEOs in other industries: Will software eat the world, as Marc Andreessen famously quipped? This is the world of the Internet of Things (IOT) and the Industrial Internet. The Challenges for Industrial Giants.

Germany’s Midsize Manufacturers Outperform Its Industrial Giants

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The 300,000 companies in the association’s data set have more than doubled their profits from operations over the past 13 years, outpacing their corporate counterparts in the country. But when it comes to little-known leaders in their market, Germany has 1,307 “hidden champions,” nine times as many as those two countries combined. I believe these so-called “midsize giants” embody the heart of the German economy much more than the big industrial brands.

What Africa’s Banking Industry Needs to Do to Survive

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Technology has emerged as a competitive weapon in driving operational excellence and superior service quality. Nothing has changed in most African banks in terms of structure, despite the avalanche of transformations in the market. Most still put marketing managers in nice cars to look for clients. As competition heats up and provision of personalized services becomes critical, banks need to consolidate disparate data sets scattered over decades of their operations.

The Financial Industry Needs to Start Planning for the Next 50 Years, Not the Next Five

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Despite rapid innovations in data processing and machine learning, many businesses have yet to make the leap from the Industrial Age to the information age, and the gap between technological and organizational progress is widening. Eastman Kodak is the textbook case for failing to prioritize an innovation agenda; business schools around the world study the ramifications of the company’s ill-fated decision to ignore the digital photography market until it was too late.

Most Industries Are Nowhere Close to Realizing the Potential of Analytics

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And yet for all the hype, most industries have still not come close to realizing the full potential of data and analytics. MGI’s latest research with McKinsey Analytics on the state of the big data revolution measures the progress various industries have made toward capturing the revenue and efficiency gains we envisioned five years ago. This role needs to combine data savvy with industry or functional expertise.

Customer Intimacy, Meet Operational Excellence

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What is more important to company success, a strong external focus on customer experiences or an internal focus on effective and efficient operations? Some organizations which have competed successfully for decades by focusing primarily on creating unique solutions for each customer are now embracing operational excellence to drive even more customer value. As a direct marketer we have been good at customer intimacy. Customers Health Operations

Using Social Networks to Improve Operations

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For decades the mystery shopper was the main way retailers assessed operations from a customer's point of view. A well-managed loop that links customer experience feedback with recommendations on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp, can boost service quality and operational performance, increase traffic and create more happy customers — people who crow about a retailer online for free, turning their friends into new customers too. Operations Retail Social media

Midsized Companies Can’t Afford Operational Glitches

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But they don’t think nearly enough about operational meltdowns – technological glitches and other problems that can put them out of business. They are usually quick to recognize operational problems and deal with them before they become disasters. Instagram dodged an operational meltdown that could have rendered the start-up dead on arrival. Operational meltdowns at midsized companies can take much longer to notice and resolve. Operations Small/medium business