Don’t be afraid of personal power

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Posted in SmartBlog for Leadership [link] “Cheryl, you know more about these work processes than most of the folks up there. SmartBlog for Leadership smartblog Did you apply to be a speaker?” I asked, wondering why my colleague was sitting next to me in the audience rather than participating in the panel discussion at the national conference we were attending. “I I thought about it but [.].

The Personal Power of Your Voice

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Surprising new research from the University of Texas suggests that people who often say "I" are less powerful and less sure of themselves than those who limit their use of the word. Frequent "I" users subconsciously believe they are subordinate to the person to whom they are talking. To own our power is to be who we are. . In this concept, power is not aggressive or domineering, rather it is to be sovereign; supreme excellence or an example of it is at the root of this word.


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How Effective Are You at Using Your Power?

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Power is a good thing when used effectively. The more power you have, the more able you are to direct, influence, and inspire people to make positive changes. There are three types of power. Position Power. You gain power based on your formal position in the organization. The chain of command gives you power over the people below. Tips for gaining and using your position power. It can lead to promotions and increased position power.

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Leading Women: Secrets to Leadership, Business and Life

Skip Prichard

Secrets to Leadership, Business and Life. Do women face a unique relationship with power? How do women unlock their personal power? I recently had the opportunity to talk with her about her research and findings about women’s leadership, influence, and power. “I

9 Leadership Lessons from Mom

Skip Prichard

Mom was an amazing person, beyond special, and she touched everyone she met. There was always room for one more person at the table. Personal power is more important than positional power. Leadership is not a position.

Mindful Leadership

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Deeply Valuable Lessons in Good Life Leadership. A pressing point that emerged strongly in mindful leadership manuals, such as Plato''s Republic, is that we are all leaders of our common destiny and we all lead best when we lead from the front. . The leadership model offered in the writings and lives of the great leaders who inspired the world''s great wisdom traditions could be described as unity-based leadership, or non-personal power-based leadership.

5 Tips for Inspiring Leadership

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Karlin Sloan: As a leadership development consultant, I have spent my career with people in business, NGOs, government, and not-for-profits who are focused, competent, talented and who have a deep sense of their personal power to impact those around them.

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February 2017 Leadership Development Carnival

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Welcome to the February 2017 edition of the Leadership Development Carnival! ” As I’ve seen in my own leadership journey, that’s often the choice that leads to new and exhilarating paths. Beth recaps, “Beth Beutler refreshes us on an important leadership skill—saying ‘no’ with grace.” Chris Edmonds of the Purposeful Culture Group contributed Culture Leadership Charge: Make Values as Important as Results.

If Your Vision Is Only About Yourself, You Are Too Narrowly Focused

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

My friend and colleague Hank van der Merwe, author of the powerful new book Live on Purpose, reminded me of the importance of this principle. A professional speaker and expert on self-leadership, he volunteers his time speaking in schools with children about how they can take personal responsibility for their own lives. Attitudes and Mindset Leadership Personal Effectiveness Purpose Team Effectiveness Values Vision Community Responsibility Expand Your Vision Personal Power

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The Ten Golden Rules of Leadership

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Michael Soupios and Panos Mourdoukoutas have reviewed the writings of the Classical philosophers and selected ten ideas that will positively impact our leadership effectiveness in The Ten Golden Rules of Leadership. Early on the authors suggest that the raw material of leadership is not latent in just about everyone and it “just takes a nudge to trigger its unfolding.” Further, the “special qualities of genuine leadership are remarkably complex and rare.”

Unleashing Your Leadership Presence …

The Empowered Buisness

In 1987, I flew to LA to a women’s leadership conference for one reason only. Yet her commanding presence was so powerful, 30 years later, that memory is still vivid in my mind. Leadership p resence includes character, charisma and self-confidence YET is much more. The BIG question is … How can YOU develop your own leadership presence? It’s mindset, attitude, personal power and congruent physiology/tonality all wrapped up in one. Even Before You Speak.

Deep Motivations, Not Competencies, Drive Leadership Performance

The Empowered Buisness

Your underlying (and often unconscious) attitudes and motivations determine what you pay attention to and focus on in your leadership role. Before delving into 7 key leadership motivation patterns, let’s first look at 3 often-missed truths about performance. Different leadership roles require different motivation patterns for high performance in that role. It will also tell you for a given leadership role, if he/she is likely to excel. Power. What if….

A Leadership Paradigm Shift

Coaching Tip

Today's leadership is all about asking. Ask” is the keyword both for the leader or technical follower as coach and for the person being coached. When someone knows that the leader is ready, willing and able to take the time necessary to talk about a subject important to that person, effective coaching can happen on the dance floor of conversation. . Instead of seeking personal power, they recognize the value of empowering others. Changing Leadership.

The ROLE of Emotional Intelligence in Effective Leadership Today

The Center For Leadership Studies

In this time of unrest and change, the role of Emotional Intelligence (EI) in leadership has emerged as the critical skill set for leaders. Having watched the corporate leadership landscape for over 25 years now, I am relieved to see EI getting the attention it deserves!

7 Unconscious Leadership Fears That Keep You Small

The Empowered Buisness

Then there are the “big guns.” These are the core unconscious leadership fears from which all other fears come. In this article you will learn 7 unconscious leadership fears that keep you small. Below are 7 core unconscious leadership fears you want to know about. They are hijacking your leadership success and potential. 7 Unconscious Leadership Fears That Keep You Small. 2. Fear of (owning your) power. 4. Fear of sharing your power.

What Does it Mean to “Be a Leader?”

Leading in Context

By Linda Fisher Thornton Leadership is not about being "in charge" or standing "at the front of the room" or "exercising personal power." Authentic ethical leadership flips that paradigm. Ethical Leader Ethical Thinking 7 Lenses complexity ethical leadership context ethical leadership development what is ethical leadership

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Your Leadership Power is Contagious

Skip Prichard

Leadership is Contagious. The minute we have awareness of our impact, our contagiousness, and what’s happening, we have power to “own it,” choose, and direct it. With great power comes great response-ability. I believe some of the most powerful ways are: 1) engaging people in their WHY and their WHO (why they do the work they do and who it impacts), 2) connecting people with their intentions (what they want their impact to be, how they want to affect others, the project, etc.,

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The Art of Switching Between Leadership Styles

Coaching Tip

How can leaders adjust their leadership style to do so? The answer to effective communication in today''s diverse workforce lies in "flexing"--the art of switching between leadership styles to more effectively communicate with and lead people who are different from you. As the workforce rapidly grows more multicultural, younger and more female, businesses are feeling the effects of "the power gap"--the growing distance between front-line managers from different backgrounds.

March 26 Webinar: Gain Leadership Support

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Gaining leadership support is perhaps the most vital task you are responsible for as a change agent. Webinar: Gain Leadership Support. The five levels of leadership support, and how to tell which level you have and which you need. Gain Leadership Support. Leverage your personal power and develop the skills to make an impact with both individuals and groups. $75.

Does Avoiding Office Politics Mean Abdicating Your Power and Responsibility?

The Idolbuster

But I failed to recognize that sometimes a Fox has power, and makes getting more power a priority. (In In unhealthy companies, politics is about ego, empire building, and gets very very personal. By not playing politics I was abdicating some of my power, and thus unable to effectively do my job or set boundaries around my home life. I was severly under-gunned when I was attacked by a powerful Fox. Chapter 9: Paint Your Environment Part 16.

The Elements of Power - CEO Blog - Time Leadership

CEO Blog

CEO Blog - Time Leadership Thursday, January 27, 2011 The Elements of Power It is beautiful here. If I were a more frivolous person, I would be building a snowman or having a good snowball fight. I read a great book The Elements of Power - Lessons on Leadership and Influence by Terry Bacon. A part of me thought power was bad and not something to strive for. I always prefer to inspire (which still requires power). Power is like a battery.

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The Toxic Habits That Will Make You a Bad Leader

Lead from Within

Leadership is about building teamwork and collaboration. A big part of leadership is listening to others and working to understand their perspective, but some leaders emphasize their own ideas at the expense of what anyone else might think or feel. Sadly, too many leaders focus on personal power and self-serving goals. Lead from within: Bad leadership alienates others, but good leadership empowers them. A Leadership Manifesto: A Guide To Greatness.

Licensed To Lead – A New Perspective

Lead Change Blog

A few of my clients engage me to teach workshops on leadership skills for non-supervisors. Many I encounter in my leadership sessions still think this work is too hard, or feel that they don’t know enough about this concept. The truth is leadership can be a very rewarding experience, and the benefits to taking charge effectively are enormous. For one, we learn to handle our professional and personal concerns while helping others simultaneously.

Personal Empowerment and Why It Matters


Blanca De La Rosa discusses how people can take control of their careers through personal empowerment. Take charge of your personal power. Books Guest Blogger Leadership Strategy

How to Recognize a Trustworthy Leader

Lead from Within

At its best, leadership inspires people to pull together collectively to achieve something great. That kind of inspiration requires a trustworthy leader—one who treats leadership not as a source of personal power but as a channel for serving others. Many people think of leadership as the business of steering clear of adversity and challenging situations. The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness. The Deception Trap of Leadership.

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What Messages are You Sending?

Great Leadership By Dan

At work, especially in a leadership position, we live in a heightened reality. An expert on authentic leadership, Kimberly Davis shares her inspirational message of personal power, responsibility, and impact with organizations across the country and teaches leadership programs world-wide; most notably, her program “OnStage Leadership.” authentic leadership Kimberly DavisGuest post from Kimberly Davis : I couldn’t believe it was the same woman.

LeadershipNow 140: September 2013 Compilation

Leading Blog

Culture of conflict avoidance is powerful way to destroy an institution in rapidly changing times by @LisaBodell. What Personal Characteristics Do You Need To Become an Executive? Best 21st Century Leadership Blogs from @jamesstrock. Don’t be afraid of personal power by @thehrgoddess. Mentoring as Part of the Leadership Role by @gfeiste. A Leadership''s Judgment by @LollyDaskal. Reprise from @wallybock > The Alchemy and Mystery of Leadership.

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Do You Have the Courage to be Humble?

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He intended to give the employees personal power over their own careers and the business. They can model this behavior to employees by questioning their own assumptions and those of others, while not making it personal. Leadership Professional Development Growth motivation CourageAre you a leader trying to transition a command-and-control hierarchy to a culture of employee empowerment and organizational learning?

Women's Leadership Exchange - Blog - Hope for Women Business.

Women's Leadership Exchange

Mission & Vision Founders View the Founders LEXCI Board of Advisors Supporting Organizations Testimonials Speaker Submissions Contact Us Careers Become a WLE Executive Coach Join the WLE Team LEXCI My WLE RECENT BLOG ENTRIES FROM WOMENS LEADERSHIP EXCHANGE® Yes, Virginia, You Can Get Business with Social Media Small Business Saturday: Join the Movement to Drive Business to Small Business: Are you Voting for the Women? Thanks so much to the women in this leadership blog.

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8 Ways to Grant Intelligent Autonomy

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They both wear essentially the same thing every day so that they can save their brain power for bigger, more important decisions. The key is to create “intelligent autonomy” that gives employees the independence and influence they crave, but does so in a manner that thoughtfully avoids the contradictions and pitfalls of a poorly executed delegation of power. Before discussing the pitfalls, let’s gain an appreciation for the astounding power of autonomy done right.

Who’s Responsible For Employee Engagement?

Lead Change Blog

And what insights for leadership can be gleaned from my experience? This is often initiated by hearing anecdotal commentary from employees about the leadership or organizational practices they believe contribute to less-than-desired scores. Now, I know there are draconian ogres in leadership roles that view their job as dictatorial shepherds. Team Dynamics Corporate Culture engagement Leadership The scene was a corporate cliché – the annual management meeting.

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10 Bad Mistakes You Can Make as A New Boss

Lead from Within

If you have plans of becoming a manager or taking on any leadership position, you can help yourself tremendously by being aware of the mistakes that hurt the reputations and relationships of new bosses. Here are the ten most common that I see in my work as a leadership coach. Leadership is about investing your time and energy in getting to know those you lead and giving them what they need most. Abusing power. A Leadership Manifesto: A Guide To Greatness.

Give Your Employees a Knife

Lead Change Blog

The Power of “Giving the Knife”. Servant connotes power over; partner connotes power with. How do partner-leaders carry out their “in charge” positions without power and authority being the medium of exchange? Empowerment is the process of releasing employee power. Since personal power is already present in every employee, empowerment is not a gift given by the leader. The job of the leader is to release power.

Get Your 12 Free Change Management Templates!

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Leadership Support Chart. Personal Power Inventory. Next month, I’m relaunching the Irresistible Change Guide change management toolkit in a new format with several new templates and even more e-templates. As part of that launch, I’m changing the bonus people get when they subscribe to my newsletter: 12 free change management templates! That’s one PDF template per month for the next 12 months. It’s like a free template-of-the-month club!

Leadership Is About to Get More Uncomfortable

Harvard Business Review

In our recent book, “ Leadership 2030: The six megatrends you need to understand to lead your company into the future ,” we examined the repercussions of the convergence of major forces like globalization, climate change, increased individualism, and accelerating digitization. Among our findings is that leadership in the future will involve increased personal and business-level discomfort. Leaders motivated by power over others will not thrive in this new world.

Four Levels of Connection

Coaching Tip

The Power Level: how to harness your own personal power. People who connect well have a conscious and helpful relationship with their own power. They also play well with the power of others. They enjoy power rather than fear it. When we don't play well at the Talk and Power levels, our Intent will be thwarted and derailed. An Integrated Leadership Team. A Leadership Paradigm Shift. People who connect well connect on four levels.

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Five Ways to Spot a Leader in the Wild


When you’re hiring for a leadership position one of the most elusive qualities is actual leadership. You can usually assess a person’s skills and experience level with some accuracy by using a variety of interview techniques, references, or auditions. Leadership is always harder to get a grip on. The act of leadership is, at its root, a selfless act. That’s when your presence becomes a powerful tool. Leadership mcdowell stewardship

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Creating a Strategy for Limitless Success

General Leadership

Conversely, Scott lost not only the race but lost his life and lives of every person he was leading. Whether it’s a personal goal, such as adopting a healthier lifestyle, an organizational goal such as being a more effective supervisor or a societal goal such as doing something to end childhood hunger in your city, here are proven insights from my last two plus decades of creating strategies for pushing myself and those I lead into new, challenging yet immensely rewarding territory.

Give Glory, Take Power by Building Community

Coaching Tip

Their leadership fosters those strengths. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty (or clean when making pizzas) and never asks more of anyone that he does of himself, and he is a people person who's always there when you need him. Honing those leadership skills can happen outside the workplace, too. One of the many leadership "laboratories" helpful to Dr. Eich and myself was our college fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon.

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How To Disrupt the Tech World

Mills Scofield

Vivek and Farai have curated a collection of personal, powerful, inspiring, encouraging, disruptive, and challenging stories of women who grabbed the status quo by the horns. Brown University Culture Education Engineering Farai Chideya Innovating Women Innovation Leadership STEAM STEM Tech Vivek Wadhwa Whitney Johnson Women in Tech What is your image of an inventor or innovator? A man alone in a lab?

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How Women Can Build Careers as Business Leaders

Women on Business

NEWS AND INSIGHTS UPDATE: Women have unique skills and abilities that make them innately great leaders, but women are still very much in the minority in the world of business leadership. Susan M. Heathfield, the Guide to Human Resources, interviewed Susan Lucas-Conwell, global chief executive officer at Great Place to Work, to gain perspective on how women can build careers as business leaders.

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Four Levels of Connection

Coaching Tip

The Power Level: how to harness your own personal power. People who connect well have a conscious and helpful relationship with their own power. They also play well with the power of others. They enjoy power rather than fear it. When we don't play well at the Talk and Power levels, our Intent will be thwarted and derailed. An Integrated Leadership Team. Books Career Communication Personal Coaching Self-Awareness Skills

New Webinar Series: Design & Influence Irresistible Change™

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Gain Leadership Support. Leverage your personal power and develop the skills to make an impact with both individuals and groups. $75. The path to implementing change in an organization isn’t always smooth. Obstacles along the way prevent the change from happening. Despite your best intentions, you and your change initiative can get stuck. To reduce this drag on your initiative, the solution is to make your change IRRESISTIBLE.