The price is… er, ah, the price is ah…

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The price of whatever you sell carries with it a discomfort for most salespeople. They’re hesitant to bring up the price because it’s the final element in completing any transaction – or so they think. Actually, price or fee or rate is a logical progression of a presentation.

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Your Guide to Proper Product Pricing and How to Tackle It

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Addressing Sales Productivity

Strategy Driven

In the B2B market space all sales leaders face similar issues and these centre on sales productivity. STRONGMAN© is a process which significantly reduces time wastage and improves sales productivity. You just finished reading Addressing Sales Productivity ! Salesforce Issues.

How cloud is changing product management

Lead on Purpose

Guest post by Mauricio Prinzlau A product manager is generally considered to be leading the product, as if the product were a business by itself. The product manager holds responsibility for various aspects related to product management, including developing roadmaps … Continue reading → Product Management Team Building cloud P&L PaaS pricing requirements SaaS security

Stop Thinking “Productivity” — Start Thinking “Problem Solving”

Lead Change Blog

Whether you’re facing price pressure from domestic competitors, startups, powerful customers, or low-cost overseas providers, you’ve heard the mantra of “productivity” preached again and again. Brainstorming sessions to come up with productivity ideas.

How to Launch a Product Like a Rock Star

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Here’s a quick one-question quiz: What is the most important requirement for a successful product launch? A great product. A market that wants a great product (Product-Market Fit). It’s the complete plan to drive sales of a new product.

Your Competitor Just Announced a Price Increase. What’s Your Next Move?

The Kini Group

You’re going about your workday when you come across a piece of interesting information from a team member – your competitor just announced a price increase. You probably have a few immediate reactions in this order: “Why are they increasing prices?”. Wait, should we be increasing prices?”. Many companies choose to just sit back and use a competitor’s price increase to gain share. This price following strategy benefits your business in three ways: 1. Pricing

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Price negotiation: 5+1 ways to win with purchasing managers

Bernd Geropp

Price Negotiation with Purchasing! As a small business owner in B-to-B you may find yourself struggling during price negotiations. But watch out: Don’t believe the 3 myths for price negotiations with purchasing managers. Example: You are prepared to reduce your price by 2%.

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Managing Pricing for Commodity Price Volatility

The Kini Group

Commodity prices are more volatile than ever, and business leaders are only getting more anxious about the effects on their business performance. Unfortunately, these fluctuations can move quickly, and staying on top of changing prices often requires a lot of work. Hold your prices.

Boost Profitability with These 5 Different Types of Price Segmentation

The Kini Group

Pricing is one of the most powerful levers to pull for margin growth. Unfortunately, many companies stop once they have profitable prices set for each of their products. The businesses that take a few extra steps and see these prices through benefit from even higher margins.

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Crude Oil Prices: "Random"? Hardly.

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Last week's shocking spike in crude oil prices is +12% and counting, the biggest one-week gain in five years. Media stories blame one culprit: the November 30 OPEC agreement to cut production. million barrels a day, less than 2% of daily global oil production.

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How You Can Get Proactive About Margin Leaks Using the Pocket Price Waterfall

The Kini Group

How much price are you really keeping from each of your sales transactions? A percentage point lost here and there can add up to thousands – if not millions – of dollars of lost pricing revenue, which comes straight off the bottom-line. The pocket price waterfall reveals how to do this.

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Differentiation’s Arch Enemy: Price

In the CEO Afterlife

Last year, EU regulators fined P&G and Unilever to the tune of $456 million for price fixing laundry detergents in eight European countries. Regional underlings do not orchestrate an eight country price cartel. Non-strategic’ was the pseudonym price aggression.

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What is the Price?

Kevin Eikenberry

Consulting Speaking Training Products About Blog Home Blogs I Like Leadership Learning Subscribe What is the Price? That’s certainly one form of PRICE but it’s actually so much more. What about The Price of Happiness? The Price of Life?

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Making Your Way Through The Product Development Minefield

Strategy Driven

We all buy products on a day-to-day basis. It’s likely you’ve seen things on shelves or seen a lack of things on shelves and wondered what it would be like to make your own product. It’s popular because anyone can create a product, all you need is an idea to kick things into motion.

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A Refresher on Price Elasticity

Harvard Business Review

Setting the right price for your product or service is hard. In fact, determining price is one of the toughest things a marketer has to do, in large part because it has such a big impact on the company’s bottom line. What is price elasticity?

How to Stop Your Customers From Fixating on Price

The Kini Group

You know what your products are worth, but do your customers agree? Making this even more complicated is the rise of the availability of public pricing. There’s no bluffing when a customer can access an entire list of your and your competitors’ prices with a couple of keystrokes. Despite all of these factors working against you, giving your customers the pricing they want is never a good solution to this problem. 6 Tips to Stop Customers from Fixating on Price.

Can You Look Professional Without Paying Professional Prices For Your Office?

Strategy Driven

With a little common sense and understanding human behavior, your office can be redesigned to increase productivity and boost morale levels for a healthier work environment. You just finished reading Can You Look Professional Without Paying Professional Prices For Your Office? !

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Garage-Industry: Manufacturing Your Own Products From Start To Finish

Strategy Driven

A lot of modern business have turned their focus away from factories overseas, opting to make their products closer to home. The very first step to taking a product to market is the design. A product needs to be immortalised on paper before it can be made.

Supercharge Your Profitability Using the Price Waterfall Framework

The Kini Group

Every day you make complex decisions – which products and services to offer which customers, through which channels, for which prices. For companies with many customers, many products, and often millions of transactions a year, doing this efficiently feels nearly impossible.

Does Customer Experience Trump Price?

Women on Business

When you go into a business, what’s more important to you: price or the experience that takes place? While you may be thinking, “I lean toward experience, but it won’t matter if the price is beyond what I can afford.” There is a line that separates price from experience. Customers may come into your business for a generic product or service, and it’s what happens while they are there that can shape their loyalty.

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Selling Your Products: DIY Or Distributors?

Strategy Driven

When you manufacture a product that you are proud of, the goal of your business is to get that product into the hands of as many people as possible. As a DIY seller, you will be responsible for: Selling the product for yourself. You will package and send all products.

A Message to Mylan’s CEO: Your Price Increase Wasn’t the Problem. Your Implementation Strategy Was.

The Kini Group

She’s enjoyed a 671% salary increase over the last decade while her company’s life-saving product, EpiPen®, has increased in price by 400% over the past five years. Did Mylan raise prices overnight, forcing buyers to scramble for cash? Why did prices go up? Pricing

What Amazon Risks by Eliminating List Prices

Harvard Business Review

Welcome to Amazon’s bold new pricing initiative, which I’m calling the “In Jeff We Trust” strategy. The New York Times recently reported that Amazon is scaling back in mentioning list prices for products it sells. Pricing Competition Digital Article

Mobile Learning Builds Knowledge and Productivity

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Maybe you''re saving money by finding the gas station in your area with the lowest gas prices. Take a moment and think about how mobile technologies have improved your life. Possibily you''re staying in touch with family and friends by posting status updates and uploading photos on Facebook.

The Apple Watch’s Big Pricing Problem

Harvard Business Review

This product launch is unusual for Apple because it is offering a wide range of styles via a combination of options: two types of Watch case sizes (38mm, 42mm), three different Watch cases (stainless steel, aluminum, 18 karat gold), and a variety of Watch bands. Marketing Pricing

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Price-Sensitive Customers Will Tolerate Uncertainty

Harvard Business Review

When I help a company with their pricing strategy, the typical first day of an engagement entails the client company’s vice president saying with a grin: “So, how are you going to help us raise prices?” Uncertainty pricing is a powerful driver of new sales.

Store Brands Aren’t Just about Price

Harvard Business Review

More and more, I hear different twists of the same question from clients: Can emotion still influence buying behavior in world where the mobile internet, with real-time access to product reviews and price comparisons, is training consumers to shop purely on rational facts?

The Risks of Changing Your Prices Too Often

Harvard Business Review

Today’s technologies allow digital businesses (as well as a growing roster of traditional companies) to change prices frequently, even minute-by-minute in real time if they want to. It is not unusual for prices to change on sites like Amazon, Expedia, and Priceline several times a day.

Pricing Is Not a Moral Issue


Ben Shapiro, my professor of marketing at Harvard Business School , taught me that pricing is not a moral issue. Or, what will our customers be willing to pay for shipping our products? When setting prices, don’t picture yourself as the buyer. Business General Pricing

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What Low Oil Prices Really Mean

Harvard Business Review

Since the start of 2016, oil prices have swung between $27 and $42 per barrel, about a quarter of the 2008 peak crude oil price of $145. Producers carefully control production to try to match supply to demand. In reaction to this freeze, oil prices not surprisingly jumped 5%.

What is Price Realization, and How Does It Impact Your Bottom Line?

The Kini Group

Companies are bombarded with pricing strategy advice constantly: “Increase your prices by 2%.”. Decrease your prices for your price-conscious markets.”. Unfortunately, even the best pricing advice rarely works for every single company. What is Price Realization?

A Quick Guide to Value-Based Pricing

Harvard Business Review

In my 15-plus years of working with companies & teaching courses on pricing strategies to MBA students, I have found value-based pricing (also known as “value pricing”) to be the most commonly discussed concept that’s also the most misunderstood one.

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5 Product Mix Enhancement Strategies for Margin Improvement

The Kini Group

Almost no product exists in a vacuum. It’s a part of both a broader product category and a part of a complicated network of transactions that lead to what is known as “product mix.”. As a result, you need to price each single product for maximum profit.

Creativity Meets Data Science: The Importance of Pricing for Marketing Professionals

The Kini Group

Pricing isn’t the most fun part of your job. Pricing is, however, one of your most important responsibilities. While crafting the perfect campaign headline is always much more interesting, it’s pricing that impacts your company’s bottom line fastest and most effectively. Pricin

How Customers Perceive a Price Is as Important as the Price Itself

Harvard Business Review

Price wars have broken out in consumer industries around the world. Retailers such as ALDI and Walmart have used price to position themselves against traditional competitors in their markets, pinching margins all around. Financial asset managers have been out-price-cutting one another in exchange-traded funds in a bid to gain market share. telecommunications carriers now compete fiercely on price as they try to win new customers.

Why Businesses Should Lower Prices During Natural Disasters

Harvard Business Review

It’s a longstanding debate that’s reemerged during Hurricanes Irma and Harvey: During a time of crisis, should merchants raise or maintain prices when demand increases for essential products such as water, gas, and bread? Now, due to the influence of social media, a new alternative is emerging: Why not lower prices during these critical times? Instead, they advocate raising prices to bring demand in line with supply. Pricing Digital Article

Gurus - Are They Worth the Price of Admission?

Building Personal Strength

Friday, November 19, 2010 Gurus - Are They Worth the Price of Admission? skip to main | skip to sidebar Building Personal Strength Helping people grow stronger for the challenges of work and life.

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How Retailers Use Personalized Prices to Test What You’re Willing to Pay

Harvard Business Review

Have you ever looked up flights or hotels on an app on your phone, only to open your laptop and see different prices? more) than the price on Orbitz’s app. A quick scan found that prices of identical vacation packages often differ between Orbitz’s app and website. Her Orbitz app price was $50 (2.8%) more than my app price. Orbitz told me that it does not offer different prices based on device, browser type, or number or type of searches.

Whole Foods Is Becoming Amazon’s Brick-and-Mortar Pricing Lab

Harvard Business Review

Amazon’s relentless price testing in the online world anchors its competitive advantage. Its unrivaled base of knowledge allows it to use price as a communications tool, a recruiting tool, a psychological weapon, and a value driver in ways that transcend the basic mechanics of supply and demand and profit and loss. The importance of price in Amazon’s strategy with Whole Foods extends far beyond the recent, simplistic “Hey, lower prices at Whole Foods!”