Influence is the Value Force of Leadership

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All leaders have a sphere of influence. It can be defined as the context in which influence is felt. In some cases, this sphere of influence is small, perhaps extending only to an immediate coworker, friend, or family member. Another common form of influence is intimidation.

30 Influencers Behind the Brands We Love

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We recently published an Aha Amplifier social media enabled eBook called Bryan Kramer & Leadtail On The Influencers Behind The Brands We Love that we’re very excited about. Who and what influences them, and what can others learn from them? What type of influencer are you?

Why leaders need to learn to love technology

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Real Influence is a By-Product


The world today reveres influence and this leads people to chase influence. When influence becomes a goal, you can easily lose focus on what truly builds influence. Truly connecting with others (technology is just a medium).

Influencing Outcomes: 3 Ways to Get the Ending You Want

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A professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology seems to think so. But that’s good news if you happen to be in the business of trying to influence others. Influencing Outcomes. Influencing Outcomes – The Takeaway.

Social Media Influence | N2Growth Blog

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While anyone can have a social media presence, not everyone possesses social media influence. You might have something to say, but without influence, nobody will be listening. Put simply, having a social media presence without influence is little more than an exercise in frivolity.

How Successful Leaders Use Culture To Influence Behaviour

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The authors of the year’s three best business books on culture, one of which is a novel, explore the elusive subject from widely divergent perspectives, but all end up confirming that it is the single most powerful influence on how people behave in organizations.

How To Create Lasting Influence | N2Growth Blog

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Understanding how to leverage the influence factor can make a defining difference in your ability to drive change, build cohesive teams, and to successfully implement strategic vision. As a leader your “Influence Quotient” is the IQ you need to pay attention to.

Social Media – Technology’s Leadership Innovation

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Technology has provided innovations in business, education, agriculture – virtually every field and industry. Finally, through social media , technology is also a cornerstone of innovation for leadership. Leadership is Influence. “Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.” As leadership great John Maxwell explains, to lead is to influence. Influence Requires a Dialogue. Massive Dialogue Enables Massive Influence.

Leadership & Influence Summit | N2Growth Blog

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Registration for this free online event will not only give you access to my video, but also presentations featuring some of today’s leading influencers. This topic has deeply impacted me in recent years: "defining moments" with respect to leadership influence.

Influencing Creativity and Innovation


So what is your role in influencing creativity and innovation in others? Posted in Uncategorized 7 Responses to “Influencing Creativity and Innovation&# Brian Groves : July 26, 2010 at 2:32 pm Great article and vital info for business leaders of today and tomorrow.

069: 9 Telltale Signs of Influence 3.0

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New technologies make information accessible to everyone. The post 069: 9 Telltale Signs of Influence 3.0 New technologies make information accessible to everyone. Engaging Leader™ Influence 3.0 What used to work for leaders in the past is no longer as effective today.

The Rise of Influence 3.0: How Business Began Catching Up to Motivation 3.0

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Readers of Daniel Pink’s 2009 bestseller DRIVE will notice parallels between Influence 3.0 But there are more factors affecting influence than just motivational psychology factors; for example, culture, technology, and communication. The post The Rise of Influence 3.0:

How Digital Process Innovation Can Influence Organisational Change In The Finance Sector

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The finance sector as we know it is being transformed by new technology. NEX Optimisation are undergoing an ambitious project to use distributed ledger technology to provide a single source of truth regarding financial transactions.

Frontline Festival: Leaders share about favorite apps, technology, and productivity hacks

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This month’s festival gives tips about favorite tools and technology. Becky Robinson of Weaving Influence shares “My team uses Basecamp for every project, and using Basecamp helps us stay focused to deliver what we’ve promised.

Change management and sales: influencing the buying decision path

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But until the stakeholders (decision makers, influencers, appropriate managers) agree that making a purchase is the only way to get where they want to end up, and all of the people that will touch the new solution buy-in to altering the status quo (their policies, relationships, rules, past decisions, job descriptions, etc), they will not make a purchase or a change: they will continue the dysfunctional behavior even when an ideal solution is right in front of them.

Does technology free us or enslave us?

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Technology certainly aids those wishing to work from home, but is there a danger that having work available so readily can lead to a lack of psychological detachment from work? Whilst some divisions are clearly created by us, many are influenced by the technoogy we use.

Influence Change at Work Radio Show – 2015 Episodes

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This year on the Influence Change at Work radio show, fantastic guests joined me to share their wisdom, experience and tips. As change management professionals our success often depends upon our ability to influence without authority and to influence “difficult” people.

Implement Change with More Influence, Confidence and Impact

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Would you like to implement change with more influence, confidence and impact? Here’s how you can get the boost your change initiative needs : Influence Accelerator. Increase your personal influence while still being yourself.

10 Strategies To Grow In Your Influence With Others |

Tim Milburn

Home About SPEAKING RESOURCES Archives CONTACT 10 Strategies To Grow In Your Influence With Others 0 Comments Welcome to Top 10 Week. One of the top skills of every effective leader I’ve studied or seen is the ability to influence others. The best kind of influence is reciprocal.

Be a Millenial Who Shines at Work

Nathan Magnuson

Millenials are the most connected generation, given how advances in technology have all but broken down the traditional communication barriers. Millenials have a wealth of skills to offer in the workplace – technology being at the forefront. 2015 was a big year for Millenials.

Design and Influence Irresistible Change – Learn How in this Special Workshop

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Similar workshops I’ve conducted privately for clients have enabled leadership and project teams to gain clarity about the change they want to implement and to figure out how they can influence the desired change effectively.

Healthcare, Paradigm Shifts and the Influence of W.E. Deming

Deming Institute

Guest post by Mike Stoecklein. I’ve been involved with healthcare most of my life. I blogged about my experience in healthcare back in 2011 and described how my “hope level” for improvement in healthcare has gone up and down like a sine-wave pattern over the last 20-30 years.

Manufacturing Study: Measuring Performance Directly Influences Financial Results

Six Disciplines

The results illustrate the approach, business processes, and software technologies used today and how they correlate to dramatic business performance improvement.

How does IT influence your organisation?

Chartered Management Institute

It seems reasonable to assume that communications technology will play a massive part in achieving this more 'bottom up' approach to management. New research looks into what kind of technology helps to achieve this and what kinds do not. There is an increasing consensus that decisions should be made lower down the organisation. You are not watching this post, click to start watching

The collaborative team player

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Helen Keller Today, the social implications of a multi-generational workforce joining with the informational implications of new technology make collaboration a priority in many organizations. Leadership Development Character-based Leadership Collaborate Communication influence

Team 409

How to Increase Your Influence at Work

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To be effective in organizations today, you must be able to influence people. Having influence in the workplace has “clear value,” says Dorie Clark, author of Entrepreneurial You. ” But gaining influence in the modern workplace is difficult, according to Nick Morgan, author of Power Cues. “ It’s never been harder to influence others, because they’ve never been more distracted,” he says. Influence Communication Digital Article

The Long-Distance Leader with Wayne Turmel

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We can often use technology to give us places to hide rather than doing the hard work of being a good leader. Technology allows us to do some wonderful things, but it also allows us to do the wrong thing really easily.”. 14:52 – Technology complicates things.

Will the Huawei Arrest Influence the U.S.-China Trade Talks?

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It has been the beneficiary of extensive government subsidies, contracts, protection, and, some say, government-sponsored hacking of foreign technology companies and of the U.S. Economics & Society Technology East & Southeast Asia Digital ArticlePaul Taylor/Getty Images.

To Grow Your Business Abroad, Partner with Local Influencers

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The rise of social media has created a new type of local partner: local digital influencers. This practice, called influencer marketing, is more than simply paying models and celebrities to promote a product on Instagram. Building an Effective Influencer Strategy.

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What If…?

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Deb has 20+ years of experience in strategic planning, execution and innovation with manufacturing, service and high-technology companies from large global companies to early-stage. Leadership Development Actions Coaching Difference Growth influence Self Development

Convincing Skeptical Employees to Adopt New Technology

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Bringing new technology and tools into your organization can increase productivity, boost sales, and help you make better, faster decisions. ” Here are some ideas for encouraging the adoption of a new technology. Choose technology wisely. Get influencers onboard.

The Universal Causes of Human Behavior

Kevin Eikenberry

Aristotle lived in the days before most all of the technology we take for granted was invented. Change Influence Leadership Learning Personal Development Quotations Aristotle human behavior Today’s quotation isn’t new.

Introverts: 6 Ways to Maximize Your Natural Strengths

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I am delighted to host this guest post by my colleague Jennifer Kahnweiller in celebration of the launch of her excellent new book Quiet Influence: The Introvert”s Guide to Making a Difference. Interested in learning more about what kind of influencer you are?

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Technology and social media have been built to serve this pathology through a nasty co-dependent relationship. Personal Development Inspiration Self Development Actions influence AuthenticThe most significant defense against passivity, mediocrity, and ambivalence might be a simple presence.

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How Local Governments Are Using Technology to Serve Citizens Better

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Some innovative local governments have realized this and are using technology and a customer-focused mind-set to innovate and better serve citizens, whether for setting up a business or renewing a driver’s license. Influencers improve engagement. Technology Government Article

No Hype. Social Media’s Just Helping Change the World

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Technology change the world Gandhi helping Influence Jay Baer Leadership Margaret Mead Social Media A lot of social media consultants say they’re “no hype” This resonates with hiring leaders because they’re tired of hearing what they don’t believe. Namely, that social media is the unbelievable phenomenon that is going to change the world all on it’s own. I agree, that’s ridiculous. However, social media is helping to change the world.

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Yes, Marketers, You Should Pay Your Influencers

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The rise of these brand influencers has spawned quite a bit of buzz in recent months for companies thinking this could enhance their marketing campaigns. Some have even started paying influencers for their time to boost some initial success. Customers Marketing Technology

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5 Leadership Mantras For Building Better Partnerships

Tanveer Naseer

Inspire and influence The most successful leaders are able to inspire and influence everyone: their executive team, employees, customers, clients, partners, investors, and many others. We never know whom we may inspire or influence, or who may inspire and influence us.

Open-Space Leadership: When Less is More

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I love using Open-Space Technology with a large group to generate ideas. Help People to Grow Really Listen employee development harrison owen influence large group facilitation leadership leadership development listening open-space open-space technology small groupsSometimes leadership is just about creating an open-space, and getting out-of-the-way. It’s an amazing, high-energy, low-cost way to hold a powerful meeting.

Convincing Employees to Use New Technology

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Almost any enterprise you can think of, no matter the industry or sector, is trying (or being pressured by competitors) to use new technology to harness the vast new oceans of data being generated by smartphones, sensors, digital cameras, GPS devices, and myriad other sources of information originating from customers and markets. We’ve spent an awful lot of money on technology, but I still see people working in the old way,” complained the CFO of a large hospitality company.

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Big Technology Change Without Big Risk

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But when the change involves a new information technology, it's harder to make incremental updates. Jointly map the work flows before you implement the technology. As Roger Chen, director of performance excellence, and Lisa Cannata, director of learning and organizational development, told me, it's vital to iron out the people and process issues before introducing the technology. Are there ways you can enable front line workers to influence the design of their work?

Understanding The Power Of Our Words

Tanveer Naseer

I imagine for some of you, your answer would be the personal computer and all the technological marvels that now make up our digital world. If I were to ask you what you thought was the greatest invention in human history, what would be your reply?

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