More Automation is Coming! Bulletproof Your Career

Great Leadership By Dan

But the number of those automated jobs will be a small number compared to what is coming over the next 10 years. How will you stay relevant in the workplace? What can you do to become bulletproof? careers Edward D. Guest post from Edward D.

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How to Get Your Boss Excited About Your Idea

Let's Grow Leaders

How do you get your boss excited? 7 Ways to Get Your Boss Excited About Your Great Idea […]. The post How to Get Your Boss Excited About Your Idea appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. You’ve got a great idea you just know will improve the business.

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How To Stay Marketable And Keep Your Job

Lead Change Blog

With the current crisis we are in, so much seems to be rapidly changing, with new information daily causing anxiety. When so much seems to be out of your control, what can you do to stay marketable and maintain your job? What does it take to find your leadership sweet spot?

How to Compete Like the World’s Most Innovative Leaders

Skip Prichard

Innovation Capital. A great idea may not be enough to build a great business. And one of the most overlooked reasons for entrepreneurial failure is innovation capital. He offers a unique perspective on innovation and winning in the marketplace. to 6 p.m.,

How to Enhance others’ Perception of you at Work

Career Advancement

“Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you respond to it.” ~Lou Lily, who worked in an architecture firm, felt her career was stagnating. Even though others continued advancing in their careers, she couldn’t seem to rise above the level she was at.

5 Tips on How to become a Better Boss

Career Advancement

To him, those were the things that a good boss did. However, when Tom sat down with his mentor to talk about his progress, his mentor told him that those things are just the tip of the iceberg. Here are 5 tips on how to become a better boss.

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How To Decide If A Career In Healthcare Is Right For You

Strategy Driven

A career in healthcare offers various opportunities – including becoming a doctor, nurse, chiropractor, physiotherapist, and dentist, to name a few. If you are reading this article, you may already be thinking about pursuing a career in healthcare but are not yet completely sure.

How To Start Next Now

Joseph Lalonde

In just 24 years, he’s landed on’s Top-25 CEOs list, won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, and led the company to a Top-10 Best Employer on Here’s what he has to say on how to Start Next Now. How To Start Next Now.

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45 Career Advice Experts Offer Career Success Secrets

Miles Anthony Smith

45 Career Advice Experts Share Their Blueprint for Career Success (Plus Leaderboard)​ Does your career seem to be a struggle at times? Why is the world appear to be so topsy-turvy? ​ Click "READ MORE" to learn from the career advice of the experts.

What a Mechanical Shark Can Teach Us About Leadership and Innovation

Leading Blog

It was a documentary on the making of the movie, all about the lengths that then 27-year-old wunderkind Steven Spielberg and his crew went to in creating a film that would define the summer blockbuster. They had to improvise, making up major new scenes as they hit major new problems.

How to Get Ahead: Self-Directed Learning

N2Growth Blog

Self-directed learners, or autodidacts, possess the capability to chart their futures in ways that can give them an advantage over their less ambitious contemporaries. Back in the day, I didn’t have the Internet to support me. Needless to say, I remain an autodidact to this day.

Braithwaite Innovation Group Presents the July 2015 Leadership Development Carnival

Lead Change Blog

Welcome to the July 2015 Leadership Development Carnival! This month brings a treat of 22 leadership posts to savor and share. Topics range from moral character to leadership lessons from World War II to stepping out of comfort zones. Ready to dive in?

Leap: How to Thrive in a World Where Everything Can Be Copied

Leading Blog

Howard Yu explains in Leap: How to Thrive in a World Where Everything Can Be Copied , how a business can shield itself from copycats. Yu identifies five fundamental principles that allow companies to make a leap and stay successful in the face of such competition.

 How to Utilize Individual Strengths to Power the Team

Skip Prichard

This is an excerpt from How to Listen and How to Be Heard by Alissa Carpenter. Adapted, and reprinted with permission from Career Press, an imprint of Red Wheel/Weiser. THE BEST EMPLOYEES bring something to the table that no one else can.

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Aim Higher: How to Lead with Joy

Skip Prichard

But I’m also willing to bet that even for projects and tasks where you and your colleagues are 100% on the same page in terms of timelines and goals, different people enjoy different aspects of the process. The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Leading with Joy.

How To Disrupt the Tech World

Mills Scofield

What is your image of an inventor or innovator? Increasing evidence shows most innovation comes from two or more people…one of whom might even be a woman! We stereotype innovators as men and mainly in STEM* products. Fast-forward ~ Innovating Women launches today!

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How to encourage healthy conflict


I’ve come to believe in the value of conflict as I see leaders struggle with it. It wasn’t always that way for me; early in my career I viewed conflict as a negative thing. Employees tended to agree in public meetings, but have one-to-one meetings afterwards where they vented their real opinions. It could be devastating to important corporate initiatives. Do they lead to outcomes that are beneficial? What would you add to the list?

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Leadership Biz Cafe Podcast #7 – Joel Garfinkle On How To Get Ahead In Your Career

Tanveer Naseer

Regardless of whether the economy is going well or not, one thing that’s remained consistent in the workplace over the last few decades is the reality that each of us is responsible for managing our careers and with it, the opportunities we obtain for professional growth and development. But how exactly do we obtain these opportunities to get ahead in our career? What it means to be influential and how it’s not dependent on what title/position you have.

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How To Encourage Growth Under A Controlling Boss

Tanveer Naseer

One of these conversations lead to a discussion about how leaders who want to push for change can deal with those above them who operate from the command-and-control style of leadership – in other words, those that subscribe to the overtly-controlling it’s my way or you’re out approach.

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How To Stay Relevant & Have Impact

Mills Scofield

If we are going to handle this continually changing the world, we have to adapt ourselves. All we can really control is how we react, and more importantly, pro-act to our world. when to call, how to find out nicknames, etc.)

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Seek, Seed, and Scale Innovation

Coaching Tip

Leaders today responsible for revenue growth and competing effectively know that real innovation requires moving beyond known business models, towards customer insight-driven opportunities for value and growth that sustain businesses and brands. It is packed with tactics that work: Part I, Seeking starts with what it means to discover insights into problems, define the brand's purpose, and find and define compelling concepts.

Create The Future And The Innovation Handbook

Eric Jacobson

Flip the book over, and you have Gutsche’s updated and expanded, bestselling, Exploiting Chaos , book now called, The Innovation Handbook , featuring memorable real-world case studies and plenty of thought-provoking questions to inspire next steps for innovation.

Why You Need Innovation Capital — And How to Get It

Harvard Business

Nathan Furr, assistant professor of strategy at INSEAD, researches what makes great innovative leaders, and he reveals how they develop and spend “innovation capital.” ” Like social or political capital, it’s a power to motivate employees, win the buy-in of stakeholders, and sell breakthrough products. Furr argues that innovation capital is something everyone can develop and grow by using something he calls impression amplifiers.

How to Implement SMART Management of Performance System

HR Digest

The performance management system is the process used to measure the performance of employees in an organization. Nowadays, organizations ask supervisors to evaluate the Management of Performance outcomes of employees, focusing on SMART goals.

How to Be the Best Leader You Can Be (May Busch)

Let's Grow Leaders

May comes to us from London. We first got to know May when she invited us to share our Winning Well message in her Career Mastery Challenge. We’ve enjoyed getting to know her and the important work she is doing in the world. How you work on the Business. •

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How to Seize Opportunity in a World of Disruption

Skip Prichard

That’s one reason I was interested to talk with Leo Tilman and General Charles Jacoby, who co-wrote a new book, Agility: How to Navigate the Unknown and Seize Opportunity in a World of Disruption. AGILITY aims to address this urgent need. Leadership Practices to Watch.

How to Succeed as A New Leader

Lead from Within

I am sure you’ve worked hard and persevered along the way to get to this point. Everything you’ve done so far in your career has led you to this position. But the experiences and skills that landed you this new job will not be what allows you to succeed. In fact, you’ll need a new set of skills to continue being successful. You need to adapt the traits and develop the skills that make leaders into great leaders. Encourage creativity and innovation.

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Killing It! How to Run a Startup in a Healthy, Joyful Way

Leading Blog

Along with all of the other freedoms granted to its citizens, the freedom to risk and to fail encourages our culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship has never seemed so popular as it is today no doubt because it is easier than ever to start a company.

How To Create Lasting Influence | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

Understanding how to leverage the influence factor can make a defining difference in your ability to drive change, build cohesive teams, and to successfully implement strategic vision. As a leader your “Influence Quotient” is the IQ you need to pay attention to.

How to Prepare for Trade Shows and Conventions

Strategy Driven

These mass gatherings are an opportunity for businesses to promote their extensive list of products, usually with a focus on the latest releases. You won’t be able to manage a busy schedule that could include meetings and presentations as well as hosting your exhibit booth on your own.

Development Program Offered for Veterans Working on Their “Career 2.0”

Strategy Driven

military will transition into civilian careers. Not because the veterans lack the skills and drive to be successful contributors in their new roles, but because they – and their new employers – have a difficult time translating their military accomplishments into non-military positions.

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Innovative Leadership Insight

Coaching Tip

Most of us are far more innovative than we give ourselves credit for. Throughout my career, I have observed people who could stretch themselves beyond their self-perceived limitations and attain a far greater level of innovation than they initially thought they could. These observations inspired me to write 63 Innovation Nuggets (for aspiring i nnovators ). I noticed that innovation is a “WE” thing, not just an “I” thing. By Guest Author George Barbee.

How to Implement SMART Performance Management System

HR Digest

The performance management system is the process used to measure the performance of employees in an organization. Nowadays, organizations ask supervisors to evaluate the Performance Management outcomes of employees, focusing on SMART goals.

Career Development: Climb That Ladder in 8 Steps

Strategy Driven

It used to be that there were certain industries you could rely upon to be easy to break into. You need to be the best at what you do to get the job you want. Not only that, you need to stay ahead of innovative ways of working.

3 Tips for Career Conversations That Energize and Engage Employees

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

SPECIAL, In celebration of today’s launch of Julie’s new book with Bev Kaye, Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go , a free copy will be mailed to three people. To be eligible to win a copy, leave a comment. What you need to bring to the table are questions.

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Ideas Don't Equal Innovation | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

As a result of our conversation, I decided to dust-off an old post, give it a few updates, and pass along my thoughts, which can be best summarized as “ Ideas Don’t Equal Innovation. “ It is my hope to help dispel the myth that ideas are inherently good things.

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How to Answer the Question ‘What Was Your Last Salary?’

HR Digest

Whether you want to stay up-to-date on HR news, read in-depth HR articles, or find new ideas on strategy, innovation, and leadership, The HR Digest Magazine is here to suit your needs and help you stay more informed. You wont be able to effectively job hunt that way.

How to Slay Goliath


My business career is characterized with many David versus Goliath encounters. And yet, our little band of rebels was able to outmaneuver that might with two potent weapons that cost absolutely nothing. Here’s the point: When you know you will never be the low-cost producer nor will you ever have the resources to outspend the big cat, you find other ways to skin it – okay, that’s a bit of an overstatement. You be obsessed with innovation.

Education? Innovation? Do - Learn - Do - Learn

Mills Scofield

Aron Solomon introduced me to Victor Saad and that was all it took. From patients to students. Their influence was so great that I wanted my career path to follow their footsteps. Risk: From students to self-made education. How would I do that?

Career Development: It’s All About Becoming Dispensable


This guest blog post by Julie Winkle Giulioni celebrates the September 18 launch of her book with Beverly Kaye, Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go: Career Conversations Employees Want. She consults with organizations to develop and deploy innovative instructional designs and training worldwide. An employee works diligently to carve out a niche. She becomes an expert in a field, a real ‘go-to’ person around critical issues.

Career 172

How To Find A Great Place To Work


If you are like most people, you are going to spend almost a third of your waking hours at work. And while there are lists galore promoting a “definitive” ranking of great places to work, there’s a lot of companies that never appear anywhere on any of those lists.

Career Transitions

Harvard Business

Do you want to shake up your career? In this episode of HBR’s advice podcast, Dear HBR: , Dan and Alison answer your questions with the help of Whitney Johnson , the author of Disrupt Yourself: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work. They talk through what to do when you’ve trained for one career and long for another, when you reenter the workforce after a long gap, and when you want to move into management.

How to Build a Brand | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

Unless you are a very large enterprise it is unlikely that you have the time, money, staffing, or external professional relationships to execute a brand management strategy such as the one outlined above. Solid advice that anyone interested in marketing and branding should pay attention to.

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