Companies Are Turning Drones into a Competitive Advantage

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While 60% of drone usage currently relates to communications and media such as for film making and commercial photography, new higher-value applications are on their way, as drones have a significant advantage in terms of precision, convenience, and cost over more traditional solutions such as satellites and helicopters. Businesses also will need to determine whether to run their own drones or outsource.

Intangible Loss of Outsourced Innovation

Mills Scofield

I’ve been thinking about the 2 nd , 3 rd order effects of outsourcing, especially now that some companies are either doing or seriously considering insourcing. I’ve wondered about the cost-benefit equation of in vs. outsourcing for a while. If we’ve outsourced the ‘ doing ’ doesn’t it follow that we’ve outsourced the ‘ learning ’? Apple Culture Dassault Innovation Insourcing Learning Outsourcing Strategy


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Another Way to Outsmart the Competition

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The minute the google-search has begun, you’ve inadvertantly outsourced your explaining authority to the vortex. More than ever, telling the whole truth has become a competitive advantage. Outsmart the competition by being an explainer. 3 Ways to Outsmart the Competition by Being an Explainer. This is part 2 of 7 ways to outsmart the competition. The hard-sell is so old school.

Future Leaders

Marshall Goldsmith

Future leaders will have to learn how to manage global production, marketing, and sales teams to achieve competitive advantage. Leaders who can make globalization work in their favor will have a huge competitive advantage. Organizations with technologically savvy leaders will have a competitive advantage. Reengineering, restructuring, and downsizing are leading to a world where outsourcing of all but core brand-related activities may become the norm.

The Downside of Best Practices | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

Moreover if they decide to develop the application should this be done internally with existing staff, or outsourced, and if outsourced will it be done domestically or offshore and who will manage the process. Don’t utilize your competitions practices, but rather innovate around them and improve upon them to create an advantage that can be leveraged in the market. Therefor by definition it is not unique or likely to generate any competitive advantage.

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Instead of Optimizing Processes, Reimagine Them as Platforms

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One applications outsourcing team, for example, proposed a clever UX tweak to help optimize a global fulfillment process their company managed for its biggest client. Their RFP-responsive outsourcing expertise had perversely obscured essential insights into what creative fulfillment should mean for both customers and client. That is, the applications outsourcing team revisited, rethought, and road-mapped how to best turn a valued internal process into a viable business platform.

Sustainable Leadership and Organizations: The Ideas of Martin Seligman

Michael Lee Stallard

2 Comments so far william czander on May 31st, 2010 Happiness coaches are part of the great conspiracy that began some 20 years ago when CEO’s , hedge fund managers and bankers discovered if they outsourced jobs to China and India it would increase the bottom line and they would all get rich. If they could not outsource they discovered another way.

But My Business Is Different… | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

All businesses have competition, serve stakeholders and other various constituencies, and must do certain things to avoid failure while on the path to creating a sustainable endeavor. Let me give you a great example…It is not at all uncommon for an executive to tell me that his/her business doesn’t really have any competition. If you tell me that your business doesn’t have any competition, I don’t buy it…All businesses have competition at some level.

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Why Everyone's Working So Hard

Marshall Goldsmith

In today's competitive world, job security for managers and professionals seems a distant dream. Global Competition In the 1950s managers and professionals in the U.S. had a huge competitive advantage. To add to our advantage, an incredibly small percentage of the populations in China, India, or Eastern Europe had professional educations that were competitive with those in the States or Western Europe.

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M&A Without Buying the Company

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There is also a great opportunity for adding talent leverage via outsourcing, crowdsourcing, and other contract opportunities that provide cost savings and scale. Often times these acquisitions can provide you some form of exclusivity or other form of competitive advantage. By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth.

Strategies for Success in a Dematerialized World

Strategy Driven

If your firm outsources mobile app development to an agency or design firm, there’s your answer). How seriously do you take this competitive threat? Does your company rely on barriers such as proprietary technology, arbitrary business rules, regulations or litigation to stifle competition? What can your company learn from the competition? EVALUATE how StrategyDriven gives you a competitive advantage. Are you prepared to get vaporized?

Book Review: The Pursuit of Something Better

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In the late 1990s and early 2000s the word “virtual&# became associated with outsourcing jobs to other countries, so Jack changed the name of his program to “dynamic organization&# and implemented the program at US Cellular. In a world where many executives cut corners and provide scanty people leadership, “US Cellular has proven that adhering to high ethical standards is a competitive advantage in a marketplace that is starved for a little basic human decency.&#

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The Women’s Economy Starts Here

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Vollmer shows that small businesses “generated 64% of all new jobs over the past 15 years…employ more full-time people…and are far less likely to outsource jobs overseas.” EVALUATE how StrategyDriven gives you a competitive advantage. For the first time in this nation’s history, women are now the majority of the work force and what a force that is.

4 Models for Using AI to Make Decisions

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The Autonomous Outsourcer. Business process outsourcing becomes business process algorithmization. The same sensibilities and economic opportunities that make outsourcing appealing become managerial principles for computational autonomy. As with traditional outsourcing, flexibility, responsiveness, and interoperability invariably prove problematic. ” Firms look to leverage, amplify, and network autonomy into self-sustaining competitive advantage.


The Big Picture of Business – How and When to Collaborate, for Best Business Advantage.

Strategy Driven

In today's downsized business environment, outsourcing, privatization and consortiums are fulfilling the work. Where non-partners are given advantageous position over ground-floor members who paid the dues. Competition, marketplace changes or urgent need led the initiative to begin. EVALUATE how StrategyDriven gives you a competitive advantage. You just finished reading The Big Picture of Business - How and When to Collaborate, for Best Business Advantage. !

Can Lean Manufacturing Put an End to Sweatshops?

Harvard Business

Conventional wisdom holds that improving working conditions (which typically costs money) would undermine the competitive advantage these firms enjoy. However, our research suggests that outsourcing production is not inexorably tied to poor workplace conditions. When facing tension between competitive and ethical sourcing, multinationals should consider a “high road” approach to the supply chain: investing in new managerial practices and worker skills.

The Future of Leadership Development

Great Leadership By Dan

The challenge for business schools will be that most of their faculty don’t have coaching expertise and credentials, so when it’s outsourced, it’s often not fully integrated into the program. One is not better than the other, but having an equal balance of both will give you a competitive advantage.

The Commoditization of Scale

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In the worst cases, it only takes months to move from profitable differentiation to commodity competition. Scale economics has been one of the last bastions from the competitive storm. In other words, the advantages of size gave some companies a bit of safe harbor. Huge retailers such as Walmart and Target also use scale to keep their purchasing costs down and their prices competitive. Unfortunately, the advantages accrued from scale are not destined to last.

The Big Picture of Business – Planning and Budgeting in Downsized Times

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Under the rules of supply chain dynamics, one must study your supplier relationships, formalize a plan of outsourcing and develop collaborations. Diagnose a competitively disadvantaging problem or an unrealized opportunity for competitive advantage. Prescribe a more competitively advantaged outcome. Getting the funds that you need from tight fisted management is an ongoing process.

You Don’t Have to Be a Software Company to Think Like One

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” Rather, this approach recognizes a fundamental shift in the sources of value creation and competitive advantage toward software. But it also means evaluating whether you may be better served by bringing outsourced capabilities back in-house. The best approach will depend on factors such as industry, scale, existing capabilities, and the nature of competition.

Emerging-Market Engineers Power Global Innovation

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Offshore Outsourced Product Development. In fact, these six Indian engineers were not employees of Otis at all, but rather on the payroll of an outsourced product development company headquartered in Andhra Pradesh, India. We are suggesting that companies like Otis who embrace such external brilliance will have a compelling competitive advantage over those innovators who continue to look exclusively inward.

Managing the "Crazy Ideas" Conundrum

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Crazy ideas, of course, can be a source of sustainable competitive advantage. Real craziness is what gets outsourced. Of course, as anyone following global trends in manufacturing, software development, and customer support well knows, outsourcing dynamics create their own dysfunctional dependencies. Firms lose the ability to innovatively manufacture, modify their systems on the fly, and build bonds with key customers when they overcommit to outsourcing.

Recommended Resources – An Interview with Paul Leinwand and Cesare Mainardi, authors of The Essential Advantage

Strategy Driven

The Essential Advantage : How to Win with a Capabilities-Driven Strategy. In The Essential Advantage : How to Win with a Capabilities-Driven Strategy , Booz & Company’s Paul Leinwand and Cesare Mainardi maintain that success in any market accrues to firms with a coherence premium – a tight match between their strategic direction and the capabilities that make them unique. SD : Why did you write The Essential Advantage ?

Larry Summers on What Business Can Do to Save the Middle Class

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That means cracking down on tax shelters that give some businesses a competitive advantage. That means strengthening regulation where some businesses are putting competitive pressure on others by skimping on safety, by denying workers basic benefits, or by operating with dangerous degrees of leverage.

3D Printing Will Revive Conglomerates

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3D printing offers even more advantages to these groups. Rather than rely on in-house production farms, most businesses will just outsource production to independent printer farms. When printer farms become such a readily available commodity in the marketplace, conglomerates will lose their advantage in manufacturing synergies. These platform providers will have the same advantages enjoyed by Amazon, Facebook, and other digital platforms already with us.

Six Fundamentals Every Entrepreneur Needs to Succeed

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However, most companies require considerable planning and need both a competitive advantage and a solid business plan in order to succeed. Will customers be able to identify and discuss your competitive advantage? What attributes would set your venture apart from the competition? Others travel sites outsource their call centers overseas and really push all interactions to be electronic. Competition Entrepreneurship Execution

Why Kids — and Workers — Need to Get Their Hands Dirty

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Manufacturers are therefore faced with a daunting choice: outsource the design and testing to countries where tactile intelligence is still high, or fill the knowledge gap of new hires in the U.S. The first solution is problematic since competitive advantage in manufactured products often stems from design, and out-sourcing can endanger the retention of core capabilities and limit innovation. Children in the U.S.

How to Make Employment Fair in an Age of Contracting and Temp Work

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Firms typically started outsourcing activities like payroll, publications, accounting, and human resources. A common practice in janitorial work, for instance, is for companies in the hotel or grocery industries to outsource that work to cleaning companies. Every day, many of us eat at restaurants, stay at hotels, receive packages, and use our digital devices with the assumption that the company we pay for these services — Hilton, Amazon, Apple, etc.

Good Leaders Don't Use Bad Words

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If the right words can cognitively and creatively reorient enterprise conversations, executives need to think twice about the vocabulary they outsource to their ad agencies and HR. Linguistics should be a source of design insight and competitive advantage. During a painfully dull futures workshop Down Under, a simple word change helped transform a stagnant discussion.

How IBM's Sam Palmisano Redefined the Global Corporation

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This meant abandoning IBM's existing organization, in which product silos and geographic entities operated independently and frequently were more competitive than collaborative. These relationships were essential in gaining the confidence of customers who had qualms about outsourcing to IBM. He turned that problem into competitive advantage by relocating most of IBM's software operations to India as its Indian operations grew from 3,000 to 100,000 employees.

Stop Listening to Your Customers

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You could even outsource the task to a market research agency who'll conduct surveys and focus groups on your behalf. In most instances, they will be lot cheaper than traditional market research approaches, and yet the insights they reveal could provide a real competitive advantage to your business. What will persuade you?

Navigating the Dozens of Different Strategy Options

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Where can we — and when should we — shape the game to our advantage? Executives are bombarded with bestselling ideas and best practices for achieving competitive advantage, but many of these ideas and practices contradict each other. Should you create a blue ocean, be adaptive, play to win — or forget about a sustainable competitive advantage altogether? Competitive Strategy Book. Strategy Competition Strategy execution

Innovation Isn't Tied to Size, but to Operating Rules

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Back in 2002 , when Sam Palmisano took over, IBM had four main businesses each organized on a global basis: hardware, software, services,such as back-office outsourcing, and personal computers. While it's true that size once created competitive barriers and correlated with market power , it no longer does. Research shows that what was once a sustainable competitive advantage has shifted from 30-40 year arcs to 12 years in most industries, and five years in the tech sector.

6 Rules for Building and Scaling Company Culture

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At a time when outsourcing functions such as customer service or automating checkout procedures are becoming more common, the role of frontline cultural ambassadors does not diminish, but rather disproportionately increases and can become a real competitive advantage. Great founders start businesses not to create a company but to solve a problem, to serve a calling, and to understand that they have a purpose that can actually make a meaningful difference.

Looking to Join the Lean Start-up Movement?

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That doesn''t mean that companies should either outsource the task or bring in entirely fresh blood. It''s vital to include people in innovation initiatives who know how to work internal systems and have a good understanding of the unique, difficult-to-replicate assets that create your company''s competitive advantage. I love Lean.

Five Questions Every Leader Should Ask About Organizational Design

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What is the business’s value proposition and it sources of competitive advantage? By contrast a compelling value proposition describes succinctly how the company will compete successfully against its competition—and implies the critical activities around which the organization should be designed. Which organizational activities directly deliver on that value proposition—and, by contrast, which activities can the company afford to perform in a way equivalent to competition?

The 5 Requirements of a Truly Innovative Company

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For a product or service to be counted as innovative at Whirlpool, it must be unique and compelling to the consumer, create a competitive advantage, sit on a migration path that can yield further innovations, and provide consumers with more value than anything else in the market. Global supply chains have been optimized, business processes have been outsourced, and huge investments have been made in new IT tools.