128: How to Shape Culture to Drive Performance | with Lindsay McGregor

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Most business leaders today realize that a strong organizational culture is critical to success. However, culture tends to feel like some magic force that few leaders know how to control.

0712 | How to Build a High Performing Culture


Need Doshi and Lindsay McGregor are partners in life, work, and writing. Leadership Podcast culture Doshi leadership mcgregor motivationThe are the founders of the consulting firm Vega Factor and authors of Primed to Perform.

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First Friday Book Synopsis

Bob's blog entries Graham McGregor How the savvy see opportunity - and capitalize on it! By now you should be familiar with Jeffrey Fox and his several bestselling business books, with the most recent being his best…thus far: How to Be a Fierce Competitor: What Winning Companies and Grerat Managers Do in Tough Times (2010). I just received an email alert from his website that includes this offer: You can [.].

New Study Shows Women Do It Better Than Men

The Practical Leader

” Jena McGregor published an interview with Zenger and Folkman last Friday. Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman ignited a firestorm of interest and debate with their March Harvard Business Review blog post Are Women Better Leaders than Men?

The Capitalist Philosophers: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Bob's blog entries A brilliant discussion of thirteen "geniuses of modern business" Abraham Maslow Douglas McGregor Alfred Du Pont Chandler Alfred Sloan and Ideas Andrea Gabor Art Kleiner Chester Barnard Chris Argyris Edgar H.

The Impact Of Leaders On Personal Transformation

Tanveer Naseer

The term was coined by James McGregor Burns, the Pulitzer Prize winning author and historian. The following is a guest piece by Bill Treasurer. A lot has been written about Transformational Leadership.

Most Popular Management and Leadership Quotes on Our Site in 2016

Curious Cat

” – Douglas McGregor. These were the most popular quotes on the Curious Cat Management and Leadership Quotes web site in 2016 (based on page views). Follow the link on the quote text for the source and more information on the quote. Having no problems is the biggest problem of all.

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Building a Sustainable Organization Using Deming’s Ideas on Management

Deming Institute

This is in line with many thinkers, teachers and writers on organisations and management including Douglas McGregor, Frederick Herzberg and William Ouchi. The linked to article that aims to provides an overview of the essence of Deming’s approach to management and its continuing relevance to managers: The Model of Sustainable Organisation by Alan Clark. A manager, said Deming, is primarily a manager of People.

Ouchi 21

Engaging Culture One Conversation At A Time

Tanveer Naseer

He discerns a similar dialogue at work in Douglas McGregor’s highly influential Theory X (top-down control) and Theory Y (people can be trusted to do their work), viewing these two organizational types not as opposing ideologies but as polarities that express the full spectrum of an organizational culture that is ultimately rooted in the complexity of human nature. The following is a guest post by contributing editor of strategy+business Sally Helgesen.

Most Popular Management and Leadership Quotes on Our Site in 2015

Curious Cat

” – Douglas McGregor. These were the most popular quotes on the Curious Cat Management and Leadership Quotes web site in 2015 (based on page views). Follow the link on the quote text for the source and more information on the quote. Having no problems is the biggest problem of all.

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22 Life Lessons And Quotes From A Story Worth Living

Joseph Lalonde

John and the gang were inspired by Long Way Round with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman. M any years ago, my life was touched by a special book. That book was Wild At Heart by John Eldredge. The message pulled at my heart. It pulled at my spirit.

What Circuit City Learned About Valuing Employees

Harvard Business Review

In 1960, 11 years after he founded the company that became Circuit City, my father Sam Wurtzel was reading a book he couldn't put down: The Human Side of Enterprise , by MIT professor Douglas McGregor. The next morning, he called McGregor's office and asked for a meeting with him.

In Case You Missed It: Nelson Mandela on Leadership + Info Graphics on Employee Engagement & Gen Y


Welcome to my weekly round-up of top leadership and communication blog posts. Each week I read and tweet several great articles and on Fridays pull some of the best together here on my blog. So in case you’ve missed them, here is this week’s round-up of top posts.

Review of “Still Surprised: A Memoir of a Life in Leadership” by Warren Bennis

The Practical Leader

The next year (1948) Douglas McGregor (best remembered for The Human Side of Enterprise and its description of leadership approaches Theory X and Theory Y) became Antioch’s president. This began a close mentoring relationship until McGregor’s early and sudden death in 1964.

Mutual incomprehension

Managing Leadership

It can be traced from the Hawthorne Experiments of the late 1920s to the publication of Douglas McGregor’s “The Human Side of Enterprise” in 1960. It ended with McGregor’s plea for management to involve the workforce in the fate of the organization, which unleashed the modern age of thinking about how best to do that.

How to Get an Employee to Work Faster

Harvard Business Review

A slower worker doesn’t just reduce a team’s productivity — he can also hurt his colleagues’ morale, says Lindsay McGregor, the coauthor of Primed to Perform and co-founder of Vega Factor. “Start with assuming positive intent,” says McGregor. “One of the most difficult things for someone to learn in a new role is figuring out what ‘good’ looks like,” says McGregor.

The Internet Is Finally Forcing Management to Care About People

Harvard Business Review

It includes Mary Parker Follett (1920s), Elton Mayo and Chester Barnard (1930s), Abraham Maslow (1940s), Douglas McGregor (1960s), Peter Drucker (1970s), Peters and Waterman (1980s), Katzenbach and Smith (1990s), and Gary Hamel (2000s).

Warren Bennis, Leadership Pioneer

Harvard Business Review

Warren credited various influences, including Douglas McGregor, whose exposition of Theory X versus Theory Y famously opened managers’ eyes to better ways of managing people. McGregor was president of Antioch College when Warren arrived there fresh from World War II, highly attuned to the dynamics between leaders and those who depend upon them. The sad news came over the weekend that Warren Bennis has died. For us at HBR it is the loss of a long-time author and friend.

14 Leadership Studies – Quick Overview of Leadership


It has been the subject of countless books, articles, and academic investigations from the 1980s up to the present day, including a seminal work on the theory by James McGregor Burns in 1978. 14 Fascinating Theories from Leadership Studies.

Book Review: E Pluribus Kinko’s


The second was the chapter “Theory X & Theory Why” a tribute to McGregor that makes the case for hiring self-motivated people so management doesn’t have to supervise. I’ve been playing around a lot with the idea of democracy in organizations (and the feasibility of its extremist cousin, decentralization).

Unconscious and Underlying Beliefs Undermine Culture Change Efforts

The Practical Leader

In using the pessimism and optimism contrasts of the Range of Reality with executives and managers, we’d often draw parallels with concepts like Douglas McGregor’s well known Theory X and Theory Y leadership models (Theory X beliefs; people are lazy, will rip you off, need to be “snoopervised,&# and must be threatened and coerced. Culture change continues to be a hot topic because it’s vital to successfully implementing change and improvement efforts.

Mary Barra Brings Teaming to General Motors

Harvard Business Review

Then-president of UAW Local 22 at the plant, George McGregor said Barra was “a people person, great to work with.” When you find yourself thinking about old-fashioned, out-of-touch, hierarchical, siloed organizations, General Motors quickly comes to mind.

Management’s Three Eras: A Brief History

Harvard Business Review

Douglas McGregor’s “Theory Y” is representative of the genre. Organization as machine – this imagery from our industrial past continues to cast a long shadow over the way we think about management today. It isn’t the only deeply-held and rarely examined notion that affects how organizations are run. Managers still assume that stability is the normal state of affairs and change is the unusual state (a point I particularly challenge in The End of Competitive Advantage ).

Steve Jobs and The Bobby Knight School of Leadership

Harvard Business Review

It is the very opposite of the supportive and nurturing Theory Y management pioneered by MIT's Douglas McGregor over a half century ago. I believe that Steve Jobs was among the best CEOs of this generation because he created entirely new categories six times in a decade, and built the largest company market cap ever. Yet two recent and excellent books ( Inside Apple , by Adam Lashinsky and Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson) describe a management style that was disturbingly harsh.

Understanding China’s Hard Line on Hong Kong

Harvard Business Review

The parallel that springs most readily to mind, especially when one learns about the systematic ways in which the Party selects, trains, and promotes its leaders (recommended reading: Richard McGregor’s The Party: The Secret World of China’s Communist Rulers ), is that of a big corporation — IBM or GM in their Organization Man heydays.

Morning Advantage: How Tide Detergent Became a Drug Currency

Harvard Business Review

You've probably heard that President Obama is getting flak for surrounding himself with a bevy of male advisers as he begins his second term, and Jena McGregor agrees that there's a diversity problem in the president's inner circle — but not just because of gender. McGregor argues that Obama needs to include "unconventional voices" on his team as well. Shoplifting is big business, and it costs retailers billions of dollars in profit each year.

Could Target Have Prevented Its Security Breach?

Harvard Business Review

But the outpouring of opinions, argues Jena McGregor , may be a good thing: "As long as the argument persists about how to get more women at the top, it remains on everyone''s minds — and hopefully, on more people''s agendas."

leadership and management models download- page 2a

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McGregor Theory X Y. Leadership and Management Models Download PowerPoint Slides – page 2a. At RapidBI we use many management and leadership models and through the process of using them we have developed a library of 100?s. These pages have proved so popular that we now offer unbranded PowerPoint slides for you to download and use. Please note many of the models on the slides are copyright – please use appropriately. Go back to page 1 of the models.