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Leading Thoughts for May 11, 2023

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Douglas McGregor on motivation: “The motivation, the potential for development, the capacity for assuming responsibility, the readiness to direct behavior toward organizational goals are all present in people. Source: The Anxious Achiever: Turn Your Biggest Fears into Your Leadership Superpower II.

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128: How to Shape Culture to Drive Performance | with Lindsay McGregor

Engaging Leader

To find a systematic, data-driven approach to shape culture, former McKinsey consultant Lindsay McGregor and Neel Doshi surveyed over 20,000 workers around the world, analyzed 50 major companies, and conducted scores of experiments before arriving at one major conclusion: Why people work determines how well they work.

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The Unspoken Role of Confidence in Leadership

Great Leadership By Dan

An even better distinction comes in the differences between transactional and transformational leadership – a term brought to prominence by James McGregor Burns in the political sphere and then adopted in business.

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Theory X and Theory Y are theories of human motivation created and developed by Douglas McGregor at the MIT Sloan School of Management in the 1960s. McGregor felt that companies followed either one or the other approach. For McGregor, Theory X and Y are not different sides of the same coin. Leadership mcgregor theory x&y'

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0712 | How to Build a High Performing Culture


Need Doshi and Lindsay McGregor are partners in life, work, and writing. The are the founders of the consulting firm Vega Factor and authors of Primed to Perform. In this interview, we dive deep into culture, systems, and motivation. We define TOMO and outline how the science of motivation can help build high performing cultures.

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Endo and Exoskeleton plus natural metaphors for organizational capacity

Mike Cardus

Business metaphors often return to McGregor’s theory x and theory y of manager’s perceptions of workers. Do you see your life as a “river or journey”? Then flow, and exploration and unexpected things are part of your rhetoric and approach. Dragonfly and constraints on change.

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How to achieve a flow state of mind

Chartered Management Institute

Advice: How to achieve a flow state of mind Written by Samreen McGregor Wednesday 23 August 2023 Share Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to LinkedIn Share via email To find flow, you need clarity on your goals, the right amount of challenge, minimal distractions, plus a willingness to fall short, or even fail, but to learn from the journey Key (..)