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A Page From my Personal Journal – April 16, 2003

Leadership Freak

April 16, 2003 Yesterday Dale went shopping for clothes without me. (We We usually shop together.) She came back with two summer dresses that look very comfortable. One was pleasing to my eye. The… Continue reading →

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Most Verizon lease agreements are twenty to thirty years in length.

General Leadership

Throughout much of the long and arduous effort to revise Article 2 of the UCC that eventuated in the 2003 text it was proposed to delete the writing requirement in Section 2-201. That would have brought it into line with American law for international sale of goods as found in the CISG. … Read the rest.

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No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy.

Leading Blog

A FTER THE TERRORIST ATTACKS on September 11, 2001 and on the eve of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Major General James Mattis needed to connect with every member of the 1st Marine Division. His letter to the Blue Diamond : MARCH 2003. 1st Marine Division (REIN) Commanding General's Message to All Hands.

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Can Corporate Secrecy Bolster Innovation?

The Horizons Tracker

Regulatory requirements In South Korea, the Financial Services Commission required public companies to report details about things like labor, raw material, and overhead costs up until 2003.

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Leading Teams to Greatness – Part 3

General Leadership

January 2003 was cold and wet in Kuwait. For leaders, this idea means we have to implement the plans we make. Perfect plans don’t accomplish anything–implementing them does! That surfing maxim came home to me in the deserts of Kuwait of all places. We’d been planning for months and now it was “go” time. … Read the rest.

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How Should Change Leadership and Common Good Intersect?

Thin Difference

Rogers (2003) described diffusion as a social change, altering structures and embracing new ideas. Lowney (2003) discusses heroism as an important leadership trait, mixing a balance of dreamer and pragmatist. Rogers (2003) points out the essential nature of credibility in being a change agent, embracing knowledge and safety.

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Three Tips for Leading Your Team Into a New Year

Michael Lee Stallard

Naval Operations (CNO) Admiral Vern Clark’s Top 5 priorities in 2003. In fact, neuroscientists have discovered that when people feel overwhelmed, brain function shifts from the frontal lobes of the brain, where rational decisions are made, to the mid-brain region, where rash decisions are more likely. Navy accomplished.

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