How To Lead In Uncertainty


In the last few months, the world has been learning devastating lessons from uncertainty. The Cliff of Uncertainty. When we enter commit wholly to one go-to-market strategy as a company or as a society, the environment and, subsequently, the world inevitably has something to say.

Radical Uncertainty: Why Your Projects Fall Flat and What to Do About It

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For two months now, I’ve been racking my brain to boost the performance of a marketing tool that: Predicts the popularity of a Reddit post in a subreddit. That’s until I picked up the book Radical Uncertainty , a guide to improving your decision-making beyond numbers.


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Sick and tired of dealing with uncertainty?

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Uncertainty. I wouldn’t say I had a fear of uncertainty. My first hard lesson of adulthood, i.e. expect one uncertainty after another. Challenge uncertainty with anticipation and planning. After surviving the cut I knew I didn’t want to feel that type of uncertainty again. The bottom fell out of the stock market when I was preparing to sell my house. There are many examples, large and small, that bring uncertainty front and center.

Jumping the Uncertainty Gap


Part of this is assessing levels of uncertainty. The other part is making decisions that can give you the best chance of succeeding despite uncertainty. And the new CEO decided to commit the future of the company to new software from Microsoft – with very little success in the mobile phone market. He reduced uncertainty for his employees and partners by making a firm decision. Uncertainty can only be reduced by committed decisions and actions.

How to Move Through Uncertainty to Opportunity

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Leadership is rich with uncertainty. Turbulent times, regulations and compliance, technology, politics, people, and global markets enflame uncertainty. Image source Ineffective leaders require certainty before they act, I am certain. On the other hand, successful leaders make decisions where outcomes are uncertain. Additionally, complex challenges have more than one solution. A surprising juxtaposition: “Trustworthy leaders [.].

How to Use Uncertainty and Surprise for Breakthroughs


Most leaders are taught to avoid uncertainty. Creating game changers – whether products, services, or new business models – requires leaders to live with uncertainty, embrace ambiguity, and respond to both good and bad surprises along the way. Some companies and leaders have experienced the inherent value of uncertainty and surprise, and actually use it to out-innovate the competition: Intuit’s flagship product was Quicken, the leading software program for managing home finances.

Coaching Needs for Leaders in Times of Uncertainty

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9) Working with uncertainty and ambiguity, decision skills. 10) Working with uncertainty and ambiguity, decision skills. Coaches reflect this in their survey feedback, listing “ clarifying purpose ” and “ articulating meaning ,” as well as “ creating and communicating vision ,” as top coaching needs for leaders in times of volatility and uncertainty.

The Middle Market Is Stressed, But Resilient

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Strategy Competition Managing uncertainty Digital ArticleSurvey data reveals where midsize companies have outperformed large and small businesses during the pandemic — and what they’re worried about.

096: Bringing the Lean Startup into Your Organization: Leadership in the Age of Uncertainty | with Jeff Dyer

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The new book The Innovator''s Method: Bringing the Lean Start-up into Your Organization, by Nathan Furr and Jeff Dyer, is a leader’s guide to validating new ideas, refining them, and bringing them to market. Have you or your team ever come up with a big idea that you thought would be very cool, but didn’t take any action because you thought it would be too risky? Perhaps it was an idea for a new product or service, or a process change to solve a complex problem.

StrategyDriven Editorial Perspective – Hiring Uncertainties.

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The issue at the heart of this uncertainty involves limited access to capital at a time when banks are reluctant to lend. Recent healthcare reform is also adding to economic uncertainty for small businesses. StrategyDriven effective executives, efficient employees Home About The StrategyDriven Organization Our Company Our Contributors Karen K. Juliano Howard T. Dickens Jr. Lucas D. Ives Sharon Drew Morgen Hank Moore Jamie P.

Get to know the five latest breakthroughs of the digital marketing world

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Now, however, these are some of the most prominent forces shaping digital marketing. These new trends make marketing more targeted than ever and allow you to connect on a much deeper level with your customers. Progressive marketing.

How To Regain Or Maximize A Market Position

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Market share and thus positioning has become paramount, as those that fall by the wayside, leave openings to be filled. But just how do you regain lost ground or perhaps, capitalize on a hole in the market? Or, you could release a marketing blitz campaign about your new product.

When the Passing Storm Fades, What Next?

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But then, thinking of now as an opportunity, thinking thriving rather than surviving, I believe it is about so much more than marketing. Turn uncertainty into action—feel the risk and take action anyway. Professional Development action plans forward thinking future managing uncertainty opportunities strategic planningI currently have three types of clients. There are those who have hunkered down, waiting for the new normal to arrive.

Why CEOs Surround M&A Announcements with Unrelated Good News

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Mergers & acquisitions Corporate communications Financial markets Managing uncertainty Digital ArticleIt’s a distraction tactic, according to one study.

The Democracy Wave Recedes: Does this Chart Show a Developing Bear Market for Liberal Democracy?

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This updated chart of the total number of liberal democracies is from Robert Prechter''s book, The Wave Principle of Human Social Behavior , which observed that bull markets "tend to lead to political freedom, while retrenchments lead to political repression.". Most of this period constituted a Supercycle-degree bear market in inflation adjusted terms. So, the trend toward democracy tracks the trend in the stock market remarkably well. A Context of Uncertainty.

Mandatory Vaccinations and the Big Freeze in Texas

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And why did the energy market in Texas fail during a recent winter storm? Managing people Government Managing uncertainty AudioShould businesses require their employees to get vaccinated before they can return to work?

How GDPR Will Transform Digital Marketing

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This month will see the enforcement of a sweeping new set of regulations that could change the face of digital marketing: the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation – or GDPR. To protect consumers’ privacy and give them greater control over how their data is collected and used, the GDPR requires marketers to secure explicit permission for data-use activities within the EU. Data-Driven Marketing. Lee Powers/Getty Images.

How to Expand Your Business with Smart TV App Opportunities

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This is an impeccable digital marketing strategy that has worked miracles for many businesses. As an established business owner, don’t have any uncertainties about investing in a smart TV application. Great Marketing Tool.

Webinar Navigating Chaos to Complexity

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We moved the market options into cynefin. Innovation Leadership Development Organization Development complexity decision making navigating complexity navigating uncertainty in teams webinarNavigating Chaos to Complexity: Everything is not an emergency.

How to Achieve Resilient Growth Throughout the Business Cycle

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Know when to create a market and when to compete in an existing one. Strategy Strategy execution Managing uncertainty Digital Article

Marketing and other voodoo

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Have you ever thought or said that about your business marketing strategy? Marketing that does not give direct feedback is sort of like magic to me. So I am paddling in the lake of marketing uncertainty only really knowing that I’m exerting effort but the tide seems to be sloshing me all around without a discernable course. “I just don’t know what is working and what isn’t working.” Do you have a strategy? Is it the radio ads that are working?

New Rules to Stay Competitive

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Leaders can't afford to let fear, uncertainty and doubt paralyze them. Source: Amanda Setili: Fearless Growth: The New Rules to Stay Competitive, Foster Innovation, and Dominate Your Markets. Books Business Coaching Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Communication Current Affairs Leadership Memes Safety & Security Self-Awareness Success Work life business business models fear global strategy uncertainty and doubt

Avoiding Decision Paralysis in the Face of Uncertainty

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Any leader facing high levels of ambiguity needs to do two apparently paradoxical things: First, get comfortable with the idea of not having all the answers, and second, take steps to reduce the uncertainty. Researchers have studied how people in high-risk professions, such as firefighting, deal with uncertainty, and formed the theory of “ organizing ambiguity.” Reduce uncertainty where you can. Instead, take the initiative to actively manage uncertainty.

The Persuasive Power of Uncertainty

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Featured Guest: Zakary Tormala, associate professor of marketing at Stanford's Graduate School of Business. Download this podcast. Research

Strategy and The Uncertainty Excuse

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The danger, of course, is that while we are using uncertainty as an excuse to put off making strategic choices, the competition may be doing something else entirely. They may be strategizing their way to first mover advantages and positions that leave few if any attractive options in the market.

3 Ways to Take Action in the Face of Uncertainty

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If you’ve ever caught a deer in your headlights, you’ve seen that the first reaction to uncertainty is to freeze. companies have often hesitated to invest, citing “uncertainty” while they sit on a historic mountain of cash. Uncertainty is not going away anytime soon, and inaction can’t be the default response. I recently discussed the issue of managing through uncertainty with retired U.S. For most people, uncertainty breeds anxiety.

The Fear of the Finger

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The market changes, a new technology comes along, the weather fails to cooperate. Courage Influence Leadership Personal Effectiveness blame courage fear finger finger pointing risk uncertainty I’m afraid I’ve come to recognize a serious leadership deficit today in America. It’s probably nothing new. It’s what I call “the fear of the finger.” Not the middle finger, mind you. I’m talking about the index finger.

American CEOs Should Stop Complaining About Uncertainty

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This month, the chief executive officers of America's biggest companies went on a media blitz to decry the uncertainty caused by the fiscal cliff. He recently announced the next two growth markets for sizeable investment by his group are Iraq and Myanmar. Without comment on the perils of the fiscal cliff, I find it difficult to empathize with CEOs who gnash their teeth over uncertainty in the US. It looks a lot like a frontier market.

Living in a Radical State of Uncertainty

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How to successfully deal with a new radical state of uncertainty will require leaders to reset their organizations, reframe their perceptions of problems and opportunities, and, most important, rethink the way they think. Old efficiency thinking based on engineering and rational market models needs to be replaced by a creative intelligence based on imagining, building and managing new futures.

Effective Leadership in these Uncertain Times

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These are the days of uncertainty. Uncertainty is the watchword for today’s business leaders – and most aren’t prepared to lead through it. . A competitor’s surprising price reduction to undercut the market. The uncertainty of today’s world calls for leaders who meet these challenges head-on. Books Business Coaching Leadership Memes anywhere leader disruption expect the unexpected just listen mike thompson no longer safe uncertainty volatility

Three Rules for Entrepreneurs During Uncertainty

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Immediately after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, he went straight to business, despite the uncertainty. From New York City to London, Athens to Tokyo, we are living during a period of economic uncertainty. Even now, there are opportunities to win new customers, grow market share, and improve profit margin. The crises in the market must not distract entrepreneurs from their core missions. During uncertainty, customers, staff, and stakeholders panic.

Why Great CEOs Embrace the Uncontrollable


Progress may be represented by top-line sales, market share, productivity, innovation, new product launches, or expanding distribution. Leadership bell ceo uncertainty uncontrollable Every day we see or read about superb acts of leadership.

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Placing Strategic Bets in the Face of Uncertainty

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Contrary to popular opinion, strategy is not about turning uncertainty into certainty. The reality is that strategy is about making choices under competition and uncertainty. No choice made today can make future uncertainty go away. If strategy can't eliminate uncertainty and needs repeated adjustments, why bother doing it at all? In essence, articulating a strategy raises the signal-to-noise ratio of feedback from the market.

How Narcissists Steal Your Consulting Business (and What You Need to Learn)

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Studies show that people in turmoil or facing uncertainty are especially likely to follow a strong leader who promises easy, pain-free passage to an […]. Consultants Consultative Selling Mindset Consultative selling Marketing mindset positioningNarcissists. They attract admirers like trick-or-treaters to chocolate. Countless throngs buy their offerings—metaphorically or literally.

What Leaders Need to Know About Data

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If you’re exploring a new market to enter, data can provide you with potential projections about sales and give you an idea of the type of customers within this market. S OMETIME between the 1st and 4th century, something incredible happened.

The Social Franchise Model Works in Times of Uncertainty

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And in some cases, the turmoil surrounding the Arab Spring has shown that a social franchise is the only effective model in times of great uncertainty. With ethical, networked leaders involved, a franchise model is the best way to keep an organization running in an unstable area where uncertainty or lack of trust can make it challenging for foreign organizations to operate and deploy funds. One hundred million.

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Blogging on Business Update from Bob Morris (Week of 8/19/13)

First Friday Book Synopsis

I hope that at least a few of these recent posts will be of interest to you: BOOK REVIEWS The Business of Belief: How the World’s Best Marketers, Designers, Salespeople, Coaches, Fundraisers, Educators, Entrepreneurs and Other Leaders Get Us to Believe Tom Asaker Leadership Transformed: How Ordinary Managers Become Extraordinary Leaders Peter Fuda Compelling People: […].

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Companies Shouldn’t Wait to Prepare for the Post-Brexit World

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When we reach its second and subsequent chapters, political uncertainty is likely to return and affect the financial, institutional, and real economies. These structural challenges, along with similar ones in other geographies, will drive up uncertainty in the global business environment. Plan for Uncertainty. And the latest news of the high court ruling that Article 50 cannot be triggered without going to Parliament creates even further uncertainty on process and timing.

7 Interesting Reasons to Invest In Platinum Today

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The investment market dealing with precious metals has barely made the cut in terms of popularity among people, and it’s not something many people tap into, if they do hear about it, it’s mostly for either gold, silver or palladium.

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3 Emerging Market Risks Companies Should Watch for in 2018

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This means that many emerging market risks get cut from the senior leadership agenda. They did not spend as much time thinking about local events that have implications for their emerging market operations. We identified three emerging market risks that are top multinational leaders should be paying more attention to this year: the election of populists in Brazil and Mexico increasing the cost of doing business. Emerging Markets Require a Risk-Reward Balancing Act.

Is Your Supply Chain Ready for a NAFTA Overhaul?

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However, there is a high level of uncertainty about the ultimate outcome and consequences for companies, in part because the effect could be offset or aggravated by how currency rates adjust. Successful companies thrive in uncertainty by incorporating change into their strategy. Senior leaders who have learned to manage in uncertainty focus on the few risks that matter most. producers to lower their prices in foreign markets, raising demand for U.S.

6 Essential Skills for Future Leaders

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Facing change and uncertainty can feel scary, but your awareness of the oncoming changes will help you prepare to negotiate them with grace and skill.

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Five Qualities Genuine Leaders Have in Common

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C OVID-19 reminds us that we live in a world full of uncertainty—and this will continue well beyond the pandemic. But it only intensifies something we were already seeing in the world of work: organizations need to adapt constantly to keep up with market dynamics.