What Does George Lucas’s Film Red Tails Teach Us About Leadership?

Management is a Journey

George Lucas’s latest film Red Tails is the true, inspiring story of the Tuskegee Airmen who were American pilots and heroes in World War II. It recounts the story of American men who wanted to fight for their country in real combat but were not initially allowed to do so because they were considered unqualified [.]. Leadership leadership motivation organizational productivity people skills performance management

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Neil Gaiman – Commencement Speech on Life, Art, and Advice

ReThink HR

Neil Richard Gaiman is an author of short fiction, novels, comic books, graphic novels, audio theatre and films. Here he addresses the University of the Arts Class of 2012. Advice Career Inspiration Leadership Career Advice Commencement Speech Neil Gaiman University of the Arts 2012

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Fujifilm Succeeded Where Kodak Failed

Coaching Tip

Eastman Kodak was head and shoulders above all the others in the manufacture of photographic film when Fujifilm wasn't in 1963. just as worldwide film sales almost immediately began to fall. In 2001, the global demand for color film suddenly plunged.

My Job as a Mission Field

Ron Edmondson

Into Hollywood and the film industry. What if I saw my job as a mission field? Okay, maybe my job is not a good example…fair enough… Obviously my job IS a mission field. But, what about you? What about you who are not in a paid “missionary” role?

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My Best of 2011

First Friday Book Synopsis

Karl's blog entries 11-22-63 Americans in Paris Carey Mulligan Chris Matthews David McCullough Elusive Hero Fox Searchlight Films Free Press Friday Night Lights Jack Kennedy Japanese Tsunami Joe Paterno Michael Fassbender MSNBC Paterno and Penn State Fall Penn State Shame Simon & Schuster Stephen Covey Stephen King Steve McQueen Story of Us Taylor Swift The 3rd Alternative The Greater Journey Ticket City Bowl Truman

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Seven Films About Ethics


If you were to pick seven films to spark a discussion about ethics, which ones would you choose? Let's exclude documentaries or training films. Some possibilities: Margin Call Chariots of Fire Groundhog Day Primary Colors A Man for All Seasons High Noon To Kill a Mockingbird

Film Economics


How much did Sigourney Weaver get for the first Alien film? And what did she get for the next one? Here's an interesting account

Bro. Laida: My Interview with a 92 Year Old Pastor, Part 1

Ron Edmondson

At the time of this filming he was about to turn 93 years old and had just taken the interim job of my home church, First Baptist Clarksville. This is the introduction video to my interview with Dr. John David Laida. Brother Laida, as we always referred to him, was my pastor growing up.

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Science and Film-Making


PaleoFuture : The magazine Science and Invention looks at the 1927 futuristic film , Metropolis. An excerpt: The magazine featured a two-page spread titled, ”Metropolis—A Movie Based On Science,” with photographs and illustrations depicting how the movie’s cutting-edge effects were achieved.

Today’s thoughts January 20, 2012

Rapid BI

Many of us have seen the film Ghostbusters at one time or another (maybe even several times), without realising how [.]. Who are you going to call – Management training by GhostBusters Who are you going to call – Management training by GhostBusters Bosses – many of us are one – most of us have one. ecademy

My “Favorite” Bubba Joke

Ron Edmondson

” “Okay, I will” So, he was able to go to where Tom Cruise was filming a new movie and made his way to the studio, where he was able to briefly approach him. In honor of Bubba Watson winning the Masters golf tournament today, I thought I’d share my favorite Bubba joke. There once was a guy named Bubba. Bubba once told his friend “I know everyone in the world. I really do.” ” His friend replied respectfully, “Now Bubba.

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The Kony 2012 "Controversy"

Harvard Business Review

Instead of a film, they ended up creating a massive movement to save children from abduction into Kony's rebel army. Spending too much money on film and media. It's a film and media organization for Christ's sake. Would critics rather they spent nothing on film and media and that no one know about them or the issue?

Silent Film, "The Artist," And Conversation

Bird's Eye View

I seem to be on a kick about silence over the past couple of days, what with Marina Abramovic , the performance artist who sat for months at MOMA , saying nothing and staring into the eyes of strangers across the table from her (yes, you really had to experience it to know it was not, well, nuts).

Need, Speed, and Greed: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Vaitheeswaran Harper Business/An Imprint of HarperCollins (2012) A brilliant examination of “the new paradigm for sustainable economic development in the twenty-first century” How innovation happens is rapidly changing. Vaitheeswaran Wall Street (film Need, Speed, and Greed: How the New Rules of Innovation Can Transform Businesses, Propel Nations to Greatness, and Tame the World’s Most Wicked Problems Vijay V.

To Catch an Extraordinary Film


I recently purchased and watched the Collector's Edition DVD and it is sharper than I recall the original film. The trailer for " To Catch a Thief. " Pure entertainment. Highest recommendation

New Film


The trailer for " Act of Valor

Films for the 4th


Cultural Offering has assembled a great list of films for Independence Day viewing. I would add: " The Crossing " " Northwest Passage " " The Adams Chronicles

Olympian Leadership Lessons in Peak Performance

The Practical Leader

Later this month, the 2012 Summer Olympic Games get underway in London, England. The official 2012 Olympics web site features their logo along with the slogan, “Inspire a Generation.”

Are Colin Clark’s Books True? We Can’t Ask Marilyn!

First Friday Book Synopsis

Karl's blog entries Amy Greene Amy Kaufman BBC Films Blue Valentine Colin Clark Incendiary Joshua Greene Los Angeles Times Marilyn Monroe Michelle Williams Milton Greene My Week with Marilyn St. On Friday, I saw My Week with Marilyn, starring Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monore. She was nominated for an Oscar for this performance. The movie was based upon a book written by Colin Clark, entitled The Prince, the Showgirl and Me (St. Martins Press, 1996).

Bro. Laida: My Interview with a 92 Year Old Pastor, Part 3

Ron Edmondson

Brother Laida, as we called him, is a 92 year old pastor (about to turn 93), who, at the time of this filming, is still working full-time in ministry. This is part three of a five part interview with Dr. John David Laida.

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Win the Rat Race: Taking 6 Steps Back

Linked 2 Leadership

Remembering that “everyone running the rat race is still a rat,” I have lately been watching some beautiful 1950’s black and white films to hearken back to a slower time. I’m particularly drawn to their lavish sets, dramatic dialogue and most desirably, the simplicity of life. It was a time of a slower pace and more peaceful rhythm to [.].

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Depreciating Intellectual Capital


Or more recently why Kodak filed for bankruptcy, a ripple effect of their decision to focus on film. Kodak knew film. Their senior leadership knew film. Yesterday, I finally got around to listening to the latest Office Hours podcast from Daniel Pink. Dan’s guest for the month was Gary Hamel, author of What Matters Now (review forthcoming) and The Future of Management (review not need – buy the book).

What Do We Know About Motion Picture Performance?


Most of us enjoy films and believe we know what makes a good or bad film. In this short film created by Dr. Allegre Hadida at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School and Magdlene College. Spectators have good taste but also enjoy bad films.

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Just Another Art Film


The trailer for " The Man with the Iron Fists

Best Book or Film Title?


Book and film titles can make or break a work. The Steve Martin/Eddie Murphy film "Bowfinger" probably suffered greatly because of its ill-chosen name. What do you think is the best book or film title you've ever seen?

Coming Next Week: An Interview

Ron Edmondson

Thanks to Jimmy Bell and Brian Coleman, from the tech ministry at Grace Community Church, for filming this interview.). I’ll be on vacation next week, but I’m excited about an interview series I’ll be posting here.

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Films about Lawyers


The trailers for: " To Kill a Mockingbird " " The Lincoln Lawyer " " Witness for the Prosecution " " Anatomy of a Murder " " Judgment at Nuremberg " " The Rainmaker " " The Firm " " A Time to Kill " " The Verdict " " A Few Good Men " " A Man for All Seasons " " My Cousin Vinny " " Adam's Rib " " Inherit the Wind " " The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance " " The Caine Mutiny

New Film by AthenaOnline – Auntie Claus

Marshall Goldsmith

Jon has long believed that learning could be done in a way that didn’t make kids feel like they were being taught to, so he decided to use some of those ideas to make a feature-length animated film. Her only real relationship is with her flamboyant great-Aunt, the film’s title character.

Unusual Film Update


" Cosmopolis " " Rust and Bone " " Moonrise Kingdom

Memorable Film Scene


Michelle Pfeiffer singing " Making Whoopie

Personal Development - A Common Trait of All High Achievers

Your Voice of Encouragement

Once the filming was done, I had to edit and produce it, using special software. When you finished your formal education, did you assume you were finished with most of the learning you’d need to do in your life? For many people, graduation means they are done.

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Strong Women in the Front Row

Women on Business

Margaret Thatcher , portrayed by Meryl Streep in the film The Iron Lady , was a woman of depth and conviction. Telling a group of men to “show up and be accountable” is new territory for most women. We have been in back of or on the side of our men for eons.

Film 24

It Conquered the World


This may just be the greatest film ever made. The special effects alone are stunning

Today’s thoughts February 8, 2012

Rapid BI

With Apple dropping support & products for the film & media industry, they are now [.]. Goodbye IT – hello products that work Goodbye IT – hello products that work With so many people fed-up of big software solutions that just are too clunky and don’t do easily what people want, the IT world is moving. ecademy

Best (Not Scary) Halloween Films


" The Nightmare Before Christmas " " Beetlejuice

When You Stop Growing You Start Plateauing

Tim Milburn

BodyBuilding.com wants to do some filming on our campus for a series of videos aimed at college students. I had the opportunity to visit the headquarters of BodyBuilding.com yesterday. It’s right here in the Treasure Valley (Meridian, Idaho).

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Great Moments in Film: Sand Sharks


How could I have ever missed this one

My Own Coach - Untitled Article

My Own Coach

There are many great books and films where you can learn about leadership and teams. films books leadership As we spot them, we will add them to our new store , powered by Amazon. We trust you will enjoy the titles you select, tell others and come back for more.

Great Moments in Modern Film


The trailers for: " Ishtar " " Showgirls " " Howard The Duck " " Heaven's Gate " " Battlefield Earth " " Gigli " " Plan 9 from Outer Space

Should we worry about a Digital Landfill?

Mills Scofield

We used to take just one in the physical film days but with a digital camera/phone, we can take 20 to get the one we want. Our society has made significant progress on reducing landfills. From companies like Subaru’s Zero Landfill Plant in Indiana to the many trash and recycling bins on campuses, shopping areas and homes, we are conscious of not wasting our physical resources. So, I’ve wondered if we are creating the equivalent of a digital landfill?