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How To Start Next Now

Joseph Lalonde

Bob co-founded Faithlife Corporation (formerly Logos Bible Software) at 19 years old. In just 24 years, he’s landed on’s Top-25 CEOs list, won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, and led the company to a Top-10 Best Employer on

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How To Write Effective Performance Appraisals

Eric Jacobson

Today''s guest post is by: Peggy Pedwano Solutions Specialist at Halogen Software As performance appraisal time draws near, managers are all too likely to be dreading the exercise. Ask your employees to send you their own written thoughts about their performance.

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How To Disrupt the Tech World

Mills Scofield

Three years ago, Whitney Johnson asked me how I felt as the only female partner in my VC firm. From how I was raised through my education and my career at Bell Labs and AT&T, I never felt any gender bias. ALS) I am privileged to see changes first-hand.

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How to Compete Like the World’s Most Innovative Leaders

Skip Prichard

A great idea may not be enough to build a great business. That’s why I enjoyed talking with Jeff Dyer who, along with Nathan Furr and Curtis Lefrandt, wrote a new book, Innovation Capital: How to Compete and Win Like the World’s Innovative Leaders. to 6 p.m.,

How to Lead an Online Business

Coaching Tip

As a young entrepreneur just starting out , you may have a great product you wish to retail, or a service you wish to provide. Online businesses tend to fall into one of two categories, selling products or services to the general public, or providing technical assistance to other online businesses. To this end, unless you are very web-savvy, contracting the services of a good website builder is the first thing required. Can't Get Enough Leadership.

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5 Tips On How To Treat New Employees.

Rich Gee Group

home about rich our team news our fans services executive coach business coach speaking inspire media knowledge books affiliates contact Rich Gee Group 203.500.2421 5 Tips On How To Treat New Employees. Any inclination or occurrence to upset the apple-cart might make them flee quickly.

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How To Write Effective Performance Appraisals

Eric Jacobson

Today''s guest post is by: Peggy Pedwano Solutions Specialist at Halogen Software As performance appraisal time draws near, managers are all too likely to be dreading the exercise. Ask your employees to send you their own written thoughts about their performance.

The Future of Our Partnership With Machines

Skip Prichard

How long until the human race declines? And how many jobs will go away? One new book that thoughtfully approaches these topics of how we will work symbiotically with machines and how we can all evolve to benefit together is HUMAN/MACHINE: The Future Of Our Partnership with Machines.

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How to Beat Mid-Career Malaise

Harvard Business Review

” These questions are especially agonizing for mid-career professionals who may be searching for fulfillment while juggling demands at home and intense financial pressures to earn. How should you address a mid-career crisis? What actions can you take to improve your professional satisfaction? How can you combat the dullness and tedium of your workaday life? And how can you tell if it’s time to make a drastic change?

Balance your Workload on High-Visible Projects

Career Advancement

“I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.” Gabrielle had been working to take on the types of responsibilities needed to move up the ladder for a promotion. She was striving to increase her visibility by taking on high-profile projects.

Personal Leadership Book: Behavioral Styles


Watch and comment, sharing your perspectives and experiences, to help us write the book! To the “enlightened leader&# in you! I agree that it is easier to work with people with certain styles, verus others. I would love to be on your mailing list for future distributions.

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Time Management Strategies & Prioritizing

Career Advancement

“It’s not enough to be busy; so are the ants. Miguel had an enormous list of tasks on his to-do list. He’d been working to increase his responsibilities to prove he could handle a leadership role, but now he was having a hard time keeping up with it all.

Training Middle Managers On People Management Basics


Home Go to Guest Posts Disclaimer Training Middle Managers On People Management Basics Here is a simple idea: Whenever you have a new manager (project manager/departmental leader) joining in your organization, put him/her through a simple training program on how to manage people.

10 Pointers to Build Comfort Within The Team


Home Go to Guest Posts Disclaimer 10 Pointers to Build Comfort Within The Team It pains to see teams where people work on a common goal but don’t get along well with each other. We work in teams and knowing how to get along well with others is extremely crucial.

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Experience and Expertise – A Few Thoughts


Home Go to Guest Posts Disclaimer Experience and Expertise – A Few Thoughts When a kid learns how to play music, he develops “ability” to play music. He is able to play the music according to notes. To be able to think beyond tactics of work.

10 Guaranteed Ways That Can Get You Fired

Lead from Within

Nobody starts a new job hoping to be fired. The most important thing, of course, is to do good work without making trouble—but there are lots of factors that can make or break your success. Disrespecting leadership. The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness.

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Talent Wins

Coaching Tip

Written for all leaders across organizations, TALENT WINS by Ram Charan, Dominic Barton and Dennis Carey, provides a much-needed framework for transforming how companies acquire, manage and deploy talent for today's agile, digital analytical, technologically driven strategic environment. In TALENT WINS , the authors combine their distinct perspectives to provide a seven-part plan for leaders with insight into how to: Forge the tools of transformation.

How to Manage Managers

Harvard Business Review

When you’re managing managers, your responsibilities are two-fold: you need to make sure they’re producing good work (as with any employee) and that they’re effectively supporting their teams. You might know how to do the former, but how do you do the latter?

3 Ways to Break Out of a Zero-Sum Game of Growth with Your Competitors

Leading Blog

How true disruptors use innovation, including digital, to grow the market and create new business models. Many digitally native startups seem to find a third way - a digitally enabled non-disruptive creative growth.

5 Ways to Use Employee Training and Development to Motivate Staff

Lead Change Blog

It can be hard to find great employees. Plus, you’ll groom them to respect and enhance the company culture. Here are some things you can do to use training and development opportunities to motivate your staff. . People want to know that what they’re doing matters. It must illuminate the organization’s mission and strategy to get there. Help them set goals, and show them how those objectives contribute to the organization’s higher goals.

Carnival of HR – April 22, 2015 Edition

Lead Change Blog

At the Lead Change Group, we are thrilled to host the Carnival of HR again. As our turn to host approached, we started thinking about Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day 2015 or TOSADTW. David Richter of Octopus HR Software submitted 5 Truths I Have Learned In My Time In HR.

When The Right Channels Lead to Dead Ends

Lead Change Blog

After reading that post, one of our Lead Change Group members shared a time when the only recourse seemed to be taking an issue public within the organization after multiple attempts to bring the issue to management’s attention more privately had failed.

How to Spot a Bad Boss During an Interview

Harvard Business Review

So when you’re considering a new job, it’s important to know how you’ll get along with your new boss. This can be hard to assess in an interview when you’re working hard to demonstrate why she should hire you. ” “How will I learn?”

How to Fall Back in Love with Your Job

Harvard Business Review

And when you’ve been doing the same tasks, going to the same office, and working with the same people day in and day out, you’re bound to fall into a rut on occasion. When that happens, how do you recognize what’s happening and counteract it?

0807 | How Successful Organizations Respond to Customers with Josh Seidan


Josh Seiden is a designer who has spent most of his career working on the design of complex software applications and integrating design into the product development process. How to scale ideas. Leadership Podcast leadership listen ideas customers

Craft a Remarkable Personal Brand Statement! 29 Steps & Examples

Miles Anthony Smith

While many equate strong personal branding only to powerful leadership, there's a lot more that goes into crafting a personal brand statement. In business, your personal brand needs to leave a lasting impression or you risk being ignored. What type of impact do you want to make?

Development of Coaching Competencies at SAP

Coaching Tip

SAP (Systems-Applications-Programs) AG , a global provider of business software, has implemented coaching programs based on effective personal development accomplishing business goals while meeting the challenges of the coachee''s professional role in an optimal way. Sustained Leadership.

22 Tips: Improving Business Communication Skills in the Workplace

Miles Anthony Smith

The Ultimate Guide of 22 Tips: How to Masterfully Improve Business Communication Skills in the Workplace Are you wrestling with any of these issues? Unsure of how to talk to management? Breakdown can also begin to occur with customers as well.

How Great Leaders Value People

Lead Change Blog

Consequently, servant leadership quickly is becoming the preferred practice for some of the biggest and best companies in the world. They take the pulse of the organization by constantly listening and responding to what they hear so they can serve the needs of their people.

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How to Manage a Team of All-Stars

Harvard Business Review

When Bain & Company asked senior executives from 308 large companies how they form teams for their most important initiatives, most told us they assemble teams based on whoever is available. Only a small minority indicated that they consistently create all-star teams , comprised of their very best talent, to tackle their company’s highest-priority issues. But we may not fully recognize just how much better they are. It’s remarkable to watch.

How to Know If Joining a Startup Is Right for You

Harvard Business Review

You’re thinking about making a career change (or perhaps getting your first real job out of grad school), and you’re looking at different types of organizations. How can you evaluate whether that’s the right work culture for you? Here are some tips on how to do that.

How to Deal with a Chronically Indecisive Boss

Harvard Business Review

Managers who can’t seem to pick a course of action — or who constantly change their minds – can be maddening. You’re left spinning your wheels, or abruptly switching directions, and your team’s credibility across the organization is likely to suffer. So how can you help a wishy-washy boss make decisions? If your manager isn’t willing to steer, is it OK for you to take the driver’s seat? Try to have empathy.

How to Help Your Team Bounce Back from Failure

Harvard Business Review

No one likes to fail. And while we all know the importance of learning from mistakes, both individuals and teams can struggle to bounce back from big blunders. How can you help them see the experience as an opportunity for growth instead of the kiss of death? Here’s how.

How to Make Unlimited Vacation Time Work at Your Company

Harvard Business Review

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg called the deck the most important document ever to come out of Silicon Valley. Netflix’s leaders had decided to stop tracking how many vacation days its employees were taking. Add to Cart.

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How to Manage a Needy Employee

Harvard Business Review

But sometimes certain employees seem to need more than their fair share of your time. Maybe they repeatedly ask you to review their work, look for constant feedback, or regularly show up at your desk to chat. How do you balance being a responsive manager with the need to get your own work done? And how should you manage your frustration? It’s your job to figure out how to address the root cause. Talk to your employee.

How to Tell Your Boss You Have Too Much Work

Harvard Business Review

So how do you tell your boss you simply have too much to do? No one wants to come across as lazy, uncommitted, or not a team player. How can you protect your image as a hard worker while saying uncle? No matter how busy you are , it can feel exceedingly difficult to talk to your boss about your heavy workload. The reason is twofold, according to Julie Morgenstern, productivity expert and author of Never Check E-Mail in the Morning.

Book Review: The Leadership Test by Timothy R. Clark


Home Go to Guest Posts Disclaimer Book Review: The Leadership Test by Timothy R. Clark Businesses today are plagued by people who are "installed" in leadership positions just because of their prior performance as a "worker" I have seen some excellent technical brains failing miserably as project leaders. " Most of these would answer that they want to be a team lead, manage people and projects. But why do they want to lead?

How to Make a High-Stakes Decision

Harvard Business Review

We make decisions every day without noticing, but a career-making (or breaking) challenge requires thought and deliberation. However, there are key factors you should consider to ensure you reach a sound conclusion. People respond to the pressure of big decisions in different ways. When there's more at stake, you have to take more time [but] how much time really depends on the magnitude of the decision," he says. You have to have a team.

How to Make a Job Sharing Situation Work

Harvard Business Review

But is it really possible to share a job with another person? How can you make what looks good on paper work in reality? There are a wide variety of reasons to choose a job sharing arrangement — it might be to take care of a dependent, to work another job, or to advance one’s education,” says Stew Friedman, a professor of management at the Wharton School and author of Total Leadership: Be a Better Leader, Have a Richer Life. Principles to Remember.

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Has SAS Institute’s Goodnight Cracked the Code on Corporate Culture?

Michael Lee Stallard

Congratulations to SAS Institute for being recognized the second year in a row as #1 on Fortune magazine’s 100 Best Places to Work list. Unfortunately, most leaders have a blind spot when it comes to these areas. The culture also has an egalitarian feel to it.

The Importance of “Know Why”?


Knowledge industry, particularly software, is full of people who possess “ know-how ” – knowledge of how to get something done. Give them a task, and they will be able to apply their technical skills (read ‘know-how’) to accomplish it. Know-how” shines with “Know-what”. It requires curiosity, implicit insight, ability to connect the dots, question our work, think about system and understand the invisible currents.

How to Navigate a Turf War at Work

Harvard Business Review

You’re working on a cross-functional initiative that’s critical to your company. How do you determine who has authority? How do you navigate the situation with your boss, your counterpart, and others in the group? And even if you can come to an agreement, how do you make sure it lasts? But you don’t need to start, or continue, the battle. To navigate the situation thoughtfully, follow these principles. Principles to Remember.

How to Get People to Collaborate When You Don’t Control Their Salary

Harvard Business Review

Most of us assume that if we want to change people’s behavior, we need to change their incentives. For example, after I published research and advice on collaboration in professional service firms , I heard from a surprising number of people who wrote to ask questions like, “Maybe it’ll work in a partnership, like a law or consulting firm, but what about in my company, where employees aren’t owners and can’t change the rules?”