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7 Questions Every Leader Needs to Ask Their Direct Reports

Lead from Within

It’s crucial for every successful leader to understand the motivations and drivers of their direct reports. As an executive leadership coach, I have helped my clients come up with seven of the most important questions that will create a positive and successful working environment with their direct reports.

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Why Design Matters in Your Career and Business.

Rich Gee Group

Reports: Think of the countless reports that cross desks every day. Reports should not only present facts but tell a story. Whether it’s a new logo, report template, or an email signature, understand its impact on your audience. When harnessed correctly, it can elevate your career and business to unprecedented heights.

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How Chance Influences Our Career

The Horizons Tracker

The role of chance A second study , by Audencia Business School in Paris, also found that chance plays a considerable role in our careers. The majority of the participants (62.17%, or 424 respondents out of 682) reported having experienced a chance event that significantly influenced their careers.

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Leaders: Know Your Direct Reports’ Career Experiences and Aspirations

Michael Lee Stallard

#42 Know Your Direct ReportsCareer Experiences/Aspirations – Ask your direct reports about their prior work experiences, and what they liked and didn’t like about those experiences. Ask them about their career aspirations and how you can help them make progress toward those aspirations.

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Management and leadership in local government report

Chartered Management Institute

This report, leveraging insights from an expert roundtable, recent survey data, and case studies, delves into the performance and challenges of leadership and management in local government. Introducing a direct entry system for experienced leaders seeking a career change can bring fresh perspectives from other industries.

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Managing Insecurity Report – The role of good management

Chartered Management Institute

Read the full report Nearly 2.6 million people - are in severely insecure jobs, often characterised by low pay, unpredictable hours, poor protections, and limited career progression. Jennifer, 45-year-old educator, from the North West My manager helped me to decide a path for my career and that's why I'm doing engineering college.

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Focusing On Our Career Can Make Us Less Happy

The Horizons Tracker

New research from the University of Essex suggests that focusing too much on your career and not having enough fun can actually make you less happy. On the flip side, those who aimed to have more freedom in their lives reported feeling 13% happier. They also said they slept better and were more satisfied with their lives. ”

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