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His academic lab and companies he has started develop and deploy neuroscience technologies to solve real problems faced by real people. Leadership Podcast leadership culture performance chemical

Get Over Yourself To Develop Effective Communication Skills | Guy.

The Recovering Engineer

I teach and coach others on developing effective communication skills, and I wasn’t really using them. He has degrees in Chemical Engineering and he served as a Nuclear Engineering officer in the U.S.

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Meet Instigator Linda Freeman

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development Each month in our newsletter, we feature an interview with one of our Instigators. in Chemical Engineering at the University [.]. Leadership Development instigator interview

John Butman: An interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

John Butman is founder and principal of the idea and content development firm Idea Platforms, Inc. and author of Breaking Out: How to Build Influence in a World of Competing Ideas (Harvard Business Review Press 2013). He has worked with leading consultancies, CEOs, and senior executives of major companies including members of the Fortune 50, […].

FORTUNE COOKIE - Personal Development

Building Personal Strength

I know well over a thousand people, and probably hundreds of them are actively involved in various aspects of personal development. The procedure upset her hormonal system, which caused a chemical imbalance in her brain, leading to depression.

What Leaders Can Learn From Teflon

Kevin Eikenberry

This chemical now has a growing list of uses based on its [.]. Leadership Learning Personal Development leadership development Super Bowl

How Leaders are Catalysts

Kevin Eikenberry

In your mostly long-forgotten chemistry class, you learned that a catalyst is a substance that causes or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected. (OK,

Building Blocks for a Customer-Centric Culture

Lead Change Blog

We were meeting with the CEO of a successful chemical company. Change Management Leadership Development Accountability Character-based Leadership Culture Change Teamwork Known for good service, the company’s leadership recognized that remarkable service was vital to their competitive advantage. Price and product quality have, for this industry and many others, become mere table stakes. “We We know we are going to have to change many of our practices [.]

No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy.

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Chemical attack, treachery, and use of the innocent as human shields can be expected, as can other unethical tactics. We did not push our way around.”. * * * Like us on Instagram and Facebook for additional leadership and personal development ideas. * * *.

Be Selfish

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I could advocate for clean eating, all natural, sans chemical processing. Self Leadership development exercise habit health lifestyle self-care sleepAre you selfish? What was your answer? You said no, didn’t you? Nobody wants to be known as the selfish one.

5 Office Etiquette to Live By

HR Digest

A 2007 study published in the Leadership and Organizational Development Journal by Yehuda Baruch and Stuart Jenkins of the University of East Anglia in Norwich, groups swearing into two types: social swearing and annoyance swearing. Avoid foul & offensive language in the workplace.

What they don’t teach in business school, but should…

Strategy Driven

Favor developing general managers. There is a decline in opportunities for executives to develop general management skills to equip them for the most senior general management roles. Balance development of hard skills and soft skills – intellect and emotion.

How Learning and Development Are Becoming More Agile

Harvard Business Review

Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders. What does this mean for workforce learning and development? In particular, we see several interesting developments: Technology-supported peer learning is disrupting the old paradigm. Each year 40 high potential young leaders from around the globe come together and work in teams on projects like “How do we grow our business in the chemicals industry?” Development, not deficiency, is motivating learning.

A New Era for Global Leadership Development

Harvard Business Review

The realities of globalization, with increasing emphasis on emerging markets, present corporate leaders with enormous challenges in developing the leaders required to run global organizations. This approach worked relatively well for companies selling standard products in developed markets, but as multinationals transition into truly global organizations relying on emerging markets for growth, it's far from adequate. That requires developing many leaders capable of working anywhere.

8 Ways To Design a High-Trust Culture

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Paul Zak, the author of The Trust Factor , has shown that “when someone is tangibly trusted by a stranger, the brain synthesizes the signaling chemical oxytocin” and “ the more trust one is shown, the more the brain produces oxytocin.” Facilitate self-mastery and skill development.

Addicted to Your Smartphone, To-do List or Busyness?

Michael Lee Stallard

If your answer is yes to one or more of these questions, you may have or be developing an addiction that’s tied to dopamine, a type of neurotransmitter in your brain. To put it simply, neurotransmitters are molecules that behave as chemical messengers in the brain.

What Businesses Need to Know About Sustainable Development Goals

Harvard Business Review

Some companies could get a jumpstart in their industry in organizing partnerships and even positioning themselves as leaders in sustainable development using the goals as a branding anchor. This can make the case for innovating in sustainable development more challenging.

Mary Schaefer: The Character-Based Leader Co-Author Interview

Lead Change Blog

She began her own leadership development growing up on a melon farm in Southern Indiana.Mary’s clients range from Fortune 500 companies to local non-profits and small businesses. She has served in a variety of roles in chemical plant, office, IT and lab environments.She has taught HR topics at both Delaware Technical & Community College and Wilmington University.

Red Lines and Policies – A Last Resort for Leaders

N2Growth Blog

By Brian Layer , Chair, Organizational Development, N2growth. response to Syrian chemical weapons dominates this week’s news. The U.S.

Leadership Caffeine: How to Cope With Organizational Alchemists

Management Excellence

Instead of the medieval pursuit by alchemists of a magical chemical conversion process to change one element into another, modern practitioners are focused on the magical and easy transformation of people and organizations from one level of performance to another. Leadership Leadership Caffeine Leadership Skills Management Education Middle Management Performance Professional Growth Surviving Lousy Leaders Coping with Lousy Leaders Professional Development

Data Tells and Stories Sell

The Recovering Engineer

Early in my career, I worked in the plastics industry as a process and product development engineer. At the time, I had a degree in chemical engineering, and I had just completed service as a nuclear engineering officer in the U.S.

10 Reasons to Forgive a Colleague This Holiday Season

N2Growth Blog

Forgiveness improves your mental toughness – Forgiveness is another social skill that requires some muscle memory to strongly develop it. The holidays are a great time for reflection.

It’s called human resources for a reason

ReImagine Work

I worked at a chemical plant in the early Eighties. In R&D, organization members developed things to turn into products, presumably so our company could sell them and make more money. I didn’t like creating more work for them that was not related to developing the next new thing.

Data Tells and Stories Sell

The Recovering Engineer

Early in my career, I worked in the plastics industry as a process and product development engineer. At the time, I had a degree in chemical engineering, and I had just completed service as a nuclear engineering officer in the U.S.

What Neuroscience Reveals About Creating Better Leaders In Today’s Organizations

Tanveer Naseer

Controlling stress requires the development of personal awareness, mindfulness and empathy, skills that traditionally were derided as ‘soft’ but which have become critical. Army, in its Army Field Manual on Leader Development, mentions empathy as a central ingredient to effective leadership.

Make Habits, Not Rules

Great Leadership By Dan

More than once, I've seen rules and laws in social systems (such as businesses and societies) being compared to mathematical rules and natural laws in physical and chemical systems. In social systems, it is the habits of people, not laws and procedures, that can best be compared to the rules and laws in physical and chemical systems. They wash their hands because they have developed a habit of doing so.

Why Great Leadership Requires the Courage to Accept Pain

Great Leadership By Dan

The good news is, no matter how pain-averse you are, you can develop the courage and strength to rise to challenges and work through pain. An entrepreneur developing a global presence, Angela has been coaching, facilitating and leading teams and organizations for over two decades.

Overcoming the “Feedback Trifecta” to Communicate Better as a Leader

Great Leadership By Dan

Formerly the Vice President of Leadership Development for a global oil, gas and chemicals inspection company, Angela also serves as principle consultant for the firm Invested Leadership, a training provider.

Leaders: Tame the Brain’s Fight-or-Flight Response and Give Helpful Feedback

Great Leadership By Dan

HR professionals spend a lot of time preventing or dealing with the damage that occurs from avoiders, and companies lose big when talent isn’t developed and mistakes go uncorrected. The task of giving feedback triggers so much fear and trepidation that brain cells rush from the frontal cerebral cortex where the brain’s reasoning ability is coordinated toward the emotional parts of the brain where cortisol and other emergency chemicals are shot off to fight or escape the feedback “enemy.”

One CEO???s Reflections On Measuring Impact And Purpose

Tanveer Naseer

” For-profit leaders looking to develop an advantageous social impact strategy should simply turn towards looking at successful non-for-profits for guidance. The following is a guest piece by Daniel Patrick Forrester.

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3 Practices Help Protect You from Premature Aging Related to Job Stress

Michael Lee Stallard

Environments with toxic chemicals and toxic relationships (including discrimination) have been found to be associated with shorter telomeres. Develop Healthy Attitudes. On Christmas day in 1984, Carol Grieder, Ph.D.,

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The Advantages of Private Label Products

Strategy Driven

For example, if you run an agricultural business and your customers are interested in purchasing wetting agent chemicals, private label products allow you to focus your efforts on marketing while ensuring your customers receive top-quality goods from a more specialized manufacturer.

6 Powerful Ways to Thank Your Team for Being Awesome

Lead from Within

Extend your thanks to colleagues: Sincere praise also helps you develop good working relationships with colleagues. An interesting aspect about praise is the chemical reaction it causes in us. It sounds like common sense to say thank you to those who work for you and work with you, but it in reality this common sense wisdom is not practiced as much as it should be.

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Rules Without Relationship Breed Rebellion | Guy Harris: The.

The Recovering Engineer

And, you should develop a relationship before you attempt to enforce them. He has degrees in Chemical Engineering and he served as a Nuclear Engineering officer in the U.S.

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Without Clear Values, You Are Probably Losing Business

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

The nice gentleman spraying my son with chemicals was guided by his personal values of courtesy. If your team is responsible for product development, innovation and creativity need to be core values.

10 Ways to Keep Cool and Composed

Great Leadership By Dan

This post was originally recently published in SmartBlog on Leadership : When a leader blows up, loses their temper, or lets their emotions get the better of them they can quickly develop a reputation as volatile, moody, defensive, or having a lack of leadership presence. Chemicals are triggered that enable us to run away from or fight an angry bear.

The Big Picture of Business – Achieving the Best by Preparing for the Worst: Lessons Learned from High-Profile Crises, part 4 of 4

Strategy Driven

Business development. My client (a different chemical company) later had a similar explosion. The process of strategy development is not esoteric. Business development. Thinking Through the Strategies. Crisis management is so much more than handling of the media.

What They Didn’t Teach You at Business School about Negotiation

Great Leadership By Dan

They developed a trusting relationship, laid their cards on the table, face up, and walked around Palo Alto trading crazy ideas. Next comes finding the best partners and developing trusting relationships. He dabbled with partners in electric cars, batteries, cement, chemicals, and office machines. The creative teams he developed laid the foundations for today’s music, movie, and telecommunications industries.

My Interview With Mike Phillips on Lead the Team

The Recovering Engineer

He has degrees in Chemical Engineering and he served as a Nuclear Engineering officer in the U.S.

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Leading through Long Term Influence

Great Leadership By Dan

A leader needs to have people move quickly when the office is on fire or the plant has been exposed to dangerous chemicals. Guest post by Great Leadership regular contributor Beth Armknecht Miller: Webster’s Dictionary defines a “leader” as a person who has commanding authority or influence”.

The Virual Executive

CEO Blog

I know the vegetables do not have chemicals and they certainly are fresh - often an hour from garden to table. Once they have been developed, online (or phone) can be effective. I love being up early although I do wish it were lighter out. It seems too early when it is still dark.

Should a Woman Act More Like a Man to Succeed at Work?

Great Leadership By Dan

To help answer why there are not more women in the top ranks of leadership, scientists at Development Dimensions International (DDI) , the global leadership development consultancy, released two research studies aimed at finding the answers.

Do You Have a Foundation of Great Experience & Culture?

Modern Servant Leader

After college, I joined the Career Development Program at Air Products & Chemicals. Much of what I practice in both leadership and technology roles, I first learned early in my career.