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Book Announcement: Implementing Lean Six Sigma in 30 Days


It is an actionable guide titled “Implementing Lean Six Sigma in 30 Days” that aims to help readers in understanding the Lean Six Sigma methodology and solve problems that undermine quality and inhibit efficiency. I am so glad to announce that my next book is just released. Available on: Amazon and PacktPub Website.

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Management Tools For Leaders: The FADE Cycle

Rich Gee Group

Benefits: In many instances, quick, off-the-cuff 'executive' decisions are made to solve endemic problems (upper management is notorious for doing this — they know better than you). A part of QI (quality improvement) and Six Sigma, the FADE Cycle is used by many prominent organizations globally.


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How AI Fits into Lean Six Sigma

Harvard Business Review

But it will never fully replace people — and that poses management challenges. AI already is being used in some areas of process improvement, and the usage of this technology — including generative AI — promises to grow. That’s because it can perform tasks faster and much less expensively than humans alone.

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How to Become a More Effective Manager #WinningWell

Let's Grow Leaders

You can have all the great plans, Six Sigma quality programs, and brilliant competitive positioning in the universe, but if the human beings doing the real work lack the competence, confidence and creativity to pull it off, you’re finished. Managers who win well build healthy professional relationships with their employees.

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Long Term Implementation of Quality Teams Within Organizations

Mike Cardus

Long Term Implementation of Lean Six Sigma within Organizations from Michael Cardus. Whether you use Lean Six Sigma within your organization or not, this content will prove valuable to you…. Pitfalls in Six Sigma Teams. Steps to Keep Lean Six Sigma Within the Organization. 6 Coaching Questions.

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10 Reasons why Managers are Clueless about Leadership

Great Leadership By Dan

Most managers (people in leadership positions) really don’t read books about leadership. Even if there was a way to find out how many managers there were in the world at any time, I’m sure that number would be way bigger than the number of leadership books sold. Most managers (and people) have no idea how they come across to others.

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Approaching Process Optimization from a Modern Perspective

Strategy Driven

It’s a good idea for any leader to familiarize themselves with modern optimization methodologies – Lean and Six Sigma being perhaps the biggest contenders on that front. Advanced Optimization Methodologies.

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