The Difference Between Transformational and Operational Strategies

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According to the McKinsey article " Brilliant Strategy, But Can You Execute? ", there were two basic kinds of strategies: transformational and operational. A strategies is operational if the company face relatively low uncertainty and are mostly attempting to play the same old game better than the competition does. For the operational strategy, a company must focus doggedly on conventional measures like capacity utilization or throughput, and on such basics as customer service.

Southwest Airlines 2011 Results Reflect Benefits of Servant Leadership

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During mergers and acquisitions it is common for companies, especially the acquired, to experience a dip in operational performance. Bucking that trend though, AirTran reflected it’s best operational results ever.

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My Best Blogs of 2011

In the CEO Afterlife

So, with the help of WordPress analytics and content judgment, here’s my list of the top ’CEO Afterlife’ blogs of 2011. There has to be a break from day-to-day operations in the process. I began blogging about leadership, strategy, marketing and life last February. Frankly, I wasn’t sure whether I could maintain the pace of one blog per week. But as the year closes, I realize that I’ve posted 54 blogs.

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Managerial Leadership Training Tool: Using DTC Operator Innovation Planning

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Dimension Time Cost Operator. Dimension Time Cost Operator (DTC) – is a tool for for seeing problems differently exploring ideas of extremes in size and cost. The DTC Operator can work to release Psychological Inertia. The DTC Operator Algorithm.

Leadership & The Expectation Gap

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth. When it comes to leadership, I can share the issue of expectations is no small matter.

Quality Tools to Discover Solutions: DTC Operator

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Dimension Time Cost Operator. Dimension Time Cost Operator (DTC) – A TRIZ tool for for seeing problems differently exploring ideas of extremes in size, time and cost. The DTC Operator can work to release Psychological Inertia. The DTC Operator Algorithm.

Favorites of 2011: Team Building & Leadership activities / simulations

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With the end of the year approaching, this week is a great to share some of my favorites of 2011. Favorite Team Building & Leadership Activities + Simulations 2011. DTC Operator. The DTC Operator can work to release Psychological Inertia. What an amazing year 2011 was!

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Not All Metrics Are Created Equal

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While analyzing these drivers will give you some basic operating information, they are also somewhat myopic. Innovation Operations & Strategy Leadership Measurement Measuring Innovation Metrics Mike Myatt N2growth ROI Success Metrics

Leading with Character by Leading from Within

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Senk described that culture as one where creative, collaborative and curious people are given the freedom to operate almost like entrepreneurs. There is no escaping the fact that when we show up for work and for our leadership roles, we bring the entirety of ourselves to the table.

10 Essential Steps To Leadership Excellence

Terry Starbucker

Establish the “Immutables” – You’re now ready to lay down a few operational “immutables” – your leadership lines in the sand. We used 3 – total customer counts, our operational fault rate, and our Net Promoter Score.

7 Signs of a Dysfunctional Team

Ron Edmondson

A dysfunctional team in simple terms is one that cannot operate at peak efficiency and performance because of a combination of negative characteristics. Chances are, if you’ve served on very many teams, that you’ve served on one that is dysfunctional.

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Keeping It Simple

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I would suggest that you break down every key area of your business (operations, administration, marketing, branding, sales, finance, IT, etc.) By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth. One of the most effective ways to order your world is to simplify everything you encounter.

7 Essentials For A Quality Culture

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Utilitarian - No matter what is in place, there will always be those who choose to operate on the fringes. There will always be those who feel they should be able to operate outside these boundaries.

Do You Have A Psychopathic Organization?

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Focus on how your company operates and carries out its day-to-day business and read each one of these from that context. Before his untimely death, Heath Ledger put together an amazing performance as the Joker.

Leadership Lessons from Heroes, the Bravest of Men

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Thornton received his Medal of Honor for “conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty&# while participating in a daring operation against enemy forces during the Vietnam conflict in 1972.

7 Ways to Distinguish God’s Voice from the Circumstances of Life

Ron Edmondson

Recognize that God operates from a plan – Proverbs 16:9 says, “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.” How do you actually know God is talking to you? Every believer wants to hear from God.

M&A Without Buying the Company

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Most people tend to look at acquisitions from a rather myopic and traditional M&A perspective: making a strategic or synergistic purchase of an operating entity on an accretive basis. By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth.

3/4 Blind CEO

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In the process of operating 3/4 blind, leadership stands the risk of seeming more about the money than supporting the folks that help make the money…everyone else in the organization. The March of Dimes is an amazing organization.

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The End of Business Leadership as Usual

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Their vision looks beyond the operation of the business.

Midsized Companies Can’t Afford Operational Glitches

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But they don’t think nearly enough about operational meltdowns – technological glitches and other problems that can put them out of business. They are usually quick to recognize operational problems and deal with them before they become disasters. Instagram dodged an operational meltdown that could have rendered the start-up dead on arrival. Operational meltdowns at midsized companies can take much longer to notice and resolve. Operations Small/medium business

What CEOs Really Think About Values and Culture

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When you look at culture as we do national cultures, as an operating system of a group of people, you see how people are subconsciously influenced by it and reject those who do not adapt.

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Leadership Secrets to Winning the Customer Every Time

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However, that mode of operation was never going to be able to generate the growth expected as we built a new state-of-the art facility. I believe the best leaders have operated with this in mind from the beginning of time.

10 Myths People Have about the Church

Ron Edmondson

I’ve been in church all my life. I’ve also always been active in my community. I’ve leaerned there are many myths people have about the church…some from people inside the church…some from the people on the outside of the church.

Looking For Leadership

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Building an Adaptable Team: 6 Ideas


In military operations, lack of agility can have more serious and rapid consequences. Ability to deal with rapid changes and uncertainties on the field is as critical a skill for organizations/teams as it is for the military troops. In case of teams, individuals and organizations, the consequences may not be visible in a short term,

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4 Keys To Avoid Culture Creep

The Leadership Advisor

It’s not intentional, but the environment in which we’re operating has subtly shifted us to a different location. Few people, if any, will actually call out a leader that is operating under a double standard, but the impact on culture and morale will be unmistakable.

The Strategy-Focused Organization: A book review by Bob Morris

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Kaplan The Balanced Scoreboard The Perilous "Journey" to Achieve Breakthrough Performance The Strategy-Focused Organization: How Balanced Scorecard Companies Thrive in the New Business Environment Translate the strategy to operational terms Translating the Strategy to Operational TermsThe Strategy-Focused Organization: How Balanced Scorecard Companies Thrive in the New Business Environment Robert S. Kaplan and David P.

5 Leadership Secrets of an Aviator (1 of 3)

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The company must continue operating as we do our respective leadership work. In military flying, studying and training on emergency procedures (EPs) was constant. Quick thinking and disciplined responses were expected as a minimum standard to succeed in a military aviation career.

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If God had a Suggestion Box…

Ron Edmondson

There are so many other (more serious) suggestions I would put in such a suggestion box, To be honest, however, I’m glad God operates apart from my “suggestions” I tend to mess things up when I’m in charge.

Attitude Reflects Leadership

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Ideas Don't Equal Innovation | N2Growth Blog

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7 Ways to Minister to College Students

Ron Edmondson

So, while I’m not a college pastor, but if I was one these days, I think I’d: Help students understand their worth in Christ – When a student can operate out of this identity it will help them withstand some of the temptations they face.

Does This Culture Make My Leadership Look Phat?

The Leadership Advisor

Often times the most common metrics people use to determine one’s leadership are usually of the operational variety. There are a number of things that point to the quality of your leadership.

Leadership Lessons From A Lemonade Stand

The Leadership Advisor

As kids learn valuable lessons through operating their own sidewalk ventures, these enthusiastic little entrepreneurs can also teach us what it takes to be a great leader.

Great by Choice

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For their study, the authors chose a set of major companies that achieved spectacular results over 15 or more years while operating in unstable environments. It is a defeatist attitude to think that luck or circumstances primarily make you what you are. Luck, both good and bad happen to us all. We cannot control much of what happens around us, but the choices we make, as Jim Collins and Morten Hansen’s research confirms, determine our success.

The Most Used, And Least Successful, Leadership Technique Of All Time (Unless You’re A Vulcan)

Terry Starbucker

I was never a believer of Osmosis – when I was in the corporate world I had a requirement that EVERY employee in my department could recite our 3 key operating metrics (and the latest measurements), and our company values mantra, if I happened to see them and ask them.

A Successful CEO’s Leadership Development Blueprint

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The concept of operations for running the program was developed entirely by those in the Program and is self-directed. By Lisa Petrilli.

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Twitter for Non-Profits: An Interview with Twitter’s Claire Diaz-Ortiz

Ron Edmondson

Claire holds an MBA and other degrees from Stanford and Oxford, and is the co-founder of Hope Runs , a non-profit organization operating in AIDS orphanages in Kenya. Recently I had the opportunity to meet and later interview Claire Diaz-Ortiz. Claire leads social innovation at Twitter, where she has worked since 2009. She wrote Twitter for Good: Change the World one Tweet at a Time and is a frequent international speaker on social media, leadership, and social change.

Work-Life Balance For Workaholics

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But many of us have forgotten how to primarily operate in right brain mode like the fisherman in the story above. WORK IS LIFE I have never read a post about work-life balance that convinced me I should find balance in my life.

20 Leadership Books You Might Not Have Read

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This book combines several of his best pieces in one volume, and is a must read for anyone looking to understand organizational, operational, or cultural management theory. By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth.