What’s Missing in Project Management Training

Kevin Eikenberry

The truth is there is probably as much training available on project management as there is on any leadership topic or skill I could ever write about here. Change Leadership Empowerment Leadership Leadership Communication Learning project management projects

Why Are 2013 Graduates Considered Unprepared?

Chart Your Course

While the National Center for Education Statistics is projecting nearly 1.8 Meanwhile, of the hiring managers that are looking at 2013 graduates, the majority only plans to hire one or two this year. via Why Are 2013 Graduates Considered Unprepared? By Ashley Bowers.

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2013 Trends and The Power of Women

Women on Business

I was recently asked to think about how 2013 trends will impact women in the work force and how women will impact the trends. Could I see the future as a projection of the strides I’ve been able to make, similar to what other women in business have done?

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Succession Planning Development Plans: Skill Gaps or Experience Gaps?

Great Leadership By Dan

The Skill Gap Approach. The most common way to create development plans to address those gaps is to identify 1-3 key skills, or competencies, that the candidate is lacking that need to get better at. To create a development plan to address this skill gap, we might have the candidate take an executive development course in strategy, be mentored or coached by someone who’s really strategic, and assign them to lead a project that will require them to be strategic.

Complimentary Resource – Emerging Trends in Project Management

Strategy Driven

Emerging Trends in Project Management. Implementing project management soft skills into your projects will become increasingly important over the next several years; opening your mind to these emerging trends will open your door to new opportunities.

6 Questions To Ask When You Do A Project Review

Eric Jacobson

Those authors, Ken Blanchard and Garry Ridge, recommend you ask the following six essential questions whenever you do a project review : What did we set out to do? And, these questions are important to ask even if there was no mistakes made during the project.

Starting a Successful Team Project. Tips for the initial team meeting

Mike Cardus

Team projects succeed of purpose. Project Manager / Team Leader – What to do. In the 1 st project team meeting, slow down and schedule some ‘get to know others time’. Project Manager / Team Leader explain why this team is together; Who is part of the team.

The First Thing Leaders Need to Do When Leading a Big Change

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Phil Buckley : Most leaders will lead their organizations through multiple big change projects. The first thing leaders need to ask themselves is, “What do I bring to the project?” Review past change projects they have led and what they learned from them.

The Enormous Coaching Skills Gap

The Practical Leader

A study on the need for improved coaching skills development conducted by the consulting firm, CO2 Partners, found that only 11% of employees listed their supervisors when asked “whom do you turn to for advice on problems at work?”

5 Must-Read Books For Business Leaders For Summer 2013

Eric Jacobson

Author Paul Smith explains why storytelling has emerged as a vital skill for every leader and manager. Reilly, this is the book for brushing up on your leadership skills, or learning what to do in your new leadership role.

25 Coaching Questions to Create your 2013 Leadership Development Plan

Great Leadership By Dan

Why are you interested in developing your leadership skills? What leadership competencies (skills, knowledge, attributes) are important to your organization, for your current role, and/or for the role you aspire to? What are some challenging assignments or projects, both on the job and outside of work that would give you an opportunity to learn and apply these new competencies?

Five Ways Leaders Turns Doubters into Doers

Chart Your Course

Effective June 2013, all employees were required to work in the office. Your business is adding a new time-management system, which requires employees to log their hours on specific projects. This past February Yahoo!’s s fledgling CEO Marissa Mayer made her first misstep.

What Managers Are Looking For In Tomorrow’s Leaders

Tanveer Naseer

One of my predictions was that the higher up you go in an organization, the more important soft skills are to your success. We found that managers are looking for soft skills over hard ones when promoting. Teamwork skills will only become more important in the workplace.

Five Online Communities To Strengthen Your Productivity Skills

Tim Milburn

How do you go about acquiring the skills and tools and the confidence to become a leader in your own right? Project management is a skill every leader needs. Another reason Basecamp can help sharpen your leadership productivity skills?

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An Army of One

General Leadership

Take, for example, even some of the more mundane practices, such as parade-ground drills, formation runs, and training projects geared to collective problem solving.

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4 Design Thinking Tools for Engaging Your Team

Leading Blog

Where problems lurk unnoticed How well do you really understand how your team executes a typical project from day one to very end? There are different stages in a project. Team members'' daily roles can be different depending on the project life-cycle.

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Leading for a Higher Purpose

General Leadership

Karen is the CEO of the New York-based strategic technology, staffing and project management company Sharp Decisions. is designed to help provide former service members with valuable, in-demand technology skills such as software testing and data mining capabilities.

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5 Reasons You Should Subscribe to Sean’s Team Building Newsletter

Great Results Team Building

Whether you are in a family, attend a church, work in an office environment, are part of a project group, or participate in athletics, you are likely always looking for ideas and tips on how your team can become more productive. Everyone is part of a team.

Advice: Manage Well by Leading Better

N2Growth Blog

Keep the projects on time and within budget by putting people into positions where they can succeed. As a manager and leader you will: Communicate for understanding with frequent check-ins; Coach for success so that people develop their talents and skills; and.

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Making Feedback A Gift For Your Employees

Tanveer Naseer

Feedback should clarify roles and purpose within the organization A few years back, I had a boss who used my annual performance review to criticize the completed efforts of a team project I was assigned to, months after it had wrapped up.

Make a list of “to becomes”


It’s a powerful skill that when exercised, is capable of being the foundation for influencing others, delegating effectively, increasing empathy and leading change to name a few. How might better listening help you to assure the success of that project?

Encouraging the magnificence in others


Similar, but different from finding the good in your employees, notice what they are skilled at and do well. There might be some special projects they can take off your hands or a team assignment that will suit their skills.

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How to Create a Culture Where People Can Grow

Great Results Team Building

So what constitutes the quality soil that allows people to grow – both in their skills and their relationships? Your people will thrive more when… they are encouraged to learn new skills by attending workshops, or allowed to take on new roles that expand their comfort zones.

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Love and kindness in leadership


Yet we’ve all experienced or observed the devastation caused by leaders who use demands and threats as their main skill for getting employees to do what they want them to do. Andrew managed a group of employees that weren’t meeting deadlines for a major project.

Three steps to engaging employees in what matters to them


Simply put, people are most engaged when their talents and skills are aligned with the work they’re doing; it’s called intrinsic motivation. You might be hearing a lot about employee engagement. It’s a hot topic, keeping Human Resources, consultants and bloggers busy.

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The Power of Expressing Vulnerability as a Leader

Great Leadership By Dan

I see it as a leadership skill that every leader or potential leader needs to master. But if for instance, there is a discussion about a certain project where you believe you made a bad decision, say so instead of hiding this, blaming others or pretending you were right.

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How To Embrace Change In Today’s Organizations

Tanveer Naseer

When it comes to successfully leading today’s organizations, one skill that’s been growing in importance and need is the ability to manage change.

28 Leadership Development Recommendations for your Individual Development Plan

Great Leadership By Dan

Do employees feel that their boss honors their career aspirations, building needed skills that serve their organization now and in the future? Improving your perception is a key skill to work and include in your IDP.

How to Encourage Team Members to Lead

Lead on Purpose

Educate your staff — Not everyone has innate leadership skills, but these skills can be developed. Allowing people to co-lead projects reduces anxiety and creates a more positive leadership experience by giving team members someone to lean on for assistance. Define the goal — Unclear goals can create huge obstacles for those attempting to lead a project. While it may not be easy to develop leadership skills in others, it is essential to the success of your business.

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The Trouble with Control

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post by Jen Shirkani : I write about the damage done when, as leaders, we don’t fully allow employees to have control over their tasks, projects or budgets. And it’s not just the nemesis of new, inexperience managers who are nervous and learning to use their delegation skills.

Hackers and Hummingbirds: Leadership Lessons from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Terry Starbucker

They hire engineers not only for their general skills but also their vision of the future. The company encourages its workers to form teams around projects they’re passionate about, because Facebook’s leaders clearly understand that great work comes out of doing what you adore.

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20 Questions to Assess the Quality of an Individual Development Plan

Great Leadership By Dan

Are challenging assignments and projects represented? leadership, communications, financial or planning skills are very broad.) The development opportunities should identify the specific skills, knowledge and/or behaviors that are to be acquired or enhanced.

Question What You Know Is True

The Recovering Engineer

Your Now Step: Identify a project you have wanted to complete that continues to loom over you. Look carefully at your schedule and identify two fifteen to thirty minute blocks of time in the next week when you can focus intently on only that project.

Being The Hare

Survive Your Promotion

I realize I need some degree or skill that I don’t have that I should have gotten when I was 15 that everyone else already has. The many projects and passions that I’ve been excited about over all these years have started to hang together. photo credit: wolfpix.

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The First Step in Self-Awareness Isn’t You - Redux

Leading Blog

I was more than a little offended by the suggestion that I needed any help at all with my communication skills. In spite of my initial resistance, I did my best to participate without revealing my conviction that I felt superior to this target audience that needed help with communication and presentation skills. I had just admitted that the person I was projecting was not someone to whom I could relate. Human beings—and that includes most leaders—are relational.

The Honest Truth About Teams

Lead from Within

Every organization in every industry pursues ambitious projects, works hard to get and serve clients and customers, and tackles new markets, new ideas, and new innovation. They communicate well and they know their goals, skills, and talents.

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It’s Time to View Leadership as a Profession

Great Leadership By Dan

Professions usually have standards for performance, knowledge, and skills. While the outputs of these efforts vary in form, there tends to be little variance in the skills, behaviors, and personality. Leadership skills can be learned and they can and should.

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Expectations Mislead Us

Lead from Within

Her expectation was that this new position would give her the recognition she deserved for all the hard work she had put into the leadership of her team and project. 2013 Lolly Daskal. Life is leadership and leadership is life. How we lead ourselves is how we lead our lives.

Change Your Delivery

The Recovering Engineer

Stay focused on projected results, data, and value created by the change. Communication Skills Family Relationships Leadership Skills Parenting Persuasion change communication communicating change effective communication skills perception persuasion understanding people

Reinventing You – Becoming the Person You Were Meant to Be

Leading Blog

Once you have determined where you need to be, it is important to develop the skills you need. The answer is to keep projecting the new behavior until you’re comfortable with it and others begin to accept it as the new “normal.” It’s not uncommon to think of personal reinvention as being somewhat contrived or manipulative. But reinventing you isn’t about becoming what you are not, but more of who you are.

Employee Empowerment: A Key Force in Leadership

Lead on Purpose

Empowerment is an important skill to learn as a leader. Unfortunately, these skills do not often translate into engaging with employees. This disenchantment is painfully clear in the Gallup 2013 State of the American Workplace survey. Delegating these tasks to employees allows managers to focus on improving company morale and advancing workplace projects. Guest post by Ken Myers.

How to Build a Great Team and Culture? 60 Pointers


Skills alone, without right attitude doesn’t move a needle. Before hiring a team members, look for actual working skills. Get people on team with complementary skills.

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Debriefing Questions are the Magic of Team Building Events

Great Results Team Building

discussion, you should be able to flow smoothly into questions that apply those ideas to future projects or interactions: 1. Have you ever seen a magician pull a rabbit out of his or her hat?