Executive Coach Helps Real Estate Entrepreneur Pursue What’s Possible

Tony Mayo

I began working with Tony in January of 2013. His guidance has helped me to look at the world from an entirely new perspective. After years of trying to fix “what’s wrong” in my business and life, he’s helped me learn to pursue what’s possible. The change in perspective has made all the […]. Client Comments

Economic Development in America

Coaching Tip

According to Census Bureau data from 2013, about 4.8 Source: INERTIA NATION, New York Times Magazine, December 15, 2013.

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Selling Suburbia to Millennials

Strategy Driven

Millennial homebuyers aren’t the traditional real estate clients. According to a recent trends report, “hipsturbia” is fast becoming the desired location for real estate hunters. The first reports on “hipsturbia” came back in 2013 when the New York Times reported that more people were moving to the vibrant communities that were just outside city limits. Entrepreneurship millennials real estate strategydriven

Sir William Johnson

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Books Leadership Real Estate Work life Sir William Johnson was the King’s Superintendent of Indian Affairs in America and the only direct representative of the Crown, aside from the Royal Governor.

2013 Trends and The Power of Women

Women on Business

I was recently asked to think about how 2013 trends will impact women in the work force and how women will impact the trends. But many of the trends are picking up speed now and should become even more pronounced in 2013. Guest Post By: Andrea Simon, PhD.,

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Sales of Saint Joseph Statuettes Reflect the Real Estate Market, in Reverse

Harvard Business Review

The real-estate market and sales of Saint Joseph statuettes tend to move in opposite directions, according to a Missouri-based religious-goods company queried by the Wall Street Journal. In 2013, statuette sales were down 10.6% For instance, from 2009 to 2010, when local home prices were stagnant, sales of the figurines slightly more than doubled ; when prices began to rise, sales of the saint’s image declined. from the previous year, a period in which the median U.S.

Amazing people


I knew she was amazing because: …she spoke of struggling to pay her bills in an area where real estate (and other things) were too costly, and her paychecks didn’t fully cover her modest living style. If you are open to it, you’ll find amazing people anywhere.

21st Century Communications – Employees Really Are the Greatest Asset


In today’s business world, the greatest asset of any organization is not the steel, cable, real estate or technology at its disposal. Companies that are good at building their brands know their real task is managing things people in the company do to help fulfill the brand promise.

Fast Change: The co-organization of Business

Great Leadership By Dan

In real estate is it about location. Guest post By Russell Raath : There are many descriptors for the world we live in. Volatile, complex, global, flat, uncertain, unpredictable, and on.

Capturing (positive) attention for your brand

Women on Business

Don’t waste prime real estate on industry jargon and empty descriptors. When you’re trying to grow your business, it’s your job, 24/7, to capture attention, and when you have it, to make a meaningful connection. You do this by being clear about what you do, who you do it for and why your product or service is useful. And, by getting others to care about who you really are and what you actually do.

Eulogy to Charles Waywell

CEO Blog

He did make some money in real estate by renovating homes and renting to students. My beloved father in law passed away 2 days ago. It was 2 weeks before his 97th birthday. He was reasonable healthy up until the last couple of months. He did lead a long and full life but it is still very sad. He was a professor at the University of Guelph in Horticulture for all of his adult life. A few years after his wife died, he remarried (I think he was about 80) to Mary who was also his age.

12 Disciplines of Leadership Excellence: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

12 Disciplines of Leadership Excellence: How Leaders Achieve Sustainable High Performance Brian Tracy and Peter Chee McGraw-Hill (2013) No so much “disciplines” as they are dimensions of a mindset The last time I checked, Amazon US sells 45,249 books that focus on business leadership. Because, just as in residential real estate for every […].

Love It or Leave It: The Power of the Status Quo

Change Starts Here

The show pits two professionals against each other: Hilary, the interior designer, and David, the real estate agent. I regularly watch a show on HGTV called “Love It or List It.” ” The home makeover show features a couple who are tired of their current house and want to make a change. Both Hilary and David set out to fix up the current house or find the couple a new one, respectively.

The Big Picture of Business – Achieving the Best by Preparing for the Worst: Lessons Learned from High-Profile Crises, part 2 of 4

Strategy Driven

Real estate consultants are not business strategists, but the retail system gives them the say-so in establishing community presence. Wrong Actions, Mis-Actions.

Salespeople have questions. Jeffrey has answers.

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Jeffrey, I’m an independent commercial real estate lender and commercial real estate mortgage broker. ” All the people you’re talking to in the real estate business only want to get a deal done.

Creating a More Productive Work Place

Chartered Management Institute

Barbara Johnson is an experienced real estate agent who enjoys finding her clients the perfect home by helping them see its potential. Normal. false. false. false. EN-US. X-NONE. X-NONE.

StrategyDriven Editorial Perspective – The Government has Created a Monster

Strategy Driven

With both banks highly concentrated in the weak Texas real estate market, the deal ended up helping neither bank. With both banks highly concentrated in the weak Texas real estate market, the deal ended up helping neither bank.

Interview with Sunil Kanderi on launching Mokriya’s Craigslist App

Rajesh Setty

We are working on redesigning the app to use all the real estate on an iPad. I have been watching my friend Sunil Kanderi and his team innovate, imagine, ideate, iterate and implement the Craigslist app for months and finally, today it’s getting released.

The Problems With Incubators, and How to Solve Them

Harvard Business Review

There is a very real knowledge gap in the early stage start-up game, on both sides of the table. Adding Real Value. The only incubators I consider "real" are the ones that help entrepreneurs achieve these two goals.

Who’s Hiring (and Who Isn’t) in Five Charts

Harvard Business Review

One sector that was booming up until the crisis and then tanked spectacularly was of course the financial-real-estate complex. Five years after the start of the worst six months for the U.S.

High Speed Rail Versus Austerity

Harvard Business Review

First, real estate developers respond by building new housing towers in close proximity to the new public transit stops. Second, commercial real estate demand is stimulated as upscale restaurants and shopping agglomerates close to these transit stations.

New Research: Where the Talent Wars Are Hottest

Harvard Business Review

banking & financial services, insurance, real estate); Health Care (e.g., Given the forecasts of uncertain global economic growth, we might expect companies to hold off from hiring new employees and to limit whatever international hiring they do to emerging markets.

The Innovation Mindset in Action: Jerry Buss

Harvard Business Review

Buss launched his career in real estate with $1,000 in 1959—a venture that proved lucrative. Innovators think and do things differently in order to achieve extraordinary success.

Talent Management: Boards Give Their Companies an "F"

Harvard Business Review

banking & financial services, insurance, real estate); Health Care (e.g., What is top of mind for corporate boards worldwide?

What's to Be Learned from Ousted Leaders?

Harvard Business Review

A Jesuit friend of mine at neighboring Georgetown once told me, with admiration, how for years Trachtenberg outfoxed the rival school in everything from strategy to marketing to real estate acquisition, and in the process transformed underdog GW into a national powerhouse.

Joining Boards: It's Not Just Who You Know That Matters

Harvard Business Review

banking & financial services, insurance, real estate); Health Care (e.g., For many, a corporate directorship is a career capstone. But attaining one is far from easy.

Who's Really Responsible for P&G's Succession Problems?

Harvard Business Review

banking & financial services, insurance, real estate); Health Care (e.g., People will continue to debate Procter & Gamble''s move to replace CEO Bob McDonald with his immediate predecessor A.G.

Corporations: Donate Your Skills, Not Just Your Money

Harvard Business Review

Corporations assume that employer-sponsored volunteerism programs keep employees engaged while also making a difference to the social organizations they serve. And that's true, but there's more to the story.

Have a Real Impact; Keep Your Day Job

Harvard Business Review

Matt Ellis at CBRE, a global leader in real estate services, is designing financing structures that will provide capital for clients' energy efficiency initiatives. In other words, they are able to make a real difference.

It Takes Purpose to Become a Billionaire

Harvard Business Review

It turns out there are many ways to make a billion dollars: real estate, investing, gaming and entertainment, retail, technology, and good old-fashioned inheritance. What do billionaires have in common? What is it that they do better than anyone else?

Hire a Great Chinese Engineer by Impressing His Girlfriend's Mom

Harvard Business Review

In a country where owning an apartment is a symbol of success, the ratio of real estate price to annual income is among the highest in the world. I thought hiring good engineers would be easy when I launched my startup, Julu Mobile , in Shanghai in early 2011.

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Make These Changes to Help Digital Marketing Fulfill Its Potential

Harvard Business Review

By understanding the path to purchase, you can figure out when in the path to intervene and how to best allocate your digital marketing spend and website/mobile real-estate.

ROI 16

Don’t Build Your Startup Outside of Silicon Valley

Harvard Business Review

You certainly don’t need to bang on doors on Sand Hill to start a restaurant chain or a real estate brokerage. The entrepreneurial zeitgeist today is hard to ignore. Startup America regions have been launched in 32 states.

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To Become More Adaptable, Take a Lesson from Biology

Harvard Business Review

This cache of inventory and wasted real estate violates all the norms of just-in-time manufacturing, but when a 20-year-old helicopter is grounded and needs to fly now , he is the only one who has the part. Remember when Apple's stock traded at $7 a share?

Three Ways to Say No to a Reference Request

Harvard Business Review

Christopher, a seasoned real estate executive, left his job in early 2013 to move to a competitor’s firm. Less than three months later, he received a call from his former boss Theo — in search of a reference letter himself. Christopher was dumbfounded — he had left his former firm precisely because of Theo, a terrible manager whom colleagues found intolerable. How should Christopher respond?

The Future of Talent is In Clusters

Harvard Business Review

And yet while teams often are where the real work gets done, most businesses don't value or manage them well. As such, a cluster can be considered a real asset of the business, just as high-performing staff members are today. An effective team is a powerful thing.

The Booming Business of Drones

Harvard Business Review

reauthorization law, envisions a $5 billion-plus industry of camera drones being used for all sorts of purposes from real estate advertising to crop dusting to environmental monitoring and police work." Drones are everywhere.

Enabling the Natural Act of Entrepreneurship

Harvard Business Review

Real entrepreneurs don''t mind paying taxes, so develop a clear, right-sized and strictly enforced tax system. I met Slovenian entrepreneur, Sandi Cesko, in 2007 when his Ljubljana -based multi-channel retail operation, Studio Moderna , had about $70 million in sales. Not bad.

Morning Advantage: The Death of the American Shopping Mall

Harvard Business Review

Even so, the downfall of malls could have a huge impact on the real-estate market. Faced with the recession, and the growing dominance of Amazon and other online retailers, many American malls are becoming ghost towns. Stores are closing — especially big ones — and new retailers aren’t stepping up to fill the empty spaces. The problem is simple, writes Jeff Jordan at the Atlantic Cities : “America has too many malls.”. The stats aren’t good.

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Case Study: The Ex-CEO Contemplates a Coup

Harvard Business Review

As speculators in Hong Kong real estate, they were feeling the pinch of lower dividends and were worried about defaulting. It''s after midnight, and Myra Wanandi is writing in her journal in the Jakarta home she shares with her husband: I''m tired, but I have to concentrate.

Behind China's Roaring Solar Industry

Harvard Business Review

Earlier this week, China's National Energy Administration announced its intention to add 10 gigawatts of solar power capacity in 2013 , more than twice its current level. More than 15 percent of the country's investment goes into real estate, and around 12 percent of GDP comes from property-related industries.

Land an Interview with a Cold Call

Harvard Business Review

Browsing the Forbes 500 , she read about a billionaire real estate mogul who lived in her city. I''m a consultant — an expensive, trust-based business.

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Aggressive Talent Wars Are Good for Cities

Harvard Business Review

Think about it: human capital is not a static resource in the way real estate or building materials serve a construction company. California is often ranked among the world’s most inventive regions. But most observers miss one of the major reasons why: the absence of non-compete agreements. Barring non-competes is one of California longstanding strong talent mobility safeguards.