5 Strategies To Go From CXO/CEO/ COO/CFO to Successful Entrepreneur

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Posted in Career Development Change Management Self Leadership Value Creation Are you a corporate refugee or executive in transition who thought the grass was greener on the entrepreneurial side of the fence, only to find out it wasn’t as easy as you expected?

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3 Critical Skills of Effective Leaders.

Rich Gee Group

And the cruel joke is that most leaders had the chops to make their way up the ladder and succeed — now the skills that got them there (getting things done) have no place in leadership. Great leaders translate vision into decisive action — a skill that’s especially vital in tough times.

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November 2016 Leadership Development Carnival

Lead Change Blog

Welcome to the November 2016 edition of the Leadership Development Carnival! As I was reviewing this month’s submissions to the Leadership Development Carnival, I was wishing we could all get together in a room to exchange these ideas more deeply and directly.

Career Growth: 4 Signs That Your Company Will Give You a Fair Shot

Women on Business

Ask any career-oriented woman about her top work-related concerns, and she will likely rank having access to high-quality jobs at desirable companies and having equitable opportunities to advance within those organizations at the top of the list. Career Development Guest Posts

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May 2017 Leadership Development Carnival

Lead Change Blog

Welcome to the May 2017 edition of the Leadership Development Carnival! Anne Perschel of Germane Coaching and Consulting provided 8 Steps to Avoid Flipping Your Lid in Challenging Leadership Situations. Leadership in Running Shoes. Leadership Development Leadership Management

November 2018 Leadership Development Carnival

Lead Change Blog

Welcome to the November Leadership Development Carnival. We’re excited to share posts from leadership experts from around the globe on the topics of communication, customer service, development, engagement, and more. Steve Digioia of Steve Digioia provided Leadership Series: Ron Kaufman. Wally Bock of Three Star Leadership provided 3 Reasons Why Great Bosses aren’t Bossy. Joel Garfinkle of the Career Advancement Blog submitted 6 Tips for New Managers.

My Great Failure, Part 3: Needing Where I Should be Leading

Modern Servant Leader

The already overburdened technology team had no bandwidth and the CFO would not accept changing priorities of other efforts. Ultimately, I was called into the CFO’s office and asked for my resignation. I should have resigned the moment the CFO insisted on the project.

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The Seven Signs of Great Leadership

Great Leadership By Dan

Fortunately, in my career, I was provided with examples of what this meant, not just from Matt, but from working with a number of strong leaders. From this leadership, we developed a culture of fact-based decision making. But inspirational leadership goes deeper.

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November 2016 Leadership Development Carnival

Lead Change Blog

Welcome to the November 2016 edition of the Leadership Development Carnival! As I was reviewing this month’s submissions to the Leadership Development Carnival, I was wishing we could all get together in a room to exchange these ideas more deeply and directly.

The CIO Paradox: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

The CIO Paradox: Battling the Contradictions of IT Leadership Martha Heller bibliomotion (2013) The CIO “for all seasons” Rather than one paradox, as this book’s title suggests, Martha Heller rigorously and eloquently examines several separate but related paradoxes: Cost versus Innovation, Operations versus Strategy, Futurist versus Archivist, IT and Business Paradox, Accountability versus Ownership, Recruiting, […].

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Leadership and Product Management

Lead on Purpose

Product management — at every level — is a leadership role within the organization. Smart product managers know the value of having allies in the CFO’s office. Leadership – the personal side is next on my list.

The 2 Leadership Traits That Will Set You Apart (and Sustain You For The Long Haul)

Terry Starbucker

Those couple of things were the leadership traits that fueled and sustained me throughout my career, through the good times and the not-so-good times. They kept the “fire in my belly” every single day I stepped into the leadership arena. Leadership

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The Unexpected Realities of Being an Entrepreneur

Lead Change Blog

You cannot dare do the same thing as an entrepreneur when you are still the HR manager, marketing guru, office manager, janitor, tech guy, sales staff, CFO and CEO. That type of fulfillment is difficult to duplicate in any other career path.

4 Keys For Bringing Out The Best From Introverts

Tanveer Naseer

One of the hottest themes in management and leadership today is the importance of understanding the introvert at work. Research points out that while nearly half the population is introverted, extroverts hold the majority of leadership roles.

Female Leadership on the Decline in Canada :: Women on Business

Women on Business

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A Simple Way to Map Out Your Career Ambitions

Harvard Business Review

It’s easy to be confused about how to grow in your career. Leadership & Developing People Book. A personal experience map shows which experiences you want to acquire in the next two to five years to grow your career. franckreporter/Getty Images.

7 Ways to Measure the Impact of Leadership Development

Great Leadership By Dan

Much has been written about the importance of measuring the impact of leadership development programs or systems. In most cases, consistent great company performance can usually be attributed to great leadership. External perception of leadership.

What Events Shaped You as a Leader?

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post by Great Leadership monthly contributor Beth Armknecht Miller: I recently had the opportunity to have a conversation with the president of a privately held company as part of research for a book I am writing on talent management and development within small to mid-size companies.

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What to Do If Your Career Is Stalled and You Don’t Know Why

Harvard Business Review

“Executive presence” was mentioned in several reviews as an improvement area, but without any specifics, Tom had no idea what the real issue was and how damaging it could be to his career. Having assessed over 2,000 CEOs and over 18,000 C-suite leaders since 1995, we are struck by how often careers of talented executives stall or even derail because of seemingly trivial issues, many of which are utterly fixable. June Buck/Getty Images.

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Craft a Remarkable Personal Brand Statement! 29 Steps & Examples

Miles Anthony Smith

While many equate strong personal branding only to powerful leadership, there's a lot more that goes into crafting a personal brand statement. Great leaders often align their leadership values with personal beliefs and ethics of their own. Career Entrepreneurship Leadership

How Should Leaders Address Challenge Of Low Performers?

Tanveer Naseer

These workers leave for a variety of reasons, including limited career growth and pay. He also extols the virtues of self-leadership. “A If too many such people are in critical leadership jobs, it will impact the bottom line.” The following is a guest piece by Terri Williams.

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How To Better Support Introverts In Today’s Workplaces

Tanveer Naseer

One of the hottest themes in management and leadership today is the importance of understanding the introvert at work. Research points out that while nearly half the population is introverted, extroverts hold the majority of leadership roles.

Even “bad” cultures get some things right

Surviving Leadership

I also truly appreciated some of the business practices that leadership followed that I have missed in other organizations, including ones highlighted in McCord’s book. I cut my teeth on corporate America there and have carried those lesson with me throughout my career.

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My Best Blogs of 2011

In the CEO Afterlife

I began blogging about leadership, strategy, marketing and life last February. In this post, I compare the ineptitude of BP against the leadership of Rudy Giuliani during a much bigger crisis. For as long as I can remember, the person bonded to the CEO’s hip was the CFO. To most of us, mentors are people of experience and knowledge who help the less experienced advance their careers and/or their education.

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No Better Time


The CFO owns a couple. Mary Jo Asmus A former executive in a Fortune 100 company, I own and operate a leadership solutions firm called Aspire Collaborative Services.

Let’s Stop Pushing “Development” as a Cheap Replacement for Training

Great Leadership By Dan

A slightly abbreviated version of this post was recently published in Smartblog on Leadership : True confession time. A new CFO came on board and decided that training was a luxury that could no longer be afforded. The Center for Creative Leadership is known for its “ 70-20-10 ” model of leadership development. But when you are in a leadership position, your mistakes can hurt others, and the higher the level, the more costly those little lessons learned become.

Developing The CEO Within You.

Rich Gee Group

For some positions (CFO, CIO), all their hard work to make it to the table is now useless when they need to use skills other than IQ: Communication – Communicate clearly and concisely.

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What Story Does Your Org Chat Tell?


Your org chart can tell a more informed story by adding compensation information, date hired, communication/leadership style, potential successors, and the development plan. Communication/Leadership Style. By: Gary Cohen.

COO 101

Who's wagon is your star hitched to?

Roundtable Talk

Posted on March 12, 2010 by LeaderTalker | Leave a comment There are lots of ways you can unwittingly derail your career. The CFO, who is the named successor for the Prez, is Ricardo’s #1 detractor. RoundtableTalk Where ambitious leaders meet. Skip to content Home Welcome!

CFO 42

Ideas Plus Influence

Terry Starbucker

We’ve each taken on the topic of influence in leadership and are exchanging blog posts. Here is Denise’s post from her perspective as one who has led change from within organizations like Sony during her corporate career and from the outside as a consulting partner, a role she has played for the past 6 years. Leadership is as much about learning as it is about leading – and specifically learning other perspectives.

Nice Guys Can Finish First

Marshall Goldsmith

Who would you rather have as a CFO? But further along in your career curve, when it’s time to step up into a leadership position, you’re going to need these qualities in spades. Stripped of your technical mastery and your hall-of-fame-quality lifetime batting average, what are the interpersonal skills that will make you rise above the leadership pack? Leadership The higher up you go – the more important your people skills become!

The Disconnected Leader | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

If your CFO handles all communications with your banking relationships, and your Chief Investment Officer handles all of your investor relations, you’re flat out missing the boat.

Blog 427

You Can't Argue With Crazy | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

Creating a framework for decisioning, using a published delegation of authority statement, encouraging sound business practices in collaboration, team building, leadership development, and talent management will all help even out the uneven.

Blog 331

As Work Changes, Leadership Development Has to Keep Up

Harvard Business Review

As work itself is changing, some of the basic tenets of leadership development are being challenged. And while that is a good starting point in helping leaders make new connections, see different patterns and identify opportunities and threats, it does not go nearly far enough in helping organizations develop the leadership muscle required to lead in the new world of work. Voser took a detour to be CFO for ABB from 2002 to 2004 and then returned to Shell to become CEO in 2009.

Avon CEO Andrea Jung Takes Seat on Apple's Board :: Women on Business

Women on Business

She’s taking over the seat formerly occupied by Apple’s former CFO, John Anderson, who resigned amidst a stock options backdating scandal.

CEO 132

The Never-Ending Meeting :: Women on Business

Women on Business

It’s not rocket science, but it is surprising how many CFO’s and managers don’t stop to evaluate the effectiveness of their meetings.

How to Get on the Shortlist for the C-Suite

Harvard Business Review

The career question I hear most often from rising senior leaders is this: “How do I get on the C-suite shortlist?” With transparency in succession planning becoming a priority, career management for senior executives becomes easier. One CFO I know managed finance for a spin-off firm when it went public and then returned to the parent company in a corporate position. It’s better for you to size up this element early and engage in career planning accordingly.

CFO 13

Oh dear Mr. Clark… can't you do better than that?

Roundtable Talk

And, I had to wonder, how motivating did Colleen Johnston, CFO, TD Bank Financial Group find that comment? RoundtableTalk Where ambitious leaders meet. Skip to content Home Welcome!

CFO 59

Introducing 100 Coaches: Pay It Forward Champions

Marshall Goldsmith

Called ‘The Academy Awards of Leadership’ by the Economist, Thinkers50 is the world’s most reliable resource for identifying, ranking and sharing the leading management ideas of our age. Has been recognized as the World’s #1 Leadership Thinker. Led Leadership Department at West Point.

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The Fastest Path to the CEO Job, According to a 10-Year Study

Harvard Business Review

Some people’s careers take off, while others’ take longer — or even stall out. They do it by making bold career moves over the course of their career that catapult them to the top. We found that three types of career catapults were most common among the sprinters. More than 60% of sprinters took a smaller role at some point in their career. Early in his career, he was offered the chance to build out one of the new businesses.


Professional Presence Makes the Difference!

Strategy Driven

Trust is ultimately inspired, critical business relationships blossom, careers advance. Whether you are entering, re-entering or transitioning in the world of business or, just want to get ahead, consider specific ways to achieve leadership distinction through nuances.

CFO 70

Six Ways to Grow Your Job

Harvard Business Review

Instead, once people have leadership responsibilities, their calendar gets crammed with more and more meetings and trips. One of my students signed up for a project to re-think best leadership practices at his company. Managers who advance in their careers primarily by excelling at operational work go on doing operational work long after they could delegate those duties to other people. Career planning Leadership Managing yourself

Nine Do's and Don'ts for Dealing with the Disgruntled

Harvard Business Review

Early in my career, when sharing a vacation house with a group of friends, I learned an important lesson from a classic book by anthropologist Mary Douglas, Purity and Danger : It takes a lot of people cooperating to keep things neat, but it takes only one disgruntled dirt-monger to mess things up. The former CFO did not go quietly. Meanwhile, the CEO and new CFO had to raise capital and revenues to make up for the shortfall, which the disgruntled former CFO blamed on everyone else.

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