Do Ethics Really Make You a Better Leader in Business?

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However, very few companies educate leaders about ethics and encourage leaders to discuss ethics with their teams. Ethics are usually an afterthought, taken seriously only after an event that causes a business or team to fall apart. If understood and put into practice by a dedicated leader, ethics have the potential to turn stagnant, declining teams into productive and engaged ones. Ethics are the foundation for peace and progress. Ethics

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Are You an Energy Leader, or an Energy Drainer? Test Yourself.

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In his upcoming book Die Empty, (releasing 9/26), Todd Henry explains the importance of establishing a personal “code of ethics,” which is a set of lenses that defines how you engage in your work. One of Henry’s own ethics has been “Energizing.” ” I would add more energy to any situation than I took away. The post Are You an Energy Leader, or an Energy Drainer? Blog Human energy

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Fear is a Poor Advisor (Moving Us Away From Ethical Thinking To Protect Us)

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Obviously, ethical decisions must be based on better thinking than "RUN" and "HIT THEM FIRST." It drastically restricts the breadth of our thinking and doesn't give much energy to our impact - what our choices will do to others. Complexity Context Ethical Leader Ethical Organization Ethical Thinking CSR ethical leadership ethical leadership development ethical thinking ethics and culture leadership development thinking

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Reviving Work Ethic

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I read a short book - Reviving Work Ethic - A Leaders Guide to Ending Entitlement and Restoring Pride in the Emerging Workforce by Eric Chester. One of my strengths and one of the things that I attribute my business success to is my high work ethic. Interestingly, the people I seemed to attract in business also had tremendous work ethic. EMJ and SYNNEX were high work ethic companies. I do know that work ethic is partly tied to energy.

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The Mind Must Move

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I have been increasing my steps each year, and have enjoyed more energy and a sense of improved well-being. Complexity Ethical Leader Ethical Thinking ethical leadership ethical mindset ethical thinkingBy Linda Fisher Thornton We know that to stay healthy, we have to move. Many of us wear wrist bands that track the number of steps we take daily to make sure we "stay in the healthy zone."

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Why Ethics are Essential for a Strong Team Culture

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However, what has been largely overlooked by many business leaders is the essential foundation for a culture that sustains and thrives: Ethics. An understanding and common ethical language is missing for many organizations. In order for both the individuals and the collective whole to move forward together, a common language and appreciation for ethics is essential. Ethics as the Essential Foundation. Why are ethics essential for a strong culture to work and sustain?

Micro-Connections Enhance Energy, Enthusiasm

Michael Lee Stallard

Michael Lee Stallard Insights on Leadership and Employee Engagement Home About Hire to Speak Press Kit Micro-Connections Enhance Energy, Enthusiasm Published by Michael Lee Stallard on April 15, 2010 09:34 am under connection culture , employee engagement , human value , intentional connectors Years ago when I lived in West Texas and worked for Texas Instruments, I was surprised that frequently when I passed another car on one of the long stretches of highway, the driver would wave at me.

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Positively Energizing Leaders Are Heliotropic

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The heliotropic effect describes the inherent tendency in all living things toward positive energy and away from negative energy. In nature, the sun is the source of positive, life-giving energy, so the heliotropic effect explains why plants and other organisms lean toward the light over time. This phenomenon has important implications for leaders because human beings likewise have an inherent tendency toward positive, life-giving energy.

Ethical Dilemmas: Free Choice or Corporate Memes

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Gentile has spent a great deal of her life in the classrooms of Harvard Business School and Babson College and from reading her book it seems that she thinks if her students know what ethical decision-making is, they will take action on what they think is right. Business schools have been ineffective in changing corporate cultural memes as was evident from the 2008 financial crisis where every MBA graduate knew what was right but chose to go along with placing earnings above ethics. .

The Big Picture of Business – Ethics… Good for Business

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In order to succeed and thrive in modern society, all private and public sector entities must live by codes of ethics. Ethics and profits are not conflicting goals. It is during the downturns that strong, committed and ethical businesses renew their energies to move forward. Corporate Responsibility means operating a business in ways that meet or exceed the ethical, legal, commercial and public expectations that society has of business.

The Olympics, Effort and Work Ethic

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President Woodrow Wilson could have had these superstars in mind when he said: "It is only by working with an energy which is almost superhuman and which looks to uninterested spectators like insanity that we can accomplish anything worth the achievement." What do you care about so deeply that you’re willing to pay a high price – in terms of effort, time and mental energy – to achieve it? Elite Athlete Work Ethic effort commitment Summer Olympics Personal Development

Pack Some Energy into Your Lunch :: Women on Business

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Makes Commitment to Renewable Energy by Becoming a Member of the U.S. Categories : Uncategorized 1 Comments 1 November 28th, 2010 at 1:50 am It’s so true that the foods we eat throughout the day can make or break us when it comes to energy levels, focus, and cognitive abilities.

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The Big Picture of Business – Doing Your Best Work on Deadlines: Mobilizing the Energy for Best Business Success

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I watch them to experience the magical energy of live performances. I recommend that diversity audits, quality control reviews, ethics programs and other important regimen be conducted as part of Strategic Planning, rather than as stand-alone, distracting and energy diverting activities. You just finished reading The Big Picture of Business - Doing Your Best Work on Deadlines: Mobilizing the Energy for Best Business Success !

Are You Suffering From Truth Decay?

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This causes suspicion in the leader, a lack of empowerment in the followers, and wasted time and energy as people try to manage the business without all the right information at their disposal. Leadership guru Warren Bennis has noted, “So much lip service is paid to the issue of business ethics; but how do you in fact build an organization distinguished by tangible integrity, moral vision, and transparency?

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Leaders Share about New Beginnings, Fresh Starts, and Project Launches: A Frontline Festival

Let's Grow Leaders

Think of bright shiny objects as a source of energy or refreshment, such as the new car smell or getting a new bicycle! Linda Fisher Thornton of Leading in Context points out that on the journey to ethical leadership, we all struggle. Frontline Festival becoming a better leader energized leaders energizing leadership finding more energy in your leadershipWelcome back to the Let’s Grow Leaders Frontline Festival.

The Biggest Reason Teams Get Stuck

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The trust in you may run deep, but if the team has started to question the ethics or the future of the organization, they may be distracted and lose steam. Energy & Engagement Results & Execution Unsticking your team is one of the biggest challenges of a leader. When inertia sets in, there’s almost always a breakdown in belief at some level. When teams stop believing they stop doing. If your team has lost that magic feeling, look for signs of lostbelieving.

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The Big Picture of Business – Doing Your Best Work on Deadlines: Mobilizing the Energy for Best Business Success

Strategy Driven

I watch them to experience the magical energy of live performances. I recommend that diversity audits, quality control reviews, ethics programs and other important regimen be conducted as part of Strategic Planning, rather than as stand-alone, distracting and energy diverting activities. You just finished reading The Big Picture of Business - Doing Your Best Work on Deadlines: Mobilizing the Energy for Best Business Success !

The Value of a Work Ethic - 10 Great Quotes

Building Personal Strength

Sometimes success depends on your willingness to move faster, devote more personal energy and work longer hours. It‘s natural to wish you were able to do something that didn‘t drain so much of your personal energy. What kind of work do you do? Whatever it is, much depends on your willingness to work your buns off when it counts. It‘s amazing what you can get done when you push yourself to your limits. And that‘s exactly what you sometimes need to do. But will you?

Where Managerial Leadership Begins

Skip Prichard

Yet, even with a powerful CPU, if the energy source is not sufficient to power the processor, no work can be done. They will simply not exert the energy, time, and focus necessary to solve the most complex problems the role is accountable for.

Creating A Corporate Culture Of Sustainability

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The ability to act will help you attract your next generation of consumers, customers that prioritise ethical business practices. An area that can benefit you financially and your reputation is investing in new energy sources.

Cyberloafing at Work

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But we found that even a conscientious employee with a strong work ethic will engage in cyberloafing if they feel there is a lack of justice or fair treatment in the workplace. Emotionally stable people have less need to spend time and energy regulating their emotions , have more capacity to allocate resources to tasks at hand and are less likely to lose focus. .

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How to Know if Your Boss is a Micromanager (or if you just need help)

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The consequences of micromanagement include frustrated and disempowered employees who feel a lack of autonomy and consequently don’t approach their work with energy, creativity, or initiative. Does your work ethic match the organization’s culture?

Morning People Are Less Ethical at Night

Harvard Business Review

Resisting those temptations requires energy and effort. But the energy that is essential to exert self-control waxes and wanes. And when that energy is low , people are more likely to behave unethically. This opens up the possibility that even within the same day, a given person could be ethical at one point in time and unethical at another point in time. Ethics Managing people Risk management Employees face many temptations to behave unethically at work.

Addiction Marketing

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One of the charges being levied in the Indian High Court was that Coke and Pepsi products were addictive and unhealthy, Hmmm…More recently there have been a number of energy drinks and dietary supplements that have been pulled from retail shelves because of health hazards posed by addictive consumption. Do you feel “Addiction Marketing&# is ethical? By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth.

How to Speak Up About Ethical Issues at Work

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Ethical situations at work can be cause for alarm, and are also a normal part of doing business,” says Detert. “When it comes to ethics, we think it’s a test of our moral identity, which makes us more emotional, less effective, and vulnerable to self-deluding,” says Mary Gentile, author of Giving Voice to Values and director of a program by the same name at Babson College. A useful skill when it comes to ethical situations is perspective-taking.

The Star Wars Philosophy

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The depersonalized Chinese concept fits the side of the Force described by Obi-Wan as “an energy field” that Jedi, Sith, and other Force-sensitive beings are able to channel through their minds and bodies to accomplish extraordinary mental and physical feats—such as telekinesis and manipulating the weak minded. Books Current Affairs Ethics Memes Myths Science What is Anakin Skywalker Dark Side Force-sensitive George Lucas Jedi Knights Luke Skywalker Obi-Wan Kenobi personal God

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Three Questions We Have of All Leaders

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Setting direction well means establishing a compelling vision and ethical strategies. Instead, people want to know that the way their organizations operate is ethical.

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New Organizational Triangle: Internal Communications, Employee Engagement and HR

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Why Positive Leadership Energy? Books Business Coaching Communication Current Affairs Ethics Self-Awareness Web/Tech Work life communicating employee engagement HR information needs internal communication organization organizational structure The triangle of internal communications, employee engagement and HR sees employees as whole persons, not just as numbers or functions.

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Braver at Work: Questions to Inspire Your Next Courageous Act (with Video)

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Whenever we ask participants in our Courageous Cultures or Team Innovation programs to share a time that felt particularly brave at work, the room explodes with powerful energy. Gain the Confidence to Be Braver at Work.

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Importance of Life Focus

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Knowing who you are and what you are meant to do gives you the energy to transform your life. Books Business Coaching Career Ethics Leadership Memes Personal Coaching Personal Life Self-Awareness Skills Success What is Work life choices' Knowing life focus life signature self-assessments What should I do with my life Over the ages, many famous thinkers have grappled with the choices people make and how these choices affect their lives.

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If You’re Loyal to a Group, Does It Compromise Your Ethics?

Harvard Business Review

I promise to give unselfishly of my time and energy to strive to protect the interests of the group. As our research shows, loyalty highlights the importance of ethical principles, bringing people’s attention to the fact that behaving ethically is the right course of action. Once again, loyalty made people act more ethically. Loyalty seemed to translate into a more general desire to behave ethically.

Sustainability and Being Green – Do Your Customers Actually Care?

Women on Business

Additionally companies can benefit from an energy audit, look for ways to source local goods, and evaluate manufacturing and transportation processes. Ethics Resources & Publications Statistics & Facts Uncategorized consumer green lead Leadership sustainability sustainableDo consumers actually care if our business is sustainable or “green”? Sustainability is something of a buzz word that people throw around casually and in daily conversation.

Resilience is an Equal Opportunity Resource

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She expresses gratitude freely and laughs often, leaving each home spotless and homeowners marveling at her work ethic. But how we manage our energy, our connections with the people and events in our life, will determine if we have the energy to grow through each crisis or opportunity. Is resiliency easy? No, it’s not — but it is worth pursuing. Consider these three examples.

Top 10 US Cities to Capture Small Business Recovery Act Dollars.

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Energy : Promote solar power , renewable energy , smart grids and develop domestic energy sources Green Building : Build energy-efficient homes and public buildings Science and Technology : Promote scientific research and innovation Transportation : Upgrade the transportation infrastructure with new roads, bridges, and mass transit systems Education : Improve public schools and job training The Recovery Act envisions a smarter, more efficient, more productive future.

A Couple Reasons to Smile About

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Extended many energy and business credits and incentives, such as the Research & Development credit.

Book Review: Find Your Great Work

Lead on Purpose

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We Lead Through Competition

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When we do not ''''allow'''' our fellow beings, then we are not in connection with the “ Source Energy ” that fuels our own creations. Books Career Communication Current Affairs Ethics Leadership Memes Personal Life Religion Safety & Security What is All life is competitive. The plant or the tree competes with its neighbor for light and moisture, the successful one becoming a perfect specimen, while the less successful one languishes and dies.

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Nailing It: How Historys Awesome Twentysomethings Got It Together

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As the son of such a man myself, I can imagine the energy—and family support—it took to accomplish what Irineu did. Clearly, newspaper publishing, a strong work ethic, and entrepreneurship were in Roberto’s DNA, but was it enough?

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We Shouldn’t Always Need a “Business Case” to Do the Right Thing

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I’ve been a consultant for almost 20 years, advising companies on complex challenges in ethics, risk, and responsibility. Each year several clients raise the same issue: the need to get buy-in from a skeptical senior executive in order to demonstrate a concrete benefit that will follow a proposed investment in an ethical business initiative or function. The problem is that our obsession with making the business case for ethics makes us sound apologetic and hollow.

Bigger is Not Always Better When Selecting a Search Firm to Partner With

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This sets both the client and candidate up for success on the first go-around, saving everyone involved valuable time, money, and energy.”. Executive search firms have an ethical and contractual obligation not to recruit from clients,” Ms.

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The 10 Biggest Business Mistakes: And How to Avoid Them

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Most entrepreneurs are imbued with a super-strong work ethic and boundless optimism. Some “wait until their energy and passion are waning and then take their business to market. I F YOU CAN LEARN from other’s mistakes, you have a better shot at success.

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Great Leadership Trains

Career Advancement

Leaders’ honesty and ability to follow a set of ethics in all of their work affects their ability to influence their followers. Great leaders have high energy. “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” Jack Welch Dianne had always felt like more of a wallflower than a leader.

Top Leading Executive Search Firms: Reasons to Use and How to Choose the Best One for You

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At N2Growth, we use a “top-to-bottom” approach that offers clients extraordinary attention to detail, setting clients and candidates up for success on the first go-around, saving everyone valuable time, money, and energy.