Influence: Never Underestimate Your Impact

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Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”. The post Influence: Never Underestimate Your Impact appeared first on General Leadership.

The 4 Origins of Influence

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If you influence others, I can think of four possible origins. Power. Many can influence our behavior because they have a position. You see many today resisting traditional positional influence. Power. Influence based on power is a close second on the leadership food chain. When we grant someone the ability to influence us because they have more power, we’re saying their historical influence is a reason to allow them to influence us.

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Increase Your Influence – Stop Talking!

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If your life was a silent film, could the people in the audience discern your influence? It’s also good for us to remember that the most powerful way to increase our own influence as leaders is through not talking. You increase your influence through listening.

Disruptive Influencer

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In today’s terms, King Solomon would be the wealthiest man alive; his control and influence would have a global reach, his wisdom unmatched. Investing in all those he was responsible for created a level of influence that changed the world.

How to Win Influence and Keep It

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This Battery was very proud because he was full of power. What he didn’t know was his power had been granted to him from the beginning. It was built in – he had this power simply because he was a battery. He could influence action and he was fantastic at it.

Leadership & Influence

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You cannot be a effective leader without influence. Let me make this as simple as I can – if you’re a leader, influence needs to be a competency. The key to developing influence is understanding that contacts and relationships are not synonymous.

How to Leverage Your Most Powerful Tool of Influence Today

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Your most powerful tool of influence is a pair of caring ears. Today’s leadership challenge is the daily practice of caring engaged silence. Caring engaged silence: A caring heart is permission to lead.… … Continue reading → Listening Leadership Development organizational success

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Got Good Influence or Bad?

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who have misused their power and influence. Yet, at the other end of the spectrum are the overly humble who believe they have zero power and influence and opt out of even trying. Leadership Development Self Leadership EQ influence Lawrence Bossidy Leadership persuasion powerPosted in Leadership Development Self Leadership The news, TV and blogosphere are awash with stories of hubris-filled executives, politicians, financiers, celebrities, etc.

Power Questions: Build Relationships, Win New Business, and Influence Others

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Books Influence Learning Personal Development listening questions By Andrew Sobel and Jerold Panas Some books I buy because they are recommended to me. Some because I have read the author before, or even know the author. Others I buy because I am interested in the topic specifically.

Is Your Leadership Based On Influence Or Authority?

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While most of us have come to appreciate the limitations and inefficiencies that come with a top-down style of leadership, one binary approach to leadership that’s not so clear is the one where we choose either to rely on our authority or on our influence to guide our team or organization.

Beyond Listening – A Power-Key to Influence

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Collaboration Influence Leadership Mentoring Charles Barkley influence listening presenceIt was a typical business trip. I’d spent the day training a group of people from inside an organization. After the training, I was invited to join the group for dinner. After a lovely dinner, a couple of the participants had some additional questions about the training and how to apply what they were learning. [.].

Influencing Up

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If you’re trying to make a significant contribution you will have to influence people you can’t control. In other words, you will need to influence up. Often we get in our own way when trying to influence. In Influencing Up , authors Allan Cohen and David Bradford we have to overcome these barriers: The assumptions you hold about how hard to push. Obviously, the greater the power differential between you and the powerful person, the more difficult influence becomes.

Who’s Influencing Your Leadership?

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In the world of music, composers and performers are influenced by each other every day. In some cases, it is clear who influenced Weber’s work. Scientists are also heavily influenced by their peers. That is a powerful idea for all leaders to consider.

The Secret to Credibility, Influence, and Impact

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A credibility gap ends influence and limits impact. All that’s left – once credibility is lost – is the use of position and power. According to Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner The Five… Continue reading → Accountability Influence Leading Marks of leaders Personal Growth Leadership Development organizational success

The power of influence

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At the heart of most problems that occur in business settings you find the following: Lack of influence Poor teamwork Mediocre productivity. Use positive influence to drive to a mutually beneficial result.

Influencing Powerful People

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Influencing Powerful People - Engage and Command the Attention of the Decision Makers to get What You Need to Succeed is the title of a book by Dirk Schlimm. I was attracted to it partly because I need to influence powerful people and partly because I have my own views of how to do it. I have also been on the receiving end of trying to be influenced - sometimes well and sometimes in an irritating way. The book has 17 rules for influencing powerful people.

Focus on Influence – Remarkable TV

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Too many leaders get caught up in the power. And while it’s not always that strong, there are many subtle ways that we as leaders focus on the power of leadership. The post Focus on Influence – Remarkable TV appeared first on Kevin Eikenberry on Leadership & Learning.

The Most Powerful Way to Enhance Influence

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Power. At least once in a while, forget about controlling outcomes. Build human connections. Set aside the things leaders hide behind. Turn off: Results. Strategies. Respect. Vision casting. Authority. Planning. Timelines. Job titles. S.M.A.R.T. goals. Yield: Take a deep breath and let go of doing, at least once in awhile. Connect by gently stepping toward […]. Leading authentic leader chip bell leadership behavior leadership practices marshall goldsmith positive regard

Influencers Wanted

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are seeking out "influencers" among their employees who are particularly well-connected and trusted by their peers. But the rise of social media has highlighted the importance of networks , and companies are determined to capitalize on the power players lurking in their workforces.

Increase Your Influence – Stop Talking!

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If your life was a silent film, could the people in the audience discern your influence? It’s also good for us to remember that the most powerful way to increase our own influence as leaders is through not talking. You increase your influence through listening. Getting comfortable with silence and using it properly will help you build relationships, trust, and influence. Increase your influence by saying less.

Leading through Long Term Influence

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Guest post by Great Leadership regular contributor Beth Armknecht Miller: Webster’s Dictionary defines a “leader” as a person who has commanding authority or influence”. I would argue that in the 21st century it’s all about influence, not authority.

How to Influence Without Authority

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Worse yet, authority-based systems are a breeding ground for abuse of power and are prone to creating oppressive work environments. 8 Ways to Influence Without Relying on Authority. Character – Your own character is your greatest source of influence.

4 Simple Ways To Grow Your Influence As A Leader

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T he most powerful leaders have an advantage over other leaders. These leaders know influence is power. And they know how to grow their influence. The tactics these powerful leaders use aren’t very difficult to master.

Three Immediate Strategies to Increase Your Influence at Work

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It’s about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire team-mates and customers.” Here are three strategies that will help you increase your influence at work.

The Influence Effect

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misses the true key that puts women ahead: influence. Discover a unique solution to the uncomfortable subject of office politics for women, and learn how to break past political barriers and get right to what you really want—influence.

How to Unlock Your Leadership Influence Instantly

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5 Power Words That Persuade. The Power of Words. There is no leadership without influence. You can have a leadership title, yet have no influence. Influence comes from the latin root “ influere” meaning to flow in. The Power of Influential Words & Language.

Leadership Power: Grabbed or Granted?

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It is hard to deny the connection between leadership and power. Leaders have and can create power, and they can do it in a variety of ways. And yet power and leadership are strange bedfellows […]. Building Relationships Influence Leadership Learning compliance power

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The Online Influence of Forbes’ Most Powerful Women

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Forbes recently published its annual list of the 100 Most Powerful Women. It’s safe to assume that these women have a great deal of influence in their respective industries, but how influential are they online?

Leading through Influence: A Frontline Festival

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Our July Festival is all about leading through influence. Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seeds of either success or failure in the mind of another. We sometimes underestimate the influence we have via our social media channels.

SHRM India HR Influencers 2019


I am so glad to be sharing the space with HR leaders and fellow learners in the latest SHRM Influencers Report 2019 unveiled at SHRM Tech APAC Conference at Hyderabad yesterday. Real Influence is a By-Product.

Understanding The Power Of Our Words

Tanveer Naseer

In his speech, “ The Power of Words ”, Qahtani shares a number of personal examples of how the words we use can have a dramatic impact on how others understand and view the relationships we have with them.

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5 Powerful Benefits Of Becoming A More Confident Leader

Joseph Lalonde

Maxwell, leadership is about one life influencing another. The question is […] The post 5 Powerful Benefits Of Becoming A More Confident Leader appeared first on Joseph Lalonde.

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Power vs. Influence

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So the truth of the matter is that when one is in leadership, there is a certain amount of power that goes with the position. However, as pastors, our goal isn’t to exude power, but to garner influence…for the sake of others, not for the sake of power.

A Powerful Definition of Power

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Influence Leadership Learning Quotations Brooke Astor power quotationI love today’s quotation (more on that later), but here is the back story to my selection today. While the quotations on which I base these Friday posts sometimes come from something I’ve recently read, often the quotations I select come from my files and database – and that is the case today. When I [.].

Balancing Power and Influence as a Leader During Change

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Two of those elements are power vs. influence. From their position of authority, leaders can wield the lever of power to make people conform. Unfortunately, the influence side of the scale is not always easy or clear. Influence

In Praise of Power

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Saying, “I’m the boss,” indicates you’ve lost influence and resorted to intimidation. Coercive power offends. But, power isn’t a dirty word, with it you get things done. Without power, nothing gets done. Power is the ability to change things. Power and position often come together; higher position usually equals more power. Using power associated with [.].

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Interview: Using the Power of Conversations to Influence Change

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In this episode, Ankit Patel, Managing Partner of The Lean Way Consulting, discusses how to use the natural information flows in your organization to influence change. Influence

The Transformative Power of Positive Leadership

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The post The Transformative Power of Positive Leadership appeared first on General Leadership. Curator Posts Human Resources influence Inquiry Leadership optimism positive change Transformation

Three Ways to Increase Your Influence

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Even for the most powerful leaders (think of the President of the United States for instance) getting stuff done is more often about influence than it is authority. Leadership Lessons Personal Presence audio Getting Ahead Influence Joel Garfinkle leadership

3 Ways to Make Power a Good Thing

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I like to ask workshop participants where they got their power. Most people, however, say they don’t have any power, nor do they want any. Too often, we see those in high ranking positions use their power to control or for personal gain. Their actions turn us off, so we turn away from wanting to have power, seeing it as something negative or that corrupts. Making all these “mores” and “lesses” a reality requires using power. 3 ways to make power a good thing.

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Focus on Influence – Remarkable TV

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Too many leaders get caught up in the power. And while it’s not always that strong, there are many subtle ways that we as leaders focus on the power of leadership.

Social Media Influence | N2Growth Blog

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While anyone can have a social media presence, not everyone possesses social media influence. You might have something to say, but without influence, nobody will be listening. Put simply, having a social media presence without influence is little more than an exercise in frivolity.

Finding Real Leadership Power

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Humility is real power, arrogance façade. Author Book Notes Feedback Humility Influence Leading Power Teams Trust arrogance Leadership Leadership Development organizational success15 Ways to be an arrogant leader: Rush. Important” people don’t have enough time. Look serious. The more important you are the more serious you look. Detach. Arrogance comes from detachment.” Henry Mintzberg. Take calls or text during meetings. Now we know you’re important. Ooooo!

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