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Book Announcement: Implementing Lean Six Sigma in 30 Days


It is an actionable guide titled “Implementing Lean Six Sigma in 30 Days” that aims to help readers in understanding the Lean Six Sigma methodology and solve problems that undermine quality and inhibit efficiency. I am so glad to announce that my next book is just released. Available on: Amazon and PacktPub Website.

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What HR Has Learned From Marketing

The Horizons Tracker

In the first phase, they highlight how companies were focused on process improvement via approaches such as Six Sigma and Total Quality Management. This period was also marked by the tremendous growth in the amount of data available about customers, which represented a golden age of market research.

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Approaching Process Optimization from a Modern Perspective

Strategy Driven

It’s the responsibility of a good leader to continuously evaluate new methods for process optimization as they are introduced to the market and explore the possibility of integrating them into their own workflow. It’s important to leverage all modern solutions in that field and approach this from a modern perspective.

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Are you a Leader or a Lemming?

Great Leadership By Dan

Signs of a Lemming Leader: Use of jargon: Do you use the terms restructuring, high reliability, six sigma, just culture, strategic sourcing, population health, or employee engagement in your organization? Sounds a lot clearer than saying “we are going to embark on a six sigma project to improve efficiency,” doesn’t it?

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Is It Fun Being Led by You?

Lead Change Blog

We got our black belts in six-sigma; words or acronyms like Kaizen, PDCA, TQM, QC and ISO became everyday parts of our work language. I was about to teach the customer segment of a Six Sigma class near Palmdale, CA, for Lockheed Martin. The benefits were significant. Fun Leaders Are Light.

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Impressive Skills to Put on a Resume

HR Digest

Six Sigma techniques. B2B Marketing. Innovation . Proposal writing . Task delegation . People management . Dealing with stress. Technological savviness. Porter’s Five Forces. Data analysis. Web analytics. A/B Testing. Best Resume Tips. So you’re ready to write the resume of your dreams.

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Master the PRIMES

Leading Blog

Fixing involves corporate improvement programs like Activity Based Costing, Six Sigma and others.”These Marketing is inept (BELIEF).”. What kind of problem are you trying to solve? Fixing is about making a better, faster, cheaper past. Creating is about transformation—imagination, declaration, invention, and innovation.

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