Motivating Behavior Change: Boosting Performance by Mobilizing Pride Builders

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an excerpt from an article co-authored by Jon Katzenbach, Laird Post, Jonathan Gruber, and Aurelie Viriot, featured by The Katzenbach Center at Booz & Company. They explain how and why achieving strategic goals and accelerating performance results often require that employees at multiple levels of the organization change certain critical behaviors. Many companies [.].

The Power of an Enemy

In the CEO Afterlife

The late French author Andre Maurois once said, “Business is a combination of sport and war.” In business, your competitor is the enemy. From my experience, these six characteristics encapsulate the competitive business culture. Live a culture of innovation.

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The flaw with managing ideas

Bernd Geropp

Innovative companies depend on new ideas and the creativity of their employees. The objective is to motivate employees, and for them to be more creative and to contribute their idea to the company. If it does, it will not achieve its intended objective. Tweet.

Tips For Running A More Efficient Business

Strategy Driven

The less time and energy you waste on a daily basis, the more smoothly your business will run and the more you’ll get done. Run a more efficient business when you pay attention to a few aspects in particular and are proactive about making changes to how you’re currently functioning.

11 Proven Ways to Turn Your Culture into a Culture of Innovation

a Culture of Innovation 2 // 19Spigit: 11 Proven Ways to Turn Your Existing Culture Into a Culture of Innovation 1 2 94% of senior executives in a research study by McKinsey said. innovation. innovation to build a culture of. innovation. sustainable innovation and.

Chief Leadership Officer: Disrupting the CEO Status Quo

Lead Change Blog

Designing her business cards, she proudly, yet innocently, appoints herself with the title Chief Executive Officer. Chris doesn’t realize it but she’s just placed her fledgling business at a long-term disadvantage. Challenging the CEO System is business heresy.

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Businesses Don’t Fail – Leaders Do

N2Growth Blog

Why do businesses fail? If you’re willing to strip away all the excuses, explanations, rationalizations, and justifications for business failures, and be really honest in your analysis, you’ll find only one plausible reason - poor leadership.

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Teams and Thinking Style

Coaching Tip

Organizations are increasingly relying on the collective power of teams to meet today’s business demands, but many teams aren’t living up to their full potential. In addition, leaders, OD professionals and others can apply the data to strategically align thinking resources with business objectives and challenges. Team Thinking in a New Light, (at [link] ) discusses how to apply the latest research on thinking and team effectiveness to achieve specific business objectives.

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The Big Picture of Business – Business Success Checklist

Strategy Driven

When you own and operate a business you need to have certain procedures for an efficient and seamless function. One of the ways in which you can optimize your business activities would be the focus and attention to detail that a checklist can stimulate. Here is my own business success checklist that will help you optimize your activities for a more efficient and purpose oriented endeavor. Business Success Checklist. The business you’re in.

A Round Up of My Writing in August 2010


My Writing at QAspire Blog Excellence: Lessons From Anupam Kher The ‘Invisibles’ in Business Performance Engagement, Leadership and Power of Storytelling Metrics: Are They Mapped With Your Business Objectives?

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Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) Business

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In the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) business landscape expected to continue for 2015, leaders face many challenges , requiring aggressive, sustained talent management strategies to prepare them for success. This report is a breakthrough because it examines specific talent practices that drive financial performance to help organizations prepare their leaders to manage in this new business environment,” stated Rebecca Ray, Ph.D. ,

Dr. Liz Alexander on Thought Leadership

Rajesh Setty

Unfortunately mainstream education isn’t geared to teaching people to do the hard work that goes into thinking much at all, let alone innovatively. So you need to be discoverable as well as innovative and inspiring – otherwise how can you expect to be influential?

Create a Crowd Competition That Works

Harvard Business Review

It''s no secret that people in business are turning to the crowd to solve their toughest challenges. Companies like Netflix, General Electric, and Proctor & Gamble have also started "challenging the crowd" and employing many of these principles to tackle their own business roadblocks.

What Makes Big Data Projects Succeed

Harvard Business Review

To help clear the air and foster a better understanding of what makes big data initiatives succeed, here are some of the key things I’ve learned from companies that are realizing substantial business value with their big data initiatives. Instead they were forming teams of people with quantitative, computational, or business expertise backgrounds. That is an essential task, but it will be an unproductive fishing expedition unless a company has a business problem in mind.

Understanding Customers in the Solution Economy

Harvard Business Review

After all, who would not prefer a "solution" to their business problems rather than simply buying services and products? B2B customers regard a solution as something that helps their business. Turning Customer Intelligence Into Innovation.

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The Case for Investing More in People

Harvard Business Review

We know that great ideas that drive breakthroughs in productivity come from human beings with the time, talent and energy to innovate. Giving managers more time to do deep thinking can unlock innovations that can have a significant impact on productivity. That requires pulling workers off the line and giving them the time and space to make processes leaner or to devise innovative work methods. Steven Moore for HBR.

Your Leadership Development Program Needs an Overhaul

Harvard Business Review

Business is moving too fast. We find that the most forward-thinking companies are identifying and growing leaders in the midst of pursuing critical business objectives, as opposed to sending them off to far-flung educational programs and hoping they return with “big” insights about themselves and the world. Both seek to create an environment where employees can pursue innovative business offerings to address problems that are personally meaningful.

What to Do When Your Future Strategy Clashes with Your Present

Harvard Business Review

MedStar operated nine hospitals, but realized that its long-held objective of increasing revenue and profits at those venues was unsustainable, given the outcries over runaway medical costs. Connecting Three Different Business Portfolios. The innovation portfolio.

Four Ways to Scale Digital Capabilities on Your Team

Harvard Business Review

Make sure your guidelines align to business objectives. Bringing distributed groups up to speed with digital strategy puts you in the guidelines business. A Center of Excellence model, where an internal unit leads and convenes efforts, can be effective for crafting a digital strategy, driving innovation, and developing guidelines.

Rating the English Proficiency of Countries and Industries Around the World

Harvard Business Review

We’ve published research that shows countries with higher English proficiency tend to be more innovative and have stronger economies. ” Tsedal Neeley, an associate professor of organizational behavior at Harvard Business School, has written about the benefits of setting English as the corporate language. She argues that businesses with strong English skills can buy from and sell to a more diverse range of customers and business partners.

Bridging the Gap Between Marketing and IT

Harvard Business Review

The digital marketplace has created a business imperative that every company be — in some way — a technology company. Website innovation and other digital marketing projects, which require IT staff to accomplish, would be top priorities for marketing.

The Most Common Reasons Customer Experience Programs Fail

Harvard Business Review

Most customer experience (CX programs) are positioned as strategic, but quickly veer away from business objectives and become simply about tracking CX metrics. Most CX programs are broken in similar ways: They are not designed with change or innovation in mind. They have “soft” metrics rather than real business goals. Mistake #1: Forgoing change and innovation. Mistake #2: Linking metrics to business outcomes.

The Guru's Guide to Creating Thought Leadership

Harvard Business Review

Read widely and systematically scan sources, from new consulting reports to business headlines, to discern the zeitgeist. Pick an Apt Objective. Both gurus brought deep business knowledge and a good sense of timing. Business writing Strategy

What It Was Like to Be a Manager in Ukraine

Harvard Business Review

In my former position as Managing Director of Philip Morris Ukraine where I was based from January 2012 until February 2015, I was forced to see it as a business crisis that threatened our people, operations, and bottom line.

Why Your Social Media Metrics Are a Waste of Time

Harvard Business Review

Note the word "relevant," which refers to recurring sales in your core business. These metrics are valuable because they measure success at your core business. Figuring out whether a number is a vanity metric requires analysis of your particular business.

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Listen to Your Employees, Not Just Your Customers

Harvard Business Review

The linked system allowed for more insight into customers, and managers could use the information to coach employees, to assess whether they had the right tools and resources, and to identify people with innovative ideas and leadership potential.

Build a Great Company Culture with Help from Technology

Harvard Business Review

For us, those values are employees, customer service, integrity, innovation, fun, and profitability. At the same time, we listen closely to our customers’ business challenges and successes — which in turn helps us change and grow.

Why People Lose Motivation — and What Managers Can Do to Help

Harvard Business Review

And, in my experience working with leaders across the globe, you can reach business objectives while improving the lives of employees. Even today, when we extol the virtues of creativity and innovation, we still see bureaucratic job titles, inflexible roles, and standardized evaluation systems that generate anxiety instead of excitement and self-expression. Brandon Lyon/Getty Images.

How the Best Global Employers Convince Workers to Join and Stay

Harvard Business Review

If companies can’t attract, engage, and retain the right talent, they’re unlikely to achieve their business objectives. For example, engineers tend to be far more attracted to companies that emphasize innovation, while those in more commercial roles tend to be far more attracted by leadership opportunities. Likewise, when asked about employer brand communication objectives, differentiation was only third on their list of priorities.

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Connecting Unemployed Youth with Organizations That Need Talent

Harvard Business Review

The trend sees big companies such as CVS Health, State Street, and American Express evolving small hiring programs for opportunity youth, driven by corporate social responsibility, into core business strategy (see our study “Hidden Talent: How Smart Companies Are Tapping into Unemployed Youth” ). relies on TWA to teach job readiness and life skills to teens and young adults from low-income communities while also generating proven talent pipeline and business benefits.

What's to Be Learned from Ousted Leaders?

Harvard Business Review

When you meet him — for me it was at a BankInter-hosted gathering of scientists, business innovators, and policy experts in Madrid — you''re struck by his no-nonsense style and gruff Brooklyn charm. Trachtenberg thinks a university has to be run like a business.

Do You Have the IT For the Coming Digital Wave?

Harvard Business Review

With a tsunami of new digital technologies all converging simultaneously — social, mobile, cloud, analytics and embedded devices — there has been, once again, a cry for corporate IT to radically change to enable the digital transformation of businesses.

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How the Rift Between Sales and Marketing Undermines Reps

Harvard Business Review

Yet much of the sales support marketing provides falls short because it's focused on teaching customers about the supplier's business, not the customer's. Here are the top ten: Leader, leading, best, top, unique, solution, largest, innovative, and innovator. Most companies' marketing materials make generic claims like "an industry leader with decades of experience helping global customers achieve business objectives through unique solutions and uncompromised value."

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Don't Let Mobile Apps Get Pushy

Harvard Business Review

Does your brand have a proper mobile channel strategy in place that fits into your brand''s overall business objectives? Innovations in Digital and Mobile Marketing An HBR Insight Center. Americans are addicted to their smartphones.

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7 Steps to Deliver Better Customer Experiences

Harvard Business Review

After all, it’s been 10 years since Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, in their seminal book, Return on Customer , declared the customer experience the single most important factor for business success.

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The CEO of Kimberly-Clark on Building a Sustainable Company

Harvard Business Review

I also remember a meeting several years later with Mike Duke, who was then head of Wal-Mart’s international business. How is your company integrating sustainability into how you do business every day? We face trade-offs in every area of our business. We use the following criteria: We put our employees and the communities in which we do business first. We look for a connection to the business objectives for the target market.

Stop Operating with a Guild Mindset

Harvard Business Review

Functional leaders in business today are not really like the masters of a professional carpentry, masonry, or glass working guild, whose sphere of knowledge was primarily limited to the methods of their own craft. Marketing, sales teams and the DSD force itself operate with tremendous coordination to ensure that they are consistently aligned in their business objectives.

CMOs and CEOs Can Work Better Together

Harvard Business Review

When Deborah DiSanzo took over as CEO of Philips Healthcare in May 2012, she knew that engineering would continue to drive innovation. She also took the unusual step of installing three CMOs who could help provide detailed insights into three of the main business groups of the company. It’s a practical way not only to inject a customer perspective into the core planning activities, but it also provides the CMO with the big-picture business perspective.