Are You Managing the Dimensions of Your CEO Influence?

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Porter and Nitin Nohira published an article titled “How CEOs Manage Time” It was a fascinating insight into how CEOs do and should spend their time. . I drew one aspect from their thinking for a round of recent CEO coaching sessions, focusing on how CEOs exert influence. . The two Professors identified that CEOs exert influence along six dimensions, each of which involves a duality or seeming contradiction akin to yin and yang.

Remembering Sacred Commitments


» Remembering Sacred Commitments January 17th, 2011 | Author: Mary Jo Asmus I sat transfixed as a group of elected leaders – half of whom were newly elected – discussed how they would work with each other and the local government administration. I wonder if they will be able to stay true to the commitments they’ve made to work together when the going gets tough.


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3 Skills That Set Successful CEOs Apart

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There are three competencies that are necessary to have if a CEO is to be successful. A CEO clearly needs to be good at the many competencies that all good leaders need, but these three aren’t quite as critical for leaders at other levels. A CEO who masters these skills drives the success of their organization, commands a significant salary, and sometimes becomes legendary. It explains why the average tenure for a Fortune 500 CEO is only about four and a half years.

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Commitment Creates a Clearing for Cooperation

Tony Mayo

CEO Executive Coaching Fees My Protein Shake Recipe One more question. We had definitely committed ourselves and were halfway out of our ruts. Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves, too.

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CEO Series: Mary Barra of General Motors on Committing to an Eco-Friendly Future

Harvard Business

A conversation with General Motors CEO Mary Barra about sustainability, leadership, and more. Sustainability Strategy Managing organizations Audio

How To Boost Employee Engagement By Managing Your Own Happiness

CEO Insider

Workers who are engaged are enthusiastic about their jobs, focused on their assignments and committed to the organization’s mission. The post How To Boost Employee Engagement By Managing Your Own Happiness appeared first on CEOWORLD magazine.

The Number One Thing CEOs Wish They’d Done Differently

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I’m quite fortunate to be part of the team at CEO Connection , working closely with our CEO members on a daily basis. 7 Keys I believe that by doing the following seven things it is possible for CEOs and other C-suite executives to address talent alignment issues in a proactive and positive way, so that the organization is galvanized for forward movement toward its vision as quickly as possible: Make managing and growing your talent a top priority.

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Will Aetna CEO Transform Healthcare (and CEO Leadership While He’s at it)?

Michael Lee Stallard

At the 2015 World Business Forum in New York City, Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini laid out the most important vision at the conference: a vision to save healthcare. Bertolini’s message is that healthcare is broken and that he is committed to fixing it. Bertolini’s dedication to the cause of reforming healthcare and actions as CEO make him a clear example of a servant leader. Although he still experiences neuropathy in his left arm, he manages the pain with yoga and acupuncture.

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What CEOs Can Learn from Alcoholics Anonymous

Michael Lee Stallard

CEOs who want to effect major change have their work cut out for them. It might not be an obvious place to look, but CEOs can learn about successfully implementing change from Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Here are three insights from AA’s approach that CEOs need to understand if they are to succeed at changing their organizations. Only when people have this perspective, will they really commit and give their best efforts to change. Too many CEOs skip this essential step.

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Are You an Accidental Soul-Sucking CEO?

Joseph Lalonde

For the last 20 years, and all around the world, we CEOs have invested untold millions into the question: “What does it take to have an engaged workplace culture?” It Lands On the CEO’s Door Step. They have to go to the trainings, and then report up line to their managers annually to account for why that needle hasn’t budged. How to Be a Soul-Sucking CEO. In his 2018 annual letter to CEOs, Larry Fink, Chairman and CEO of global investment company, BlackRock, Inc.,

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A CEO’s Guide to Leadership Development

Great Leadership By Dan

This post was published in SmartBlog on Leadership last week: “ The difference between involvement and commitment is like ham and eggs. The chicken is involved; the pig is committed.” — Martina Navratilova. “ The biggest differentiator of companies that excel in leadership development is the commitment and ownership of the CEO or top executive.” — Dan McCarthy. It’s easy for a “chicken” CEO to just pay lip service to leadership development.

The Importance of Succession Planning and Talent Management: A CEO’s Perspective

Great Leadership By Dan

CEO’s don’t only get fired for poor performance, and you can usually see it coming, thus providing ample opportunity to consider succession choices. Failure to have a CEO succession plan is nothing short of dereliction of duty. Then look to the CEO, some of whom, fearing competition, don’t even want to deal with the notion of a succession plan. From my perspective, succession planning and its sister initiative, talent management, must both be ingrained in a corporate culture.

7 CEO Success Tips – How To Be A Better Leader

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When similar journeys are decided on by leaders in the driver’s seat of their organizations, the challenge to accomplish such a task means that CEOs must be able to navigate their way around the VUCA minefields (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) and instruct their senior teams how to do the same. Leadership must remain on one accord through a high level of trust, accountability and commitment in order to win the front and back gates of their desired outcomes (perspective).

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Resourcefulness Matters: How to Help Your Team Be More Resourceful

Let's Grow Leaders

And yet during times of stress, ambiguity, and change , when you need your team to be THE MOST resourceful, some managers clamp down, insist on the old ways of doing things, and slow their team down. Managers brought in their own grills to cook the burgers.

Developing The CEO Within You.

Rich Gee Group

home about rich our team news our fans services executive coach business coach speaking inspire media knowledge books affiliates contact Rich Gee Group 203.500.2421 Developing The CEO Within You. What other elements do you feel play a key role in defining you as CEO material? Its interesting to me how many CEOs DO lack the basic financial savvy that you mention, which can really spell doom for them.

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Their Commitment Might Mean More Than Our Insight

Marshall Goldsmith

Dave once taught me that effective performance can be seen as a function of the quality of an idea times the employee’s commitment to make it happen (EP = QI x C). One hundred percent commitment to a good idea will often result in higher performance than 50 percent commitment to a great idea. When I asked one new Fortune 100 CEO what he had learned about leadership in the past year, he sighed and sadly noted, “My suggestions become orders.

3 Practices CEOs Can Learn from the Girl Scouts

Michael Lee Stallard

It wasn’t long before Hesselbein’s experience with Troop 17 developed into a lifelong commitment to Girl Scouting. In 1976 she became CEO of the national organization, Girl Scouts of the USA. With membership falling, and the organization in a state of serious decline, Mrs. Hesselbein put sound management practices in place. She helped women to envision the Girl Scout organization as a professional, well-managed organization that carried out this important work.

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3 Practices CEOs Should Adopt from this Rock Star

Michael Lee Stallard

CEOs would be wise to follow Bono’s example. Unlike many bands where the megastar takes most of the economic profits, Bono splits profits equally among the four band members and their long-time manager. This also shows that Bono values his fellow band members and manager. I’m not saying CEOs should split their company’s economic profits equally with others. That said, just imagine what an organization of loyal, committed and connected employees could accomplish.

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Why CEOs Should Commit to Many Small Battles Instead of a Single Big One

Harvard Business

If you are the CEO of a large, established company, you should be able to enjoy the benefits of size, including the ability to learn from a broad, longstanding customer base. The 21st-Century CEO. As CEO, you can fight back by sponsoring micro battles — discrete, narrowly defined, customer-focused initiatives pursued by small cross-functional teams.

Great Leaders Are Confident, Connected, Committed, and Courageous

Harvard Business

” Brad (not his real name — I’ve changed some details to protect people’s privacy) is the CEO of a financial services firm and is most definitely not a wimp. In order to do that, you need to show up powerfully and magnetically in a way that attracts people to trust you, follow you, and commit to putting 100% of their effort into a larger purpose, something bigger than all of you. Committed to purpose. Leadership Managing yourself Digital Article

The Three Pillars of Morally Courageous Leaders

General Leadership

O’Neill, the former CEO of aluminum company Alcoa, was on his second day on the job as the company’s new leader when his secretary, a twenty-five-year Alcoa veteran, approached him to inquire when he was planning to join the local country club. After all, she added, every CEO before him had joined, and all the company’s current senior executives belonged. It was just one of the perks of being in senior management.

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Stop Scheduling Conference Calls and Finally Commit to Videoconferencing

Harvard Business

I’d rather spend 45 minutes working through a video conference with a CEO or GM than have a two-hour traditional conference call. And I’m not talking about front-line employees or middle managers that are required to be a part of constant update meetings — these are executives in conversations with other executives. Meetings Time management Digital ArticleMaskot/Getty Images.

CEOs work to keep key employees

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Chief executives should act now to prevent defections of key employees next year, says veteran management adviser Ram Charan. CEOs of major U.S. Mr. Charan has written or co-written 17 management books—mostly about strategy and leadership. Why aren't more CEOs worried about retention now? Among Fortune 500 CEOs, the intent to put people as a key item is high. Top management's serious lack of time commitment and energy.

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117: Return on Character: Moral Habits & Reputation of CEOs Who Win | with Fred Kiel

Engaging Leader

When you’re the CEO or senior leader, bottom-line results matter. But for most of us, that intuitively […] When you’re the CEO or senior leader, bottom-line results matter. A new study of more than 8,000 employees and 84 CEOs found that character really does matter. leads confidence in management – for example, keep your promises and follow through on your commitments.

The Butler CEO: Leading by Serving


Managers see potential in stellar employees that stand out above their peers, so they promote them to a position of power hoping their secret sauce will rub off on the other employees. No matter how charismatic or influential a business leader acts, he or she will not lead successfully without a sincere commitment to meeting the customers needs. [Editor's Note: This is a guest post by Terry Bright.

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How Will You Still Be Improving on Sept 22?

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The social media management application guides itself by six core values. Mathilde Collin , CEO of Front , disconnected from technology in order to enjoy her honeymoon. Daniel Lubetsky, CEO of the snack company Kind, says he chooses to say “not now” instead of “no” to enticing initiatives. “ Is your team still on track to the focus it committed to on January 1? Personal Development Achieving Goals Commitment Focus goals new year new year's resolutions

6 Defining Values of a Leadership Culture

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In 2006, one of my CEO clients in Sarasota, FL shared with me his annual employee engagement survey. At this juncture of Walton, I had been focused on delivering consulting services to CEOs and business owners to help them grow healthy organizations. Leadership Commitment. For the purposes of this article, leadership is defined as the CEO and his or her executive team. LEADERSHIP COMMITMENT. I mean that—do not start unless you are committed to finish!

Recruiting vs Talent Management

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While my personal practice is focused on providing leadership advice and counsel to Fortune 500 CEOs, as the senior operating executive at our firm I also have oversight responsibility for our talent management practice. From my perspective, I can’t imagine not integrating services throughout the talent management lifecycle. Approaching talent management in a fractionalized approach is an inefficient and flawed process.

Where Managerial Leadership Begins

Skip Prichard

This is an excerpt from Management Productivity Multipliers by Gerald Kraines, MD. This makes sense because the front end of every manager’s work is to set direction for achieving whatever he is accountable for. “Commitment is an act, not a word.”

The Power of Observation: 6 Ways to Show Up Helpful

Let's Grow Leaders

I just got off the phone with a frustrated CEO, who was fired up after a half day of observation in one of his call centers. “Karin, Why don’t these managers GET IT? Commitment Customer Service Winning Well call centers management mbwaI just left a visit to one of our […]. The post The Power of Observation: 6 Ways to Show Up Helpful appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders.

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Making Succession Planning “Real”

Great Leadership By Dan

She’s using good processes, tools, best practices, and is committed to the development of her company’s leaders. It’s also possible that her company’s CEO and senior leaders may only be paying it lip service at best. They may be chickens (involved), but they’re not pigs (committed). Senior and middle managers are REALLY good at figuring out what’s “real” and what’s not. I’ve written about the importance of CEO commitment before.

Five Leadership Styles for Successful Project Management

Lead on Purpose

What makes Project Managers successful? But there’s one thing that the best, most valued Project Managers have in common. They understand that using a single management style in every situation won’t get results. All great managers know how to deploy this style convincingly when a situation calls for it. Project Managers who over-rely on this style devalue people and reinforce learned helplessness. The Relating Management Style.

10 Exceptional Strategies For Extraordinary Executives

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2 they can be and is committed to both you and the organization’s success. Leadership Management Authentic Leadership C-suite CEO Coaching Chief Executive Officer Culture culture strategy David Olson executive coaching leadership advisory Strategies for executives Teamwork Top CEO CoachMost extraordinary executives would agree that business practices evolve over time, and our experiences turn into knowledge.

How to Develop Emotional Intelligence for Successful Leadership

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The qualities that make exceptional leaders and CEOs are widely discussed. That is the ability to empathize with the emotions of others and manage your own. Developing emotional intelligence demonstrates a solid commitment to leadership.

Digital Transformation Or Digital Free Fall: What Every CEO Must Know

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Real digital transformation occurs when business models and methods are reimagined by courageous leaders willing to manage opportunity more than risk, focus on next practices more than best practices and who are committed to beating their competition to the future. Great leaders will drive real digital transformation while others will simply manage their way into a digital free fall. Every organization occupies a unique place on the spectrum of digital transformation.

How to be an Effective Manager

Strategy Driven

Effectively managing people, processes, or both is in many ways a balancing act. Before a manager begins to understand all of these nuances they must learn one of the major underlying principles if they are going to recognize their full potential as leaders. The next step is to understand that a manager can be both professional and personal at the same time. This approach suggests that this manager prioritizes being liked and non-confrontational above actual performance.

The 27 Challenges Managers Face

Eric Jacobson

How many of these 27 management challenges are you facing right now? Tulgan is also the founder and CEO of RainmakerThinking, Inc., a management research and training firm. Tulgan is the author of, It''s Okay to Be the Boss and Managing Generation X. Bruce Tulgan Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Leadership Leadership Books Management Management Challenges Take a look at the list below.

What Will Female C-Suite Leadership Look Like Post COVID?

N2Growth Blog

What’s more, many of these C-suite positions typically don’t have a set career path, so women can use various avenues to get there, and CEOs should pave the way for them to do so in 2021. .

First I Launched My Company And Then I Had To Start Learning About Managing A Product.

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As I managed the real estate component of the company, and pinch-hitted adequately on the marketing front, too, I came to realize that I wouldn’t be able to carry the team in one crucial element: product. Some CEOs are product-first front their experience, skillset, and interests.

The 6 Passages of Leadership and Management

Great Leadership By Dan

However, they use the terms “leadership” and “management” interchangeably. What if we took a simplified version of the Pipeline model, and mash it with a distinction between leadership and management? We’ll call it The Great Leadership & Management Passages Model (OK, so we need a catchier name): Here are the six passages: Passage #1: Managing Yourself. Passage #3: Managing Others and Teams. Passage #5: Managing Organizations.

4 Ways CEOs Can Conquer Short-Termism

Harvard Business

In a recent survey , 70% of respondents said that CEOs focus too much on short-term financial results, and nearly 60% said that they don’t focus enough on positive long-term impact. It’s easy to fault CEOs for being too fixated on the short term. However, we believe that most CEOs don’t lack good intent. The CEOs in our study were adept at telling their company’s story. CEOs have a great deal of control over the financial targets they set.

EPS 47

CEOs Should Think Like Founders, Not Just Managers

Harvard Business

General Electric, Microsoft, ExxonMobil, Walmart, and CitiGroup — all were businesses led by managers who were experts in efficiency and optimization and who grew their businesses by making them work better than they had previously. To generate new growth, CEOs must stop thinking of themselves as chief managers and start thinking of themselves as refounders. When Nadella took over the CEO role in 2014, he immediately began refocusing the company on growth.

To Get a Commitment, Make a Commitment

Harvard Business Review

I'd been brought in from the outside, and it was my first time as a CEO. And because team members now understood that they were valued and special, they vastly increased their emotional commitment to making me, and the company, successful. So, in my next job, I looked for ways to do the right thing and gain that emotional commitment. I was CEO of a VC-backed early-stage company that had risen with the bubble and was being decimated by the blow up.