Should Your CIO Be Chief Digital Officer?

Harvard Business Review

CIOs who do great things in leading IT soon gain extra responsibilities. By helping business leaders to improve their businesses, the CIO becomes an obvious candidate to fill any open role that involves technology, process, or strong governance. Some CIOs become CIO-Plus-COO or CIO-Plus-Head of Shared Services. In the book, The Real Business of IT: How CIOs Create and Communicate Value , Richard Hunter and I coined the phrase CIO-Plus.

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CIOs Must Lead Outside of IT

Harvard Business Review

The CIO paradox is a set of contradictions that lies at the heart of IT leadership. Many CIOs have buckled under the CIO paradox, while others have managed to be effective despite it. In working with these successful CIOs over the years, I have found that they all share a common set of practices, philosophies and approaches. We are in the midst of a computing renaissance, when all CIOs will need to raise their game and master this same set of practices.

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The Metamorphosis of the CIO

Harvard Business Review

Tomorrow''s businesses will have a very different make-up, and the CIO must lead the charge in the face of these changes. In the same way that markets have always outperformed command economies, the transactional efficiencies possibly lost are more than made up for by the ecosystems value effectiveness. Digital business ecosystems dynamically create and operate value chains that extend their participants'' markets. The Rise of the CIO.


Are We Asking Too Much of Our CIOs?

Harvard Business Review

It is all well and good — and true — to say that the role and mandate of the CIO are expanding. But too many organizations are stretching their Chief Information Officers (CIO) too thin. CIOs are being tasked with managing internal business systems, cloud-based services, big data innovation, data security, and the 24x7 needs of global customers who access company data on personal devices. Today''s CIOs must learn to balance all of these personas.

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Three Ways CIOs Can Connect with the C-Suite

Harvard Business Review

There is a marked dissonance between CIOs and the C-suite — a fact that we uncovered in new research conducted with HBR, The Economist, CEB, and TNS Global. We have identified the problem , which is that CEOs believe that the CIO does not understand or help with the CEO''s issues and the needs of the business. To put it simply, CIOs are not engaged in the strategic decision-making that goes on at the executive level.

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5 Leadership Lessons: The Velocity Manifesto

Leading Blog

As a leader], you—not the IT department, nor the VP of IT, nor the chief information officer (CIO)—must understand, drive and be accountable for how technology is structured in order to reach the strategic goals of the operation….Technology Technology enables velocity—the speed of getting products to market, the speed of delivery, the speed of analytics, and the list goes on.

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The CIO in Crisis: What You Told Us

Harvard Business Review

Our research, conducted in partnership with Harvard Business Review, The Economist, CEB (formerly the Corporate Executive Board), Intel, and TNS Global, finds that corporate leadership has lost confidence in the CIO as a strategic partner and views IT as a commodity rather than a difference-maker. Clearly the roles of CIO and the IT organization need reinvention — and that''s the conversation we''ve been having over the last few months in webinars and posts.

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How CIOs Can Keep In Step With CEOs

Harvard Business Review

New research, conducted with HBR, The Economist , CEB, and TNS Global, reveals that CEOs believe CIOs are not in sync with the new issues CEOs are facing. CEOs also tell us that CIOs do not understand where the business needs to go and how IT should support strategic goals. CIOs need to be aware of these changes in order to keep in step with their business leaders: Goods and services are becoming rapidly commoditized.

Servant Leadership Observer ? November 2010

Modern Servant Leader

The Modern Servant Leader Servant Leadership & Technology. Leadership. September 20, 2011 Servant Leadership. Servant Leadership Intro. Servant Leadership Academic Programs & Education Opportunities. Servant Leadership. Servant Leadership. If You Seek Prestige, Please Don’t Try To Lead… Servant Leadership Profile: Lionel Logue. Holocaust and the 2008 Financial Crisis – Leadership Lessons in Resistance.

Avoid These Common B2B Content Marketing Mistakes

Harvard Business Review

It’s no wonder, then, that more than 90% of B2B sellers have turned to content marketing to help regain access to buyers in the early stages of the purchase process. The research, involving over 5,000 B2B purchase participants across 12 industries, uncovered three mistakes that undermine firms’ content marketing. Leah Quesada, VP of marketing at Xerox, and her team tell the story in this video.). Sales & Marketing Article

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Female Leadership on the Decline in Canada :: Women on Business

Women on Business

CEO, CMO, COO, CIO, CFO, etc.), Tags: Catalyst Women , women in business , businesswomen , female executives , leadership , women on business No related posts, yet.

3 Emerging Market Risks Companies Should Watch for in 2018

Harvard Business

This means that many emerging market risks get cut from the senior leadership agenda. They did not spend as much time thinking about local events that have implications for their emerging market operations. We identified three emerging market risks that are top multinational leaders should be paying more attention to this year: the election of populists in Brazil and Mexico increasing the cost of doing business. Emerging Markets Require a Risk-Reward Balancing Act.

How to Transform Your Company into a Digital Leader

Skip Prichard

Digital Leadership. Leadership Tip: make change a core competence. It was interesting to start writing my book during the longest bull market in American history and then to finish it during the one of the worst economic and health crises in history.

How Top Executives Lead


Whether finding innovative solutions or new marketing strategies, CEOs, CIOs and CFOs have departed from “business as usual.” Leadership infographic Today’s business environment is more crowded and competitive than ever. ” This infographic from presents the results of a survey of 6,000 top executives and gives a peak inside the executive suite.

Welcome to Business 2.0 as Powered by New IT

N2Growth Blog

CIOs become Aggregators of Business Capabilities : What does the CIO do, when there’s no Big IT to manage? senior leadership team–charged with identifying and aggregating the technological capabilities available in the marketplace for delivery into the enterprise. The ability to seize market share, however, rests in the ways these capabilities are amassed, organized and the information, that they deliver, is leveraged. Business 2.0

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Why CRM Projects Fail and How to Make Them More Successful

Harvard Business

In 2017, CIO magazine reported that around one-third of all customer relationship management (CRM) projects fail. CRMs today also serve a lot of masters, from executives in the C-suite, technology, marketing, finance, and, oh yeah, sales. ” The EVP of marketing was pleased she could now track the assignment of every single lead. The CIO was unhappy about data integrity issues that arose from the integration of more than 20 discreet databases.

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Is HR Too Important to Be Left to HR?

Harvard Business Review

Have you ever met a sales executive or a CIO who said: "Sales is too important to be left to Sales" or "IT is too important to be left to IT"? Take over responsibility and leadership. Have you ever met a sales executive or a CIO who said: "Sales is too important to be left to Sales" or "IT is too important to be left to IT"? Take over responsibility and leadership.

How Technical Debt Opens the Door to Cyber Attacks—and Steps to Protect Your Small Business

Strategy Driven

How would your CFO or CIO handle this? Properly patched, up-to-date infrastructure is not going to stand in the way of the accounts payable clerk or chief marketing officer who clicks on the attachment to an email from some bad actor posing as a trusted vendor or prospective customer.

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Women: The New Voices of Unions

Women on Business

With the stock market tumbling in 2008, much of their pension funds have been underfunded for years and the pressure to work more quickly and for no increase in compensation and sometimes lack of benefits is causing her great frustration. percent tax on stock market trading and credit swapping that is seen in at least 15 other countries worldwide. He staged several unions and six million workers to strike from AFL-CIO in 2005.

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Capital vs. Influence

N2Growth Blog

From my perspective I’d advise clients to give a bit on valuation, or live with more rigid financial engineering to acquire influence (gain access to markets, knowledge, intelligence, connections or superior business savvy). What a sad commentary on the state of equity markets, since it’s the best way for an investor to manage the risk surrounding their investment. By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth .

Developing The CEO Within You.

Rich Gee Group

What are the market forces at work – are they playing fair or are they slowly (and possibly illegally) undermining your position. For some positions (CFO, CIO), all their hard work to make it to the table is now useless when they need to use skills other than IQ: Communication – Communicate clearly and concisely.

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Take the Government Leadership Challenge

Harvard Business Review

So here it goes: I challenge you to do a two-year, full-time stint in government leadership, and to do it before your 70th birthday. What I discovered, much to my shock, was that at least in this one case, a governor wanted to make hiring decisions based not on politics, but on leadership talent. Rather, a stint in government leadership can be the most fulfilling and exciting leadership adventure of a lifetime. Government Leadership Leadership transitions

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What If You Could Learn Design from Apple?

Harvard Business

The best ones are permeable membranes that transfer knowledge from the outside in: Steve Jobs recruited the Dean of Yale’s Business School to run Apple University, while Jeff Weiner recruited business coach and thought leader Fred Kofman to lead leadership development for LinkedIn. The assumption in leadership development is that corporate universities are for internal audiences. Content marketing is a start, but articles and posts on social media don’t go deep enough.

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How to Optimally Align IT with Your Business Processes?

Strategy Driven

The market a company operates in should also be taken into account for enterprise architecture. This approach is developed by Aloys Kregting, who was entitled as CIO of the year twice. The bottom layer of the pyramid is related to governance and involves leadership and organizational structures that are fundamental for the attainment of primary organizational goals.

The IT Conversation We Should Be Having

Harvard Business Review

Over the last two years, we have been engaged in primary research with The Harvard Business Review, The Economist, CEB (formerly known as the Corporate Executive Board), Intel, and TNS Global in an attempt to paint a picture of how the role of the CIO and the IT department is changing. We also engaged with CIOs across the globe in discussions about what they were experiencing and what changes were surprising or bewildering them. CIOs today must adapt or risk being marginalized.

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How to Get Your Salespeople to Execute Your Strategy

Harvard Business Review

Many companies in my experience have a similar disconnect between their intended market or customer type and their actual client base. There’s a reason you chose those target markets or customer types. Be vigilant about which organizations you are marketing to, and ensure that lead distribution reflects the space in the market where you expect to win. Make sure that CRM data on prospects isn’t populated with companies that are outside of your target market.

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To Blog or Not to Blog?

N2Growth Blog

Posted on December 7th, 2010 by admin in Blogging & Social Media , Branding & Identity , Mediums & Markets , Miscellaneous , Operations & Strategy , Public Relations , Technology By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth I think you’d be shocked at how many people still struggle with the “to blog or not to blog&# dilemma.

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Exploit IT for Strategic Benefit

Harvard Business Review

However, when we ask CIOs how their "enabling" is going, they consistently respond that sometimes it goes well; sometimes not so much. At a recent CIO roundtable, one CIO said that the demand for IT in his company is infinite. And other CIOs nodded in agreement. As another CIO noted, companies also have limited capacity for change. IT Cannot Be Only the CIO''s Responsibility. CIOs Must Lead Outside of IT. The CIO In Crisis: What You Told Us.

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The Rise of the Digital CMO

Harvard Business Review

Fact: When it comes to marketing spending, analog still outstrips digital by a factor of three to one. Digital marketing provides targeted reach and measurable impact. Innovative digital marketing approaches in social media, CRM, and other areas dominate the discussion. Nevertheless, analog spending still rules, as confirmed by Gartner''s 2013 digital marketing spending report. Shouldn''t CMOs and all marketers be shocked by this? That is leadership.

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Here’s Why Strategy Chiefs Succeed or Fail

Harvard Business

Consider Staples, the office-supplies retailer, which had tumbled from being the market leader to being a third of the new leader’s size by 1992. the danger that the newcomer will clash for political or personality reasons with members of the leadership team). The CEO ended up getting rid of the head of strategy, continuing to use the CIO to provide him with strategic advice, and hiring a strong but relatively junior analyst to provide support to the senior team.

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Backdoor Government Decryption Hurts My Business and Yours

Harvard Business

companies to reverse years of enhancements and innovations in secure online transactions and data storage that power the world’s largest retail e-commerce market , valued at $238 billion. market accounts for more than $1 trillion.). Strong encryption sustains these thriving industries and defends technological leadership on the global stage. Market research suggests that the encryption software industry is expected to grow to meet this need, increasing from $1.85

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The Financial Industry Needs to Start Planning for the Next 50 Years, Not the Next Five

Harvard Business

Eastman Kodak is the textbook case for failing to prioritize an innovation agenda; business schools around the world study the ramifications of the company’s ill-fated decision to ignore the digital photography market until it was too late. Vanguard might be a runaway success in the market, with 20 million investors, but its success has been more than 40 years in the making.

How to Create True Customer Advocates

Harvard Business Review

This may seem like a silly question, the answer being of course, the sales & marketing team. The forms that this kind of community marketing can take are varied, and might include straightforward references and referrals, customer blogging or video (an area of exceptional creativity), participating in communities, associations or consortiums, speaking at industry''s a growing list. Market and sell your customers. Customers Marketing Sales

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Don't believe your own hype

Roundtable Talk

← Seymour Schulich delivers the goods on decision-making WestJet’s CEO step down: The first sign of the leadership apocalypse? I’ve noticed that the same can be said for leaders who find themselves in particularly “high influence” leadership roles. It doesn’t matter if you’re in HR, finance, IT, marketing… these new buddies will be everywhere. RoundtableTalk Where ambitious leaders meet. Skip to content Home Welcome!

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How to Integrate Data and Analytics into Every Part of Your Organization

Harvard Business

D&A should be the pulse of the organization, incorporated into all key decisions across sales, marketing, supply chain, customer experience, and other core functions. Make sure leadership teams are fully immersed in defining and setting expectations across the entire organization. Increase market share? The teams should also have the complete support of executive leadership, and their goals should be fully aligned with the business strategy.

Give Your Customers the "True Value Test"

Harvard Business Review

If the answers are inconsistent, or don''t reflect leadership''s intended positioning strategy, that can indicate one of two issues. Such organizations send mixed messages to the market, muddying their value proposition. Here, what might seem like a communications exercise can serve as a catalyst to help leadership commit to a refined positioning strategy, and then prioritize resources and collaborate in customers'' — and the organization''s — best interests.

Why So Many High-Profile Digital Transformations Fail

Harvard Business

We think there’s something more here than executive over-exuberance or slowing markets. Executives have to understand what new technologies can do, and understand their impact on markets, products/services, and distribution channels. A charismatic CIO or Chief Digital Officer may make it even harder to be level-headed in those heady times. Yagi Studios/Getty Images. In 2011, GE embarked upon an ambitious attempt to digitally transform its product and service offerings.

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IT on Steroids: The Benefits (and Risks) of Accelerating Technology

Harvard Business Review

Most CIOs will benefit from this trend through increased competition, better prices, and quicker provisioning. At the same time, the trend also heightens the expectations of CIOs'' internal customers to deliver better solutions at greater speed. The newly minted CIO implemented a simple policy to curb the ever-growing cost overruns and schedule delays that plagued the company''s IT project portfolio: no projects longer than 12 months. In 1998, RIM launched the BlackBerry.

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The Unnoticed Analyst: Can analytics succeed while going unnoticed.

Strategy Driven

SAS – Providing organizations with THE POWER TO KNOW ® SAS is the leader in business analytics software and services, and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market. Researchers at the IT Leadership Academy are doing just that in Global 2000 enterprises. The CIO’s response tends to be “reports” (61 percent of the population).

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IT Doesn't Matter (to CEOs)

Harvard Business Review

They resist getting their hands dirty alongside the CIO, even though many of them will readily get down into the mud of a balance sheet with the CFO or strategize the details of global brand issues with the CMO. Nor do they understand the CIO''s role or, typically, the technologies that the company deploys. These and other IT-related problems aren''t rooted in technology but in leadership failings. The senior leadership needs to become literate in technology.

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The C-Suite Needs a Chief Entrepreneur

Harvard Business Review

Sure, there are exceptions who are both visionary CEOs and innovators — Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos, for example — but there are very few companies that can stomach that sort of leadership. The Chief Entrepreneur is an executive as powerful as the CEO, with clear leadership over radical innovation within the company. You have the charm, charisma, enthusiasm, hard work, and marketing mind to encourage and drive your teams to think anything is possible.

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IT Has Finally Cracked the C-Suite

Harvard Business Review

As a consequence, CIOs work on go-to-market strategies as well as on acquiring and retaining new customers. Just recently, InfoWorld magazine pointed out that CIOs have split into two groups: those who are driving value and those who are still trapped inside the data center. This new leadership role is captured in the emerging title of chief business technology officer. He believes technology leadership is about to undergo a shakeout.

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Do You Have the IT For the Coming Digital Wave?

Harvard Business Review

Kim Stevenson , Intel''s CIO, summarizes the challenge well: "[IT functions have] gone through ERP, they''ve gone through BYO and they''ve gone through cloud, and they think they''ve done it all. Cloud-based services are also now being bought directly by functions like HR and marketing, resulting in IT losing its control over technology purchase within the organization. It requires strong leadership from all senior IT executives, as well as new business acumen.

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