Top 10 Servant Leadership Tweeters in 2011

Modern Servant Leader

LazarusRoss : Christ-Follower, Toastmaster, Financial Intelligence Freak, Education Reform Activist, Leadership Fanatic, Networker, Entrepreneur. JT is also a great servant leadership practitioner, as he works to bring greater educational opportunities to his community.

My Best Blogs of 2011

In the CEO Afterlife

So, with the help of WordPress analytics and content judgment, here’s my list of the top ’CEO Afterlife’ blogs of 2011. To most of us, mentors are people of experience and knowledge who help the less experienced advance their careers and/or their education. I began blogging about leadership, strategy, marketing and life last February. Frankly, I wasn’t sure whether I could maintain the pace of one blog per week.

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Education - What Should People Be Learning?

Building Personal Strength

This is not to say that high school and college education is worthless. Personal development Personal Strength People skills Education PerformanceWhen you were in high school, did you ever wonder why you had to learn some of that stuff?

Experiential Education Train-the-Trainer

Create Learning

Like any educational and training model people must understand when and how to use the tools. Here are some images and notes from a Train-the-Trainer Experiential Education for Physical Education Teachers at The College at Brockport , New York.

November 2011 Edition - Strategy Execution Newsletter - On Managing Processes

Six Disciplines

Think about it: all professions (sports, music, art, entertainment, education, architecture, to name just a few.) Business Process Management articles (BPM Institute) (Oct 2011). Welcome to the November issue of the Strategy Execution Newsletter from Six Disciplines. In this month's issue, we're focusing on managing processes. Do You Have The "Master Process" In Your Organization?

Is Higher Education Too Expensive for the Middle Class?

Coaching Tip

The middle class has traditionally believed that higher education was crucial for climbing the success ladder and making money. However, many boomer college students decided to take more liberal education options having little fear of finding careers that paid well. That's hardly a ringing endorsement of the economic value of education. Source: The New Yorker, November 21, 2011 and The New York Times, May 25, 2011.

The Higher Education Bubble


At Instapundit , what appears to be an application of the Pareto Principle to higher education

Help Change the World of Education

Steve Farber

Are you an educator, or do you know educators who’d benefit from receiving this book? There are a lot of Extreme Leader Educators out there. Culture Education Great Books Leadership

Books 13

The Essence of Strategy (Part 2) | In the CEO Afterlife

In the CEO Afterlife

by John • October 30, 2011 • Human Resources , Leadership , Marketing , Strategy • 4 Comments. October 31, 2011 at 11:12 am. October 31, 2011 at 11:52 am. October 31, 2011 at 12:33 pm. October 31, 2011 at 10:36 pm. December 2011. November 2011.

Recent Study Uncovers Skills and Education Necessary in Modern Workforce

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an excerpt from an article featured online by Talent Management magazine (New York, September 26, 2011). Bob's blog entries Chief Learning Officer magazine Margaret Spellings MedfiaTec Study Uncovers Skills and Education Necessary in Modern Workforce Study Uncovers Skills and Education Necessary in Modern Workforce Heading Back to School Talent Management magazine U.S.

Do You Ever Do Nothing?

Kevin Eikenberry

” – Mortimer Adler, philosopher, educator, and author Questions to [.]. Sometimes a quotation encourages you to consider something you weren’t expecting. This is one of those. “You have to allow a certain amount of time in which you are doing nothing in order to have things occur to you, to let your mind think.” Quotations Mortimer Adler reflection thinking time management

7 Essentials For A Quality Culture

The Leadership Advisor

It’s so offensive and insulting to be treated with kiddie gloves under the assumption you’re just not educated enough, mature enough, whatever enough to navigate hearing the truth. Culture is a simple way of saying how an organization expresses itself internally and externally.

Slouching towards leadership

Managing Leadership

But how many such leadership systems – whether executed in educational institutions such as universities, or by training programs within endeavors of various types and sizes – are actually developing leaders? Technorati Tags: leadership , organization , leader , individual leadership , workplace , expertise , education , training , follower , vision , leadership development , manager , Fred Schlegel , Steve Roesler , management , business , workforce , Cultural Offering.

How much longer will our education system fail businesses?

Chartered Management Institute

Together with the Young Enterprise charity research, published yesterday, this shows that our education system continues to fail our future employees. failing education system unemployment unemployment figures young peopleToday the unemployment figures were announced, with the highest ever number of young people unemployed.

To the class of 2011, Choose debt free! Part Two

Reiter Thinks

This is part two of the blog, To the class of 2011. It picks up with my predictions for what the class of 2011 might expect now as they move forward with their lives over the next couple of years. Education at any cost is silly.

The Art of the Dumb Question

Mills Scofield

It drove my teachers nuts (don’t get me started on education!) Status Quo Innovation Education Dumb Questions 21st Century 20th CenturyWhen I was a child, my parents always answered a question with an answer that led to another question. So early on, I learned to just keep asking questions. and drives my husband nuts (like that’s the only reason!). Just to bug my husband further, I’ve taught our kids to do the same thing!

Education – keeping up with the Joneses

Rapid BI

What is the future for professional development and CPD for professionals - young and old.? Are we doing enough to keep up with the Joneses. The future of work

Progress for Women in Economic Equality Lower Than Health and Education in Recent Study

Women on Business

The sixth annual World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report 2011 shows that over the last six years 85% of countries have been improving their gender equality but in several African and South American countries it is declining. There is also a small decline in South Africa, New Zealand, Spain, Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom in the last year. Gains have been made in Ethiopia, Brazil, Turkey and Tanzania as well.

Redesigning Today’s Graduate Classroom

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an excerpt of an article that caught my eye, written by Leonard Cassuto and recently published in The Chronicle of Higher Education (March 20, 2011). With uncommon clarity, Cassuto addresses many of the issues that continue to generate divided opinions (sometimes sharply divided opinions) about the mission of graduate school education and the [.]. Igo Teagle Foundation The Chronicle of Higher Education University of Pennsylvania Vanderbilt University Zachary First

4 Words to Help Discern a Vocational Call to Ministry

Ron Edmondson

That doesn’t mean the person shouldn’t gain education, experience, or even a paycheck, but if a person has received a call from God on their life the time to get started doing something towards that call is now! Discerning a call to vocational ministry can be a tiring and trying experience.

Learning is Life

Kevin Eikenberry

The famed psychologist and educator John Dewey (hey, he’s on a stamp) once wrote: “Education is not a preparation for life; Education is life itself.&# Questions to Ponder How do I view education? What do I do to educate myself? Action Steps Learn something new today. Repeat that action tomorrow. And the next day (and [.]. Learning Quotations John Dewey

What Has 2011 Taught You About Business and Leadership?

Tanveer Naseer

As this is the last week of the year, many of us are understandably looking back at the past 12 months and discussing what we consider to be the significant events of 2011. One such example of this comes from the article, “ Business Lessons Learned in 2011 ”, where a number of business leaders look back at the past 12 months and share their experiences of the lessons they’ve learned which will help them to improve and build on their business in the coming months.

International Travel as Education, Adventure and Service

Chris Brady

I consider it a facet of my lifelong, self-directed educational process, and therefore priceless. Posted by: Phyllis Hoff | January 20, 2011 at 09:44 AM Verify your Comment Previewing your Comment Posted by: | This is only a preview.

Five Minutes - a Key to Successful Time Management

Kevin Eikenberry

Read an uplifting or educational book or blog post (you have access to them on your phones, Kindles, etc.) Casavant January 28, 2011 at 11:32 am Kevin – great suggestions!! Crystal Reply Kevin Eikenberry January 28, 2011 at 12:40 pm Great points Crystal – thanks for sharing!

Three Power Phrases to Disarm a Verbal Aggressor

The Recovering Engineer

If you were the other person, you would feel exactly like they feel because you would have their life experience, education, culture, gender, etc.

Power 116

Programs Help Women Take the Lead | []

Weekly Leader

leadership diversity women educationFemale-focused leadership development programs—such as the Athena Leadership Lab at Barnard College, which was launched last fall and offers workshops costing $199 to $799—are flourishing. Wins Best Blog Award at 2011 Stevie Awards for Women in Business

Women on Business was named Best Blog in the 8th annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business during an awards ceremony held in New York City on November 11, 2011. I’m very happy to share some exciting news with the readers.

5 Leadership Secrets of an Aviator (1 of 3)

Leading Strategies

Leaders We Deserve – 180px-telemachus_and_mentor.jpg Creative leaders attract a great deal of attention in business, politics, sport, and education. In military flying, studying and training on emergency procedures (EPs) was constant.

EPS 78

Thoughts about Jared Lee Loughner - Feelings of Compassion for the.

Building Personal Strength

Wednesday, January 12, 2011 Thoughts about Jared Lee Loughner - Feelings of Compassion for the Victims of the January 8 Shooting On Saturday, January 8, 2011, over 250,000 people on Earth died. By the way, was it Saturday, January 8, 2001 or 2011?

Visionary Leadership: Inspiring Woman Brings Independence to Many

C-Level Strategies

Access to higher education, financial planning and interviewing skills, and life skills that empower her with a new perspective on her opportunities in life.

Five Steps To Infuse “Magic” in Your Leadership Style

Next Level Blog

This guest post was written by Jason Monaghan with University of Notre Dame Executive Online Education: As any seasoned business leader can tell you, creating an exemplary team takes knowledge, perseverance, and a little leadership magic. The “magic” of a great leader is developed over time and through years of professional awareness. The qualities that make a good team a great one depend largely on the leader’s ability to create an environment of complete engagement.

Hybrid Jobs Call for Hybrid Education

Harvard Business Review

For example, positions in mobile development, which combines skills from engineering, coding, and computer science, have grown by 135 percent since 2011. Education Career planning Digital Article

10 Ways To Know You Need to Revamp Your Employee Training

Linked 2 Leadership

In 2011, spending increased by 10 percent, 2012 saw a rise of 12 percent, and 2013 […]. Authentic Leadership Coaching Corner Future Leadership Issues Leadership Lessons Learned Leadership vs. Management Leading & Developing Other Leaders corporate training education leadership mangementCurrent research shows that spending on employee training is rising at a rapid rate. The post 10 Ways To Know You Need to Revamp Your Employee Training appeared first on Linked 2 Leadership.

7 Personal Disciplines: A 90 Day Challenge

Ron Edmondson

I can be legalistic about Bible reading, but the discipline I need is to read it for relationship (with God), not just for education. I’ve always been considered a fairly disciplined person. There are certain disciplines that have made me who I am today.

Goal 75

Maybe It’s Time For A Movement – A Movement That Moves Beyond Doing Good To Doing Right

First Friday Book Synopsis

Randy's blog entries All The Devils Are Here Andrew Singer business ethics doing bad doing good doing right Ethikos moral issues The Ethical Education of an MBAThere are times when I feel something close to a sense of despair. It has to do with a simple question – should a business take seriously the call to do right? The despair comes from what I read — in a lot of places/books/articles, but especially in the book I have recently completed, All [.].

Four Priorities Keeping CEOs Up at Night

C-Level Strategies

The critical nature of education, beginning with parent engagement. I had the sincere pleasure this past week of attending the CEO Connection Spring Forum, Dinner and CEO Boot Camp in New York City.

CEO 77

Leaders are Service Revolvers

Chris Brady

and a Winner Announced » January 31, 2011 Leaders as Service Revolvers A farmer ambled along the lonely country road heading to his humble farm one dusk evening when he dozed and ran off the road.

Twitter for Non-Profits: An Interview with Twitter’s Claire Diaz-Ortiz

Ron Edmondson

Information is power, and when we become educated about the realities around us we are more likely to get involved in making a positive difference. Recently I had the opportunity to meet and later interview Claire Diaz-Ortiz. Claire leads social innovation at Twitter, where she has worked since 2009. She wrote Twitter for Good: Change the World one Tweet at a Time and is a frequent international speaker on social media, leadership, and social change.

What Really is The Big Picture of Business

Strategy Driven

How we evolve reflects the teachings, experiences and instincts that are not part of formal education. Business school education is limited and behind the times. Education of the public to the purposes and scope of the product. Education of the public to a point of view.

Entrepreneurship: Transforming Nothing into Something

Coaching Tip

By Scott Adams, the creator of " Dilbert ," abstracted from How to Get a Real Education in The Wall Street Journal, April 9, 2011.