Stop Start Continue Change Management Model

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The stop start continue change management model is a useful 'quick and dirty' tool for looking at service improvement and feedback techniques. The post Stop Start Continue Change Management Model appeared first on RapidBi. Created Articles Management Model & Theory Change Management Model continue examples feedback sandwich Start Stop

Stop Start Continue Change – a Management and facilitation Model

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The Stop Start Continue Change is a management and facilitation model that can be applied to a wide range of situations where we need to improve processes, polices and behaviours etc. Stop – Start – ContinueChange The Stop – Start – ContinueChange four step change model is a simple yet often […]. The post Stop Start Continue Change – a Management and facilitation Model appeared first on RapidBi.


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The Reinventors: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

The Reinventors: How Extraordinary Companies Pursue Radical Continuous Change Jason Jennings Portfolio/The Penguin Grtoup (2012) Jennings’ latest book is also his best…thus far In fact, companies do not “pursue radical continuous change,” extraordinary executives do. jason jennings Jennings' latest book is also his best.thus far Portfolio/The Penguin Grtoup The Reinventors: How Extraordinary Companies Pursue Radical Continuous Change

Recommended Resource – The Reinventors

Strategy Driven

The Reinventors : How Extraordinary Companies Pursue Radical Continuous Change. The Reinventors by Jason Jennings provides a step-by-step method for continuously evolving one’s organization such that it remains ever relevant in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Jason examines not only the change methodology to be employed but provides insights to the key leadership and organizational attributes necessary to effectively reinvent a business.

StrategyDriven Podcast Special Edition 64 – An Interview with Jason Jennings, author of The Reinventors

Strategy Driven

Special Edition 64 – An Interview with Jason Jennings, author of The Reinventors explores how to effectively implementing radical continuous change in order to realize the ongoing business growth it provides. During our discussion, Jason Jennings, author of The Reinventors : How Extraordinary Companies Pursue Radical Continuous Change , shares with us his insights and experiences regarding the: why a business needs to undergo continuous change in order to be successful.

6 Smart Steps to Help Your Team Navigate Change

Let's Grow Leaders

Change is Inevitable, Strategic Change is a Choice It’s a hard truth that confounds many leaders: continued success requires continued change. But change isn’t easy. The post 6 Smart Steps to Help Your Team Navigate Change appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. Clarity Commitment Winning Well Change communication leadership management purpose vision

Team 325

Flux: 8 Superpowers for Thriving in Constant Change

Kevin Eikenberry

Are you experiencing flux or continuous change? Here is another obvious question: Would you like to thrive in times of change (like now)? Would you like some concrete tactics to help you deal with the realities and emotions of constant change?

How To Stay Relevant & Have Impact

Lead Change Blog

If we are going to handle this continually changing the world, we have to adapt ourselves. Posted in Career Development Self Leadership [link] We are in an age of immense disruption: industries, societal codes, politics, demographics, you name it. All we can really control is how we react, and more importantly, pro-act to our world. While we should hold our principles and values [.]. Career Development Self Leadership Growth Learning

How To 240

First Look: Leadership Books for August 2015

Leading Blog

Leading Continuous Change : Navigating Churn in the Real World by Bill Pasmore. Here's a look at some of the best leadership books to be released in August. Humans Are Underrated : What High Achievers Know That Brilliant Machines Never Will by Geoff Colvin. Unthinkable : The Culture and Politics of Getting Innovation Wrong by Tom Hopkins. Louder than Words : Harness the Power of Your Authentic Voice by Todd Henry.

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Strategic Leadership 2021: Lessons from Strategy Class

Lead Change Blog

It manifests through helping shape a continually evolving organizational paradigm while operating effectively in the current environment. In part, this requires acknowledgment that the operating landscape is a dynamic environment in continuous change. Under more normal circumstances, we might not feel base-level change; similarly, even though planet earth moves at a speed of 1,000 miles per hour at the equator, we don’t feel that baseline movement.

Class 230

Thank You For Your Service!

Lead Change Blog

Training a newly formed Afghan Air Force is the epitome in complex continual change management. Posted in Light Your World [link] This is one of most honored posts I’ve ever ever hosted. Matthew Fritz is Director, Commander’s ActionGroup of NATO’s Air Training Command in Afghanistan. Matt has become a very dear friend, thanks to Angela Maiers, and fellow blogger at Switch & Shift.

Organizational Health and Performance: Beyond Performance 2.0

Leading Blog

So, any change effort will be more successful when you focus on both performance and health. Successful change efforts are increased when we place equal emphasis on both performance and health-related efforts. How do we continue to improve? Change

Hamel 266

Are You Uncomfortable?

Leading Blog

In a world of rapid and continual change, radical personal growth is required. Discomfort motivates us to change, to explore, to seek out new answers. No one likes to be uncomfortable. But, there is a correlation between our growth and success in life and the discomfort we’re willing to impose on ourselves. Growth necessarily takes us outside of our comfort zone. We need to get used to it. If we are going to stay relevant, we are going to be uncomfortable.

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levels of work and pattern recognition for sales and marketing

Mike Cardus

Finding ways to integrate our progress into the company’s challenges will show how we can help , and the value that comes from changes in patterns and marketing is continuous.

How Leaders Can Reinvent Their Company


In, The Reinventors: How Extraordinary Companies Pursue Radical Continuous Change , Jason presents the results of his time studying 22,000 articles and interviewing 100 companies. Jennings proposes that the best companies are “reinventors,” they achieve continuous growth by embracing constant change. Overall, The Reinventors is a roadmap for bringing continuous change to your organization.

Didn't See It Coming

Leading Blog

Cynics never change the world. They just tell us why you can’t change the world. That gap is a factor of how fast things change relative to you. You defeat it by continuouslychanging, learning, and evolving. Change staves off irrelevance.” Get radical about change. Seek change to transform you. He continues, “Selfishness looks good only to the selfish in the same way that pride is attractive only to the proud.

Blog 242

How Leaders Can Reinvent Their Company


In, The Reinventors: How Extraordinary Companies Pursue Radical Continuous Change , Jason presents the results of his time studying 22,000 articles and interviewing 100 companies. Jennings proposes that the best companies are “reinventors,” they achieve continuous growth by embracing constant change. Overall, The Reinventors is a roadmap for bringing continuous change to your organization.

The Choice Of Change – Indifferent Or Influential

Lead Change Blog

Why can some people change and others seem like they can never change? I believe change is a must to be relevant in our home place, workplace, and marketplace. Call it 15 minutes of fame – meaning there is no staying power to the change. Being relevant has staying power, meaning the change is thought through and the difference can be seen in the weeks and months ahead. Changing Ways. Change is viewed as something that happens around us.

Blog 265

Why Post-Pandemic Organizational Change Requires Guidance

CO2 Business Leadership

As people grow used to a volatile and fast-paced world, executives’ concerns surrounding organizational change management have shifted. Nobody resists change anymore because we’re always changing,” explains Carmen Liefeld, Leadership Coach at CO2 Partners.

Organizational Agility

Coaching Tip

. . . In this new reality, organizations are going to need to change how they change, to increase their organizational agility, to increase the flexibility of the organization, to create a culture of continuous change and simultaneously inhibit the appearance and for growth of the aforementioned change gaps. One way to do handle these challenges is to take a more agile approach to change. Responding to change over following a plan.

3 Marketing Strategies to Direct your Food Business towards Success

Strategy Driven

Restaurant marketing trends are continuously changing the digital works, and staying updated often seems a challenge. And, this change makes restaurants experiment with things like ordering through self-service kiosks to even through a mobile device.

The Value of Value Chain Analysis in Transforming Your Business

N2Growth Blog

People are less likely to resist any recommendations for dramatic change in their area of the business, if it comes in an objective, non-threatening way. All that is left to do is develop the plans for the projects that are needed to actualize the new workflow and institute a process for continual change. I have a different take on value chain analysis. Most think of it as positioning a business within its ecosystem.

Burn the Business Plan

Leading Blog

Entrepreneurs must learn to dance to the market’s ever-changing tempo and rhythm. To build a successful company, one has to be able to change direction as shifting facts and circumstances dictate. Most important, they learned the culture of business, how big companies did or did not do a good job of serving their customers, and their customers’ continuously changing needs. When you begin everything changes.

Opposites Attract … But Do They Stick?

Lead Change Blog

In her latest book, The Genius of Opposites: How Introverts and Extroverts Accomplish Extraordinary Results Together , Jennifer Kahnweiler continues to explore the world of Introverts and Extroverts, as we all learn more about the power that comes through being different.

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Weekly Round-Up: Top Articles On Employee Engagement & Embracing Millennials


It isn’t about changing principles. It is about changing the way things are done…. Welcome to my weekly round-up of top leadership and communication blog posts. Each week I read and tweet several great articles and on Fridays pull some of the best together here on my blog. So in case you’ve missed them, here is this week’s round-up of top posts. They’ll provide you with tips, strategies and thought-starters from many of the smart folks in my network.

Continuous Business Optimization is a 21st Century Next Practice

N2Growth Blog

” Indeed, the only way to do that is to adopt a continuous optimization mindset – one where the entire company is continually being improved and enhanced. Sure, continuous change can be disruptive to an organization that is not accustomed to it. But, embracing it through a continuous optimization program can make a firm more agile and improves its ability to pivot when confronted by other unexpected business challenges or industry disruption.

The Stand-Up Strategists

Leading Blog

Skilled leaders, those we call the “Stand-Up Strategists,” understand the utility of humor to address four important organizational outcomes , or the 4Cs: Community, Composure, Change and Creativity. Change. It is important for all leaders to communicate with employees about ongoing organizational change, especially with regards to vision and strategic priorities. H OW FREQUENTLY do you think your employees laugh at work?

Thoughts About Big Changes vs. Little Changes

Lead Change Blog

As someone who takes leadership and coaching seriously, I have been reading up on goal-setting, aspirations, and all that change stuff … As a coach, I help others identify, clarify, plan for, and achieve goals. In this mindset, smaller changes are not as useful as big screen goals. The value of dreaming big is that your goals and the actions you take to reach those goals are more impactful and life-changing than otherwise. Change Management Leadership

Blog 258

These Powerful Traits Can Make You into a Successful Leader

Lead from Within

Great leaders are multidimensional, continually improving, growing and learning. Being a visionary means understanding that continuous change is occurring all around you, so what worked in the past may not work now. Some traits set a great leader apart from the pack. Here are the most powerful top traits that can make you be the most successful leader you can be: Self-management. One of the most important traits of successful leadership is self-management.

Can You Deliberately Practice Soft Skills?


In our increasingly complex and chaotic world, we need leaders who can continually change and take on new skills. A recent comment by a reader on an older post, “ It Takes Time to Make Great Leaders ” sparked my thinking about whether leaders can truly “practice” the soft skills involved in leading in a deliberate way. I began to wonder if I was drawing a parallel to the work of Benjamin Bloom and Geoff Colvin that was inappropriate.

Skills 163

Top Reasons Why Workplace Safety Is Crucial In 2020

Strategy Driven

Continually changing data. Data on the Coronavirus disease changes every day, putting more burden on research and safety professionals. Everybody desires to work in a protected and safe environment, making workplace safety a priority.

Leadership Biz Cafe Podcast #3 – Interview with Jesse Lyn Stoner

Tanveer Naseer

Does vision still play a key role for organizations in today’s ever-changing world? What leaders can do to ensure their vision remains relevant in the face of continual change and increasing global competitiveness. That’s one of several questions which I discuss with my guest, Jesse Lyn Stoner, in the third episode of my podcast series, “Leadership Biz Cafe”. Jesse Lyn Stoner is a business consultant, former executive, and bestselling author.

Just Another Day at the Office.or Is it?

Coaching Tip

As continuous change became the new normal, addressing cultural challenges became more difficult. When the stress of change becomes too much for an organization, the solution often erupts into an "un-ignorable moment"--an event or action, or even a comment, that stops you and your organization in its tracks, a moment when it becomes blindingly clear that new ways of working are clashing with existing ones. .

Tips 107

How Courageous Leaders Address Fear In The Workplace

Tanveer Naseer

In the face of continual change and uncertainty in the global economy – not to mention the increasingly myopic focus on short-term gains at the expense of understanding the long-term context – fear in the workplace has become a long-term affliction as evidenced in study after study showing increasing levels of stress paired with falling engagement levels in today’s work environments.

3 Small Steps for a CEO, One Giant Leap for Leadership


They spearhead innovation by ensuring their organization’s cultural norm is continuous change and creativity. CEOs by nature are time-starved species. Critical to their success and that of their organization is how they carve up the hours on the clock. Those who invest their time advancing their company’s business model or seeking a new one are adding value to their organizations.

CEO 121

How To Stay Relevant & Have Impact

Mills Scofield

If we are going to handle this continually changing the world, we have to adapt ourselves. Grateful to call her a friend, Dorie Clark’s new book, “ Reinventing You ” is an indispensible guide to just that – reinventing ourselves, continually, to adapt to and thrive in the 21 st century. She continues with a ‘how to’ plan that is so easy to follow and execute on our own.

Mentor 132

New Year Entertainment: Predictions, Forecasts, and Projections

The Practical Leader

” Technology is a major driving of change and is changing very unpredictably as we see in these forecasts: Lee DeForest, the “father of radio,” said in 1926 “While theoretically and technically television may be feasible, commercially and financially it is an impossibility.” We see how Peter Drucker’s thought leadership continues to guide leaders and organizations. What’s ahead in this shiny New Year stretched out in front of us?

How To Expose The Real Issues That Underlie Paradoxes In Modern Organizations

Eric Jacobson

The Unfinished Leader will help leaders at all levels understand and excel at their true task: guiding themselves and their teams through ongoing paradoxes, reconciling competing outcomes, continually changing and adapting, and thereby building lasting success. With the demands of technology, transparency, and constant connectedness, and calls for higher performance, leaders from the front line to the C-suite face complex dilemmas that cannot be easily denied or postponed.

An Organizational Growth Cap Theory

Ron Edmondson

When I consider companies like Apple, Facebook, Google and Amazon, the one constant I think of is change. You could have done the same thing, because it’s obvious to us that these companies are all about change. Then I think of churches I know…some of the most growing, Kingdom-impacting churches I know are also the most innovative…the most open to continual change. Both LifeChurch and North Point appear to be a culture of change.

Leading The Transformation Process

Deming Institute

Continuously improve our ability to do so. Transformation starts with the individual but as they change they can run into organizational barriers and resistance to change. Similarly if the organization institutes changes without helping people change their own understanding and views those people resist the changes in the organization. And those interactions continually change as the overall system evolves.

Scenario Planning - build alternative futures.

Management Craft

Here is how Tom defines scenario planning (from his website): "Scenario planning is a discipline for building alternative futures in which decisions can be played out for the purposes of changing thinking, improving decision-making, fostering individual, team, and organizational learning, and improving performance. Scenario planning is focused on a continuously changing environment and makes it a part of planning.

3 Small Steps for a CEO, One Giant Leap for a Leader

In the CEO Afterlife

They spearhead innovation by ensuring their organization’s cultural norm is continuous change and creativity. This infographic from the Wall Street Journal captured the typical work week of a Chief Executive Officer in November of 2009. Fast forward to 2012 and “answering e-mails” would surely bite into the time-starved CEO’s work week. Nonetheless, I suspect meetings at 18 hours a week isn’t a declining trend.

CEO 171

Open Door Policy: Meaning, Benefits & Implementation

HR Digest

The corporate culture is continually changing. With this change, most companies adopt the open door policy for all the benefits the policy comes with. There are people from all walks of life working together in an organizational setup.