Your Company’s Networks Might Matter More than Its Strategy

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Once again, he had turned around a struggling company, transformed its business model and made its operations hum. When Netflix emerged as a disruptive threat, Antioco met it head on. As the General himself put it, “It takes a network to defeat a network.”

The Biotech IT PMO 2.0

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As a CIO, you have either made – or heard – recommendations to create an IT project management office. IT delivers its projects on time, on budget, and to spec. You and your IT PMO have put the foundation of consistent innovation in place. Nevertheless, it is no more than a foundation. Agile Innovation IT Strategy PMO Portfolio Management Project Management agile IT project management and portfolio management

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How Starbucks’s Culture Brings Its Strategy to Life

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In most organizations, culture and strategy tend to be discussed in separate conversations. Executives know that culture is important and that a negative culture can hurt company performance, but they often don’t know what to do about it. ” What most executive teams typically fail to do is to connect the company’s culture with how the company makes its strategy work. It was always: ‘Would you do me a favor?’

Digital Strategy Does Not Equal IT Strategy

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Everyone thinks they have a digital strategy these days. But while your company may have a business or IT strategy that incorporates digital technology, an IT strategy does not equal a digital strategy. Does your strategy capitalize on that?

Walmart Won’t Stay on Top If Its Strategy Is “Copy Amazon”

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Walmart’s recent change to free two-day shipping for online orders, no membership required, is the latest in a series of moves the company has made to fight Amazon and grow its e-commerce business. Last year, it purchased and installed Jet’s founder, Marc Lore, as head of its e-commerce division. Walmart does need to shore up its e-commerce capabilities, but its attempts to out-Amazon Amazon aren’t a winning strategy.

C-Suite Tip Number 1

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It’s a generic way to think about an enterprise and how most are organizationally design. These are the people responsible for setting strategic direction and guiding the enterprise towards its future. So, when it comes time to roll-out your next key strategy, where do you begin?

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Strategy, Capability & Really Bad Advice

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By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth. I just finished reading an article where the author (a self professed innovation guru) recommended strategy be aligned with capability, and that to allow ambition to exceed capability is a nothing short of a recipe for disaster.

The Complete Strategy Execution Program

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The critical question for every business leader is, “How do I build an organization that consistently executes its strategy?” The answer: it takes a complete program. Simply reading best-selling books won’t do it. Different experts may use alternate terms for these concepts, but rather than fixating on terminology for now, it’s better to focus on understanding the underlying principles.

The Two Types of Organizational Misalignment

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The cumulative effects of misalignment are a significant constraint on the ability of an organization to execute its strategy. It's what we describe in detail in Discipline III. As a result, it becomes an increasing drag on the success of the company until corrected. Strategic misalignment occurs suddenly, when the leadership sets a strategic VFO (vital few objective) -- but the systems and resources of the organization are not deployed to support it.

The Biggest Challenge In Business? I'ts Not What You Think

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Think about it for a minute. Sure, you'll come up with a long laundry list of challenges: competitive pressures, growth and expansion, talent shortages, price sensitivity, margins, R&D, industry consolidation.and the list goes on - AND - it changes every day.forever. Once a challenge has been addressed or solved, it's replaced by another challenge (and if you're good at solving problems, the challenges get even greater, not easier!). Is this the way it HAS to be?

Seeing The Person In The Employee

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When most companies think about footing the bill for educating their employees, the ever-present caveat is that it must be related to you role. Good logic, but is it too narrow? It allows you to see if they can be broadened and how essential they are/aren’t to your performance.

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Healthy Raises

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In the global economy, each company is constantly adjusting its strategies to enable it to stay ahead of its competition. He is accountable for returning value to customers by driving the strategy to ensure returns for the next five years. It is a good practice.

Two Questions to Ask on a Regular Basis During Change

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It tells you what is capturing their hope and anticipation, and what gives them the energy to move forward. This is good feedback because it tells you what part of the change they’re connecting with (sometimes it’s not what you thought it would be).

The Marketing Strategy: What You REALLY Need To Know

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Your business thrives on how effective its marketing strategy is. Marketing is a concept that can almost consume a business that hasn’t got its strategy in order. Most businesses place a vast proportion of their budget towards marketing and its various sub-categories.

The Value of Domain Expertise: Football By Football

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Football By Football started at the beginning of the 2014 National Football League season, and it lays out its strategy on the home page: is a football analysis website providing unique player-writer generated content; owned & operated by experienced football players. You could see someone who barely made it through a meeting with back pain lined up for conditioning.

When Great Company Cultures Go to the Dark Side: 7 Signs Your Organization Is Headed in the Wrong Direction

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Is over-emphasizing positive thinking in your company’s culture, actually creating negativity without you even knowing it? Is having 0% employee turnover actually a good thing to sing high praises about, or is it overshadowing another truth ? Rather to learn from it.

How to Transform Your Sales Rebate Strategy From Problematic to Profitable

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At least that’s how it feels in the moment. It’s simple math – you give more away, you make less. It just means you have to find a responsible and strategic way forward. 5 Tips to a Prosperous Sales Rebate Strategy. The cornerstone of a successful sales rebate strategy is the ability to bring in more revenue than is lost through the rebate itself. It’s a waste of valuable time and resources. It also puts your company at risk for error.

Defining Strategy, Implementation, and Execution

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It is striking how much confusion there is between strategy, implementation, and execution. Does it include creating solutions to unforeseen problems and running with unexpected opportunities? Do you “execute” or “implement” a strategy?

Complimentary Resource – Get the Right People: 9 Questions for Getting the Best Hires

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When it comes to hiring, it’s all about quality, not quantity. Whether a company succeeds or fails ultimately depends on whether it hired the right people to effectively execute its strategies. It’s true.

3 Ways to Improve Your Organization’s Culture


by Calvin Guyer We have all heard the phrase “Culture eats strategy for lunch (or breakfast, or dinner).” ” But what exactly does it mean and what, as a business leader, can you do to improve your organization’s culture? That culture can help and it can hurt.

Competitive Advantage from the Bottom of the Pyramid


Global firms have employed blue ocean strategies to cater their services and offerings to the BoP (Bottom of Pyramid). Many companies have derived BoP strategies from C.K. There are some excellent business & corporate strategy examples of companies implementing the BoP model.

Nabob and the Coffee Kerfuffle: How the 120-year-old brand managed to maintain its challenger status.

In the CEO Afterlife

This article was written by Jennifer Horn for the June 2016 issue of Strategy Magazine. As Ogilvy’s Ian MacKellar, who helped develop the current creative platform, would say: “For any campaign or creative idea, it helps to have a conflict, a tension, an enemy.”

A Maginot Commitment


A thought came to mind: Once France had invested its time and treasure so heavily in the Maginot Line, what were the odds that it was going to back away from that strategy? Would it have been easy to persuade the French government and military to shift its strategy? I had breakfast with a city official this morning. Since both of us are history buffs, before getting down to business we discussed the history books we''ve been reading.

Why We Hate Strategy

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I have to admit, the general attitude toward strategy – as boring, soulless and impractical – is a puzzle to me. Most people would rather do their taxes than think about strategy. Strategy just doesn’t seem like you: so heady and cold.”

Gauge Which Activities Aren’t in Sync with Your Strategy

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Most organizational leaders struggle to align day-to-day activities with strategy, even though they know it’s important to do. Almost 80% of the more than 1,200 senior executives recently surveyed by PricewaterhouseCoopers believe that their organizations have the right strategic intent — but only 54% think they’re executing that strategy well. The first — which we’ll call Company A — focuses on translating its strategy into action as quickly as possible.

Tackle Conflicts with Conversation

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But addressing and resolving conflicts requires enormous mental and emotional strength, which is why many of us try to avoid it. But all three strategies are wrong-headed. And it hurts your image as a leader. Take Sarah, the head of IT at a global technology company.

CEOs Should Leave Strategy to Their Team — and Save Their Focus for Execution

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The common perception is that strategy is done at the top of the org chart, and execution is done below. It is exactly the opposite – let me explain why. ” Its common definition is fundamentally unhelpful, and contributes to what executives often call “the strategy-execution gap.” The Gap Between Strategy and Execution. She asks her EVP of manufacturing to please go execute that strategy. Strategy execution Digital Article

Strategy Isn’t What You Say, It’s What You Do

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You sometimes hear managers complain that their organization has no strategy. Every organization has a strategy: its strategy is what it does. Think about it. When managers complain that their company’s strategy is ineffectual or non-existent, it’s often because they haven’t quite realized that their strategy is what they’re doing rather than what their bosses are saying. Managing people Strategy

Listen up, biz leaders: It’s time to rethink everything

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Every company needs to determine if its strategy requires an [.]. biz leaders: It's time to rethink everything BlackBerry DuPont Facebook Fortune Magazine Fortune on PBS Geoff Colvin Google Harold Longman Award Hewlett-Packard Home Depot Instagram Intuit Kodak Listen up Microsoft Motorola Nokia Talent Is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else the Great Depression Wall Street Week We're not living in ordinary economic times What is our core?

How Social Movements Change Minds

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For instance, at the beginning of the Civil Rights movement, many people thought of it as a “black problem” or a “southern problem” or even a states rights issue. It designed to appeal to mainstream America.

A Way to Know If Your Corporate Goals Are Too Aggressive

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For better goal-setting, it will help to understand where financial targets typically come from. Note also that almost none of our survey respondents thought it was very unlikely (that there was less than a 10% chance) that they’d hit their goals.

Smart Leaders Focus on Execution First and Strategy Second

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“We found the perfect strategy” ranks with “And they lived happily ever after” as a perpetual myth. A strategy is never excellent in and of itself; it is shaped, enhanced, or limited by implementation. When a strategy looks brilliant, it’s because of the quality of execution. When Apple launched the iPhone in 2007 with AT&T as exclusive service provider, telecom giant Verizon decided to launch its own smartphone.


A Framework for Strategists Assessing Emerging Markets

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Likewise, Nigeria is the powerhouse among the MINT nations while Mexico’s performance may make investors question the rationale for its inclusion. However, the sources of demand in each country differ, which will affect your strategy. Steven Moore.

VW’s Board Needed More Outsiders

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With a strong, competent, and independent chair able to step in and assume responsibility (and possibly act as interim CEO), a company in a crisis that destroys its leadership is better placed to navigate the storm. Hayward’s leadership had contributed to BP underplaying safety its U.S.

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Types of Organizational Misalignment

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The cumulative effects of misalignment are a significant constraint on the ability of an organization to execute its strategy. As a result, it becomes an increasing drag on the success of the company until corrected. Strategic misalignment occurs suddenly, when the leadership sets a strategic VFO (vital few objective) -- but the systems and resources of the organization are not deployed to support it.

How to Prioritize Your Company’s Projects

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” Without one, it is almost impossible to prioritize effectively. The bank was using a project management tool, but the lack of discipline in keeping it up to date made it largely fruitless. Capacity, not strategy, was determining which projects launched and when. If not, it stalled or was killed. But many organizations do it badly. It would be a kind thing to do, and surely it would also increase customer satisfaction.

The First Complete Strategy Execution Program (Summarized)

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The critical question for every business leader is, “ How do I build an organization that consistently executes its strategy?”. The answer: it takes a complete program. Simply reading best-selling books won’t do it. Strategy Execution Coaching to nurture and nudge to stay the course. The reasons other approaches do not last is that they are missing key elements. Technology (i.e., performance mangement software) alone is not enough.

The Disconnect Between Strategy And Execution

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While all of us agree there's a disconnect between strategy formulation and strategy execution, the developers of the Balanced Scorecard (Robert Kaplan and David Norton) offer up this terrifying observation: On average, 95% of a company's employees are unaware of, or do not understand, its strategy. Of course, it doesn't have to be that way.

Why Target’s Canadian Expansion Failed

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It was a brief stint for Target in Canada. Less than two years after opening there, Target announced last week that it would close its 133 Canadian stores. Target opened its first stores just a couple of months later despite the enormous remodeling work required.

The Case for Corporate Disobedience

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Before you can scale the business, you have to understand what your customers really want and value, and how to deliver it to them — and that process requires a lot of flexibility. In theory, you have decent odds of getting it right. To be clear, it’s not that rules are bad.