“Leadership is Marketing” – Peter Drucker Said What?

Tanveer Naseer

It was published shortly before the stock market crash which preceded the Great Depression. In a public newspaper column Drucker predicted a rosy future and a bull market. He ate crow a few weeks later when, with an article on the stock market crash published in the Frankfurter General-Anzeiger entitled “Panic on the New York Stock Exchange.” That must have been difficult for him and it was the last time he attempted to predict the stock market.

The September 2012 Leadership Development Carnival NFL Kick-off Edition

Great Leadership By Dan

So with apologies to those who don't share this passion, I present to you the September 2012 Leadership Development Carnival, NFL Kick-off Edition. I asked each leadership blogger to give me their favorite NFL team. The Patriots seem to be the leadership blogger's team of choice.

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The 2012 Election Agenda

Coaching Tip

The October 2012 issue cover of INC Magazine: THE AGENDA--HOW WASHINGTON CAN HELP ENTREPRENEURS RESTORE THE AMERICAN DREAM. Most of the discussion has focused on labor market forces like falling blue-collar wages and lavish Wall Street pay. Current Affairs Ethics Leadership Memes What is Work lifeINC Editor Eric Schurenberg reports in a recent survey, Inc. 500 CEOs made it quite clear what they expect of whoever wins the election next month. They want 1.

Dave Ulrich on calculating the market value of leadership: An interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

He has been ranked as the #1 management guru by Business Week, profiled by Fast Company as… Read More Dave Ulrich on calculating the market value of leadership: An interview by Bob Morris. Dave Ulrich is the Rensis Likert Collegiate Professor of Business Administration at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, and a partner at the RBL Group a consulting firm focused on helping organizations and leaders deliver value.

Business Jobs Scarce in List of 20 Best-Paying Jobs For Women In 2012

Women on Business

Bureau of Labor Statistics.According to that data, the top 20 jobs based on pay for women in 2012 were identified (follow the link below to learn what they are). Jenna Goudreau of Forbes explains: “Traditionally male leadership positions have also been tougher for women to catch up in. Similarly, female marketing and sales managers (No. ’” Read the Full Article: The 20 Best-Paying Jobs For Women In 2012 via www.forbes.com.

8 leadership myths dispelled

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development Today’s SmartBlog for Leadership post is by Tara R. Alemany, the owner and founder of Aleweb Social Marketing, a consulting firm that helps authors, speakers and other creative-types build their online platform. “So, what does happen when you get 21 leaders together to work on a project? Leadership Development Character-based Leadership Leadership smartblog for leadership

Leadership and Resourcing

N2Growth Blog

In today’s post I’ll look at the topic of resourcing as a key success metric for anyone in a leadership position. The essence of Leadership is not found in doing things yourself, but in teaching others how to do things better than you ever could.

When to Ditch the Leadership Love-in

In the CEO Afterlife

In my blog of two weeks ago, entitled The Leadership Love-In [link] I reiterated the never ending need for better leadership. I also extended kudos to a handful of passionate leadership bloggers who I consider to be experts in their field (links listed below).

How to Build Your Leadership Brand

Leadership Freak

Leadership brand building: On the negative side of brand building, I know leaders who are “save the day” leaders. Backstabbers Influence Leading Marks of leaders Passion Personal Growth Social Media Stress Taking others higher Values Vision business Growth Leadership Leadership Development marketing Organizational DevelopmentPeople who aren’t known for something haven’t done anything. How to Build a Brand,” was the title we settled on for a recent presentation.

Brand 208

Leadership and Teamwork

Lead on Purpose

Sports metaphors are everywhere in the workplace, but there’s no denying that the leadership and teamwork skills found in the sports setting teach important lessons. The Product Management Perspective: As a product manager you have a major influence on all those responsible for creating, marketing and selling your products. Leadership Product Management / Marketing balance motivation personal improvement rewards success

The Worst CEOs of 2012: What did we Learn?

Great Leadership By Dan

This post first appeared 1/24/2013 on SmartBlog on Leadership : The year 2013 has begun, and with it a new year of scrutinizing CEO performance. It’s worth taking one last look at 2012?s In case you haven’t seen one yet, here’s a compilation of the 2012 lists: 1. The Bloomberg Businessweek Worst CEOs of 2012. Forbes the Worst CEO Screw-ups of 2012. Herb Greenberg’s Worst CEO of 2012 (CNBC). Valuewalk’s Worst CEOs of 2012.

CEO 244

Leadership and integrity

Lead on Purpose

In his recent post 10 Mistakes Leaders Should Avoid at All Costs (on Michael Hyatt’s Intentional Leadership blog ), Enrique Fiallo said the following about the importance of integrity in leadership: There are many things you can lack and still steer clear of danger. He quotes Abraham Lincoln (probably the best known US president for having integrity) who promoted the importance of integrity and character in great leadership.

Simplifying Leadership with the 3C Disciplines

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post by Great Leadership regular contributor Beth Armknecht Miller: I, and others, have been guilty in the past of making leadership so complicated. Both new and current leaders can become overwhelmed with the long lists of leadership “how tos” and “need tos”.

Beyond Profit: Creating An Exceptional Leadership Legacy

Terry Starbucker

I’ve been thinking a lot about legacy lately, and how certain leaders are able to leave an exceptional imprint on a business – an imprint that fuels and inspires all who subsequently step in their shoes, or into other leadership roles. Leadership

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5 Big Ideas: What’s Next for Leadership Development?

Great Leadership By Dan

In MHO, when it comes to leadership development, the Center for Creative Leadership is second to none. So when I came across CCL’s 2011-2012 Annual Report called What’s Next for Leadership? Innovation is important in any profession, and leadership development is no exception.

Leadership Essentials for the Matrix Environment

Great Leadership By Dan

To adapt to fast-changing market conditions and to respond to complex customer challenges in today’s competitive landscape, companies must innovate. Four Steps to Building Matrix Leadership Skills. Rick Lash is the national practice leader, Leadership and Talent , Hay Group.

Creating a Personal Marketing Plan (Part 8)


Creating a Personal Marketing Plan. A personal marketing plan isn’t a bio or a résumé, though it draws from the same well. A personal marketing plan demonstrates how your unique skills and talents would be ideal for a specific position (or two) in a particular organization/market. A personal marketing plan should contain the following: Position objective. Market preferences (industries, geographic locations, travel expectations, size of company).

Guest Post: 3 Steps to Magnetic Leadership

Lead on Purpose

So, how does leadership really play out in this type of non-hierarchical organization? In my experience, there are three major competencies that when developed, create a magnetic leadership style. In modern leadership conversations we hear the term transparency bandied about with regularity. Simply put, this is the use of your own personal stories in order to engender leadership outcomes. It takes authenticity and transparency to even attempt this style of leadership.

True Leadership is Social

Mills Scofield

Every once in a while, you are privileged to witness the embodiment of what has become a buzzword, Servant Leadership - someone who is innately wired as a servant leader – authentic, genuine and sincere.

Developing Leadership Skills Early in your Career

Lead on Purpose

One thing that many young professionals don’t understand about the job market is that leadership plays a huge role in getting hired. As a former hiring manager and supervisor, I can say that the recent grads who have succeeded most in the workforce are those who’ve had intentional leadership experiences in college and after they’ve graduated. If you’re worried about finding the right job early in your career, focus on leadership.

Career 199

Social Media & the Little Guy

In the CEO Afterlife

Since the heyday of packaged goods marketing in the 60’s, nothing has impacted the art and science of branding more than the social media tsunami. As for the adaptation of this new medium by old school marketers. Casey Houweling isn’t known for brilliant marketing.

Media 252

In Praise Of The Open Mind: A Year-End Meditation on Leadership

Terry Starbucker

I’ve been thinking a lot about leadership lately, because I’m in the middle of writing a book about leadership that I hope to publish in 2013 (stay tuned on this!). That’s leadership. Leadership

Blogging on Business Update from Bob Morris (Week of 12/24/12)

First Friday Book Synopsis

Bob's blog entries "4 of the best marketing videos of 2012" "Beyond machines "Enduring Ideas: The Three Horizons of growth" "Michael Lewis’ perspectives on the writing process" "Overcoming a bias against risk" "Play Makes Us Human V: Why Hunter-Gatherers’ Work is Play" "The 'talent myth' revisited" Adam Bryant “Economic Conditions Snapshot “Six Great Work Paradoxes” “three fertile problems” Blogging on Business Update from Bob Morris (Week of 12/24/12) BOB Bob Morris Carol J.

Blog 76

A Springtime Leadership Lesson From The Birds

Tanveer Naseer

As this week marks the official start of Spring for most northern countries, I wanted to take the opportunity to revisit an idea I wrote about sometime ago about a seasonal event in these parts and the lessons we can glean from it on leadership and organizational success. True leaders put those they lead ahead of themselves There are very few migratory animals which seem to evoke as clear an image of how we perceive leadership than the Canada geese.

How to Build Your Leadership Brand

Leadership Freak

Leadership brand building: On the negative side of brand building, I know leaders who are “save the day” leaders. Backstabbers Influence Leading Marks of leaders Passion Personal Growth Social Media Stress Taking others higher Values Vision business Growth Leadership Leadership Development marketing Organizational DevelopmentPeople who aren’t known for something haven’t done anything. How to Build a Brand,” was the title we settled on for a recent presentation.

Brand 152

Leadership Skills: You and $$$$$$$

Women on Business

One of the best leadership teachers in any era comes in the form of paper or metal. Our romance with money belongs in every leadership development program on the planet. One of the most important areas for leadership training is money education. For the love of money!

Skills 176

The Impact Equation

Kevin Eikenberry

Books Communication Influence Leadership Communication Learning marketing social media strategyBy Chris Brogan and Julien Smith A couple of years ago these two authors wrote a book called Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust.

The Bull who withstood the Monster

In the CEO Afterlife

In my blog of last week, entitled A Monster of an Idea , I gave kudos to the Monster Beverage Corporation for becoming a ridiculously -profitable, high-growth $2 billion dollar enterprise despite ignoring the Holy Grail of marketing commandments.

Trout 259

7 Leadership Lessons From Riding The Paddle Board

Tanveer Naseer

And the added benefit (given what I do for a living) is that stand-up paddle boarding also offers a treasure trove of leadership lessons! Lesson 6: The rocking of others doesn’t reflect how the ocean will treat you Leaders look at market conditions and competitor performance to anticipate how they’ll perform. What leadership lessons did the experience teach you? Some other posts you may enjoy: Is Leadership an Art or a Science?

Everything you need to know about leadership, you learned in Kindergarten

Women on Business

Leadership lessons at their core are taught in Kindergarten and here’s what I mean. While we have to run to keep up with market trends and customer changes, once we have the customer we should walk not run through their service.

Cooper 245

Three Keys to Product Management Success

Lead on Purpose

Start by focusing on three simple, yet powerful, keys to success: Know your market: Get a clear understanding of the market where your products compete, and work diligently to stay out in front of new trends and technologies. Help product marketing set the proper tone for the launch by understanding the new product’s strengths. This, of course, loops back to knowing your market and making sure your product meets the needs of the people in your market.

Linds Redding’s Short Lesson in Perspective

In the CEO Afterlife

Branding Human Resources Leadership Life Marketing Strategy Writing Advertising art Business Creativity design illustration In the CEO Afterlife John Richard Bell Leaderhip Mentoring Social Media The CEO Afterlife Vision

Marketing and Sales – Some Sales Are Simply Not Worth Making

Strategy Driven

You just finished reading Marketing and Sales - Some Sales Are Simply Not Worth Making ! Relate Articles: Complimentary Resource – How To Generate More Leads and Close More Sales, Through Trade Shows By Using Online Video & Marketing Automation.

What the Lance Armstrong Story Teaches About Sustainable Leadership

Next Level Blog

Anyone in the market for a 24” by 36” signed color portrait of Lance Armstrong leading the Tour de France? Current Affairs General Leadership Personal Presence doping Lance Armstrong leadership LiveStrong New York Times trustI’ve had one on my office wall for four or five years but I’ll be taking it down now. Over the past several weeks, Armstrong has experienced one of the most dramatic self induced falls from grace ever.

A Monster of an Idea

In the CEO Afterlife

My original premise for this blog was to share a variety of leadership and branding principles with the current generation of business leaders. The result is a brand that has achieved cult status by actually positioning itself as the anti-cult to the market leader, Red Bull.

Trout 251

Sell It or Smell It

In the CEO Afterlife

In a consumer and corporate world that values branding, it may seem surprising that fresh fruit and vegetable growers have failed to embrace or leverage this proven marketing concept. After leaving the C-Suite almost twenty years ago, I pursued a career as a strategy consultant.

Commo Check – 11 Ways to Establish a Trust Message

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development “A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.” Verizon introduced this phrase in their marketing campaign to emphasize the surety of their cell phone products because consumers want to trust the connection, to communicate a timely and clear [.]. Leadership Development Communication leadershiip Trust

10 Ways to Slay Goliath

In the CEO Afterlife

Clout allows these giants to grow, but there is absolutely no reason why a smaller player cannot become a market leader within their chosen market(s). I should know; I spent 17 years at Jacobs Suchard winning within the intensely competitive coffee and chocolate markets.

What Makes P&G Great?

In the CEO Afterlife

I could talk about their brands, their global clout, their sales growth or their stock market value. P&G people have a tremendous trust in each other, but the ultimate judge is in the data, such as market share and productivity.

Is Business a Combination of Sport and War?

In the CEO Afterlife

As for sport, the game of market share was an easy way to track success. With only 100% available to the players of the market share game, you knew whether your play(s) made you a winner or a loser. The delusion is that market share is the “be all and end all” of business success.

Sports 241

The 6 Passages of Leadership and Management

Great Leadership By Dan

Charan, Drotter, and Noel wrote about six leadership passages in their classic book The Leadership Pipeline. However, they use the terms “leadership” and “management” interchangeably. What if we took a simplified version of the Pipeline model, and mash it with a distinction between leadership and management? We’ll call it The Great Leadership & Management Passages Model (OK, so we need a catchier name): Here are the six passages: Passage #1: Managing Yourself.

2012 ~ A Year in Review with Dr Seuss, Darwin & Hemingway Too.

You're Not the Boss of Me

So here are the posts that you, (judging from your visits and comments), seemed to have enjoyed the most in 2012. If I Ran The Zoo ~ A Whimsical Look at Leadership. Leadership Lessons from the Old Man and the Sea. Why Do You Choose Leadership? Leadership and Courage.

10 Leaders who are the Brand

In the CEO Afterlife

Within their particular markets (and in some cases on a much more pervasive basis), these leaders are the brand. Corporate leaders that are identified with brands are usually the ones who share the brand’s nomenclature, such as Martha Stewart, Donald Trump, and Michael Dell. Seems logical, no?

Brand 262