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StrategyDriven Enterprises Extends its Energy Advisory Services, Partners with NTE Solutions

Strategy Driven

StrategyDriven Enterprises, LLC and NTE Solutions partner to provide energy industry executives and managers with asset lifecycle management and regulatory compliance advisory services. Project development and management.

7 Common Energy and Time Wasters for Leaders

Ron Edmondson

Wasting time and energy may be one of my biggest pet peeves as a leader. I firmly believe if we get rid of common energy wasters we can dramatically improve our performance as leaders. It could be attending a meeting…or supervising a project.

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The First Thing Leaders Need to Do When Leading a Big Change

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Phil Buckley : Most leaders will lead their organizations through multiple big change projects. The first thing leaders need to ask themselves is, “What do I bring to the project?” Taking stock of their qualifications will focus their energy and build confidence.

Development of Coaching Competencies at SAP

Coaching Tip

SAP (Systems-Applications-Programs) AG , a global provider of business software, has implemented coaching programs based on effective personal development accomplishing business goals while meeting the challenges of the coachee''s professional role in an optimal way.

Five Ways Leaders Turns Doubters into Doers

Chart Your Course

Effective June 2013, all employees were required to work in the office. A former Google executive- wasn’t Mayer supposed to bring new energy to Yahoo!, Your business is adding a new time-management system, which requires employees to log their hours on specific projects.

Quiet Time: The Introvert’s 5 Keys To Influence


Take a look at the new book by this author, Quiet Influence: The Introvert’s Guide to Making a Difference (Berrett-Koehler, April 2013); I find myself pumping my fist and saying “yes!” These scientists and engineers develop innovative products and breakthrough ideas.

Meeting Zombies. How to Avoid Your Brain Being Eaten

Mike Cardus

They enter the meeting with energy, enthusiasm…or at least a pulse! The team leader / project manager being prepared for the meeting. You have been a meeting zombie, I have been a meeting zombie…We both are guilty of spreading the Zombie virus to others in the meeting room.

Three steps to engaging employees in what matters to them


Many others are the things you should be doing anyway as a good leader; developing relationships with your employees, providing a clear vision for your organization, etc. Three places to begin: Observe their energy as they work. You might be hearing a lot about employee engagement.

Energy 252

Ten magical thoughts to let go of


They sap your energy. Letting go of them allows you to be able to use that energy for things that are more positive, realistic, and productive. Some may want to be coached, others may want a challenging project, time off, recognition, or all of the above.

Report 257

It’s not about “time management”. Engaging & leading the “scatter brain”.

Anese Cavanaugh

I get questions from subscribers and participants all the time about random things that relate to leadership, presence, energy, collaboration, dealing with their mom, changing something that they’re afraid to change, etc. Tuesdays: biz development, team meetings, outreach, and marketing.

The 6 Benchmarks of High Performance Teams

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

Understanding the characteristics of effective teams gives you a target to shoot for and better prepares you to support your team’s development. 4) Passion: Energy, enthusiasm, and confidence. Therefore, it was necessary to develop a new assessment in order to conduct the research.

Re-Imagining New Leadership Possibilities in 2014:

The Empowered Buisness

Weak visions are meaningless superlatives or vague language that have no energy and fall flat on your organization. Both of these visions are sadly bland and generic that they could have been thought of by high school students as a homework exercise for their economics project.

A Herd Mentality Helps Teams Crash Through Distractions

Great Results Team Building

Successful teams may have an idea of the direction or destination they are moving toward, but their focus and energy must be placed on the next immediate action that will lead to that success. The herd mentality provides an energy and purpose and sense of safety.

Team 181

Eighth Annual Hay Group Study Identifies Best Companies for Leadership

Great Leadership By Dan

Hollywood has the Oscars, Television the Emmys, publishing has the Pulitzer prizes, and leadership development has its own annual awards. That’s because, unlike many of the high tech sexy companies that dominate the business headlines, companies that develop great leaders just quietly go about it and deliver great results year over year. Could Mark Zuckerberg be the next Jack Welch when it comes to talent development?

Kayaking, Currents, and Reaching Your Team Destination

Great Results Team Building

And even when we became aware of the tide, and gave a bit more energy to keeping the front of our kayaks pointed toward our destination, the surroundings provided a number of distractions that drew our attention away from that goal on a couple of occasions.

Team 176

What I Wish I Knew as a CEO That I Learned Later in HR

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

When I first took over the HR role I was amazed at the number of projects that were underway in the HR organisation, and the fact that many of these, even if highly successful, would actually achieve little in solving a critical business need.

CEO 253

When Employees Become Disengaged – TTI Success Insights

Chart Your Course

In laymen’s terms, I enjoy expanding my knowledge, but if I’m investing my time and energy into a project, I like to see some kind of return on my investment. If I worked harder, put in extra hours, and continued to develop my education, I would not be compensated in any manner for doing so. Employee Engagement: A Key Ingredient for Personal Motivation and Business Success. By Amber Walz Do you know for certain that all of your employees are “engaged employees?”

We Lead Through Competition

Coaching Tip

Hirschman said, "This sentence admirably epitomizes several of the histories of economic development projects in recent decades. The leadership lesson is: Developing organizations, communities and countries requires more than capital and innovation. All life is competitive.

Change Your Delivery

The Recovering Engineer

If you have been reading leadership development resources for any time at all, this concept is probably not new to you. The simple solution to this challenge is to match your word choice, tone, pace, level of detail, and energy level to the person receiving the message.

Instead of looking for the Problems. Start looking for the Exceptions

Mike Cardus

Rather than focus on the problem, focus on the solution by developing a folkloric construct that is reinforced by the shared language , actions and stories of the team about the “others”. “…all This is an edited repost of an idea I shared earlier.

Cooper 153

Great Quotes: Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky


The term ’project management’ makes most creative people cringe. Depending on your approach and your mind-set, the experience of organizing and managing a project can be miserable or deeply satisfying. On “Project Approach” to Ideas. On Managing Your Energy.

Self-Esteem and University of Miami Basketball

Your Voice of Encouragement

What’s the secret to developing such a belief? If anything, this approach undermines the development of healthy self-esteem. What’s been fun to watch is the amazing drive and energy the Miami players bring to every game.

Hammer 106

Innovation High-Five

Mills Scofield

Because the culture at Geneca encourages personal and professional development and there was buy-in from the leadership team, the preconditions for innovation already were in place. Financial Projections – including cost to develop/build.

The Big Picture of Business – Achieving the Best by Preparing for the Worst: Lessons Learned from High-Profile Crises, part 4 of 4

Strategy Driven

Business development. Another energy industry client operated coal mines. The process of strategy development is not esoteric. Business development. They can be turned from disasters into opportunities to project corporate strengths. Thinking Through the Strategies.

Team Building and Leadership in Buffalo, NY

Mike Cardus

Are you looking for team building and leadership development? Focusing on organization development & change , team building and leadership development. It has allowed me to focus my energy on determining where a group is at, and what steps are important to focus on next.

6 Silent Productivity and Profitability Pitfalls, part 7 of 7

Strategy Driven

I don’t have enough energy for this, and it is never going to stop. We at the Human Potential Project are not naïve dreamers who think the transition to this new way of working will happen on its own or overnight. Silent Killer #6: Modern Indentured Servitude.

MindSpin: Team Building Activity for Brainstorming and Solution-Finding

Mike Cardus

The energy and ideas quickly increased and by the end of round 2, we had piles of ideas. As a team we sorted and determined 4 product and service ideas that the team could develop, using existing resources and staff.

The Big Picture of Business: Fine Wine, Aged Cheese and Valuable Antiques. Professionals Who Go the Distance.

Strategy Driven

A professional’s career and their collected Body of Work encompass time, energy, resources, perseverance and lots of commitment in order to produce. Business development. There are three key ingredients in developing deep leadership roots.

Greg Gaskey Named StrategyDriven Enterprises Chief Operations Officer

Strategy Driven

StrategyDriven advisors work with executives and managers to define their organization’s needs and develop and manage the complex, mission critical projects needed to improve operational effectiveness and lower costs in response to today’s most pressing challenges.

How To Balance Strategy & Creativity To Move Your Ideas Forward

Ron Edmondson

As a creative young businessman, I initiated many projects that eventually ran off the rails. This corresponds to tactical changes you make, not by abandoning what you have been doing, but by simply adding more energy to something you are already doing.

StrategyDriven Advisory Services helps businesses become more operationally effective

Strategy Driven

Because of our advisors’ direct leadership experience, StrategyDriven Advisory Services will initially focus on the Energy, Non-Profit, and Government sectors,” asserts Greg Gaskey, StrategyDriven’s Chief Operating and Financial Officer. “We’ve Program and project management.

The Advisor’s Corner – Am I an At-Risk Leader?

Strategy Driven

By developing an accurate view of, and aptly managing, one’s own emotional responses to situations, the rest of you skills and talents are magnified and leveraged. You don’t waste time and energy shining up your image.

Your Leadership Development Program Needs an Overhaul

Harvard Business

Most companies make big investments in leadership development, rolling out intensive internal programs for high potentials, sending key leaders off to expensive executive education programs, or hiring personal coaches for those moving into key positions at the top of the company. But in our experience, this traditional approach to leadership development doesn’t serve the needs of companies anymore. ” Develop: Let them improvise.

Nathan Ives Named StrategyDriven Enterprises Chief Executive Officer

Strategy Driven

StrategyDriven advisors work with executives and managers to define their organization’s needs and develop and manage the complex, mission critical projects needed to improve operational effectiveness and lower costs in response to today’s most pressing challenges. “I’m

Beyond Leadership Quotes: A Quick Overview of the Well Balanced World Changer

Ron Edmondson

A: I have been blessed, no doubt, to be part of some amazing projects and to learn from some incredible people. That I could more quickly re-frame my expectations or more wisely boundary the way I invested my emotion and energy. Developing Your Personal Leadership Style

Solving the Looming Talent Shortage in the Energy Industry

Harvard Business Review

for example, a backlog of baby-boomer retirees is expected to turnover upwards of 40 percent of utilities'' 400,000-strong workforce, according to a study by the Task Force on America''s Future Energy Jobs produced by the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC).

7 Things To Learn From Your Inner Child

My Own Coach

On the basis of his study, the Manifesto for Children was developed to describe the struggle we have to maintain our creativity and to use our strengths to create the careers we wanted when children. Don’t waste energy trying to be well-rounded. Over forty years ago, E.

Build a Career Worth Having

Harvard Business Review

Gallup''s 2013 State of the American Workplace study found that as many as 70% of working Americans were unfulfilled with their jobs, 18% to such an extent that they are actively undermining their co-workers. We live in a time of chronic dissatisfaction in the workplace.

What is Heard and What is Felt


This may sound very simple but communication is all about transferring emotion and energy. He spoke about himself, his past projects and then about how he intends to take this organization to new heights.

Energy 122

Can Technology End Poverty?

Harvard Business Review

Calling himself the ICT4D jester (using the development jargon for "information and communication technologies for development"), he has no shortage of material. If you believe the hype, technology is going to help us end global poverty.

Making Decisions Together (When You Don’t Agree on What’s Important)

Harvard Business Review

Why do so many conflicts arise when people from different functions or units work together on a project? Who will pay for what in a joint project? Will new projects be given priority over existing ones? What project gets the top talent?

China’s Bad Bet on the Environment

Harvard Business Review

Finally, in September 2013, faced with mounting social discontent, Premier Li Keqiang announced a sweeping new plan to try to address the country’s air quality problems. For almost two decades, the environment has been at the forefront of civil society development.

Why Large Companies Struggle With Business Model Innovation

Harvard Business Review

We developed dozens of new innovation ideas with managers in the company but the board, though initially enthusiastic, never took the time and energy to engage with the projects, directing their attention on day-to-day operational issues instead. Innovation Product development