2 Keys to Moving Beyond the Danger of Comparison

Ron Edmondson

2 Keys to Moving Beyond the Danger of Comparison. Comparison is dangerous. Comparison is dangerous for what is does to you, underneath the surface. But comparison also tarnishes the Creator God who created you His image. danger of comparison.

You Can’t Inspire Those You Look Down On

Leadership Freak

12 comparisons that lead to… Continue reading → Humility Influence Growth Leadership DevelopmentFeeling superior comes in many forms. All of them are justifications for looking down on others. You can’t inspire those you look down on. Manipulate yes. Inspire no.

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How To Leverage The 7 Universal Laws

Lead Change Blog

Did you know there are seven universal laws that influence everything we do? The irony is that this direct comparison is often flawed, because everything is relative based on our own past experiences, personal values, and experiences. Personal Development universal laws energy influence interdependenceGreat leaders do, and they also understand how to leverage these laws to create maximum impact.

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Come to Think of It

Chris Brady

  Education, occupation, geographicalbackground, and even personality traits pale in comparison to the history ofthought development in an individual.

Something Harder than Believing in Yourself

Leadership Freak

Every leadership development tool, technique, method, and strategy fades in comparison to the power of belief. Encouragement Fear Humility Influence Marks of leaders Mistakes Motivation Personal Growth Taking others higher Trust Growth Leadership Leadership Development organizational success pearls of wisdom religionIf you think believing in yourself is hard, try believing in others.

DISC E-Book | A Comprehensive Guide

Chart Your Course

DISC determines where an individual resides in relation to the four categories that make up the DISC concept: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance. A detailed explanation of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance. FREE DISC E-BOOK.

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Measuring Your Employees’ Invisible Forms of Influence

Harvard Business Review

Specifically, traditional organizational reporting structures limit managers’ visibility into how their employees are influencing and contributing to other teams. One window into an employee’s impact within an organization is understanding how they collaborate and influence others within the organization. The study found that the number of cheers an employee received was highly correlated with high network influence.

Research: How Sensory Information Influences Price Decisions

Harvard Business Review

Can different amounts of visual, auditory and kinesthetic information influence the price customers will pay for an item? The next point of comparison is average total overall price, which is calculated by adding the estimated price together for each of the six items.

What Lies Behind Our Fear?

Lead Change Blog

Fear of losing jobs, relationships, social status, leadership, or influence can drive us to make ourselves look better on the outside and attempt to make others smaller by comparison—that’s pride. One thing I’ve learned about rescue dogs—they come with a lot of baggage.

Level-Setting Leadership in the Kardashian Age

Lead Change Blog

There’s been plenty written about the issue of “social comparison motive” and its possible negative impact on mood and self esteem, and though I’m not here to say it’s all bad, social comparison motive certainly raises challenges for today’s leaders.

What Happens Now? A Look at 7 Reasons Leaders Stall

Leading Blog

If we are to generalize, we can say that you advance as a leader, the technical and tactical skill you need—distribution expertise, for example—pale in comparison to the strategic and interpersonal.” When you can’t amplify your influence among important stakeholders.

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9 Tips to Avoid Getting Sidetracked

Leading Blog

Here are nine tips to avoid getting sidetracked: Raise your awareness of the subtle influences on your decisions. Question your bonds —your links and similarities—to those around you and consider whether these bonds may be influencing your decisions for the worse. Check your reference points to consider the motives—social comparisons and emotions—behind your decisions. By becoming more attentive to frames, we can become less influenced by them.

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7 Things That Drive Your Core Strengths and Make You Unique

Lead Change Blog

No 2 people’s advantages are the same – so rule out comparison or self-pity. Some call this your tribe – that place where you exert the greatest influence. At your core there exists a unique set of abilities. We refer to them as strengths. These are not difficult to discover.

Reframing Our Relationship With Conflict

Lead Change Blog

Wilson showed that a manager’s place in organizational hierarchy influences how they handle conflict. We sat down once a month to review the reports of accidents that had occurred the preceding month. The assessment of preventability was an invaluable learning opportunity.

6 Struggles Every Leader is Guaranteed to Face

Lead from Within

It plays a major role in your ability to lead and influence. Comparisons to others is a quick way to derail leadership.

Spending Money To Save Money (Yes, Really)

Strategy Driven

Price comparisons and cutbacks can have a positive impact. With this in mind, social influencers can be the best investment for your business. As the owner of a modern business, you naturally understand the need to make your capital work harder.

Developing Confidence

Lead Change Blog

The people you’re around and those who influence you. People around us, including teachers, often made comparisons that I wasn’t as good as my siblings. I’ll begin my blog with this quote from Eleanor Roosevelt: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”.

What True Leaders Know About Emotional Intelligence

Lead Change Blog

If we know about how our minds work, we can be intentional about influencing our own thinking and feeling patterns. Here’s a quick visual comparison of the two systems: The autopilot system is like an elephant.

Why Emotions Matter In Today’s Leadership

Tanveer Naseer

By comparison, few of us could remember what we ate for dinner on Tuesday two or three weeks ago. It influences not only what our employees focus on as a result of our actions and words, but also what it brings into the forefront from their past experiences.

Servant Leadership Summit – Highlights and Quotes to Share

Modern Servant Leader

Becky Robinson and the Weaving Influence team pulled together a great webinar on Servant Leadership. Get off the comparison game & follow your convictions.” Keep an eye out for more from Weaving Influence!

How To Be More Influential By Negotiating Better and Reading Body Language

Strategy Driven

If so, this article will be of value to you as it highlights ways to cast a greater level of influence, gives insight into how you can negotiate better, and raises your awareness per being able to read body language. What makes those that you’d like to have influence with comfortable?

12 Books that Shaped My Leadership

Nathan Magnuson

How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie. In fact, it’s not just one case study, it’s two or three dozen between feature and comparison companies. For years I’ve been asked for book recommendations.

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Statesman vs. Politician | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

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Reflections on the Fabric of the Toyota Production System

Deming Institute

Pipp’s documentation of the striking difference in the assembly process within Toyota, by comparison to Ford, was to be found again in the early 1980s when teams from both Ford and General Motors began to routinely visit Toyota’s operations in Japan. .

Race Against Bias: Are we aware of our own unconscious bias?

HR Digest

For companies seeking to implement a workplace-wide awareness training, however, it is important to find out the kinds of unconscious bias and their influence on a person or group’s behavior. To be influenced by the way in which information is presented rather than the information itself.

The Magnetic Art of Attracting Business

Coaching Tip

With the advent of the Internet, businesses are learning that the influence of what you say about yourself in ads or even on social media simply pales in comparison to what customers say about you.

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Is Open Salaries and Pay Transparency a Good Idea?

HR Digest

Yes, salaries have always been a private business but the culture changes going on, primarily influenced by tech advancement, require more from employers. The ongoing calls for salary transparency as a cure for pay inequity are actually creating confusion among employers.

Servant Leadership Summit – Highlights and Quotes to Share

Modern Servant Leader

Becky Robinson and the Weaving Influence team pulled together a great webinar on Servant Leadership. Get off the comparison game & follow your convictions.” Keep an eye out for more from Weaving Influence!

Managing performers and potentials – 3 steps

Lead on Purpose

About the Author: Kyle Lagunas is the HR Analyst at Software Advice —an online resource for HR software comparisons. However, you can have an influence on the type of talent your organization hires by recommending people you know and trust. Guest post by Kyle Lagunas.

Common Disputes Between Business Owners

Strategy Driven

While this type of advertising is seen as beneficial, drawing a direct comparison against rivals, it’s actually a tad reductive – and can create serious problems when the owner of the competitor sees the advice, and (somewhat understandably) is annoyed by it.

Maxwell Fallacy: no bad leaders


If you can’t, I’ll provide a helpful comparison: Martin Luther King Jr. If leadership is influence, then good leaders are very influential and bad leaders are not. If you’re not good at influencing people, then you’re also not a leader. There’s more to leadership than influence. Shortly after any political or corporate scandal, the talk on the media immediately shifts to a discussion on bad leadership.

There’s No Way I Have Time for All That!

The Center For Leadership Studies

One of the best performance management exercises ever developed is the real-time comparison. Here is what the manager usually learns as a result: The manager’s influence approach is a match (once again, “que the music!”). It’s simple and it’s effective (probably has something to do with why it is “one of the best”). The exercise positions a thoughtful discussion between a manager and a direct report.

Employee Engagement: Energizing and Mobilizing People

Great Leadership By Dan

We've found that managers and employees usually want to participate and to influence the design of processes and systems that affect them. Guest post by by Dr. George H.

Should a Woman Act More Like a Man to Succeed at Work?

Great Leadership By Dan

Only 30 percent of women rate themselves in the top 10 percent of leaders, in comparison to 37 percent of men. The number of women employed and leading in an industry influences the opportunities for women to advance and develop and has implications for the future.

Personal Business Maturity

Great Leadership By Dan

However, if you are not seeking to improve your own maturity given your circumstances, surroundings and influences, you may just miss a great opportunity to improve your own credibility within that environment.

How Small Changes Can Optimize Your Business Profits

Strategy Driven

With all these strategic goals to focus on, it’s unsurprising that a lot of the smaller influences on your bottom line slip under your radar. A quick review of your bills and a comparison to what you’d be charged elsewhere can save you hundreds or thousands in costs every year.

The Leadership Walk

N2Growth Blog

In fact your talk matters little, in comparison to your walk.

The Leadership Walk

Kevin Eikenberry

In fact your talk matters little, in comparison to your walk. Consulting Speaking Training Products KevinEikenberry.com About Blog Home Blogs I Like Leadership Learning Subscribe The Leadership Walk by Kevin Eikenberry on September 6, 2010 in Leadership , Learning We are all on a walk.

Your Leadership Power is Contagious

Skip Prichard

It’s a book that will help you maximize your impact and influence regardless of your current position. Leadership is Contagious. You are contagious. You set the tone to create an environment that empowers or imprisons.

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I know Bob. | Rajesh Setty

Rajesh Setty

Here are some “real meanings&# for “I know Bob&# in the order of decreasing influence. Ways to Distinguish Yourself #214 – Harness the Magic of a Thank You Counter Mini Saga #69 – Support Thank You and A Challenge for the Next Year Mini Saga #68 – Comparison Recent Comments rajesh301 on Mini Saga #64 – Service Leszek Cyfer on Mini Saga #64 – Service rajesh301 on Why MANY smart people think they deserve a better position at work?

Help – It's not a dirty Word! | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

The more partners, sympathizers, champions, allies, supporters, enablers, influencers, advisers, mentors, friends, and family you have helping you succeed, the faster you will achieve your goals. link] mikemyatt Thanks for the great comparison between humility and narcissism.

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Recommended Resource – Great by Choice

Strategy Driven

Changed less in reaction to the radically evolving world than their poorer performing comparison companies. First, it appears that a majority of the 10x companies were small, fragile, and subsequently more nimble than their comparisons during the early portion of the comparison period.

Is Your Leadership More Like A Locomotive Or The Loco-motion?

Tim Milburn

Here’s the comparisons. We live in an era where leadership is becoming less about “command and control” are more about “inspire and influence. Now that you’ve seen the comparison, which type of leader would you rather be?

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