HP Headed to Hotel California?

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that focuses on customers and innovation. HP has made some controversial decisions lately, but is Meg Whitman a great strategic move or the kiss of death for this once great tech company? HP announced Whitman’s appointment on September 22, 2011 but given the public comments, customers seem to think it’s a bad choice. It’s my stance that HP usually leaps before it looks and I am not sure that I am sold on Whitman as the new CEO. So let’s look.

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Starting a Hotel Business: A Guide

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Starting and managing a hotel is a complex task which is not suited to every entrepreneur, but for some, it can be a lucrative and rewarding project with the opportunity for creativity alongside hospitality. Is the hotel business right for you?

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How to Compete Like the World’s Most Innovative Leaders

Skip Prichard

Innovation Capital. And one of the most overlooked reasons for entrepreneurial failure is innovation capital. He offers a unique perspective on innovation and winning in the marketplace. You are teaching what separates successful innovators from those who struggle.

BIF-6: Stunning Sights, Interesting People, Innovative Ideas

Michael Lee Stallard

Michael Lee Stallard Insights on Leadership and Employee Engagement Home About Hire to Speak Press Kit BIF-6: Stunning Sights, Interesting People, Innovative Ideas Published by Michael Lee Stallard on September 15, 2010 06:16 pm under connection culture Life is good!

Under-the-Radar Companies, including OYO Hotels, Carbon Engineering, Whim, and more!

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Competition Disruptive innovation Technology AudioYoungme, Felix, and Mihir discuss some of the under-the-radar companies that they think people should be paying more attention to.

The Emerging Strategy of Innovative Service

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As soon as what was once a surprise became managed by the computer (like hotel or flight upgrades) and not left to the ingenuity of the front line, it became yet another basic assumption in the expectations of customers. You just finished reading The Emerging Strategy of Innovative Service !

Thinking Differently. Enabling Innovation. :: Buffalo Business First Event

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Enabling Innovation. Where: Millinnium Hotel 2400 Walden Ave Cheektowaga NY 14225 Register and Learn More… [link]. Competitive demands require quicker, more effective and innovative problem solving. Innovation Workshop Focus: Diminished “stuckness” in your thinking.

Lifestyle Brands Are Building Hotels Now. Here’s Why That Actually Makes Sense.

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So allow me to suggest one radical idea: If you want to build a lifestyle brand, no matter the industry you’re in, consider building a hotel. I didn’t get a room (the hotel was sold out), but I got an interesting lesson in marketing. Barry Winiker/Getty Images.

How Our Hotel Used Data to Make Our Laundry Service Glamorous

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In early 2016 some numbers surfaced at a few of the Dorchester Collection’s luxury hotels that caught leadership’s attention: Complaints about our laundry service were on the rise, as was the cost of compensating guests for damage to their clothes. One hotel had to replace a fabulously expensive Givenchy evening gown. In another hotel there were 55 laundry-related complaints in January 2016 alone.

How Our Hotel Chain Uses Data to Find Problems and Humans to Fix Them

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At Dorchester Collection of ultra-luxury hotels, we use big data and analytics to help us improve our guest offerings and marketing. But, as the Dorchester Collection’s director of global guest experience and innovation, I’ve discovered that often the data can only tell you where there’s a problem, not why it exists, or how to fix it. For instance, last year Metis looked at customer sentiment about Parisian luxury hotels. Ron Berg/Getty Images.

How to Hire Rock Stars

Kevin Eikenberry

I put this slide on the screen yesterday, while giving a talk on hiring strategies for Choice Hotels International Convention. Developing Others Innovation Leadership hiring talent managementIf you want to hire rock stars, you can’t wait until you have an opening to start thinking about hiring. Here’s an exercise to do today to help you implement this idea. [.].

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0526 | Max McKeown


Max McKeown is the author of The Innovation Book. He teaches at Warwick Business School and consults with companies such as Phillips, Langham Hotels, Oracle, PWC, Microsoft, and Virgin. Innovation creativity innovation mcKeown Podcast

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0526 | Max McKeown


Max McKeown is the author of The Innovation Book. He teaches at Warwick Business School and consults with companies such as Phillips, Langham Hotels, Oracle, PWC, Microsoft, and Virgin. Innovation Podcast creativity innovation mcKeown Max holds a PhD and MBA with a speciality in strategic change and an MSc in Psychology. In this interview, we discuss how to manage ideas and execution for outstanding results. Listen below or follow via iTunes or Stitcher.

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3 Ways to Break Out of a Zero-Sum Game of Growth with Your Competitors

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How true disruptors use innovation, including digital, to grow the market and create new business models. According to this article from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 42-63% of established hotels probably would not have taken the rooms that AirBnB gained in the lodging business.

When Fear Shows Up

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My wife Karalee and I were in Santa Cruz for a conference with my long-time technology friends where we spent the weekend collaborating and discussing the future of technology and innovation. As I lifted the receiver, two police cars showed up outside our hotel window, so I put the phone down.

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More to Success than Money and Metrics

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Her moonshot goal is achieving what the Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan Hotel in Japan has done. The hotel opened in 705 AD and is still operating. Professor Makoto Kanda from Meiji Gakuin University studied the Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan Hotel and other long-term operating businesses to understand their longevity. Initiative, innovation, and risk-taking lose out because they tend to harm metrics.

What’s Your Leadership AQ?

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These companies have failed to innovate and stay ahead of the rapid changes in technology, and so have fallen by the wayside. They delegate decision-making to the front line team members who can make the difference, and they appreciate that in order to become more creative and innovative they have to “let go of the reins” and give team members the space and opportunity to experiment.

Free Your Frontline Workers to Innovate

Harvard Business Review

Then it enables them to improvise and innovate while performing their otherwise rote tasks, encouraging them to relate to customers in individualized and often distinctive ways. We normally associate innovation with R&D, product and service development, and new "offers" to relevant markets.

Innovation Should Be a Top Priority for Boards. So Why Isn’t It?

Harvard Business Review

Corporate directors and executives alike recognize that today’s pace of change continues to accelerate and that firms need to innovate to stay ahead. But are boards doing enough to support innovation, as they should? These firms also had higher-rated processes for innovation.

First Look: Leadership Books for March 2019

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As the co-founder and former president of Ritz-Carlton Hotel Co., Innovating Innovation : Leadership Tools For Moving Your Business Forward and Making Change Happen David Morey. Innovation is broken. Morey will guide you across 11 concrete and pragmatic steps that unlock and drive day-to-day innovation in your business and help you gain a long-term competitive advantage in your marketplace.

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My Simplest Innovation Advice

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Innovation is not simple, but there are simple ways to get better at it. The connection between musical chairs and innovation came to me when I recently attended a two-day corporate offsite. The meeting was in an unfamiliar hotel. But innovation requires taking a fresh perspective. And that, after all, is what innovation is all about. Creativity Innovation Leading teams

Summer of Innovation

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Make sure to get out of the six-star hotels to actually experience real life. One group wanted me to detail the essential habits of disruptive innovators (where I happily leveraged the great work on the innovator's DNA by Jeffrey Dyer, Hal Gregersen, and Clayton Christensen). I've written a few times about how the increasing accessibility and affordability of innovation could paradoxically give increased advantage to scale.

Innovation the Culturematic Way

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It takes an act of imagination and intellectual mobility to stand in a hotel room and say, "You know, this could be a showroom.". Regis hotel in New York City when someone decided to give one of the rooms the Dior treatment. A hotel room becomes a showroom. The next question is, "Well, why not every hotel room?" Every hotel attracts a customer someone cares about. New innovations flow. Innovation is the name of the game here.

What if the Miracle Question Worked with Corporate Teams?

Mike Cardus

The engineers had statistics, charts, specifications for all sorts of things…and I was there to facilitate the team through Innovation Models to develop a solution to this vibrating screw. I heard a couple what is he talking about comments and went back to my hotel room.

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The 5 Requirements of a Truly Innovative Company

Harvard Business Review

Can you think of any business topic that’s been hotter for longer than innovation? In a McKinsey poll , 94% of the managers surveyed said they were dissatisfied with their company’s innovation performance. So it is with innovation. So it is with innovation.

We Need to Expand the Definition of Disruptive Innovation

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Zipcar counts as a disruptive innovation. The latter is according to Clayton Christensen, Michael Raynor, and Rory McDonald in their recent HBR article “ What is Disruptive Innovation?” Just ask the hotel industry how it feels about Airbnb.

Leading Sprinkles People

Let's Grow Leaders

I had a mid-afternoon keynote in Alexandria, VA and strolled down the street from my hotel to find lunch at a local restaurant. I also know leaders can contribute to the capacity and commitment of frontline employees to deliver innovative service, not just good service.

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Three Innovation Trends in Asia

Harvard Business Review

I recently participated in a panel discussion hosted by the Economist Corporate Network in Singapore about innovation in Asia. But what I really wanted to discuss were the three biggest trends I see affecting innovation in the region. Tuck Professor Vijay Govindarajan calls this reverse innovation. Homegrown companies are also increasingly introducing innovative ideas. Some of the emerging Asian giants also feature innovative business models.

Looking in the Mirror at Customer Focus

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Photo by a colleague of mine at Hexawise in his Japanese hotel room. In many hotels the mirrors in the bathroom are obstructed after a shower. 2007) – Stated Versus Revealed Preference – Innovation Strategy.

The Taxi Industry Can Innovate, Too

Harvard Business Review

While Uber deserves kudos for being innovative, let’s be truthful: Its success has come from creatively exploiting a regulatory loophole. Copy Uber’s surge pricing model: Peak and off-peak is a standard pricing model used in hotels, airlines, even commuter trains.

Make Your Next Innovation Jam Work

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Jamming has become a popular way to unearth innovations — bringing together people of many different backgrounds to creatively brainstorm around a company's competitive challenges, expressed as "problem statements." Innovation

When You’re Innovating, Resist Looking for Solutions

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What does all this mean about your own efforts to solve problems and execute on innovation? A lot of companies do offsites in hotel conference rooms, but those can be mind-numbing. Executing on Innovation. Research: Middle Managers Have an Outsized Impact on Innovation.

Listen to What Innovators Don't Talk About

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While working away on my laptop at a hotel breakfast, I couldn't help but overhear the four gentlemen pouring over an iPad two tables way. The foursome represented a mix of medical care complex personnel and what was clearly an entrepreneurial innovator with a potentially high-impact idea. Whenever innovators gather, I always listen for what's not discussed. While this behavior is typical, it practically defines innovation dysfunction. Design Innovation Technology

Success, take the stairs or ride the escalator?

Mike Cardus

Traveling for work I usually take the stairs in the hotel, airport, office buildings…wherever I go the stairs is my choice of getting up and down. Plus those that seek out emergent and variants ways tend to hold the potential to take your organization and team to innovative levels.

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Give Your Employees a Knife

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And, my wife and I were looking forward to a romantic nightcap in our La Quinta Inn hotel room within walking distance of the restaurant. After all, this was a limited service hotel, not a fancy full-service Ritz-Carlton. My wife quickly chided, “She was also taking care of this hotel.

General Jim Mattis on Learning to Lead

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Leaders must shelter those challenging nonconformists and mavericks who make institutions uncomfortable; otherwise, you wash out innovation. I T’S NOT SURPRISING that we learn a lot about character from the military. Good character is mission-critical.

ASQ Buffalo Quality Conference 2013 :: Mike is Presenting

Mike Cardus

At the Millennium Hotel – Buffalo NY. Thinking Differently – Enabling Innovation :: 1:30-2:30pm. Competitive demands require quicker, more effective and innovative problem solving. Outcomes from Thinking Differently – Enabling Innovation. At the Millennium Hotel.

Reflecting Upon the Team Building and Leadership Experience

Mike Cardus

Sitting in a hotel lobby in Baltimore Maryland in month two of a three month partner program with Project Ascent , coaching and facilitating a team building and leadership process for managers and supervisors at McCormick Spice ….

Is Your Leadership Disruptive?

Lead Change Blog

Whether the leadership prototypes are CEO Larry Page at Google, CEO Ginni Rometty at IBM, or CEO Mike DeFrino of Kimpton Hotels, their paths to influencing have striking similarities. In an innovation-centered work world, compassion trumps constraint and experimentation trumps instruction.

Zipcar Doesn’t Just Ask Employees to Innovate — It Shows Them How

Harvard Business Review

Innovative companies have innovative cultures. Think of Google, or of how GE has sustained an innovation culture that goes back to its founding father, Thomas Edison. As mysterious as it can sound, creating a culture of innovation isn’t rocket science. But even a business model innovator like Zipcar must eventually respond to a changing world. The Chinese company Haier, now the largest appliance company in the world, has a culture of continuous innovation.

What Value Do I Bring?

Mills Scofield

In Hong Kong, I lived at the Helena May, a historical woman’s hotel dating back to 1916. Brown University Culture Entrepreneurship Innovation Leadership Learning Networking Relationships Value Virtues-ValuesI'm honored to host this guest blog by Elizabeth Weber about her summer interning at a financial firm in Hong Kong. The lessons she shares at age 20 are ones many of us don't even learn in our 40's, 50's or our lives.

Leading with Character: Creativity

Michael Lee Stallard

Creativity is essential for innovation. Unfortunately, we don’t drift toward creativity and innovation. First, we must recognize the need to foster a team approach to creativity and innovation. Grassroots Innovation Contributed to WWII Victory. Definition of Creativity.

10 Elements of an Outstanding Customer Service Culture

Skip Prichard

An employee in great service culture such as predominates at Nordstrom or Zappos or the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company is expected to take positive, creative action on behalf of others. Support for customer-focused innovation.