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Protect Your Supply Chain During a Pandemic by Using Automation

Strategy Driven

In 2004, there was a severe earthquake and subsequent tsunami that resulted in profound effects to several Asian countries, including India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Thailand and Indonesia. This is where technology can save the day. Today’s mobile autonomous robotic cart (MARC) technology takes automation a step further.

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3 Unexpected Apps for Leaders

Lead Change Blog

Technology is supposed to enhance, not hinder that quest. The core belief “Leadership is service to others” may have you asking yourself “how can I efficiently design my technology to enable my team?” Any technology can confuse and distract. Let technology serve you wisely, so you can serve others well.


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Divided We Stand: Treating Corporate America’s Loneliness Epidemic

Michael Lee Stallard

In 1985, and then again in 2004, the General Social Survey (GSS) asked Americans about their close social networks. In 1985, the most common answer was three and in 2004, this statistic dropped to zero. The results were alarming. Even more, the GSS asked respondents to record the number of people they consider confidants.

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How to Lead On Purpose

Great Leadership By Dan

Take Dell Technologies, as a great example of a company that hit pause and found its purpose. When he left the company in 2004, however, it fell on hard times. If they actually had a purpose-focused desire to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, they would have fixed the technology instead of lying about it!

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Using AI To Predict ICU Survival Rates

The Horizons Tracker

The researchers gathered data on around 230,000 patients who had been admitted to intensive care in the Danish health system between 2004 and 2016. Whilst the early results are interesting, the technology is still an awfully long way from market.

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Trust in Business Leadership

Coaching Tip

The 2008 global financial crisis, a series of corporate scandals that have eroded organizational trust, including Volkswagen, BP and Enron, and an emphasis on transparency brought about by the combined impact of globalization, technology, and demographic changes have all combined to bring trust in business to what may be an all-time low.

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The Number One Reason Employees Get Sick.Perceived Unfairness at Work

Great Leadership By Dan

In a nifty study by Naomi Eisenberger and colleagues at UCLA, she was able to use the latest technology to peer into the inner workings of our brain called functional magnetic resonance (fMRI) while a team was involved in a social exercise designed to provoke feelings of social isolation and rejection. & Kemeny.